Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 17
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

CORN I. “Vine, Hymen, and Nostril’s agriculture
of copies tall a stray double migration
of progeny tan robust, that his mane
towers dooms, and from a ruby mare of spiggots
inundates liberals’ tired dermis,
and the verdant, jovial, florid llama
blanks over soy’s haggle, caned,
in a brief whore’s cadence the herbs;
or less exclaimed liquid’s all minerva,
and, the Olmecs’ case what conned the vittles,
in mental corona’s pampered Alcydes,
cave’s impuned Lie.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN II. “Vine, Hymen, and tank the die of Pales
quantum’s Pile’s dulcet prawns stray,
on penis’ hill ahoy, it’s Madam Manners.
Day errands’ lilies under the forest
covet, cords mill where crystals
visit the real in brief undulant lanes;
of Arachnid otoliths the arrogance vain’s
modest accusals in blank tales,
not of the hurt of morn, not the cauterized
non Jupiter compelled, which owns not the line
nor the plunger’s Lucifer of oiled fin,
nor all the blank scissors’ creel.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

The dulcet halter cants
a shushed tumbler’s revoked fillets’
lost novices, dull bacon’s tepid saint.
Dull yolk owns no dumbed services,
novels, nor brief terminus shirked,
restitution siezed the pendant carrot
and all that passaged elbow’s lost guard.
Legal toads, pissed, and, with gallant
civil magnificence, the swilling ancient’s
quantum last cereal died, quantum’s dye the llama
labored convinced
of’s prolific rustling comma
that signed rumor prevented no messes grunting.
Oysters crest blank sculptures,
artifice gentle of doublings
in loss when damasks mantle Flanders,
mental casseroles line Ceres’ danced
offer hoard, quantum guards the hen’s
dulcet palms who curse all the Atlatl’s
fired doors framed.
Managers who with venereal
wide appetite ignore the mental iguana
less served; and in oil no, lucid,
confused Bacchus, kneel in broiled plate’s
sub nectar less desired,
signal thin in vittles’ topaz caramels
and pallid rubies.
Cellar’s dull fog keys, regaled,
the gullet’s stoked ruby
imitator swerves in the zero,
quizzing dulcetly apprised
of rust’s vacant,
blank, hurled man, whose coiled veins
extinguished her from the lecher’s pains;
masked needs the crackled noosed esquire,
needs the membered puddle denuded,
O see the sabered olive
not serenaded by the backward deluge.
Levitated the mesas, all corners
sound with Nymph’s one temple, whore’s cane,
says of the mountains, says of the campaign’s
(shut sprawlings ray the subtle orb
which neighed the vent’s naked bean T-ball),
term of Grease’s bell, repeated
cuadrant vases in docent labors,
entered balling the mental numbers;
and dulcet Muse enters hell (sees consistent
barbers or Parnassus’ molars)
la esencia caca
huateca al ai
re meamenor≈
la escal
“nifni are”

slap the fork off ─=
in the spoonods
ran cid

b linking in the c age
un forêt disparu
mon fiel infiel
no hand ah

le frac negck le
meurtre nee
dle handless

soudain je
la ~nos~ mirada

traîner l’air
des coins


La Idea flojamona
bruma exacta
mis culombros

“tus sendáctilos”

troné mi thunder
caca gasped
raced dentrado


fusilento ,pendejadito

mis trusses
grises el alba

“pond erate”

the sunk shirting flack nap gr
istled face frame ,wonder to
wel ,nor a speaking stone
.volcano drifting in the sky be
yond yr ,muddy wall ,the
voices’ ash grin ,Huehueteotl
sleeping Wi’itz the marco s
wells .wears your shorts for
hat ,spitzing gravel y su
pluma zopiloTesca es en
traña ,tripa del cielo y
tus aretes fofográficos don
de “a mí” la cara naútica
ví .ahogado en el aire masa
transparente where I saw
the window whee zing where I
saw the window’s swelling II


looka sneer ,chains of change the
toweled link rusts beneath its gr
ease of farting in the window wh
ere the gummy air brims .yr a
phid fork yr mighty cram do
g stun answer clotter sent
,raw goo ,duck shadow ,ter
mites quiver ïñ the gasolina
my doubt cloud billows in a
drawer my grunting speech r
insed there ,yr guttered spoon
yr mimed lock yr feat
hered armpit calling to the
soap convention or the
sandaled caulk you streak
your face with ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


s l e e p







Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 16
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

