Monday, January 31, 2011


dodder slab my :: lunch dreamer
:: plowed the grey :: beach a ::
soap mumble gropey :: sand lo::g
lo::ng dou:b:led like the ;; bloody
stones what names the ::osuno::
covered ( dome ) ah :: junk uh
shadows glancer :: where a T tr
ee :: boils next the ] door [ :: :: ::
lying down :: inject to re::member ( ( ::


in the gutter lobster like a ) hat
cream ( slobbing forth ) cousin
cabbage squirreling in the soup (
. ( often ) egg white or your
] mask [ clotted stamp fecation (
shimmered skirt stinking in the sw
allowed lake ) ) cluck ( ( jump
louder ) ) ) stream a way ) ) ) ) )


9 chuckled bores off the roof was
falling 9 broken windows and “a”
burning broom ) my muscle ( gate
shouter ) vomits on the dolls (
sorta cute 9 times but ten ) s
tun the slathered sidewalk where I
O dreamed beside the dumpster was
a cloud ) ( a c ) l ( o ) u ( d d


gland dabbler off my focus throat )
busty snake your ( inch cooler or
I said my smoke my toothy ca
ve (( raw wallet in the nails ) I
crowded dimlit in the “saltine nest” my
chin gleams with spit ( coughed up
the window )) ]shoe[ stungbell t
ried to iron the blur ) thum ping
in the cask et ( ( ( ( ( (

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Luck

junk shirt ,dog clot ,mister crashing
down the steps like head a box of
matches filled with cloud and linty
scissors I spell the letter “corn”
uuuu and bite my tongue ,off .the
window screens my hair and that
boiling tree ,whistling sidewalk sp
lits the pocket fulla dirt and
buttons barking barking barking


dung clock ,radish the size of a door
,cancerbo ,lucha ,tentacle rising
from the throat I lug around uh
case of shirtsleeve and ashes the
corners boil ,the corner’s .whipsplash
from the plate of clawing through the
noodles a crypt an adoratorio high
on the steps salpicado de sangre santa
oh Tlaloc of ice dripping in my
face !counted the ears gone back the
enormous root breaking the walls

Abren Se Cierran

calcomanía y mis co jones lubri
cantes mi desayuno ranchero que
me contempla onde el plato fútil
o útil es ,fumado .al baño me
fují ,fulgurante y finado la frente
funesca de fés .roncaba )rutilante(
la llama indicativa de mi lengua bí
fida el ojo derecho que mira
el siniestro y su agüita toma ,a
tragantado y los pantalones en
gomados ,letreros ,archivos de ja
bón ,etiquetas de piel podrida
mis lu)gares del fin se apartan mis(
mis manos mis )manos se

Bloody Steps

the slab fucker states recurrence
fogs my swallowed bu ...tton
shocker b rays awake .the nee
dle needs the sinker thinks
.blazing gust across the dim
lawn the )“yawn”( with bris
tling hair and lint my soup my
chunk my rabbit’s blinking in the

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Escuintle Seguidor

xícara :Џ: neck or floating stem
caca fulminante del cenote :Џ: loot
being :Џ: corn shadow ,white nozzle
foco tundente ,canta lana :Џ: ratón
slob :Џ: plenitud del grifo seco
chock dual )or spelling( :Џ: pinga

Swept Up

● miles of table ●● dormer shroud loop ●
● gash stud bloom ●● business faucet dip ●
● wrung dog cloud ●● drats mine fork ●
● walked off foot ●● bubble time sink ●
● runny shorts dream ●● bust the cowl ●
● boomer thumb spurts ●● at’s the crust ●
● ash crappy spun ●● broom vision cries ●

Grin Grim

shirt spoon lunk //\\ watered past the
cash jerk town //\\ throat of coal
slime light sinks //\\ junks the cloud
drain skylight sound //\\ fumbles through shoe
peeled tongue glad //\\ sawn pocket loot
drops the slot //\\ paw pile thirst
drab and knotted //\\ boil my cash
off basement land //\\ double tomb wind

