Wednesday, May 29, 2013


what yr crack re
galed what yr spent
my yr cl ownish g
ripping of the ban
DOWN the corner
storm drain where the
mask was lost  .)))tidy
dust triples in your
s   h   o   e
...el calzado es lo que...
- Pablo Neruda


Shift in the stair the
weed grief gate - - flut
- - space - -  ))darker
ear((  separates the
grass  )))shhh(((  lucid
mOm hallucination of
boots switching in
rain ;;;  crickets - - seas
- - drilling in the ...g.r.a.v.e.l...
the broken ditch neck the
slamming the envelopes - - wheels...opening...
- Ivan Argüelles,
“(lachrimae rerum)”


d.u.s.t.y  acr  oss  the  b
ed  yr  l  ake  s  kin  c
loudy  sp  lasher  up  y
 leg  f)ocus(   l
amp  an  pullover  where
the  floor  swell up

best of knuckle b
est o f aint sh
...lap crust...
- Eh


,shape ,lifter ,clottage ,coal
laughter ,tank the shoe your
thigh rejects or ,name the
whistling ladder in your
pants leg leakage
jiggles on the floor your
dance injects  )aim
my spoon across yr
face(  o  )the quiv
ering wallet(  tumbler
in the brain   uh litt
ered spot wrecked b
owls of afterbirth’s d
ull glow ...walking
past         ..         ...      ..      .

 ...el calendario...enterrado...
-Carlos Fuentes

Monday, May 27, 2013


pesantez ,comilón ,put
refacto ,ilícito y tus
milpas tus enramadas de
libros tu jardín dia
rréico ,entro y salgo
,escribo y borro ,me
tomo la píldora de las
8 y el comprimido de
las 20 ,puerta oscura
con su cama ahogada
ventana no abierta mas
a bierta a la noche de
lluvia y aceras  .el
envés, dormilón ,irre
dacto ,implícito...

)))...y tus felpas


etcher ,off gate ,dunk
ccloud ddangler ooffal
ooffer next the b
lackened lleaff yr
ooval tune yr lexnicon
drowning in the ttoi
lett Ũ  .eat the sh
shadow cclosed the k
kniffe empyrean ,was
long Cacahokian n
nose was Ccha’ac g
grrining in the bou
lders  .my rain ff
folded in your suit O
sing yr Twinkie Fermentation !

...lo mismo lo sismo.
- Bernal Díaz del Castillo

fog light

Spetacular espétame k
no me ekspero ben tus
focgos exesplotados fu
ndadados con tus
snake-eyes such sp
spitty ones ,den
nnotding in a espepejo
ojepepse circircu
cular y nenegre de hhh
humo  .finistierra ,el lo
lodo que ccomo ca
calzado me rerevienta
el pipié  .es vidrio es
cuculebra es ffaucets
leaking on the grifffos
amontonados en el
...le miroir de la chair.
- Petrus Borel


ni niebla

huesonte ,mi “pipié” ,hor
izontal con un cielo vér
tigo ,goma infláccida
what my face conserves c
onversed ,& the berries st
aining yr shirt  .grin yr
leg gets stiff yr ric ctus
thumbing curls the ligght
clloudds up y la bruma é
sa ,deesencia ,des
aparezonte ennegrecida
ccomo ccamino de noche
para hahacer ppipí  .p
iso paso poso ,mi pen
dejo dedo singular que pa
chocho en el piso desnudo
La phonétique, tombeau de la lumière.
- André Breton


volvió la vista en la re
forma las clouds y katzen
jammer kids grey cumbres del
aire fresco maguey y guantes
amar illos stare into the b
lack radio, purgatorio del ice
cream diseases que invaden
los Bancos vendedores de
choking dust remote ash
en los volcanes del bello
jardín, ay apiary of st
olen child, rubber tires sin
surtidores the immense thor
oughfare de las alas de
nieve revolviendo el agua
the putrid moonlight sonata
en los pulmones, the labyrinthine
hand a poco andar, el poeta
con su falda de human skin,
nothing can be born, buey,
de obsidiana, rebozos on the
ascensor her serpent dress
las piernas desnudas y en
marañadas, la cuerda azul
lost in my duffle bag los
olvidados el resplandor de las
llamaradas, the Greyhound
shaking entre las plantas se
cas de Teotihuacan la
cabeza chapped and reversed
las tortilleras el pick-up t
ruck the cumbres white and
dead “soy yo la pubis y la gloria”

