Thursday, March 31, 2016


usher off the sc ale ahn
outer allée cuts thru yr
ggut sin peso la tinta sin
tinto es lo que perd ura
perd idura pálida bloodless
blood and weight unwaited
,sunk into the grove led
grave l : lo dicho que
vino sin vino

shu ddder

yr uh ffire rec lapses
indagagado no la na
da supo ni son ido
en el tehecho sumido
.said like that's ,el h
echo sudado o es n
o es ,a pour cent ral
enkore was h issing lun
ch refried ,or eyed a
tunnel opens to the sea


la voz es un viento estancado


~~motmerde CIEL verttoux~~


el estanque es el viento sin voz


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

fone fog

wus sh aimed for .d.u.s.t...
wire dessiscacent's off li
p ied er ra's tript offf
)the whyr( squirrely out
yr ear ear ly nty c
omb re chivering onna
fluor's end voice

to wers an lawndry p
paper bb urns up out
a wwindow snickickery
tong ue lights d rift
to war des arbres brumeux i ilence étrs.
- Olchar E. Lindsann

Monday, March 28, 2016


made a comb was severed
teeth was cage my breath
cawed through its words sp
linters pins glinting in my
shoe a story after sleep then
sticky eggs drip my
lips you said you said I
knew I knew \||/| blood
rising in my hair

dílo todo no digas nada

wrote my foot on cardboard
dark with blood and
stiff was bordered with my
slowest fingers said the
words that don't exist the
words are backwords soaking
through a corrugation were
the windows in a cage
walls crumbling concrete steps
descended to a rancid well
circled light bright up there


piso mis mhanos ,manos des
haparecidos ,y no les hablé bast
ante hante el fluir del sih
lencio pulsátil ,que son las pala
brhitas que hechamos que ech
amos por el drenaje des
carado ,visaje útil como
cortina mortuaria .
Mictlantecuhtli me lo dhices
,lo que cae de mis dhedos


el reino de la grasa


shithill LARGE killpit


fuego sin recuerdo


Friday, March 25, 2016

dirt fog

chain of corn the louder
lot of links clak clank
inside the ear the ear's
lake and lunch ,pain
of chewing steel rusted
with yr lack of speed
.speed or ,grime where
seed respires ,an age
of dribbling ,on the suit

desenfoque con migas

de sobremesa no ni nada dije
pensé en la bruma de los
tallarines de los talla
rines abrumados versos en
mi tripa ,a menudo re
pleto de un viento de la nada
,de sobremesa sí me lo dije
,cada cara homenajeada
cada cara agujereada con el
hormigueo del finado del fin
ado que empieza conminmigo

Esto lo llaman los poetas el silencio...”
- José Asunción Silva


pile my drunk faucet in a
basement with the hamsters
hamsters sing a screeching
wheel your clouded eye your
crystal eye your tongue a
slug pulsing on a wall said
here said burn the water said
nostrils open in the snake
was where a bucket thinks
my name was Little Aspirina a
hand clots before my mouth
,heaped with pills

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


tasted shore and entered
did but didn't age nor n
ame I c lawed the shore the
shirt encapsuled did my head
or ache's caged door my
hand did end ,but didn't stay
or flee .a round the f loor a
round the neck a phrase of
ants could not explain ,but did

floats off

my leg 's nore gas p a
round the door the door's
inhabitation where yr time
walked out .walked out and
drizzled pearls of light
slide down the steps slid
e down are eyes blinking
,or yr shoe's the floor
degravitation ,as yr sight
talks out ,a rabbit
dead beneath a bush


collapse of laundry b links in
haze wrapped yr face o f f
ell blind washer slurping
in yr basement .in yr base
ment wind shredding all the
boxes wind fast speaks my
eye lost all the socks a
bove the street a
tree whips and thrashes was
what remembered I ,or me
was what forgot

...del yo complicado en el misterio!”
- José Asunción Silva

Monday, March 21, 2016

it seems

unless .a core s pat
out unless nor less
spackled page dro
pped cloud yr ,half
off reburns unless
.unless the cage re
vives or ,time imp
action ,ants chain
foundation to the air
.unless a door ,un
less a crackling page

crowded shot glass

gravel falls off the
roof asleep past
smeared fields of
light smeared fields
words lit explain
yr death's swum road
stand beside the door be
side the door aband
oned shoe fills with grass

sin célula

strip the comb hahalf
off ,yr flooded sc alp
a barking skin yr
hide's nailed pou
nding wall sans tine's
gunned out the
reeling flavor of
yr snore ,comp
action ,raw peluca no
lo pienses ,pulga
hay a laughter

