Thursday, December 30, 2010


shot the crust clue G bread tomb my arm
walked the single cake L spread glue face foam
oh nostril crowd light! O right hole pea stuffed
my cloud stool clawed T streaking off the chair
slumper business in sun T yaxche ,loaf ,hair ,soon
keeping the c rumbled core I the suit sleeve swallowed
spoke a slice and S thought the mute foot

Colon and Dots

pistol salt a :●: lust bean hole
foggy soup shot :●: least glove burping
page the ship :●: thinking off suit
dismember the drink :●: isolation crumb lamp
inhale the flood :●: stacked dung born
my itching glare :●: saw dribble side

Saw Dink

my cup of grit ~:~ your ash and light
your towel clanging tomb ~:~ my solid air time
my nasal claw entry ~:~ your sock dent core
your finial ear loom ~:~ my hash locker vote
my dust lake swig ~:~ your tooth tub clots
your owl map tears ~:~ my single thumb belch
my sink turd revelation ~:~ your eye reversal gate


blaster’s in the neck .||. gun lake cuddled
blinky time fool .||. sopping yet my wind
log turned to dust .||. wishy gash fumes
plunder thirst closet .||. crusted numbers and flames
inscribe the bog book .||. thinking cheese logistics
fumbled moon gravel .||. chew my shoelace bowl
a boiler knot vaporation .||. each tool gags

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


jumping and crowding glanced and nu
mbly foggused at the smoking window
where the antbreath reversal stings
my toweling nor your tumba mill re
gains of acid sleep or honeyed
walls I think my hands along


figured sprawl of caulking all the
lentive shallows where my sore
or snore retails that storied wall
I clumped my eye upon some
cumbre other neck I’d clasped
was turning water through the door


foster shadow meal of clanking
nickels down the frame I stepped
my neck through peaks without the
air or clumpwurst holding up my
leg my crawed into the dark sock
fingered hot beneath the bed


sloppy cheek you cornered in the
glower where my mule tooth re
newed the chewing of my stone
storm goggled with an acqua lens
wiggly like a cheese strolled ac
ross the limitation like a hairless dog

Monday, December 27, 2010


super slumper >< off gate
dog crime >< lumpy tongue
gauge sink >< stool foam
short lung >< dot doubt
hash gland >< born tool


tent whistle ë gnat cave
spinning chump ë slime ghost
dim sugar ë lugger twin
coast grime ë dump grinning
shave hat ë blister spent


moth I caved my mudlust damply
grinning throat I laked your eye
trampoline nor my muddy desk sl
ippery whiner the boghorn toothbrush
floating in my uh dream or index
formulation fading in the clothesless hall

Rat Line

choose stem lumpy or a clogination
thinly flooded dime or dullard
blooms with cottage cheese I
stroked my dent and pacified the
clinger to my elbows pointing froth
and back to what my tongue begins

Sunday, December 26, 2010


my dimed O sentence earns a bull
dogs and lice conslabulation O singer goal
sot tumbler O age your thinking slunk
positronic shorn bone luck O hash stink
my runt O doubled gut lacks flies


chopped my shudder off <> game
crock <> my sinking ear shell
bloodied in nattered smoke <> bugs
ducks <> wind in beak writhing
tool falls in east <> jumper


suited clamor -□ mind gone a whey
block my nodding link □- juice bent
flooded mule -□ the thirst of air
the mindful knot motes □- gauze seal
like rust -□ my cap a jawbone


fossilize your door compaction || chunk
bit || ableize my chopping in the mattress
fungus burn and louder corn || long
meat || the job congeals and spoiling
fire chance spitting at the crawl || hole