CORN 1. “Vine, Hymen, vine dons your pear
cone’s oil and’s seen Allah’s a Cupid’s
coiled cable detonsiled dully
negating the veil which the bolt has colored:
the veil, floored day’s sub primal,
and rays aimed by she whose adolescence’s a door,
villain Psyche, nymph’s labrador
of the toasted Ceres. Each, whored
in the uncertain day’s sub dud’s second
crate vascular, vehicle too corroded
for his ardent desire.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN 2. “Vine, Hymen, dandle, enter rebels
or honest rosicrucians, prevent the day’s
(aurora of shushed oils suburban)
virgin tan belled, who hatchets pods
and torrents the Floor Rug’s conned dose soles,
and blank Ethiopia’s conned dose mains.
Claviers dull April, ruby’s temple,
quantum’s guest the oral dull cable,
quantum’s (dull unguent yea and dulls other’s coil
contained) concord engraves roses,
of shushed maguillas simpered bygones
of the purpled son’s trophy.
Vine, Hymenm, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN I. “Vine, Hymen, and plums not vulgar
all air the hilly dens alone
of those for whom the basket bells nymph’s cell;
of shushed carcasses, east’s, argentine,
feltcher’s mosquitos, never hazards;
vigilant quarrels, the alleluya’s
dull red man who massed or tardy foils
the infamous gyres of past nocturnes;
mute coronas others pour on his turn
of the dulcet letcher conjugal, in a quantum’s
lascivious bee the virginal cant’s
nectarless chopped bible.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN II. “Vine, Hymen, and the violet pees
that zulus oil with pests of all
shushed plums’ sound induced alter dials,
gloria’s major dull supper cored.
Fie to nut’s bell, what the days
dissolve tardy in Seneca’s ditch;
and she who Juno hays to nostril’s spouse,
casts Lucinda in loons’ unequal
danced vices to repeat their grumbling,
while Niobe’s immortal she admires the muddle,
not in blank marble poured her mall’s fecundity,
but scolds boy’s dull Lethe.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine Hymen”.

dog P eel c Louds ,was my
,activation ,s livers tou
ted like some Ankle Soup
faw set down .the pILL
ow gaze the “lint” .eh
churl eh churn ,base cor
nor ,rounded visulaction w
hen i see your shirt .est
ival ,nisoleado ,plu mífero
la piel me saqué y me
abrí la flor reesencia y con
una piedra cagada hablaba
Drink it Clown i sed
que me cerraba del ojo la


my H supper ,dribbled≈ C sm
oke~ swallowed O the cave I
leg dragged through my named
cough Johnee E’s yr corn
stepping down the hill .gateless
wind~ ~ feet and beans ,Bs
fill my shirt a tomb
puzzle blistered on my plate
O Eat Your Nickel }the phone
flag{ * L too Loud the
scrawling down your throat
S you K you A you N yr
postprandic ache )))SH
adow)))) nekkid whim
per the shore ay lo
...lie ay eye


fug le f
og d ec
k ala v
era sum


eata sh
irt melo
mi so n


s hita sh
eet mu
te fan g
o la m


the shirt soon the
llama en llamas
the sendapampa


mictlan mi
morro donde
moro mero


ni añorado



cram yr loaf
mot e snotex

the cables scream

try star


Monday, February 27, 2012


burning ~▓~ rug form’s
cárcel billowed≈ trenches
skunk ~rotting in what
hotel my cloud corpse
sleeping wakes the oyster
motor green pyres~ o
watered ≈ pages space the
,library’s skin wraps your
dirt esproc vaulted in
the menus ,pearly shade
rocks and flute ,anni
versary of writing’s ash...
...ocean ≈ smuggled in
horizon’s rooms ,slightly

Swimming through Ivan Argüelles’
“(“divine”)” & “(vedanta)”

box folded sense loss
finger in the glycerine
verb cloud taste cloud
box mouth wearing vacuum
excrescent dense vertigo far
grammar ravine’s roaring hill
sides tunnel the mask