das ins Ohr Geträufelte
- Paul Celan




heart sleeve heart sleeve heart
sleeve heart sleeve heart sleeve
heart sleeve heart sleeve heart
sleeve heart sleeve heart sleeve
~~~heart sleeve BURN sees dark~~~
sees dark sees dark sees
dark sees dark sees dark
sees dark sees dark sees
dark sees dark sees dark
sees dark sees dark sees




Friday, March 18, 2016


my sweat refraction text
or window was a nostril
where the hose emerged it
was the second head it
was the scented head your
hand forgot / branches cr
ashing in the grass outside
was aspirin breathing in the
mud was turning grey was
spoke the crumpled list


leg shakes the flat roof s
ags chair your mud sat in
door fills with hair with
glue ducks turned away
instant of your chain
instance of your
piled skins chorused
flies you never said I
sleep I sleep never b
read uh words shake be
neath the floor

your rice coughs ,scissors

found in laundry

sot cloud ,and slime or ,flat
clock rotation in the dust
beneath the bed's a long
thin box ,grave of tools
,windows open to the rain
it's where your leg cluster's
paged and stained the outer
clot you see ,imbecilic
,calling kill him ,left in
time spiraled through an
empty parking lot ,cl
utching a severed th

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

au bade

the steps clawed my h
and renouncement spells a
riser says my head name
bat's nasal leaves cur
ling in the gravel foxed
page disappears the crowd as
cends I sleep you sleep the
flattened sun's glare behind a
tree's stalled there
dead hand released the phone
a shadow circircles at the top


la estrella ahogada


caveturd SENDEROburnwave


ahogada la estrella


mot mer

in the one ear li
quid light dream of
fireworks dream of
water gushing from the
one shoe left the
coast submerged small
body's cargo gasoline and
underwear wounded salted
in the hold's dr owned moths
stammer in the curtains hung
with masks spattered words ff
all out the opposite ear a
glare sways on the corpse the
corpse's uttered stone s
ticky magnets seeds in the
other shoe the other shoe your
crown of sails and shrouds

Sopping from Ivan Argüelles'
coffin texts ii”

Monday, March 14, 2016


the cloud snores
the leg snores
the hat snores
the towel snores
the rice snores
the wheel snores
the stone snores

the phone snores
the eel snores
the ice snores
the bowel snores
the slap snores
the egg snores
the shroud snores

city in your fog

blinding rust or gasoline
was your face's burnt eyelids
cooling in the mud your
single shadow formed a
,clock upchucked a ,tomb
flopping in your tongue sand
wich ice is milk runs
down yr leg could what
you said could steel
speak your thought lock
crumbled in the red dust

the wavering signal

brimming tides your tires
undulation sod or eye
deployed that sand snake
talking to a window shade or
sheet floating in the
equinox its blind static
throat asemics smothered
by the door sunk inside
the hieroglyph a pool of
clouds could be the
day or clock could
be the motel vibration
is your crumpled will
your paper be ,rustling in the
ditch beside the highway

Restless in Ivan Argüelles'
Coffin Texts”

Friday, March 11, 2016

ya vamos

englobo ,in
fecto im
pacto o es
fango in
miscible mis
brazos aire mi
fiebre agua

pozo ,coche

con ache

mis cambhios
parqueo mi
p arqueo
sin bledo
sim ple an
udado simp
le gal por si
en sor
dina que te


yr rained sleeve de focused past the burning
one fork before yr mouth taste the tower ri
sing from yr back yr head ache's cloud in
grime inhabits what yr hands let go
grip a stem of air air was sluffing sk
in a sidewalk t urns the water wh
ere yr feet once passed past again

Monday, March 7, 2016


the feet port ends
)portátil( )in
móvil( sky ,b
roke lightbulb
,pile of leaves


born e ntry way's
exit oso ,y pulga era
,foam dries on a lip
id seeing where the
door left to the ,c
lock lurched
,here gone

cara de balam

gnats fade in the
calendar's blind leaf
covers a pill a st
one head in g
lancing rain's labio
enorme partido en
dios en dos i meter
la mano en los o
jos basálticos va
porized what was
n't seen was seen
an und ulation under
palmeras alfabéticas
sea in smoke up
there a shadow wing
rivers pass a
throne pass a
wriggling space a
jaguar thinks
air ascending
through the mud

Illusion and Silence in Ivan Argüelles'
Canto of the Olmec Head”

Friday, March 4, 2016

blood dog

bit off lunch
glass or glands
the time returns
boils off
hamster hamster


empiezo las c
osas a mo rir a
em badurnarme
la baboca ppulga
fanática del col
chón colch ón
a hogado .el
finado se abre

again again
- para Aaron Flores

visages same fe
cal glue sm
eared said T
ICK lacárapiz y
te ví te ví en
los nuójosbes re
lámpago mudo
me dice díceme
same ol' shit I
s poke tu cer
ebro se abre

...Egg of the Great Cackler...
- Papyrus of ANI

Thursday, March 3, 2016


la vista tuerca


wurst knots wurst knots wurst
knots wurst knots wurst knots
wurst knots wurst knots wurst
knots wurst knots wurst knots
wurst knots LENS sot church
sot church sot church sot
church sot church sot church
sot church sot church sot
church sot church sot church


tuerca la vista


guess the language

built the wall of Mayapan
made tortillas is
because of fire the
stones because the
truck was lifted up be
cause she slept
next the lake
covered with oil
was when the sky's
face covered with
ash will be was
questions riddled
with doors in a
different voice because
the windows o
pen in trees the
wall buried in shoes
because the trees are
lizard tails with meat and
invisible mothers
it is the sun was eating
the green jaguar is
chile verde because
its blood was the
blood of an egg
fried at the gate
of the doubled tongue
will speak the
shells eaten from
the well's depths
eaten with the
large hairy flies
flew over the
crumbled wall eh

sleep will end in fog

the isthmus turns
it's head it dr
owns will sunk
last year the to
wer bbuilt of
slslipping sttones
or kknots of h
air will dream
the cave the
sea began will
stop from there

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


nesting and born
the deadly need
le of yr c
lot inhaled
a fork ing
in the garden
was yr f
lashlight in the
tree's crown
shining toward
the hole you
fills with blood


golly feet con
gaspulation :pen
dant eyelids
in yr suit the
lungbird spewed
,name the comb its
useless squirrel
flicking on the
porch where
all yr nostril
blooms ,shucks
an howdy ,f
lakes an forks it was

n om

days of name and
footed laundry was
it the milpa in
your mailbox many
legs detrousered
had run tomorrow
cross the sharp-edged
gravel is the canto
read inverted cause
the river took the
daily mountain down
is up the highway
toward a smoky tower
back there yr
nombre mumbles
c'est n'est pas nom
c'est l'innombrable
es la cueva inaudita
is was
not yours