Thursday, December 23, 2010


trash lens curdled in my hand Џ root
couch of flame and score of sleep Џ tool
fought my loop what instance gamed Џ each
spray core ,nod dink ,dent shore Џ pool
lots of slashing ,empty forks Џ fool


neck clot gazing for the door °° ink
mass of pustule ,the fork sinks °° draw
my lumber S my crust beach °° swell
ate your skull shaving ,tested °° gravel
fog and kite ,ash and wind °° meander


mumbling fog name my :: throat
chop and liken ,pages pages :: wool
trace of sardine cuts my :: hand
pull the laundry off ,ouch :: dust
snore the wakeup crawl my :: book

Turn Your

your ash camel ,gutters .&. inch
focus dogbreath ,aim my .&. undies
sucked the stones and coin .&. boil
flag wipe ,snot pools my .&. hat
foggy name ,layer stool .&. cough

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


sordo sondeo la carca ~ flooding
peso piso paso pongo ~ esters
la colmena de petróleo mis ~ nadas
cristal mi cumbre pesada ~ socks
chúpame el aire fangoso ~ toaster


felt I bomboclonic ΓΓ called the stone
shot a towel hand ΓΓ bubbled that night
user grated sight of ΓΓ panned the phone
lights and lockers ΓΓ hung the off awhile
chewed the turkey mask ΓΓ feathered some time


slaw gland my heeling ≈ neck
bull fork and tunafish ≈ blood
tail of globbing or my bole ≈ faucet
score the sink the slunk the ≈ torn
splashing slog ahead the form ≈ drain


my bullet north swallows ∆ off hand
came waddled like a stick ∆ some tool
lotsa necks curling in my pocket ∆ peel froth
save the skinless ones ∆ glove ash
my boiler feet my craw ∆ shed lint

For Mal

bush quiet tumbles from the
sky my gate you clamor in
the salad’s dusty marbles oh
I knockwurst chained you my
mustard to the floor the casein
glue you gargled next my suit

Saw It

jumping at my toothbrush what
your flaking grin detailed of
thaw dust clotted in the fridge
my teeth locked up your served
around and toppled like a throat
whistling in the thunderstorm my eye

Monday, December 20, 2010


running door C page of neck
clam heel L was I short?
muscle hung O fish or slaps
bream ,towel T my clods game
bustle shade S dreaming of snore

floor or steam S paid crust
name my plot T growl cream
naps and ditch O lung rustle
I was bort L feel ham
wreck or rage C gore stunning



molt oh D fawn crud
leper negck I change strew
blonde roof C root sock
eh mutt K slom trust
came lot S buster throat

swallow pal S park lefts
cough corn K feline ha
ear flag C cellar ink
bunch stuck I crotch drink
jewel arf D nah skin



made lump S pot turd
focus lint T drawl rime
met hole U gunner soot
cheese neck C cost grommet
mine bores K lube gnat

shat tube K shore grime
habit faucet C wreck bees
loot sunner U whole ,wet
dime crawl T mint locus
word clot S dump shade



jostled in my sandwich where your
hair glistens in the mayo washer
plodding down the sidewalk where
my creamy toilet’s number shell
cracks across my trees your bal
ding beach blinking in the burning surf


chased my cloudburst you a golf
ball mildewed in my soapdish
what the mist dried like ziti
in your lap a dozen masks g
runt and chain inside the soup
closet dribbly with your dogwash

You’re Made Of

blotter frenzy cap of T-Bone
saucer spinning toward the
picture frame a lungless d
uck flavoring my hill and
caw no louder than accel
eration that’s the grunt


shower leakly flopper stop
the crystallizing of my sought
pomade it’s sacred what I
shoveled on the towtruck was
your tube infarction coleslaw
dancing crumble thighs )gasoline

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fuel Seco

hombre portátil ш slower stairs
chunk slumber ш caca armada
rumbo ninguneo ш chert suit
froggy tongue ш casa nonada
lago andado ш neck fork


costra mortal ¨ my shorter sack
lung and double ¨ foco plural
portal sembrado ¨ sung my foot
blocks the fart ¨ leña risible
res neblina ¨ storm or back


jewel or leg ơ clock or pile
drink or fall ơ shirt or sand
plug or neck ơ dank or cry
mule or mile ơ hump or link
shot or seem ơ loop or was


necrología ,spoon o— knocker fort
lint correction —o boiling, fastoline
chump ,clawfish o— mute regarding
sump condition —o jerk ,meandering
fonología ,cheese o— pile lung

