Wednesday, January 30, 2013

uh mirror

tapt hhuh moudth
‘s chuckly sore th
lonng glaad spspattter

hielo ,ref lejo

mirror ,uk

ton o’ ,mess
shirt the dog
towel cclliimmbbss


Espejo Bibliófilo

es ,indention fo
g rake em pile

pages in caves C █

“ponding ,pounding”

Mirror Answers

mew twin yr
shale ,slope ,t
iny drop )ah
left !
)the ton knew(

what ‘s

Lunch Mirror

aw aw “antsy”
...)whizzing... ( “che
w ,moldy ,fog cheese

an yr loook !

Mirror Lint

bombo mealt ot
her hunh pen

w rote a “hair”

Mirror of Sleep

my shhaddow seep my
insta flaking ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
off your pillow the
loud clue mmummbbles
in your shshirt the
)tense stum bled( wha
t I “would do” ,or
will ,not dropping fro
m the roof the
tooth the )bub£e’s
bright pearl( I was washing
in the dark window a˩
bee ttremors in the glassy
cor ner my crack
ed leg leftt ttwitchy
in tthe sheetts mitad de mi cabeza dormida.
- Juan Ramón Jiménez.

Espejo del Comuniqué

“mi carta se duerme” di
jo der metiste la tos sur
la table )mesa mez tiza
que en la lluvia se es
fuma ;~;;;~;;~ ~;~ ( ;~ la
lata de creamed corn
)fíjate ,NUNCA LA
NOMBRA l l l l l
(ni esencia ,resabida ,“una
vagüedad” infrafrenética
,risa en la milpa cru
jiente de remolques
.mis papalabras re
mojadas mi recipiente
reflejo es y ronca y
RONCA “algo se muere
en la sierra”

Hasta la , siempre.
- Fidel Castro

Eat Mirror Sleep

Next of neck the throb
moat wheezing in my
laddered oars your
hell hay UN LOCO
SOY the rippled fauce
t in your mouth gleams
,dripping explanations k
notted like casting
line pulsing deep in
a lake )I licked my
fork( DE ATAR my
dream of thread intention
or your shut sharp shirt
.looser blaze ,the “crystal
door” crazed with cracks
my head turned sunk
into the pillow

wo manta de fideos...
- P. A. S. Tacomera

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Espejo del Living

e por nacht im
bustible ay com
binacción aflau
tada inner lake
.seat sugar where
yr phace tord
me a pool
.such an oil ,an
fragrant leaf I
forgot ,un nú
men sphere ay
lacro where my
feet .mi génico
.the wet ,loved
the ,inster
,swelling tord the

- Agustín Yáñez

Espejo del Faucet

bullet hill ,estuary ,teem
the dust lake cloudy ha
m sandwich EN EL HORI
ZHONTE diagonal M. Vice
nte ,lo muerto la cumbre
el lago tinto where I sw
oll with’s slope I dried
’’’’’’’’’’’’ “sentient” or “já”
staring at the grifo par
lanchín )my murdered
lunch launched )the
roof ...(( where I
saw the river ,cloaked
in plastic bags ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

...tomaba el agua seca.
-Bernal Díaz del Castillo

Mirror of the Red bowl

the long time bit my
tongue yr sort hammer
rusts beneath the couch
your foaming hair your clean
wind your ophthalmology tic
king where the ,)sweater bur
ned( )yr crawling watch(
effluent ,cars ,filing cabin
ets Π... thin cheese nattering in
the door o quemalibros ,wiser th
an ,inuntact ,“my gaze shawl”
,efficient defformed eff
aced... )phase of blee
ding from the mouth

O, palanga colorada...
- Fray Diego de Landa

Muda el Espejo Mudo

Sordomudo ,suero y ,casa pulgada
mis dedos “picosos” acosados ,la
sangre que mis guantes llena
)es lo que ciento ,y sin cuenta ,y
lo que tu me diez ,e inministado ay
,la tubería colostomita ,me cor
ona ,comestible ,descontado
,cuMbre del tos y del cil
encio encimismado ...( en
cías de arcilla ,masticadas
,su torta torturada ,amasija
de lo nunca dicho ,dicha en
ayunas... ...en mi nuca
una ¿cabeza? ¿una lluvia tinta?
¿la luna ahogada y olvidada
que se me acuerda?

