Friday, May 27, 2011


el busher ,neblina ,estridencia co
millada la :::llu via:::: fotot
eca que I read en tuchusarado
....fog and lint ,hebilla de mi intexto
>>acá mis lentes ,lentos<< whad
I spray ,un traje de glucose my
severaled shirt-thundered water

escamoles ,árbol ,foaming cob

Op Tick

h o v e r i n g hacha frontal encaje
shape lap of .nents. tubo en
foque the list of bents tore
ambulition dog tunnel )name(
your score entrada )lugar(
)top rain( )the( . . . dreaming shadow
.... ... .. .

must nor inmasculada steam shorts
en pustulencia crago )“shine”(
enshudder pie óptico fornido
the sop hall where yo ,,,salía
...embarraba “la cristalina” yr
)BLURT SUIT( ¿¿the puzzle . . .
door ][

neck lunch
dri ing spork

the folding chee se
use chudder


swift cake
sail chump

creasy face

ah ah
form ent oso

nostil ●● kit
ǁ slot ǁ neck ǁ

brim mutscle
gro pe

name the tape

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the dog gun sMiles
toot rack
my heft

=my dock=

“map of phone creek”
scal d

the shoot

oobubble numboo
stand throat

o lobber usage oo o o

→my mutt ham yr←
ate the waFFle

)like ice(

...looming ,dirt ,stair...

brimming stone

the fog lunch

°°°pumps off the°°°
ῳ Lung tooLῳ
g ates

Such a Lump

senda conejo y mis tried an true )or
)glue knuc kle(( chatter clod blank
one )roast dog( mis escamoles )fo
g li ce( testive )suit craw( hop
py face the shoe in atl ]trash

door[ rag bent storm chews the
)))lake((( )rustles( loudly silent in
atlhuacqui sore chew chudders and
smokes best of tomb clot full na
turd jakes spewed shoulder ah

haw aw was nekkid lap
glance my nurse doc mumble
gore - end lactic - fulla gus
ano shutters arfs seat dogs
bam rubble :core of thought: loop

muzzle float aw raw dap
pore knock )‘n knot( cheddar
sale )or mail sneeze( burgered
pocket bunny snore job sun
the labpse the loot the labio lump

Bucket Dog

the dog ear gate whoops page
lumen torque the sand cage
shadow in your suit nin puzzle
)the log bomb( past bark shot
drizzle in the fire a sleep team

sapon chert lens case of foam ah
neck bog )drink dri( nk bas
h felt the shat hat leaks a
storm in crown ed boat wa
llow field lizard locks the table

the run loop the pelt fog job
washer fan scald tube of
mist and corn the tub’s arf ren
t )hand( s cash slumber the
spine drifts toward subli mation

should crawl should read the t
ip nothing of gold diarrhea p
eel the cleft shirt the dome
buckled the last tent burned my
lapsing grunted in the soup bucket

Sunday, May 22, 2011

hog nap py
r ant m eal

“steam the p uke”


boss s locker
gnat meal
“tus escamoles”

steam mind

l o n g c h o w
ban k t he

rug s moke th
e knot

crawful aw ful
cho lula
the raft the
s “ent”



shor ter lug



h ock h alf
bee s
ni smok e
ni ≈rumorífero≈

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ageless gun

bomb meal


large fog mite
)your heel(
grazes ink a

“pull it off”

chow grime
,,,face the riffle,,,

dog the stone

the wool loot the
slopper one

d o g f o g

tube lumber

uh ,“fog”

of’s seen
ha/lf ,what

the knot neck

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the st orm ra
sp d awn

the yawned grass

“leaf clogck”
)send a(
mort away


fa nned f lag
bum g
lint c lown

l a w n s

numb ly th
e loo t cr
ash ten

ph one

s hot the c hert
d ug p

t ool

it cher
t h op
pho ne


Friday, May 13, 2011

Dirt Book

the filler sandwich the clog
ged neck the ]door heaved[
em clugky like ,baw led ,bu
ttoned ,“like a hat” paged an

dogs an cobs scuttling in the
rain a cloud swelling out
the mouth necks and rib
bons skin suits lolling on
the steps an eye re
turns to jaw dressed the
book in m u d