Thursday, December 16, 2010


finger cloud clinking in the rolling
sun my moth elbow goes down
stairs your flood removes the
room I hurt my dick in soaking
shadow where I saw the thaw


shoulder blot and jolly lewd crook
nape where your pickled string fl
ares my userness beside the
phonebooth filled with dust your
slugs and diamonds plates and web


graboline my clocking hill rumbles in the
rain glut of salad nobster my mystery
your plunger time and wetting face
yeah folder in the ash a greasy toilet
double knees streaked with sweat

Elote Neck

sugar drippage or my test
cluster shaper the fingers where
your sucking dried a tubless gaze
rebukes the text nodder business of
the olotl bursting on your hill

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


choice or napkin cloudy fan
whistling in the corner where
my lungage strains oh foghorn
ladder up my waist a dusty
clue or what got never left is
that the crawler is this the tomb


dog gristle sharply clotted in your
bathtub where a TV swims a
squirrel screaming at the window
shade I choked and book I
chewed your thingless finger na
ttering in the sawdust around my door


hopping salad thorns or isolation
hammers at the window where my
caking arms wobble in deflection
still I quavered in my smile
or gold and chalchíhuitl the
green heaving tossing in my bowl

The Wets

collapse or reclogstruction faced
my streaming house of crowds chor
izo strolling on the floors I
kept my seconds in your back
and fragrant arms so kempt my
moon inhaled my closet swimming

Monday, December 13, 2010


sap gleam C trot my fog
lop spied H rant nor feel
gutter clapper U crunt its neck
goil doom G fanner said chin
doggy spiel S inch my salad

summer or duck S sot lacquer
cheese drink fried G glue clot
banish it cow U fawn dual
prys some heel H gutter cream
beep or stone C flagger dorm



dottle neck C beak the same
foam gut L space sigh grey
chew log O squat sack test
blow dream U melt my trump
flag craw D wipe the nair

gristle of tree D bog sent
shy your mule U tug cram
wallet its dog O seem crud
plank what strolls L gas ted
middle of grime C phone clod



suit cluster P fleas and air
sleeting form H corn damp sink
cheese hand O knife slick dime
crash spoon N gnats steamed file
loom crust E neck and moat

bull or boil E gun cloak
why was stump N call crawl
napping the link O fled drawl
past what brings H gall slump
mutt or ear P stew think


Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Trotting Tool

soga facsímil ~ last hammer
the storage bent ~ crammed my horn
choose chewing ~ crash rental
tested ham ~ my buttered ham
tweak the throat ~ loma cristalina


most were moist õ dual cloud
nectarine and throat õ meat mist
trust the cluck õ nag heel
sleep and coin õ drain song
meal cluster õ nap the slug

Friday, December 10, 2010


● the kidneys the dust ● lake defect ●
● suit shutter )calm( ● ratted corner ●
● ah dog horizon ● plenitude and flocking ●
● flack blister now ● sacks of lids ●
● closer to my dry ● plopping arm ●


.. read the soak .. plucky gun ..
.. grasping turning cragging .. bit nut ..
.. jest itcher ,flies .. god napkin ..
.. fister insecticide .. stun ,shot ..
.. brack torn sigh .. sure wobbles hot ..


boat why mustard D faster peel
locked my drip R clap kneel
should he fin A upper umber
gropes what dials I nodding tool
map why inchy N dug dung

apt trawl N beast nor further
growls hymn I junk nap crime
snore fly A slather it nod
bloat crim R fonder hick stent
just crunk D bent nor louder