John M. Bennett
dug into Ivan Argüelles’
(time) & (dark matter)

,utter buttering ,sit in the lake
,throat nickel racked out on
my shoe ,the blam lock the
,guttered nape an s ticky
hair I sweltered in the
sink ᾯ your rising clod se
hincha y mis calambres se
abren abren las tunas los
focos se abren se abren mis
zapatos se abren los lápices
abandonados con nubes se me
abre el tobillo el dorso se me
abre y en las páginas espec
uladas leo el color de la
sangre ,hoy del agua ol
vidada que tomé hace 50
años media luna desap
arecida en el túnel retor
cido de mi lago enmarecido
:marble ,and acid ,something
trickling down my leg ¿can I
drink my foot?


eh singing shadow lucrative
non pestilential nor a
bughouse mosquitado y
tus focos explosivos ,la
minal mi cenote ˜ de libros
los ojos de ≈ agua brimming
o’er my jeweled leg ╘ô
an briefcase thick with
shit . .the tiny cage wr
iggles on the steps a
stick’s eroded at the peak
your red thought th
rashing in the buried
box ´ ay conejos
clustered at the silver
river≈ dream and turn
for me !un jején * a
solas ,¡esté y say to




¡om undo!


what hoff



b eye fog

mutter melt
Sole Dadas chunk 15
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

All gallons nerved the mountainous present’s
his forester, lugged all’s venerable
padding of she who in’s sea’s bells sea absconds
with signal dulcet with silence affable,
belled parlor, mute grace abstains,
crawled dull rhizome’s verdant button, donned
the briefs of her humming virgin’s rose,
the scissors Cairo,
a color which purples cake’s seal,
poured brushes concealing Virgo’s nose.
Digs the juicy suppose
of a hero, if not august, exclaimed,
the jovial one, all instants rebated
to she who’s naugahyde and restirred,
low condemned’s to his olive.
Eats, the pest, sole cake the olive low contains,
censors hiss those whose memory
nekkid plums envisioned, cake’s infelicity
swords engender guzzling, coils dented,
minor ants lent to his glory,
immortal ardor fuels his day of pain.
Why in the somber snow’s mass of zoos seen,
what a cleaver procures, accompanied,
imitates the belled labrador
in the temple’s color of she who adores,
vibrant pizzas tall and pensive,
where the almond, poured o’er ovals deactive,
signs with diëresis her gnarled bathrobe:
o sieze the zamboni’s sigh
and the others, junky barbers, sonorous
instruments, known, in those festive cores’
virgin bells, the jovial loosenings,
and leggy conductors.
The numerous tall fins of labradors’
concourse impatient
for novices’ sack: he, of anus fluorescent,
and of causal fluorescent maskèd floors,
the sphere’s miasma is, of radiant bells.
The lasso of ambient squalls
enters a lascivious jam of ribbing morns,
Hymen nodding,
mental invoking’s his dying dad the alternate
zigzag’s candid voice turns
and of garçons yeast’s accent bland:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 14
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

The fogs (coiled lengths, snot and sent,
demanded the notch’s gummy hordes,
coiled lusts, of Sol repeaters,
fingered dye in the tingled obscure)
murmured, and in sea’s miasmas sepulchred
shushed members, in’s censor’s day actors,
pedals sound off his miserable sepulchre.
Fenced ,the night’s all fins, and triumphs’ mud
of silence, junked’s brief, dull rule.
Solo gimlet’s offended
the sacked laurel, dull hair’s gut.
Dazed such splendor, dazed denuded
of such frondy pomp the verdant lister
the gulp’s not remiss
the full villain remenbered.
Hell’s cake resisted pud’s
all animate gallstone, coiled lies truncate
paper fuels the pastors, junky runts,
to reveal secret baths of the bladder
where impious Amor caked’s own chopper leaf.
Estrogen’s arbors, pests, veil the manner
of mental forests and emulated vials,
quantum’s murmur of liquid crystals’
agriculture urbane.
Recorded Sol, no, dazed his spewing cane,
the dulcet day’s lost shaved harmony,
the signed lost dusty topazes which batter
orient’s addled Hymen.
Dull car, paused, feeble
the luminous tire,
o mordant whore, the eclipsic sapphire
pissed’s quarrel, quantum populace
lugged the service’s
cone sub whispered, what admired courtesan,
that pest’s dull stamper and dull seat,
he who tapes fronds
tears the verdant holes in arbor’s speed,
and lost (what poured in crawled space’s
fabric) arches (roses)
oblique, wavered pencils jarred,
of tantra’s comely violas jasmine.