La De Da

dog at shadow gun my □ beast
line the corners of your □ mouth
drag a bundler up the □ spill
stutter namely in that □ cloud
mime tool sadly throats □ gunship
doody mud your oat implant □ stalling
shoddy sandwich and a moon □ lumber
should I modify the shitstream □ storm

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


the listed corns the type sink the
)swallow lard( table thinning in
the afternoon my doggy link drops
behind garage face lift off
my ,grimy bone left behind ,the
stone box the rotted font a fog
drizzles in the corners where my
lettered fingerprints spell the air your
rows of teeth ,wet with what I
chewed forgot the dreamless blood
blinking on the floor strewn with ears

Grease Shirt

thumb @ seethe the day slugger
leap @ blocking foam nor shudders
clop @ jakes and peoples in the glow
meat @ towels my shadow sand
clung @ nest of padlocks in the snow
blot @ misty tone and laundry feet
stings @ tumbler in your sausage socks
dream @ dimmer plunge and offer

Cave of Mouth

the dusty soup congeals the // wha
wallop ,shape “storm” ,supper cute
wasp nesty nigh my labp .ichthyosaur
,shuddered mile ,met spoon with
single pea // lunched my eye )habit(
song cancer gasoline the foamed
thinker the shirty moon the shitty
\\ face danker my whistled eye
writhey as the cloud comes down my
listened teeth reflect what starts


my soap wallet spelled it out “it” sh
irtless ran across the swelling street my
faucet pants swirled around my
waste o fog o dawn napkin floating
toward the curb a single sandwich
crawls a way ,to go ,fortaleza padre
,spend it to the end .I crawled and
smelt some feet around me found a
blinker ,what was asked and shadowed
as the light drained up .that soggy
yawn that bucket fulla mice

Monday, January 24, 2011


the loot number coil ,“pleasant” di
versionaries sodden in the corn my
tummy gate rolls back .nodder
cube )“headless”( shoulder wallet
left with grease and bullets in
the brink or so I counted .raced
and cawed and muttered in the
stool .my slackwards glance saw
,uh ,“you” or foggy pinto beans
sticky with the calendar round my
open skin flapping in the ssmmoke


gnat glancer bubbled in my throat a
crispy shadow in the file cabinet where
my tongue was greased .a lunch
thumbprint ,plates of moonlight sm
eared across the wall I cracked in
to out O aim my fog at you at
me’s a dropper in the flat pants
I never wore out’s ide ,the comb gut
blister ,piles and miles my sandy
thumper caved into the rotting
log )I spoke the spoke the water(


my toothy humo sped your n
ames was bladder than a
phone single ,course pretending
fogsuit sugar .wet was I and
burning in the lakefire those eggs
and mouths of gnats )my ghost(
tantamount .or funneled folding
in my armpit like that sticky
toast ,burrito leaking paragraphs
was fought with flatulencia mi
s tunas stuffed inside my shorts
)de manera que me( abrí la
boca y )lo( librabaa


dust and corn ,elote mice ,juice
cancelled like the rain event that
drowns the basement .eyes and
bones ,chalchihuitl blinded in a h
ole tus pies invisibles se acuerdan
en mis orejas mi moho fun
ambulesco rolling up the “hill” at’s
the buey ,güey was shirtless ,so
ng-thrust ,flagging clown the lat
hered snake ,coatetl dropping
from my pants I thought was

Friday, January 21, 2011

Horse at Home

dog crystal ,door bark ,luminescence
stalled beneath the ladder storm of
birds .the lungy neck .the dottered
chain the crap collapse ,or song shu
tter )what was lathered in the soup(
my groaning bonfire page .my shaky
fingernail )¡off off!( tonnage breaky
in the strong afternoons of scrawling
windows ,lentiled wind ,torque and
syntax fumbling with the doorknobs
-¡what a puzzle!- like that bushmeat
,fog muzzle ,floor shark ,inmanescence
balling past the lightbulbs past the
toilets foaming with your thought

