Tuesday, April 30, 2013


the phone dog mailed ...claw
nostril ,nor yr week
suit the sodden sobre
de aguatexto lleno ,boli
de tu culo culebrante
)grunt into the h
oles lll  the(  b
arking briefcase ,flashlight
,towel twisted in the                           
blood yr pale palm
slides off the sheet

...intestino del olvido...
- Manuel Acuña


my sock stuck mind my
    l    lum
bar es sence bun
ched in’s shoe I wore it
on down THOUGHT the
misti fried the ASHES
aw my withered end  )es
intention(  walking tore
the ccllloooouuuuudddddddddddddddd

)))yr chewy suit reflection(((

- Johann Sebastian Bach


sure ,was shirt was ,ec
tomorph ,nailer ,puerta c
lavada ,morada demurada
irling in shade on the sills s
and s lides ,was shorts was ,f
ace concavitation ,snot in
a bowl pOols ... to yr
lips the rays ,and drink

...boire, ouvrir les murs...
- Arthur Rimbaud

Espejo del Cu

,belt ,dust ,shine
half a ,went an sprayed :;;;;;
the squirt cloud whistles
)so my cochlea d rains the
o u t e r  w i n d ~ ~ ~
‘s  muscle weaves my
] buckle rusts in d
itch  [  your staring
,corn ,busted rind ,ma
ggots swirling in the ch
est’s  )rising sun(  c
racked s hell :is blinding st
ream pours down the t
op of the ,~coatl~ ,s
tone ,my pants drug
in the ...g.r.a.v.e.l..................

...la sangre por las escaleras abajo.
- Bernal Díaz del Castillo

Monday, April 29, 2013

Miroir des Nuages
 ay storm lung’s loose
emphysema phoning to
ward the dawn brea ker
s kin’s swoll wit’s ou
ter hose my  feefee
ts sWiRiLiNg  back
yr shut     ))mouthless
face((  pod nacre ,pid
dle s)p(lashing inna pool
))yr sleepingg skkull((  yr
gloss sing le cadeaux
sans forme ,un ique
,“mer veilleuse”
))te ví la luz ahogada
el mensaje que bradiza
la manguera ...dormida
...((  yr breath’s a c
loud a back o’ o
pened to the fblood ,er...
...pour le mar t eau...
- Victor Hugo

The Suitcase Mirror
 tOssed the lungage for
th ot to ,maze ,w
hipping rag on the r
oof  .ultra missing im
modiffy the shapeless
net sloppy neck &
sugar ,shoes ablaze
with turd burningwher
e the hair repeals


 ...my breath zipper, and clouded.
- J. S. Murnet


Espejo Ranítico

rana raquítica o me
tal es tanque fort
i faction wheeeeez
ink tomb yr knotnek
)deglutir ,then swallow(
croák croác nos
trum trills ,yr “ex
plantation” shiv
ers outside the w
aters where yr
fork<  )road(  was
sunk ,its gluteous
gleam in the
muddy bottom
...vestirte ,de camino...
- Antonio Machado

Climb the Mirror

in sunk ladder || roamed in
co gote reconveccionado in
la soma es túpida in your en
demic shirt climbing in the
throat descension off the
dunked rung the off butt
on glimmers beneath the sur
f off coast a cloud groans down

in my eye reef in my
whirling shoe
...meat shelf...
- Bob BrueckL
te at

bullt su
g ar f d
it d
own huh


ca ja

fós il f
áct il m
as hab
 )“y”(  o
sú bito
el pared
ése su s
ritos es
la pie
dra el

cop rolito

ce ro

ras tra f
ic ante l
a tulumba
or migada
con las h
aches in
ve nta
in va
ca ja in
ta paj

ant e


éster mi nado
por lo findo
.mas realicto
,fase en
carnítica l
os hi litos m
is sali vazos t
us bl ancos Os
as piraninas )o
es peranzuel
o enfactizado(


Sunday, April 28, 2013


requetefluxus requete requete re
quetefluxus requetefluxus reque
te requete requete requete requete
fluxus flujo del mar ácrido
del mar ácido del mar inrequete
ámbito del respirar inrequete
doloroso inrequete inrequete in
requete seco del pecho in
undado del fluxus requete
reflujado resaca de los
70 años requeteflojos in
flados requeteinertes y re
queteahumados como
migas echadas en el sueño
del flujo requeterequetere

- George Maciunas

- Kurt Schwitters

- Ramón López Velarde


 i tch cloud ,nuk tap e
yr ,barri cade ,s lope a
way ,blood d rains out a
)...crawl...(  span dex
atrim yr ,feat hers sp
ot  ·)The Spitter crawls(·
clotty knots deck yr
shirt  .the drilling fog the
,soap thinking in its blurry
fog  ...heavy tubes
wander off...

...shoe...street, with smoke...


fe there

the fried dust the watt
leakage ,why wire ,net
clinking with ,uh yr
,peldaño ,foco ,usanza
famélica ,mis truenos
demobilizados ak ak k
a ka ,chain de mudada de
tenida de mostrada y
mustia como mi lenk
gua gua  .the tired
c rust the f lat be ak
turning on the edge of
the roof



Stunned in lunch my leg storm
halfer swollen bright burrito
swirling on my lap those rabbits
jerking through the door it’s
,flake your head skin’s off
,daub yr throat with pico
de gallo  ¡ay Ondina tus
caderas eloteras!  )))numb
along the beach my eye in
ddisttanttt  bowl of hills

- Lope de Vega

Sunday, April 21, 2013

fond du néant

the half-during pencil asylum
muffled collage inside for
lunch fasu congress never
floated air feu sable
import the faucet club bou
ffe brûle recons acate
the koolaid sauf elle
,ventre paragraph thirst le
ciel plantain légère brote
tomb tombe de la voix
furniture futures ,symp
bouche mite vide the
hnorn bbite fenêtre des
fidèles ,bricks poison gravi
tatul peering sans voix
spinning ,mechanistic ,samedi
répit downright mob cir
cles d’être né d’êt
re    d’  être  n  é

Found in Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 42
and Samuel Beckett’s
Collected Poems, 1930-1978

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

 the gate the book the
intestine fl ailing
in yr wind the c
law the udter the
inesencia esencial the
chase the tent sm
eared with shit the
cornered half   )a
ge of fog and r
ice  ;;   ;;;    ;;;;     ;;;;;      ;;;;;;

)))))the twisting dust

mu  g
 real f lake whot do
g girl inahspiration
where yr sub lim
ate crusted’s on
the cup  .ц  .ra
ags cl amber o ff
the field of c locks
.she~exhales she~re
gurgitates she~em
bedded is ,was air
escaped the so a
king sheet

))drowning in the wall((

Dump Hang
 I uss ed the ffogg I
- lint peed - wobb
led in the eye
flood stage  )an
w alls of corpses(
)where the blathering
angels(   ))block an
fart( (   (    (     (      (       (        (

the soaking sheet

 sieze she’s
in drifted lab
-]a door...
f r og drip

each grunt

 words  cows  sots
pats  past  spat
ps  taper  g


 dob  bodt  c
ame  bob  fl
ame  ,th
 raze  or

int  ,s   e

 more  sod  mo
re  dot   mor
 rliver’s  s


ro  ute
epticure  yr
skank  th
umb  er  m
olter  whh

O ~