...en las olas, un libro.
- José Asunción Silva

Espejo del Full

the deck whines yr thin king
shadow on yr chest what’s c
lung an ,gropeless ,banging in the
breeze yr hat sail turns the b
ow ,jack dancer on the rin
ging waves !)ants quiver in
my pockets where my eyes
collect their lint and crow
ded wind ~~’,~’’,,,~’,,’~,,,~’,’’’~,~ ‘~
fills your shirt )))))where yr
hand spreads its digits and
falls ,gasping in yr lap casa llena, la marea baja...
- Juana de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana


nor link nor
“time” nor



sh OT the ph
ONE the gas th
e finger ink
╚≈ corner w w w w w w
ave )th

e rabb it


har d om
e n e aser
)dock below ah(
gig gling shade

)or wiggled foc
us (((((((((((((((((((((((((




Friday, January 25, 2013

Mirror of Chicken Symmetry

xent the spelling bonnet
neglect the convosolution
bunny ruins like beakons
wind and insects ,frog shatter
,wages ,dice ,three eels
in the molecular mask your
,skin ,burning ,elephant ,br
eath loaf theater ,“im
possible” advertising )foaming
cook light( )the divine
oatve( hacademia prolifio
,the new cat-hinge grease
.poetic ,shovel the seas ,saus
age-hat ,civilizatix )comm
its gasoline( ruptured type
writer alone at facts ,the
piano ,remainders ,further
investment ,iqgobqa ,not
bus vac ,expla toothpick
sees ,socia bes digres
s ,choice bomb ,the char
ts concura sud project
,deatb abors naih fight
.engines .ressimultar cho
eye abababan “the wire”
oppos it sent “through” a
)loudness( inscillato
LOOBPS )garage dr
ones( )their spel their
ling their ..............................
batch acceleration )fos
sil sectors ,Compost Pat
terns ,vertical hums the
,fire design


Found in Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 35, 2013

Espejo de la Caja

es dentition es runítico es
embolismo es inane o es
lubrecto es no es ni thou
ghtless es un gringo es to
billo es el sol que se acuerda
de la bruma es pulmón es
went away es míster wh
ispering in the closet es un
zapato en llamas una mon
eda es una monada es a
cork soaked in urine es
the glass the enema the
dress light with bullet
holes y en la pared es un
cancro es el polvo es
un trueno lejanísimo
donde me veo el sonido
donde me veo el efectivo
donde me veo la llanta
desinflada del año
del año de la es o
es enecencia pilfered
and plunged in a mil
dewed cardboard box peso es pero es tim...
- Francisco de Quevedo


l awful bel
t swal low
itch or s
cald NOS
ped the shoe

bbbooiillllllllllllllllllllll l l


fuel thumb sm
£ther ed nek
kid )n “ever”( )b
raise fin( ger

p£int the h£le


S hell my )sun
k( inter bit
wav ers sobo
místicó nicon

the rustling the


duck lung
the twat raw
seethes th
day gracking
atta strong

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Espejo Textual

me levanté el pie la
tuerca rutilante en
focada ,de mi paso
,madera incuadrada ,fun
erales HASTA EL
NORIZONTE donde el
foso lleno de lhibros
me cierra sus ojos
)para que yo los habra
ll( ,pisacoteca mo
hjada y hamarillesca
¿k quieres k “es” k no
dhices k es ,loh k se
rehvuelca en el lhago?