Dust from Ivan Argüelles’ “Lomas de Chapultepec”
and Rubén Darío’s “En Chile” (de Azul)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sor  Tilegio y ,tuerto
con double vision ,la
camista gané la ca
misa perdí me plerdí
.)en contronco en la P
laza Yaxche(  the
fork path tine the
grave l or mu d my
feet in ea ch hc ae
Ay yr swelling cat
a falco n !  )ay the
mumbling in the panty
con los por ontos en
vasculados con los o
jos avinadagrados...

morti ,empti ,en vuelto...




blet  off dringing ,mo
t de boue ,yr c hain
sh oulder cast  .the f
og charred was the f
ake ,gris kinda gristly
,was yr nek an nek
kid wheezy in the
sandwich pulled ay
yr groaning nimbus !
...where the boiled s
tone shines...  yr
)))faucet speech
,crawling like lice




uh face clam eh ton
ggue ape whee zing all
n ight the window s hapes
yr drying air the wormy
p illow yr cold pants
grasp un seated chair
ay yr ropy hairdo !  )cor
n falling from yr throat(
)rice ,the stiffened kitch
en(   )))where yr jacket
closed yr eyes beneath
the bed a tooth a
paperclip a single pill.................  

ee  t

look ,the sot leg fanjet
focused on the fin
ger laid across yr
headache whwhoo
sshhing like toilet’s s
tuck  fl  ush  st
ood above the st
eep whirl exploding
knee my  .)))itching
ash my frenchfry
soaked in pee

pulled the pants off and

 ...sp lash...
- Emily Dickenson

Monday, May 20, 2013

leg and cabbage
     -for Blaster Al Ackerman

me head yr lap f
olded in its le
aves a wilted ,w
as me aimless fooot m
e rolling off yr l
eg g  g   g    g     g      g       g        g
)saw the foot with
“turd stepped in”
- all them plastic bags ! -
))clotted in your po
cket  (((          )))))so i
waved my shorts in
the summer breeze

...and a grinning at the wall

eating wood

jittering at the ton g
ate faucet wheeling t
oward el hor izonte
en tus pan talones
,lengua de lider azco
“where my”  )shshakkin
gg suuggarr ,apt l
og me ter mite wrwr
iggglling down my leg
w ere I saw the wall d
ug up the dirt trid wh
ite an sqsquirming
,..,,,.,..,,...,,.,,,..., .  .   .

...o I dd rank the cc loud y aair...


intertention ,where my
raking g lance caut
erized the croutons
crushed beneath yr
h chair the spiders
wriggly in your
cor ner with your
pooling blood  .it’s
the questionnaire ,y
our d read ,you
r anus speaking air

chowder ,and gasoline


pulloff ,knocker f
lag the mouldered
hash next that s
tiff stinky egg
.yr hicks yr ,f
ound mussel s
tuck inhide yr
armpit with that
team of ants  .s
ound an oil ,blis
ter an h and a
termite drying on
the sheet                    

when the trickedout wind returned

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


the siege the shape the
uusshheerrr ed c
omb re gard me ca
ringing faze the f
)lake(  the liege sh
oe dometer of ,me  e
yelid - azimuth er
,shaved window ,s
tool Π  grazing in the

where yr wallet crystals



out the pond my
lag intentif  :wo
bbble s trung g
lobber pus neg
ate s uch st
ringing omnopostive
where yr  )g glob
wheel ,))la milpa
)))en llamas ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



ep iderm is chemic s
horn face’s skull sh
ine thru at yr  ))sw
all owed head((  t
urns in a cloud
of ::g:n:a:t:s::: ))tor
n shur t yr fin
al h~a~i~r~ ~ ~  d
rifting to the floor
.]the end emic corn min
d you ,look inside yr
eye a shoe squirms
there ,a[  greenish s



efflugmántico ,mita ,m
is man “datos” de es
puma son ,deo crushing
.jest coff er up an ,dis
solve the towel  .les
jeux son fake ,“jours”
de ,masmédula y mur
allas con pájaros pin
tados П con snakes
with windgs  .)yr boi
ling tooth(  .stro
king the pala all d
ay mis pozos de la
,t,i,e,r,r,a, ,  ,   ,    ,     ,      ,