Root Sore

your use cluster your dog funnel y
our buster neck your mineral name
and toilet counter nagging in the
closet like a plunger .except for
me you fondle rug ,tame and stall
,the rustled neck behind my ear
.“doom” and luggage ,lump was mutt
ered in the sandwich bag you
crumpled in my pocket like a
contract like your flag your pile y
our doubted grime sliding down
the wall

Watch This

run and lick and craw and dime and
mute and neck and pillowed in the
bathtub sinking fungus sugar time
to c rest .loop and burn and tying w
hat condenses like the soapscum in
your crotch a fist a suit a stom
ache dusted was a sock .foaming
in the shadow where you mate and
stung and crock and folding out the watch


the tongued metal snores :my as
piration lapsed my you templed ,w
as a grunting in the focus ,concave
ammunition crawling toward a suit
dressed with thumbs and frenchfries
.the office condensation slaws .my
itch and windowed sleep .my lung
gristle paler than the moon you p
lunging toward the floating floor

Picture Mirror

gazed my frame and crowded you I
happed to fizzle ,lain awake my
legg off jerking ,clouded in a cough
and scissors .shut clown .the table
fire whistles and spots the dust
burns ,my eye brook ,my lurking
in the shadow of your arm .the glass
whips and flaps

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tos Sing

the hat was coughing the corn was cou
ghing the boil tummy coughing and
my shadow cancer coughing I was c
oughing in the wetindex I was coug
hing on the ladder falling down a
well at the wall of coughing I was
thumbing through my fingers co
ughing full of glee and glandly I
was coughing at my smouldered gun
and coughing coughing through my so
ggy book its pages damp with
lung illumination my coughing cup
spilling down my leg

The Fallen Hand

nor I grabbed the liftgate sod
den focus for the floorword roll a
noon abismo circled in the lake my
eye .tasted gnats and clouds I
torn the suitcase bouncing off the
bed oh muddy bumper reflecting
on the tree I curled into my
shirt and stroked the crows in
there your face’s sudario your
last redaction crumbling in the
g gra ave L

The Green Sun

sendero soy e ya’ax k’iin que cae
en mi tripa la luz comida ,la luz my
luggage storm .the day fingers mano
,cerrada ,y tu cerrado abierto just
drink it down in atlli in tletlli mas
dormido ,ábrame la boca spiral spee
ch jiggling on the wall my mucous mo
co my mumbler hueso wakened in
k’uul la puerta inversal hacia la montaña
esfumada in tepetlli in huey atlli my
crowning fingers wet and burning

Wet Talk

the shuffler says the crown con
geals the sudden north burns .dus
ty leg ,my castle mumbles like
a frog boiling in my shoe my pen
is wrote in mirror noitceted loosely
ground like tuna in your ginger ale
.fog sandwich in my pocket in my
drainer shirt the grease sprouting
from my head¡ o crusted air o
melting nickels on my vomit plate
! the footless one cleaves to you or
from ,coughing up on all the doorja
mbs I’m caulking backwards ,stu
ffing it all in my mouth

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


,mumbling ,combing ,blinking ,crapping
,dropping hamination curdling on
the “kitchen counter” at’s a lung
plain ,where I crocked it out
and clotted inmination at the
broken doorknob saw the sun
glue through .seeping, crowding
,glagging ,sending ,sorting
sandwich whistles on the roof and
foam I nominates ,starts to wipe
it up


the sock cracker you inhaled a
sumptuous a surer thing and
crystalline like coffee down the
windpipe a bag of waste ladder
,te tuerces la colmilla el hule tu
foco negro soñado en la oreja
como foggy throat que entras
swarming ,enjambre de aguas ,sh
irt feathers climbing down the
sky .wriggle yr toes and eat