maze of coughware and a sodden
car go ne x t ension of my
itchy watch the foot ╘ table ╥
wheezing ~ guaifenesin spills a
cross my path shoe even wad of
one cot ten sleeps against my eye
a h ill dreaming ~oo~ of its loot my
foggy book mouldering )meet the
furnace )streamed≈flame~~ (~(~ ~
(~ ( ~~ ( ~ my hanky cuddles in
your armpit it’s the load con
gestion inflated ape bobb ling
in a pickup the clouds sail
e a s t


the race quotient’s gummy nod
ule ● it’s .black l spot by cra
cky aim yr toiled water and
the scalpel .musiquilla esférica
,de lo ,mamotreto mundanal the
mud’s scant shoulder ≈EAT THE
RAFT≈ you’re “sinking” in the
particled “space” it’s smoke~
,not ,traces of the hormone
fart ~ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ my runny tool
she was whistling add my
corns o Huehueteotl gig пппп
gling ,counting fingers ,smea
rings of the N green skull sitting
in a bowl of cream


duck supper sleep beneath the
╥ table where the lint wind
turns ,around ,and ,frames
the ]legs[ of ,portrait of
[what’s] left [what’s] there
a greasy plate a mirror .labio
inverso una corona o polvareda
las páginas de piel ya inútil de
alas cocinadas con su pluma
.flag temple ,grunting xtians
,your flayed pockets ,loss of
gods and puke I stood and
wandered toward the fridge a
П cold white light the rows of
perfect eggs


flag fog
the grunt~~steam~~~
pail pillow

yes ,kicks


trot off hour
the saw the swale
socks and grease
the fulfill


plunger loose
add ape
the pale gun the


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


the meat glued grime your
outage drone my looser
fork rust les s low a
cross your lap it’s hair~
crown names my what
?eye my ?bolus ?dustwad
splatting≈ on your shoe ?tri
dactil ( phoning in my snoozed
park where the murciélagos
leap an dive los T áboles
se chirrían vivos de pájaros
y en mi bolsillo te encuentro
,Plato Mío :grasa ,y restos del
pescado podrido not eaten
20 weeks ago the floor , , , ,,, ,, ,
with ants in all directions C
,s ,l ,i ,v ,e ,r ,s , ,


Leap an clink too swartly
,span the chair i crack yr
stool lumber soaking in
a ditch .══≈ raft swirls≈
beneath the clouds ○○○ ti
me’s slow b link ,,, sinks
in’s humid air o phone
swaying in the ≈lake I
said’s to you ,my aft
er worth my debt your
pulling at the sticky th
reads h )my bone drop
comb it’s( what .land and
s top .yr hand corn пп


la chingota de mis lapsus
lazos chingatus de mi
murmullo indecible gara
fal e inútil como mi librito
chingabotado ventoseado
por la calle rendida la
calle o mi callo
chingaderescrito pretestexto
de lo útil de mi piel
chingabierta chinguenerrada
en los cordones inmentales
de mi atento intento
,indeleble y futilesco como el
chongorazo que se me olvida
y trato de contar en el
chingorisa de mi tinta
triste tinta blanca e
invisibl e
Sole Dadas, Chunk 13
Transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades:

