Tuesday, September 15, 2015

the silver dialect

all the sea a glass th
umb mumbles in the
zero fork unwritten
neck orifice in yr
linty mirror or rest
less flies dart a
round the mechanical
miasma of your sh
opping list's horizon
mouth's your hand's
aphasia library l
isping choked in the
beginner's insect vor
text curtains drawn
letter pulse were
bulbs about to
burst inside the
uncut pages at a
dusty drugstore lit
tered with x-rays and
chapstick your vom
it whispers in your

Wheezing through Ivan Argüelles'
lo místico” & “la biblioteca”
4 Inexplicaciones of Dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos

la leche

el sueño de la música atonal
era el sueño del tonal que
cantaba tras la cerca de
tunas ,era el sueño del
silencio que te cantaba de
abejas y bonbones y quizá
el sueño era de las estrellas
que deletreaban tu nombre
en el cielo

the tongue

the dream of receiving a text
message is the dream of
a chinche mordiéndote la
axila es el sueño insondable
del silencio en un cubo de
piedras but the cubo de
piedras could never be
the dream of a text mess
age unless the message
were received upside down

the answer

the dream of your Ex ,is it the
dream of your loud pocket ,the
dream of air swirling in your
mouth ,the dream of tunnels in
the back of your hand? is it the
dream clouds disappearing in the
basement? the dream of tuna
salad growing rancid in the fridge?

y los sueños sueños son”

the dream of jewelry is the
dream of your eyes which
are the dream of coins
pressed against your lids
but that would mean the
dream of eyes is the
dream of waking up in
your sleep which is the
dream of eating a
tasteless hamburger in a
nursing home full of mannequins

Monday, September 14, 2015


f ell in pee
led face you b
led to me was
window clad in skin
a kite escapes a
book depaginated in
my shoe was all the
throat I crawled toward
you thrumming in a cloak of bees

...p eels the h ill...

eel suit

blblend o' doglight ,bbeast
enbled o pullet chchawed
entide the ssampled
strream ,omlette ss
horn of ss hells ,kkiss
my dork ah cancel
lation ! )beach in
fog( a noblight cr
awling up the sh
ore :::ender flag
,bullet roof ,meater
where the face tr
ancelucent buys my
hora ,cacareo de mis
dedos ttappping in
ner clo set (wall's
the ffinal ffork

. . .

Thursday, September 10, 2015

ni modo ,dije

boc a serrada ser
rín fofonético ccon
lo ddijo lo que dije
through the dike a
gua intonsurada to
tonta el cierre ox
idado la puerta en
jajaras fascinículo
del sansilencio

le lac

num b
pla card

rising shoe”

L’ombre était transparente...
- Alfred de Vigny

it was hang ing

mist and laundry’s
sky bent ,swallowed
fashion or a wire
hanging off a trunk
of spines labor in
the rain the rain of
ice and sand your
spinal leg invasion
some ants some

leapt from your neck

foco de mi tos nasal o
boca rendida de una
palabrita de una pala
brota unicamino
pie uniconejo que darts
among the trees your
scrotal knife sprays
the palms

the wall the sweat the
bog of light

rice churns in the muddy ditch

la sopa convexa la
lengua circular las
tostadas risibles de
tu merienda inmortal
ah praps op the spoon
reflejo de mi cara ya
tomada ,brebaje use
less as yr lentes len
tes reticuladas s
tuck to the bottom of the

the foggy mouth

the dream of hotcakes is your
dream a circular highway
described for hours a
throat a s ticky chi n
inha le the black the
b lack ex haust

dice an form ,boil the forgotten hand

To make hotcakes in your dream...
- Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

yr dripping lake

empty nostril emp
ty nost rum or
de luciérnagas av
ión dis t ante mi
ojo perdido el o
jo encontrado en
las carnes del
supermercado don
de mi nalga donde
mis nal gas olina
furtive cloudsds
crawl my shirt

suitably thorned

no numbers sweating
wonder bread the
pages of yr book in
testive swallowed
knob just up
stairs just shoulder
all the dribbly
ones division of
the wall derision
of yr sangwich
lunch forgotten
on yr car's rusty roof
Más y más inexplicaciones de los sueños de Bibiana Padilla Maltos

el ala

el sueño de los pájaros es
un sueño de toneladas de
madera la madera el sueño
de pajaracos que son el
sueño de árboles caídos
los árboles caídos son el
sueño de un zopilote que
se dormita en tu recámara
con la madera mojada
de tus sueños

la tierra

el sueño de tu casa en la
Avenida Reforma es el
sueño del túnel por los
huesos del lago es el
sueño del cielo escrito
con humo y es el sueño
de una choza invertida
en el monte de chapulines
con murallas de agua

las obras completas

the dream of being on a roof
is the dream of bees
circling the chimney
is the dream of
sky filled with
water the water the
dream of my face be
neath your face which
is the face of Augusto Monterroso