nodding and nabbing the coat gristled
moon I tear my pants on knife’s
impaction en el ingle ahumado crazee
soupspoon in my waddling assignation
oh yr fondling crumble ,aspirgate
,choppy faltering across the tub
.nor humming was ,nor liver in the
gasoline you wore for sucking chu
panesco ,atortillado ,cumbrefacto
en la tumbita que te pones por las
tardes liquiscentes ,aspirada en
la sopa de luz


the )“the”( lumpy page severs
off uh .crested eyeball on my
back I gleam and slot ,a “text
testis” came away the garbage can
.my risen light neck my crawly
spoonage knife rotting ,et’s it ,ru
minates inside the fuming spine the
starkers cor corpse led leído
es I fold into my lap and read a
leg a butt a toe a hair a single breath

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doom Name

Fumbled jerk your smoking pants
Leather nose your tubs of nickels
Buy a stone and stand there blinking
Nod and cough like sand illumination
Swimming through the mud oh please remember
Numbered shirt you raised your greasy arms

Go Away

Sort the linty pills your wallet saves
Dry the gutter with your hairdo
Drop a thumbprint in the river
Stroll a statue past the capitol
Subtract the dribbling from your acid reflux
Nod the toothpick flying toward the horizon

Move On

Bubble and chain the locker crawling
Molt and pry the sidewalk off
Drop and dry your piss folder
Change your indirection to a comb
Floppy shorts will name your life
Jump and spurt the blowing in your ear

Call It Off

Nodded change you never swallowed
Boom and dust you numbered isolation
Dock and name you called a stone
Shut and ,clock and ,die and
Stop the shingles flying off your hat
Bombing phones you always followed

Limb Chaw

Lose your sandwich in the fog
Rent out a dime and dictionary
Comb your linguini with a hamster
Lunge for icecubes in the laundry chute
Fold the lobster in your pocket
Chew the elbow you forgot

Juice Shirt

Sock your nostril with a sock
Carve an eyeball on your kneecap
Douse the bedbug in your coffeecup
Drain the earwax from your calendar
Sure was knotty in those sheets
Fund a cancer in your mailbox

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wet Dreaming

Test your shadow on your foot
Aim your hair outside the dandruff
Fold your nostril like a napkin
Wash your gnat and grin
Turn your focus off
Dream you floating in a tunnel

Poop Off

Tie your coffee to the cup
Drop your laundry out the window
Stage a corpse and loaf a chicken
Time to flutter in the closet
Drop a joke and glisten on the screen
Remember sleeping on the toilet

Lo Polvoroso

the grasping flogger of my wallet
corner gutted with a corkscrew
you were spitting at the inter
section at’s a whirl the whip’s
a sleep .bony dollars throttled
in my shorts ah open cup ah
neck the shoelace decked with
thorns !the five directions col
lapse and sticky ,crawling
past the lumpy street and
sucked up “all that dust”

Blow Blow

the combination wind the number flag
the gash locker plowing through the
corner wad my pants of hair my
labio maderesco astillado like
your tunafish .planet nostril bl
own and caved I dressed my
shirt ,plowed my sock or ,tumbler
clanking on my keychain where I
slept awake my belt and counting

Tissued Not

the moon and puzzles ,soap and
frying pan with sticks I bl
inked past your window and
clocked my knife your spoon
muzzle ,apelike drinking in the
evening hair a cushion storm a
drizzled clockwurst scraping
off the wall was thinking ,de
membered chunks of flying what
was “said” or

Sunday, January 16, 2011


jerk sandwich a my sleeve !best to
,crack ,moat ,flailing word thumb ,loop
thunder what my dent combs .your
clod clout ,boiling in the suit of arms
,you sent you lunge you clusters next the
burning sill the written bench belching
clouds ,combination ,screwy storms
throated in my mask collection .som
ething sparkles in my lap the crumbs
rained down saying ,dressing ,flopping ,at