Thursday, December 9, 2010


the crust grins )( and your clad spoon
muscle load loaned )( creeping shallow said
torn closet neck )( lucky the crown clown
my luggage nap regrets )( flaming glee horn
fry your door dog )( ear in the river beneath

your eye clutters the cloud () steak your butt
water the glum snore () the letter awakes and smiles
too bad your shoe mopes () knee the shining steps
mute and deep your running () keep your weakened hair
oh my naked fork () the marrow sighs


The Dusty Ring

back end froth °° dogs sink
learn your mirror °° stack chumber
flogging flogging °° dink suit
phone the crapola °° shunned drink
shot the shot °° runny one

It Never Ends

god my tongue gg sort ,ship shape
dung and peel gg bobbing skull
cheek loot gg hung ,drag ,time
flatter than neck gg the thumb swallow
bring gun lint gg gag ,scrawl ,wheel

Fermentation Slope

clicking and stung ;; gut tent
sheep nor cheese ;; I counted the clock
the math passes ;; boiling room
just a fly ;; glass the gas
tome bust ;; falling hair

Clod Singer

weevil ,crust ,dent U gore shot
tiny trust U meaty gun
nacre ,saw ,boom U flaw scrim
ballast and slumber U tongue my throat
cut ,start ,crank U fog singers

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


the crippled hanger ∞ flood nod trace
sighing in the water ∞ deep chump scored
blazer in the fog ∞ clasping the rent
my muddy throat ∞ dust fills the can
the pliant gas ∞ beets and spaghetti

frenchfries in the jello ∞ stiffer than rock
the window’s exploding air ∞ your gleaming ankle
dropping the whole ∞ torrent and sun
your day thought lost ∞ giggling under the bed
my cliff dirt found ∞ the running shirt filled



strokes of ham H lung pool
the drain of home H slung cheaper
lash drink cheese H foraging tune
my cost thumper H gosh loot
testing the door H mumbles grin

frown speech h clocking the floor
free ,huh? h your debt thighs
cacaphonic pantry h stroke dry milk
pricey wing h the lost flood
cave tooth h the feathered pig


X Ray

my shirt funnel s course chump
blaze the zoo s plush neck
doubling the corn s mile gnat
pustules and teeth s shining road
my passing blot s gush demon

ehécatl dried S clear and stuck
muddy lot S lips and light
popcorn inch S bury the frijol
butt sack S splash the grave
knight spot S your pants bloom


Monday, December 6, 2010


)bomb glob( )knock gland( )tool(
)jut( )whump foot( )corner scandal(
)jerk plot( )spool load( )neck(
)yet( )center stool( )dung bone(
)buy feeler( )crown butt( )lex(

Dirt Knoll

(swifter) (shoe loot) (bog lock)
(rot tool) (luggage hair) (jut)
(blot) (role furnace) (sole glistens)
(news birth) (plan soaker) (foils)
(jumper) (joins armpit) (inhale heaven)

In Tépetl

el conquistador ● tu piedra renal
sal limítrofe ● funerales y litos
tu corpiño fusilado ● sol de labiolata
in xóchitl in metate ● tu ojo lagoado
puño y porquería ● la puna la lista el lomo

Puto Teléfono

ladearme mi senda .. la soma frágil
mustio me metía mortal .. lugarcaca es
me bajo el ajo .. la silla fistulada
azúcar pues ,túnel .. pegajoso ,ni dedo
me he sobrado mano .. ondearte ,leer la uña


kiss the murtal .)(. foggy floater
stopping the cloke .)(. butter gnat
loomer beast your .)(. hand swallow
murciélago de culo .)(. wand soap
why my your slung one .)(. lobe bunter

The Floater

dark shot your lens (.) boomer bloom
my hanky floats across (.) your skull lint
bean and flood thought (.) hog the cough
aspic and a pants shadow (.) smote through
insolación y multitud de (.) sondearme