The Grass

ch ase the h ill s pin the
gas ping wate r groa n dry my
dingled neck dots of blood oo
sawn an flaked temple sla
gging in the rain my skin dead
before the soaring T ree ...yes the
runny lake an b end my )too th
drea m m( aggots b oiling in
my chile where I slebpt an
slabped eh c o r n


the doglamp steams my swallowed
spoon puzzles in my throat and
all the windows open to the ash a
lake whistles in the grin I left be
hind the smouldered bush .the electric
shirt I chewed the stung float
spider crumpled in my coaljuice cup a
.knot arm ,ding cough ,lent a sh
udder to my falling fork and that’s wh
at bubbled you .rice and sticks a cr
awling fountain in my closet where a
dead cat glows beneath your pants
]]] the hot wall lumbers toward the st

Noise or Page

page dust sure fog my mule f
oot yak an puzzle foam
sight all time’s last “today” not
yet turd streaks window )“wrote”(
what’s writ tomorrow ‘s nothing

the clacked ]word[ glued foam
pool dead rabbit my lawed dirt
my habit clink chute the
powder god massive sog full uh
cracked me mailed me stun roof

the dirt shoe the brink ...floats...
my clam powder ))calm(( shit
broom pulse blotted yurt the c
ow room lube folder cool a
tire my flab sleep my shunned deck

awful boom crab turd finger
loss closet muy yum coughs in
shoe a ruby ink gut dust wheel
lake or face blew the past )hah(
nodding gniddon mute long gland noise


fog lint f
og p ill

the leg light yo

ur niplification sed

tenter club the

slaw ed drea m the



cod lamp cr
ust do
rk sedda

theme shape

)grimy bones( o
ne gap e

slugger ≈stream

))the rotting cloud clears((

Monday, May 9, 2011

Teats Lust

teets the long half beet shut
spoon bomb my hiss seat fell
chew subtle lake dent feet the
log shaped meet heet lunch can
grejo )seal( my faucet dung chambered

boom lab the peat throat seizure
shot neck )stubble( and a look
creet in oztotli un eet río )pau
se( lugar del agüita atlatlan
)moss and( )neat( jumper fork

stir your tomb lobe hustle gak
sense leap the cheat hog send
gun senda congoja farm deet lente
pulcro tlacatiliztli )dung nest(
the paso doble least gut the fly

chaser gland bleat dork shadow
leef )shudder( blot span ice
pañuelo suckage keep the clot
coughed ash and light a reed
er got a “name” a blunder lust

Scuttled Luggage

luggage nest the soap lunch or lur
ch grass meal ah hot halfer )cho
ke( r maet the mast )l
oom( away entrance d chert c
lack ity crac ity mine dog hip

loot loot walks away the mud mas
ter smoke swirls on the sstteppss
my hung )lagke( smells the shitt st
link log cash )a float((( chews an
d eyes my heel rinsed air

droo led a cross the room th
e )moo n uts( ...b lank a way
c rash spit s inna mouth bea
k foam lower ]mon th[ e bean
snore pudd les of gl ass comb

teatless air dream muzz le d
otty bloat ed thigh list my
f lag aw ay numbly greased
me slali vrate c lung the em
pty w all ladder clasp scuttl es

my snot sugar
your wool

mutter in your thumb

knack ,float ,sprawl
die and thin


the shut cloud

dreamm hhumm

dragging the dream
flagging the foam
ring me up

≈meat net≈

the bag drag
the f o g g y

͜͜͜win͜͜d = =

drunk tooth sport
sock meat fence

the crusty wall the

nodding the nostril



e bulate
em nek

ud mork

dostril fence the

“you little shaver”

Neblina Blanca

yepit was not yack tree heel
shutter nap the sink dream ah
mister! knack and float yen
rice toalla mi mistral tuerca
costanada sentido de loomer wasp
the trice throated “thrice” glob
sat plunger sopa de ))fideos((
)shirtless( tanta caca mástil
nor tempted shat a hill nos
tril nape )nate( cluster and
niggardly spread )tome flood(
white tomb mobbed warm )ob
sidiana( yauhtli itztli )dang
fog( ( ( ( ( (


rite of gas a “lake” user
neck the door flake tool
shit in shoe flower path see
ms )crusty( like vest a
snore fuel a mice time the
raw lung nates and gruel
spell the pill the napkin
slaps the spillage the well
rule and late sung CAW
the dime ice a dual shore a
nest hike )dusty( crea
ms wrath tower glue in pit
fool gate nor the “check”
loser crate of ash of bite


the stable stabbed corn
phone swirling luck cow
my heat hat my neck lung
lawn balls into the “creek”
leaf wool not risible
sluffing the comb stall staple
slab and storm my tone tur
ning duck ,now why eat that
dry stack hung dawn’s walls
lint cheek )thief( stool clot
in visible stuffing the form
. . . . crawl . . . . .