La Maravilla

shorter sand dander sent a lunger
foam shat across the groom pl
under splashing ,pickled eggs for
eyes and your shorts were fulla
hats so you thought of spitting and a
thoughtless moon turned upside down
you tying on the steps .the temple
buried sweating under your back y
our empty shirt rising toward the sky

A Tus Órdenes

chirping you were thoughtless grizzle
clungination at the dimming wall a
chin a bellow ,foamy armpit
holds a leg like wind my head
on sdrowkcab brimmed with losing
corn the toxic berries in my gas
oline oh shirking pizzle in your
closet !I skinned my arm to
dress you up I ate my door to
walk the clouds with you

Go Away

swerved and borne the miley wasp
tented in my baseball clap ahead the
miles away .my teeth the wheel
your soggy cuffs dragged along the
road ahead a crack between the
long dark lumps up there oh light
and whistle oh cowdung streamed a
long the road the muddy tomb fulla
hives my arm is twitching

Thursday, January 13, 2011

El Orígen Amoxolalli

my looser dehydration foamed be
side the river fulla pages dancing
backwords like the birds stacked to
north or south the reddish east
falls into the yellow west’s my skin
folded in a cave .my skin a
cloud gasping toward the door the
rock suit clatters at my feet my
tightened streaming slashing at my
mouth oh starter water name my eyes !!


tu crin portátil tu fumar azu
carado mis pies espuma y la
caca esa ,caquita ,corredosa ,si
empre líquida a ras del ojo acuático
.mis pantalones dormidos en el
ingle de tu recuerdo ¿recuerdas? sentado
estaba ,con un árbol de chachalacas y
las raíces en el mundo ,en la inmundicia
de lo que he olvidado en tí mis brazos rí
gidos y abiertos

Skirt of Hearts

the nest of hangers soapy with my
lapsid thought my crawling pasta
gristle or your eyesight souvenir
stroking on the doorframe .I smelled
and stunned .crystallized the
saltines and little weenies in your
pocket was the mother coatlicuec
)comb my hands( the neck forgot the
head inside the head the eye out
side the eye the eye

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


slag throat the it ::O:: testing moon
the throat ::O:: crash the time singing
leaking through my throat ::O:: slung corn
throat crown ::O:: was licking the log
gusting throat your wind ::O:: resting spoon

Re Dressed

the languid net my stunning ghost
stripping all the faucet nuts your
tune tube tangled like a shirt
.save the greasy focus for my
window name or ammunition cur
dled in your armpit who are you a
match ?the lumpy shadow ch
urned I was coughing up a sleeve


jolt the ,mámparo misturanza ,my
mammaries mutate ,popcorn ,lizard
doorway rustles as the air combines
what slickness’ that a corndog ?
the sung rodents drool ,my lurching
fog shapes a credit card against
the door and all the flopping sings

Fashion Shed

the mute the molt the mutt the mite
the map the mote the wandered off
the pull of muttered ,lagged finger
at the watch crushed ,a skull
,a lamp ,bisturí y municiones ,motor
lice tramping off .the sink moron
sleeps the mice gargling layered in my

So Wet

my dog lander crowned ,growling
in a cave the mists mattering down
the walls and smack against the
door .the labor fall the fumes of
eyesight curdled in my lap were
maggots and starry night o club
me off o runny ladder lost a
long the shore

