Friday, January 21, 2011

Horse at Home

dog crystal ,door bark ,luminescence
stalled beneath the ladder storm of
birds .the lungy neck .the dottered
chain the crap collapse ,or song shu
tter )what was lathered in the soup(
my groaning bonfire page .my shaky
fingernail )¡off off!( tonnage breaky
in the strong afternoons of scrawling
windows ,lentiled wind ,torque and
syntax fumbling with the doorknobs
-¡what a puzzle!- like that bushmeat
,fog muzzle ,floor shark ,inmanescence
balling past the lightbulbs past the
toilets foaming with your thought

Root Sore

your use cluster your dog funnel y
our buster neck your mineral name
and toilet counter nagging in the
closet like a plunger .except for
me you fondle rug ,tame and stall
,the rustled neck behind my ear
.“doom” and luggage ,lump was mutt
ered in the sandwich bag you
crumpled in my pocket like a
contract like your flag your pile y
our doubted grime sliding down
the wall

Watch This

run and lick and craw and dime and
mute and neck and pillowed in the
bathtub sinking fungus sugar time
to c rest .loop and burn and tying w
hat condenses like the soapscum in
your crotch a fist a suit a stom
ache dusted was a sock .foaming
in the shadow where you mate and
stung and crock and folding out the watch


the tongued metal snores :my as
piration lapsed my you templed ,w
as a grunting in the focus ,concave
ammunition crawling toward a suit
dressed with thumbs and frenchfries
.the office condensation slaws .my
itch and windowed sleep .my lung
gristle paler than the moon you p
lunging toward the floating floor

Picture Mirror

gazed my frame and crowded you I
happed to fizzle ,lain awake my
legg off jerking ,clouded in a cough
and scissors .shut clown .the table
fire whistles and spots the dust
burns ,my eye brook ,my lurking
in the shadow of your arm .the glass
whips and flaps


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