Friday, May 6, 2011


the duck lather mumbled in
the pest lather muted in
the cream lather mocked in
the gnat lather morning in
the cuke lather moulting in
the cluck lather mucous in

Yes Joking

clunk the clock ahead the spina bifida
slave the clock ahead the rafter insect
jaw the clock ahead the pustule floater
mime the clock ahead the tumbled loot
file the clock ahead the sample diarrhea
jab the clock ahead the flag insertion

Bong Bong

nor butter dusts
temp spool nor
nor clog link
passed flue nor
nor ship step’s
basalt lube nor
nor blood shape
crushed air nor
nor ding dog
craw pool nor
nor dub spout
spin shirt nor
nor gak said
utter utter nor
nor whips sock
lint cloud nor
nor puzzle mildew
creaming index nor

The Muttered Moat

the lung the loot the lamp the
lint the page the sore the
tumbrel spitting dust the
sock lamp smoking in my
indecision ay mis nalgas
fosforecentes como jejenes
y tu cloaca vuelve a tomar
la lista cadavérica .the
stung the boot the stamp the
hint the cage the door the
lumber splitting just a head the
damp stroking in your inprecision
ah neuralgia foaming in the
heavens !your coat vermin
tomes your vista cawed and
veering toward the circled wall

Last Words

train the shoulder to refrain
boil the lipid to reply
scratch your coffee for the blister
time the shadow to your dribbling
soil the hats to shiver
drop the foamer to your thinking
fill your hairdo with the engine ticker
crawl the ant light to return
shut the pencil to my sheet


hut the hump

sure “t”

nek ed
nik ol

drink )it( upin


renting sky I
slaw fingered

sh)ape(d so)me(thing

the drive way the
door the clot
the chain steam the
mute the neck

puzzle storm
my nap mustard

raw muzzle
thumb looot
past the grass

my snore gristle
tus cajas flojas
tri nita rio

user grunts
the craw lens

misty muscle

you under
game sp

nodding of

odder an
flake tunnel

the shirk

doc dog
as de volets

)le vol(


lo mismo de ,el agua in
visible ,mi calzado canoa can
grejo o mis güevos pusil
ánime sin cornisa piel de
vidrio chalchihuite calzon
cillos per didos en el aire
rápido ráp ido me fuí insis
temizado )insisto( mi not
iciario azu carado mi re
cuerdo for nido de cata
falcos el menú gotea mis
pantalones se disuelven


lán guido )peso algo( trini
tario o las 5 direcciones )sen
tidos( mi ojo verde mi ojo
rojo la pulsera gangrena an
illo o hueso gorra trans parente
subida en tu pie )muralla( o es
calera )sopa( )jabón( mer
ienda de burbujas biliosas
)sangre o suéter( mi chaleco
de piel de la amada me abrí el
ojo derecho y derecho no ví
el )izquierdo


lo sismo lo torna sol la
craca mantid su perior in
trépido sub marino tú
mulo )tumor( “tundente”
mis labios ensangren tados
todos los estím ulos
sur gen del agua fútil
forma ¡qué lata! que de
sistematización )pies de
piedra y pluma el telé
fono en llamas verdes ay

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


just was jus


the lung shale
)brick shorts(

fosters ,,claw

)the name chains( the

use the


\m oo n/
nor slab

numb ha

anna cage

tale of slow
your slaw

)need to clring(

“not it”

Utter Plot

luff ,drink ,arf ,stool log my
ash sink )the straw clo(( ))ud
blink of heel so aim entongue
choppy mute gosh off god
butt of gored tune ,sluff ,t
hink ,barf fool fog ,why
cash link



half dank ≈duck≈ gut luggage
the clogged puzzle the lot meal
wind bowel looser runt uh hoo
plaisir chert loot the clacking belt
fun blood agave throne of sight
sent to churn ear or bringer syn