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rock Water

toilet berries sock your spinning
bone your stung lung cograsping
at my back itcher ,loosely lumbered
,nattered ,clocked against the lock
greaser falling from my hand hoy
la nube rendiciones lucra ,leggy
shirt the sobstore in me for .fantods
,frogs ,faucets spitting stones


the shallow sand intention crumbles
crossed my woolens mouthed and
numbly numbered knocked and gnattered
on the fart fun followed true to
wisdome fulla smoke .my mirrors
speakless in their masks my steps
whirling up like blowing string and
water streaming from my teeth


shaved and sausage cursed your illumination
dries against the shallow skin’s my
tumblefield a cornball wallow where the
sugar gags ahead was dimwit dollared
damned and dolloped with a plastic
head my green hair ripples in your
talky bread a tocsin toxin runny
like the knife breath in your pocket


jerks the JJ phone my leg lint
why the EE plan fecation trust me
like the RR pool coughing rash lost
burn the KK chain lingers all right
cake the II napping phone my needle
prick the NN comb flesh nodding lard
mile the GG plunge wallet stopped stool


grunt my hand grommet PP plop
shave the gristle off OO pate
find my shudder lubrication OO pork
sorta sanded that eye PP peel
shod my knot slumbered EE pus
flayed across the sidewalk RR pile

Friday, January 7, 2011


my dragging comb ,ladder hum ,blotty core
you dragged upon my wall oh wall humper
fueled with smoke a coiled intestine
sluggish with air and gritty lemonade my
hair nostril my neck coatin changing
eyes inside the mirror the four re
fractions swirling toward the five
lips I taste my salty shirtjac in


fueling maze contraction ,neck gristle in
my eye I saw the cornered mind jig
gling on a bench my puzzle gravy ha
shed the wallet dropping on my feet ah
heel and wipe ah knot and gnat ah
misty lung rolled across the floor my
tubing shotglass gleams beneath the
table where a single shoe flames

Better Eat

nodding ,laundry ...gazed fork the cloud
nung gas o line curving to the south
...melty ones ,my muddy hat crock a
folding tongue shine my shackrow breathes
...toilet hanger ,bedding ,loss of sheet
,miles gunned song on top ,an
ashen smile the dripping morsel raised

Cleft Over

bushed the ink toilet crystal tap
ed connected to my sot my sat
thruway throbbed uh thudded
in my thlroat age of cluster
.nab me off ,my stunge flag
ger grovelled mindly at the
empty bins the flushing wallet the
apt to whine and while ,the
capped or coughing in the microwave

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Shirt The Sheet

the suit the sack the suit the sack
the clock the slick the clock the slick
the clot the cluck the clot the cluck
the stop the step the stop the step
the dirt the dot the dirt the sot
the bun the void the bun the void
the gun the door the gun the door
the hiss the hash the hiss the hash
the heel the fog the heel the fog
the hot the hat the hot the hat
the glove the grill the glove the grill
the gut the got the gut the got
the fork the flick the fork the flick
the ladder the leather the ladder the leather
the loot the lube the loot the lube
the lung the grin the lung the grin
the gravel the gruel the gravel the gruel
the this the that the this the that
a him a hole a him a hole
a knock a ngng a knock a ngng
the knot the gnat the knot the gnat

El Agua en Llamas

so I spread my icxitlli over the water and
locked away ,smiled my sock and
cramped ,was silly and sorted ,a kind
of caminar inverso in atlli in tletlli sugar
chrome was walking up and thumping
his eyes her eyes .faster ink than
stone or red soap on black rock
.the fog windowed my scrawling feet

Cara que Moja

sordo mudo y cumbre ,cumbro
lapso y el grifobrazo mío un con
ejo de tlilli tlatpalli de ojo escrito
de tumor rumoroso y congreso de
hormigas .ixtliatl y toalla de
hule ,formigón de pie ar
cilloso consejo de decapitación
.pido una forma fulana de agua laxa )o laja(

Numb Thorn

the jerky suit the chest of hair
and socks .blast of number phone
called my I you did .your did
my unit clamber .dice and dime
.dressed in lieberwurst conejo !mine
dusted ,bash what spoon nimbles the
thoughtless dust ,I dressed ,you
dreamed I pulled you pilled .ah
epiphyte rolling down the steps !