...los libros espiralizantes...
- Jorge Luis Borges

Ice Mirror

en inch fogcus saw ,welt
er o’ ,negcks ,tumbas y t
umbas ,y sueño norteño ,p
layas y nieve ,mis lhentes
hestrelladas )pa k vea
mejor( my cabezota o
calababosta congelada mas
thawed )slobp slhiding
down the stebps( ‘twas
the hend idura for ,uh
,“me” who saw I sc
raped into a hole £ .the
north ,where the w
ill nhever twalk .
).relocution ,pie ,spec
tacles bleeding on the
sand and snow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, j

...muralla de hielo...
-Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera

Mirror of the Drowned

yr lost gristle form yr n
asal flab shudddered air
ingagement towering to
ward the “ “road”‘s angled
shadow sm,,,eared ,li,ke
b,lo,od issued in the sin
k k )3 o’clock( jus
t smell the words’ ” b
ending th.irst .cow T
ongue , ,lhake
.w.ant to fol.low
lin.e .───────. .“rus.t ubp my negck”

...libérame... the stream...
- H. P. Lovecraft

The Mirror Speak

my neck inflation laun
dry – gristle-free – user
contradiction stapled in
my ear my suit able sw
allowed cloud of gnats
detergent focused on the
sun my after-howl nos
tril trailing was your
spindex alpha-dryer just
forgot you say ,my s
poke balloon bangs a
gainst the flagpole b
angs again I heard the
cadunce heard the b
loods ththudding in my
jjaw yourr sppeech I
kakakked up to you camisón de hule.
- Manuel Acuña

Monday, January 21, 2013

olvido de las tijeras

laundered and glummy .uh
nek ,trowel .fort of sh
ow plume ,e e e e e e e e
.the sloshing shirt remem
bered forgot ,uh huaca
del aire .sieze .the .nail
traduzco inti-nada ,ah
charmed sore ¡blink b
read when ,oy ¡- - -
- - - - - - or scis >
ors crossed ,outside
the fly the fly gate
∏ * * *

...y pateó la máquina.
- Sr. Ek

olvido del cumpleaños

insufrido peldaño y )mucho riesgo
,mano( muerto ,summer clouds
,what brrreaks inside my hair uh
,70 nickels 70 long turds d
ropping in the crowded lake
,de ojos de ,pulmones thick
with lint ... )the 70 shivers
,the 70 wigs wall the 70
waves of linguini cooked
last week and( a neck
that never stops itching
,the 70 dimes you crawled do
wn to the sótano con sus
grillos )70( y libros ‘
)70 x 70( y your ‘
70 eyes gag the ‘
burbly floor drain ‘
your )boleto’s thin ‘
smile spattered at the ‘
edge ‘ ,O‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ ,,, ‘

Soixant-dix les tombeaux de la boue.
- Julio C. Tello, tr. de F. Ango Secco

olvido blessé

puzzle ,knocking ,shot the shadow
,leg tribulation the ,fog shoulder
dozes in ah ticky loop a whining
bites my arm )sin permiso( & yr
AK47 fulla mud .it’s cramping
boulders in my suit why nu
mb er s yphilitic nozzle in
my clock you seethe ,dro
wsy ,drooling in my sleeves
.aim .lock an cold .)))blunted
swelling where the pillow flow
er fills with bees . . . . . .

...cada golpe lo conté.
- Lic. H. Umo

olvido of the deadline

“why whey wiggles” “it’s
the name” “plutocrat” )sharper
and leaking( )stare ahead
the glowing cheese( “my”
)bomb( collapse “and
shower” )beneath the huaca
invisible( _________ tower of
eyes “not the same” )nor(
esenervencia )colder heels(
)and my ca( sh “choked
off” “mildewed sandwich
on my head” I )left
your “dreaming corn”(

...cansancio infinito...
- Jorge Luis Borges

Mirror of the Creamed Corn

in my sh aded crass cow
- knocker - )floating
in the sink( THE
, , , , , , , sings col
lapsing ,udder all
the wandered windows
- omniformnivorous -
ASS( an osculation ,ne
ver born ,outed na
sal an a scummy shadow
in the stall mi boca
de humo y elote con crema