Vying, pest, whose iguana less quarreled
pairs the lugger’s hell the cam
low cake all Sol paired’s lugubrious accident,
crawls the avenues called turd’s canoe
a robust nugget which acquiesces lava
in circled bacon,
crams the nostrils’ antipodes ah Aurora’s
roses goosed and dazed his fount,
tall sails acrylic cake’s sin’s all blown
thermos squadron’s conned ledger’s past,
hatcheting Atlantis’ dull occasion
of quantum’s humorous count, alleluya.
The lent squadron lung
cancelled the syrups,
and dissolving leaves the company,
the pebbled leg with loose cake and day
cedes to’s sacked volcano of errant fog,
to the torn loose corona
that tempo illustrates, and to the air’s vain
artifice dull, exhaled
luminous or pulverized seats,
purples not comets.
The fugues, pests, the jovial sodomizing,
mittens the veiled aunt’s accusèd tea
of all the bodies’ dust, no goon sea
of nocturnal Phaeton’s corroded ardent,
and miserably
camps menacing’s sterile day sentinel
that notched’s idea.
Of Alcides’ low level luggage the plants,
which stabbed not my legs
but trained the cable verdant to quantum’s
day ,the fugal lust and royal pajamas.
Tantra garbled’s robust
tantric offerings of the Alamo’s zigzag,
which debriefed Sol on a strainer,
poured verse’s minus bell,
quantum’s salute what raids the bengal,
lo of the Ganges’ sizzling dust.
The gate bailer solicits the gust,
ah the voice of salt;
across the Trion’s massed fig hemisphere,
where the trunk major on the river dances;
the echo (voice’s yak entire)
ignores hay’s silence to what prompts no response;
the final is’s dull royal cad’s underwear,
lusty’s the reflex, the goo vitreous.
Terminal lays dot the swains all rejoiced,
moist the cans’ ants’ not, caked the movement
verdigris of the forces’ ex prolix.

Monday, February 6, 2012


troubled tunnel ˜ and the pan
creatic hurricane a the sloughing
walls ,abstrusion o my lung
hog materialized demattered
where the dug shirt appears
behind dniheb a wall of me
at’s “pink slime” )))))the sn
apping shade a .noos eht
thunder silence late if cru
mbled loaf ░ rises from the
floor and the eht koob’s
peppered fleas ; ; ;;hop; ;; ; ;
off the page the egap crinkling
in the ~wind~ wheezed
thrippling from that l o n g
flat . hole

For Geoffrey D. Smith


tune tube fix ed chapped
the eyelid õ draining toward the
curb’s bottled spoon o▬ shard
sharper light a nested oil “th
inks” wobbly or winged a
doze ns teet hs пst
utterпп an the chord law
’s tick ,golden bar sunk in
to yr mud “it’s here” the
chozas rise and steam П~
birds an lapping voices f
littering among the trees Ṫ
and water≈ saw the spo
ken moon Ṏ where my hose
should be the vista where
my “path”.... should be the g
ate way back I e e


bush neck ,the thorny eyes
redacted to a footnote sw
eating in your shoe .the
pistol ham your lunch re
tracts ,coweyes squalling
in the broth your breath’s
redrizzled on my sticky
shirt espejo espetado es
condido en tu archivo de
lonja )fiambre afie
brado( o yr futre flut
tered at the cowered wind
mi vista retracted ,saw a
thumb a clot of ink a
blackhead – shining from the
“other side” take off yr
sock and read
Sole Dadas, chunk 12, transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

All consented beat the crystaline
sedation’s series,
crawled simple cornered codexes the reclaimed
cake less mind than voice and’s verdant seal
enters the name spaghettied mice and tails.
Music’s hole’s vista the minor ram
of the alamo that pains verdant canes;
no zephyrs in him, no risible
lessons putrifying briefs that rot
all mountains, which, ungrated
al fresco, to harmony and floors
of’s seat, pisses, amended,
if fresco’s herb crawls the arena ardent
of Lybia, and all quantum’s day’s the fount’s
serpent of huffing’s even major venom
whose nose of Ponto, timid, attributes,
sucking the pie ,sucking the labile oil.
Patsy toads, pus, and regular
crawdads in the equinox’s succored veins
the peels of air lubbers gummed
bulletins not galls,
sends grills veiled,
tall vases creaking, tall mentioned loons
shushing distant extremes,
the character’s tall vase forming alleys
in the paper diaphanous of’s ceiling
in the plums of his vowel.
Hells entranced in bovrils of slumber
(painted simpering’s all’s frescos)
clubs at last Sidon, teller turquoise,
whose no hat sable imitates verdant alfredos.
Pencilled reclined the cable
quantum, in numbers equal and in bells,
the margins matted of the fonts’
seconds primed very deep villains
who, parents of’s novice’s own mass circles
which bacons shushed pebbles, of’s present
prevented, concurred to the bop.
Mezcal’s hatchets toad’s
theater dulcet, not of scenic mutes,
but peaceable seat: space brief
in which, a pisser the Sol, squalid never,
and never colored spill invested,
the somber vile Florida
of the herb meandered.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Altazor’s Sentence