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


endocrónico he ,un lapso ,triticar
la lupa carnosa de la piel que
visto .vista la cacanómica lo in
nombrado o sangre )“camisa inversa”(
que sobre el verso sacado versa
,gusanito del sobaco ,reloj bucal
que saboreo pintilenguado y me
escupo el traje podrido ,pe
tate que anda por mi lomo o aire

Political Exhaust

spatial ants taxon surrogate
clearing pattern abundance ant clearing
.spiked ,clearing ,a priori ,pair-wise
.clearing age trap abundance fenceline
)flush pits( diurnal water rol
ling ,eye-shine clearing intact with
assemblage of the pattern time your
)clearing( complex identified and
increasing your re-growing response ,extinction

Found in J. M. Bennett's "Ants as indicators of vertebrate fauna at a local scale...",
Biodiverse Conserve, 2009, 18:3407-3419

Les Yeux

(o o)
ton beau
eau de flamme
mes jambes flatulents

fenêtre clos

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rung Up

the shaded mamatlatlli )ladder ,wet(
crusting up the green wall crumbled
face my lips I licked like blood
blooming in my facial sink your fla
pping comb clatters in the caxiltli
)bowl ,well( I fingered sticky dust in
my ear ,wrung my gate soaked in cloud

Gummy Suit

nostril damage and my plunging neth
er legions from that itchy itchy
ghosty cueva full of directions an in
yollotlli centro teixneloliztl )caca
caótica( rained my mask to know its
T )foggy ,throat( my eeth dragged
up my arm the window opens


churro ,sordo ,solo limado me
puse la gorra de lomo consanguíneo
y respiré la luz de la calle a oscuras
un tropiezo de hamburguesa ,de hule
circular ,de chorros de arena de la
cama del cielo .donde mi sueño
sueña sin calcetín y sin la rodilla
que me rueda escalera abajo don
de un lago escribe y humea

Monday, January 3, 2011


oh my flavored shirtsleeve mountain
oh my caustic sock sliver mountain
oh my sleep water throated mountain
oh your flute lunger bowl mountain
oh my crashed shoe and mask mountain
oh my stinging notebook lint mountain
oh my dribbling out the window mountain


I was whirling in the suited smoke
I was crawling in the raining smoke
I was plunging through the eyeball smoke
You were shouting in the leafy smoke
I was summoned through the bookcase smoke
I was cornered in the senda smoke
I was dancing in the thundered smoke

Foot No Leg Paper

superior y bajante sorbé lo absoluto
hindicación del icxitlli in ahtle zotlli
cumbre de la cueva inferior mi
zapato incalzado en llamas ,mojado
,delicuado ,un vaso de grava y me de
rrito ,chupo ,calvo tu ojo culminesco
.lenticularista ,mis lentes gajes ,solde
dura del aire que respiré que res
piraba por mis pantalones de amatlli

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Huey Ehecatl

bombing the comb wind I masked the
ehecatl forked and tlwisting above the
soup fluttered with my speeding spoon the
crusted hammer fog leaving from the
porch my shirtless gun shredded in the
sandwich melting on my plate oh the
hairless huracán huey atl drying like the

Tzontli Tepetlacalli

such a chewing-fork my tumba
lake atl-less or shirt in’s tumba
spilled the gasoline and shook the tumba
cloud clatters on the wall your tumba
spreads across my bed my blanket tumba
sporked and itchy frogs lurk that tumba
wanders off the roof oh my hair-filled tumba


lumber past the chanchre shore or
tube my raison d’ether inhalation or
a misted turd forgetting in my lap or
fenêtre gargled at my back or
fists logjammed in the littered door or
ashlight mumbled in the soup or
chain my rotting ear with grass or

Fate Too Much

bring my stew bare fingernail I
loitered in the clotted lobby yes I
grunted and gagged I flew I
shuttered off the milk and turds I
voided lungwich curdled on my plate I
spooned the endless lamination snore I
plastered up the window grass I
aimed to sneeze and knockwurst I
folded my tongue and never slept I