“escupo ,escucho ,es
)capo escondo( ”

Corn and Smoke.
- Blaster Al Ackerman

Foot Mirror

reef ,er table’s drippingg
,ca ca ca ca ca mi
nasón ficturativo the shape
rolling toward lawn gasifi
cation ,age of end arr
ives .list an doubt ,but
thumb nap ,’s torn mas
k wikkly now ,my said
sugar growls THE FALL
EN TOWER PHONES spattered hand ,re
vives... )my

muddy s h oe’s

,beneath the,

...el lago ahogado...
- Vicente Huidobro

Coffin Mirror

,enter ,horology ,mass de
centered in your face ,a
a ,tot shamer the ,w
all diss olves the
drowned mask nestled in’s
gravel EL SOL DEL
TOS sed over long a
go ,,,teo ininmiscible
,where yr misderemembered
throne ,flushshed ,my
creamed corn gone
),my watched my coined my
ashed unpaged my gast
rointimology )foggy
fracture intenstitive ...((

)...the shapeless e
nd re arrives ...)

( (

...horloge, et pain soluble.
- Jacques Dupin

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mirror Break

crispy like ,“tunneled” ,a
pe X factor where yr
,allright now ,aim dust
cakes the sill YR ST
)counted off the joint(
aw quivered under
the table breathless
the highest “point” is
,stake yr flame the
crowded cloud rashes
through the [picture
window ]

this” bout de, la boue...
- Charles Baudelaire

Espejo Costeño

the greasy towel the north a
grey desert and a rusty st
one a fork a bone the
shallow wind the locked
mountain )en tu boca tu
candado tu foco tu
timbre encarnado y(
yo me habro la mano
‘mano ,vacía y llena de
...salitre ,y una lluvia
de cabellera... shave
your leg ,the left cor
uscation where the ro
ad once was ,mejillas
where the laundry’s
lost y me encontré
la llave floja


...orondo, vacío...
- José Eustacio Rivera

The Breaded Mirror

lept my bread hat crcr
umbly brim the light
shaft parts an I
raw )¿my?( face butt
ered with a closet Π
)“air storage”( eh
ased the dribbbly logo
- outer bomb - my
negck jam b low s a
cross the s ausage f
loor’s sligck mustard
and what burbles c
offs the alphrabbet
the DEFG gnawing
at your leg


...hostia, por leer me muero.
-Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora

Espejo del Ojo

more no ,misti ficante ,ma
s nada ,ni me nos ,boca
enrevesada acob euq ne al
aveuc em “ecid” ,chu
palenguas ,la muralla de
agua ,escrita la cacota
con dia rreas ,yo te di
cho he ,ni tu me has dic
ho ,y lah “cohsa” es
férica ,implot ante
con totodas lahs pala
babras tohtodas lahs
papalabrohtas y lahs
henmendhadass como tu
lapbio pahrtido en cuh
atro papahrtido en c
inco )en la bb
ruma gran ítica de
tu vhistah ö ö ö ö ö ö ö ö

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Footless Mirror

my fooot smmmoke h
ymn STEP AWAY )d
arkk barkking( mud d
rinks the path ══l══════
the h chair in shadow be
neaTh The Trees The
corn voice coughing xxxxxxxxxxx

stop part start
trats trap pots


Blind Sun Mirror

epro flag ensta
mmer er I
knot saw tee
th ппп o ven
tanillas ehec atl
auh petzli in
my thr o at itz
)itz( li )hov
er ,camareaoid
,sendanod the
schmneer ...all d
own my leg )“x
otl”( hee h
ee ee e

...nothing there.
- F. E. Tal

Felt Mirror

where................)¿( in
tipista toposol que
)?( hot glass my fac
ce my fac a wh
ere in tRnatiuh )in
yetztli in yau(htli::
::::::::::::::: )the yaw
ning mommy pressed
my nos t int o i
hairy dust.,.,,..,,.,..,....