consumption sock cae eter
namente compox panid ply
wood vejez el motor del
pepper history ,box ruined
estatua de las llamas back
ground pencil banderas a
mis pies self-portraits lang
uage nada en las palabras
,fiebre al bordo not this
fried eggs dawn del caos
incansable dialogue ,memories
cigar enigma de los ríos
clear burns ,huracán gutt
ural liberación del sole
locus wheat spine alas
y llave protractor vísceras
utopias de los barrotes
]vitrine ,llave[ book sea
cuna del vacío theoretical
museum anti poeta solar
esqueleto has be word c
lips oreja ,church of pills
mirror spray tejido de las
mareas fried bum potato
o párpado tumbal
,fábricas ,space gasket
fabrics decipher las
órbitas perdidas ,cordura
palimpsest genera nau
seas de estalactitas el
cabello char hormiga
writ fire pox borrasca
faro del féretro anoart
en las playas la columna
la llaga la realpolitik los
anillos del mail art mis
pechos de fqewr visual
trampas de palabras gal
eras lejanas the only
wound alphabet caja del
cráneo driving a car el
viento evapo books ex
ploding túnel randomly
declared sangre de hor
izonte elbdaro elbdaro
wreck magnetizado the
cloud pedazos del no
mbre notation infinito
el fondo de la parábola
eradicated spheres replibots
shrunk la proa de semillas
senos compulsion time
potencia tejado de botellas
sphere license behind
tu pupila agonizante
,cartography exiting el
nido de manos astrológicas
whole violence degollar
el océano culo educativo
egg stories turistas como
serpientes insofar as hist
oriz mar junk carcajadas
poeta homologate parado
gramática hundida rieles
offshore la luz que sangra
no hay meat que perder
pesca sondaje amok
lake ambiguo thumb of
ojos como cartas factory
cages cigarro panic in
dustries pantorilla color
lifeboat ant fork cas
cada de lotería winds
swarm el barco pueblo
la golonchilla la golon
trina development ghost
economy )fuego central(
sombrero del aeroplano
traffic barrier control de
marería control de
sendero often beliefs
concrete dog caravanas
de voz darse prisa
scissors spiders sponge
shoes fósforos aquí yace
frog notion eel infinito ala
adentro mete piedras de los
anarchists collective sea
anoth face ciega colgada
aia ai ai aaia i i plump
events identity screens bal
cón y fuente aquarium
fragments ladrido im
ages found abuelos re
petition durmiendo bajo
los pies de la línea brut
shook las olas del faro ho
rizonte bondage one at
a time funhorse agua
cerebro embra navío
lizard alrededor de los
astros sones archaeology
buzzards y lazos words
can pájaro hirviente corn
rotating en la orilla signo
train the border herida la
boca ,pallets rot molino
de paper shut molino como
descubrimiento tooth thu
mping molino fire sudoriento
meatings girando en la
musiquí fuera de la faransí
arbol múltiple poet fact
hamburger que me diluyo en
múltiples selvas they sur
render los grillos en la azulaya
hurafones not this jigsaw
gime en el desierto capitalist
noncombatants como plan de
pirámide apoteosis ,history
,molusco ,violoncelo ,pie
,seaweed ,war ,avant-garde
nudo ululayo nowhere ul
ulayo enterrado lulayo cris
tal semperviva lalalí
ia infinauta xx x xx

John M. Bennett

Doubling the winds of
Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No Sentence
Book 16, 2012
Vicente Huidobro, Altazor,
Madrid, 1931

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 11
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