“...que en mi boca veo.”
-Francisco de Quevedo

Heaving Mirror

my èye heèaãvés yr
shorts speak un]der th
e[ d..u...s.t..y.....c.h..air.......
h... )chain crashing ggggggggggggg
down the st(eps a
head aïlight a sh
arkness ththrashshi
ng in a Ũ ttoilett

down the flooded hall
las agne

yr cheese sneeze foc
us nekkid negck st
reaked with foam the
thick beach
rabb its tw





said nor



hummer lung e
n ter the ger
bil the coff
ee nail clou ┬
d soo


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Espejo del Hueso

rusty head ,look ,the
loot dries ,mental
hinges fawning in the
sun .my butt lake
coils ,a wind.....~..........~..........~
me tuesta el cogote y
,rígido me veo en la
fosa “común” ,comput
urinaria ,ácida .the
rakes scratch your
grave l dus t sla
nting to the lef t
“my” “inch” be
hind........ ay char red
toot h sl iding sl
owly down the
fingery s lope..........................

...el reloj se me esfuma...
- Carlos Fuentes

The Mirror of Memory

my lunging soup ,heel ,double
doubt ,certain... chains ,c
lubs ,soldiers muttering in a
hole .“doubttown” I sed
inacabable ,boca emped
rada ,yaxtún ,lejana
boca que los gritos es
cucha del mono aullador
,el mono ,‘mano ,sp lashing
in my face’s bowl .tus
lentes flotantes que me
ven los vacíos of what
I once redismembered
¿cómo es que me acuerdo de
lo inacordado?

...fusil... name, my meat...
- Thomas L. Taylor

Espejo de la Araña

yet junky foams the form
listers seven hamsters
chewing the drywall kinda
text they gnaw ,soapy
,fading in the rain .numb
er bones ,splinters in la
Atacama where the
ruts s h i m m e r i n g
snakes be
tween the hills ~^~^ ~ ~
ow oh the windows
blind but spidered
babanging in the wind
of light .that sh
ape scutters off
the edge.................. ,

...escalera de vidrio.
- Martín Gubbins

Eel Mirror

the corn the cream the crowd the
aim the smoke the mask
the chair the hat the flakes the
tooth the broken glass the tongue
the puppet the dog the gun the
lint the sausage the leg
the mattress the beans the boil the
itch the nuts the hole
the turd the giant ball the bite the
window the dripping the clawed
the arm the truss the sink the
suit the toilet paper the crawl
the squirrel the cheese the ointment the
explanation the grinning worms the jewel

...Champion of the World!
- The Blaster

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Espejo del Tos

coffing in my shoe I
was coughing off the l
adder I was coughing
buzzing in the radio I
was hot coughing up the
pickled tongue I was
coughing shouldered where
the ape coughing mirror
swallowed down my
coughing I was coughing
slabbs of dollar bills co
ughing gasoline sw
eating in the windows I
was coughing like my
whisper coughing in my
book my pages drenched
and giggly with my
ccoughing adulalation ad
mornition of the cooughing
corbpse rrolling down the
stebps with gguns your cri
spp “insurance policy”

- Eel Leonard

Wet Mirror

fogo fome fonte fisted
bowl water ,walls ,dri
pping ,yr jaw jut aim ,th
e whizzzing sleeevesss
)layered on the gate my
,watch swirling ,I was
,chewing a splinter spoon
a ,rungs burning on my
chäiïr )smoky lens be
fore my mouth’s )wet
green stone )the cave’s
fog spewed.... )sw
itch yr neck off )dr
ink ,nothing’s left((((((((( l

...boquitas pintadas.
- Cuco Sánchez

Espejo de la Muerte

hamor handar hanclar... “lo
tronado” )spender( c.age
pensado pl)urierecto tus m(
anos bien dichos “art.i.culate”
que cleave in me en,riquec,
ido por tu haus,encia ,“lo
que va ya se viene” já já
the tw.isting rroad ...enene
mistada ,lacrada ,lagri
amostada... hay huna
llhuvia hoscura hay huna
hacera hinmóvil hay hun
hagua que se hespera
...y lo que hespero se
hespera ,deshebrante ,hi
los de seca luz ~ ~ ~