Chorus tazing, voices altered,
segue to’s dulcet squadron mounted
on’s perished royal past’s lentil,
in quantum hell’s hurt bland
(enter the elms with robust bezels)
pedants of crystal, which movement’s
liver in the fold, in couture’s well,
of the column’s bell
yea where cell’s based’s,
dispenser of crystal not scattered.
Sirens of the mounts’ sure concrete,
ah she who means dull sanitary vents
puddled antique plants
timorous ruin or resealed fracas,
past hissing dares the minor pass
of her pie or her gargle.
Painted caves, zithers of plums,
corona of barbarous capillaries,
mental the ruined pair’s oil
hatchet of blank spume’s
tantra origins ,quantum guides lava
to don his font and don the royal capon.
Invincible they rug the seriphs
thin consigned premies’ ortho day,
yea the formidible salt, yea the ardent
lunch, o yea the career pulverous:
the menu’s agile quantum’s marketing
invokes the case that solo descried,
forsaking the piles of his spouse,
who munching a fresh rose
bubbles the pseudo hatchet off his front,
a major dull om who spews
in the lurch, in the salt, in the career.
Center pacing’s a circle spacious
to massed cumin what a stray ray
hazes, beans of pubs, beans of lists,
donning the Prime View,
calcite’s April vestment’s May,
sentinel sacks of crystal undulate
to’s peddled umlaut of nostrils.
East, pus, center era’s
metal umbrage’s the vacant convinced,
and delicious terminus all distant,
donned uncanny masked cake the animate
concurrence’s cumin.

,inexquisito ,suero ,peldaño ,por
quería ,que implanto ,pómulo ,my
pissing cake shadow ,que ,if
dessicate ,,,gotea ,y los taxis
por el río≈ suben ,afónicos
,las bisagras cúmulos ,I o
pened gut the door ,your
foot╘ shirt ,the whimpered
sample ,cagamétrico ,tum
bling beefheart on the st
airs mi sangre≈ te sal
pica innoética y el
viento surge de la cueva C~
,nooztotl reiluminada bífida
como el humo de mis s
mouldering shorts~ was the h
doghair swirling behind the door


the dog clÂck spills the bread
rafter T members a lake ≈€
your sinking tuna › can your
uh ,naw ,plopping was ,an
forked─═ .deeper shoe my
gummy one uhuh note fort
burning~ like the train
.ticky barky ,arf roof off S
.the panned reduction ,pay
my gri$tle with your tiny
lapping ≈ waves obviar
ominar olamar andamiar
.the fracas flaca caso miso
floats~ in the ~broth your loaf

the ashen dog returns the
fluid ≈ flavor of your
fount of swallowed phrases
neck ╦ ,a bellows pillowed
,the sleet barks arf off /
.half behind ,and throwing
grins the tomb █ ,half’s a
head turned which way’s
that ?the clot potato .
rustigates ,my hull blang
thing my ,buried tubes ,lung
damper opened to the seventh
.itchy ,clattered ,custom
crumbly ,rivers≈ spouting from
my throat like heads ,mir
rored their eyǝs sǝye
think started ends the end’s
startled gnats** * * flushing≈
down the street


Muy inestimado ,desplómate ,la
pared partida ,en las sentidos
cinco ,enumeronte me he su
mado los seis y el único el
séptimo ,ensimismado ,me
espera desperezándose ,un
,de lodo ,aire que ¿cómo tan
fácil? respira ,y no le im
porta .el cafetero frío
y mi taza ,de arcilla que ,un
mes ha ,ardía ,vacía ,y leo de
mi mano el libro ,misal de masas
,masa fonética de la luz que men
guante sube y yo ,ab sorto ,sorbo
la que tú reescribirás ,mi penúl
tima página in tlapalli in tlilli


broke the crawlspace intowelled
the ,paused and gritty ,chewed
wall beneath the ,where’s temp
oral crowd was herd ,floor
,not limit ,of gnat’s restriction
,universe’s ,hell and birth
in the rotting wood .the
tiny ,stuffed with mud ,cars
and marbles ,of their inner
glow just’s memory’s light
,furtive and ,like river’s
dawn ,misty ,like what
from the buttocks’ shot
,awakened from beans .toward
the central drain I dragged
,my self with a wrench and
torch ,and on, where’s twitching
my tongue I thought ,on a shelf