.nif nis etreum.
-José Gorostiza

Espejo de la Cara Mojada

toot suite ton menton sans
paroles ,de babas se
guido ,take yr fogs an
,pelted ,silenced skin
,ni forma radial ni
,cercle ,sphère des yeux
carrés que en mi bol
sillo llevo ,sharp d
ice ,sees the nothing’s
all a “facial slaw d
ribbling down yr shirt
‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
)flaming whistle ,a
clouded leg((((((((((((((( L

...loin, dans les vagues...
- Jules Laforgue

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Espejo de las Tripas

fustigante .where the wear
congealed ,a .tower
hulks a ,bedroom roof
less to the sky .my
flooded lunch curls
on the ≈usumacinta w
were a truck empties
on the beach .fumes c
oil in my “nostri
liferous apertura”
,)donde antaño me
comía el aire( .ni
modo .camisa de
hamburgüesa cal
zado de pepino

- Dr. Atl

Opening Mirror

the sighs sieze )ho
t wall( I aimed in
to )where yr thigh
drips with greed( the
focused outer door
...crawling... yr )inha
lation frogs( froze
inside the tunnel ═

drilled l with wind ~~~

...pesado, dormido...
- José Asunción Silva

Espejo de Segundo

,engomado ,ni formado ,en
micturado y la mezcla me
nonombra ,ramificado y
ante pacto ,simiesco e
insectívoro el plato va
ERME tus latbios
en la bruma sanglrante
,al sesgo el plulmón ,l
igero ,implibricante
en el estarante pul
pulsante de lihbros de
formados ,englomados
,inmimizturados con los
bebichos de mi vereloj’s sinking time!
- B. Linker

Mirror of the Nails and Grease

dog sink splrashing the
breaken fed uhn
nape crystals )“perso
nality” was( shaved
em kcen eltsirg closed
my eyen street’s m
orning sun talking on
the sidewalks where
ARK )anissued ch
eese condition( arm
dribbling in my sleeve
)ŸŸectonostrilled I
or eye( thought or
“thought” the black
drain I mouthed I

...te clavé la grasa.
- M. Artillé

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Espejo de la Calavera

me Puse “la cosa” com
o calzoncitos no pude
caminar mi nombligo
sp reading el centro
que todo era ,ha
sta el aire let
rado e r i a n i s
r a i e s i n i r e a
s n i a e r i lo in
decicible )FU
MADO ES( y me ll
ené los bolsvisillos
de lindbiblios de bu
rbujas “boiling” con
la fuerza de la
nadadada de mis
drowning pages daw
ning like yr nekk
id skull

Les jeux son faits.
- André Gide

Mirror of the Trailer

somba leegg subpper wh
ere my pistule dringks my
half couch collabpse my
doddtler leagking in me
pocket you ,a gunt a
mistule hreaving ligke
a shadttered blulb X
)towell( )mordter(
nobby was ,an neehi
,embuted width my
sagcker shabpe )for
sce of dribbpling(
¡inch inch ,a head!

“gloss my corner off”
,weee e e e e e e e e

Walking Mirror

dest lination nur ,em
“tol” sezeehw ,fang my
eh hand’s crawl be
fore the face giant a
bove eht etag on
ce I deklaw hguorht
)my lung on the mat
wove sleep so the(
end was I .the c
rumbling steps the
road white with dust..................... quité el pantalón.
- Nicolás L. Nipso

tw t

meat the for
ked eYe )en
interred the( st
form )nodder(
off er the d
ripping lap t
ow l THE


sodo mayor him
dawn cacaspirina
l en tu focO in
risueña )do
g azúcar(

melts a

fold o

impto hot ehn
lib rates sun
chopper fast
teet h h h h h h h

ways the sh
oulder s
can fin gers in yr
s l e e v e