Sunday, September 6, 2015

pl under

bo ludo or aptless r
abbit bound was last
to rend the sin ging
,singed or t raced le
singe de bateless gri
nding fog ,or fog was
loot if loot w ere
socks filled wit s
hoes whe re fee
t s' ever intu bation
,y tu rata rato sonreía
.so c lean so ,ful
minoso ,y tu me
depantaloneado has
,if pantsless meant
no legs .pendejo y
pendiente soy ,y
no sé si es pero


I inc hes felt m
y f allen dar k e
ye k nown yr f
laggy fac e s ed
de lumex ,s torm
y es ni ff la
tulent ni pe
santez bu t es
no es mi mu
ertre ,in re
lapsent wha t
er fog not s
aid it's g
urgling inn er
c ouch

on eh cou ch
e w al king m eat

the consonant stuck

on the slope died where
slope was tubes writ
hing from a pillow or
the laundered stones cr
acking in the suffixes'
passed air across the
sheet's blinding lang
uage like the sea of
lyrics eaten so the
letters would coughed
up be downside up a
mirror of burning
teeth as teeth were
boulders camera in
dexed in your fingers
fell across limp your
hand held your eye
vibration in the half-
remembered movie theater
when the lights closed down

While circling through Ivan Argüelles'
trobador” & “memory of light”

3 Inexplicaciones of Dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos 3

el bostezo

el sueño del alba es el
sueño del albañil que se
dormita en la tina la
tina no será el sueño
de los libros de cordel
sino el sueño de tu
cara en una bolsa de
henequén la bolsa fué
el sueño olvidado del
sueño inútil de los
zapatos gastados

the fish

the dream of your children was
the dream of your lunchmeat
covered with hair it's the
dream of a doorway open to the
heat while the air conditioning
streams out the dream of the
heat is the dream of many
hands caressing your chest and
the dream of a motor
humming low in a basement

the interpretation

the dream of your mother-in-law
is the dream of finding your
place in the checkout line the
line is your dream of sleep in a
kitchen full of cigarette smoke the
smoke the dream of knowing
something certain but having
no idea what it is

Thursday, September 3, 2015

pork lint

cage hell o void
conslabination ww
obbly w as piration
exinhaltion o f
loppy ffloppyyy f   L   L


en plosive f lake re
crud ent ire flat 'n
flabby for the wwords
bust out the bbland
dog bladder than
yr traje caspa g
runty center pues
y )¿qué? ¿te crees Xiuh
tecuhtli?( the water
quiets out quiets
out is glasssssssssssssssssssssss

espejo de grava.............

the squirrels of sleep

are books yr flying
leg a touch comp act
ion was the br ick yr
arm was crumbly
or yr b read ed mouth re
gruged the lipid for
K ay my Knot in
haled my jumpy leg and
dead one once
the eye was read is
now it's char and
oozy falling out
the tree

...ape ,or ate...
3 Inexplicaciones of the dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos

la piedra del sol

the dream of the school principal
is the dream of forgetting the
dream of the circular calendar
the calendar's the dream of
yesterday happening tomorrow
and tomorrow's the dream of a
squirrel chewing a plastic bag
and speaking the language of Jiminy Cricket

la puerta

the dream del acensor es
el dream de paja scattered
inna wind es el sueño del
saber lo que es la nada
la nada's the dream of
blowing the ash off a
spoon the spoon's your
dream of sleep next to a
lime green goat in a party hat

el desayuno

el sueño de la plaza es
el sueño de un torbellino
de lenguas las lenguas
el sueño de la niebla
que sube del lago y el
lago ¡o lago! el sueño es
del ser nunca conocido
que conoces a fondo
como un plato de chilaquiles

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


dArk cave was had
nor neck reburnished
suit nor ffork in
had a was the he
avy meat flo pped
out yr close et s
uch light was b
lind such lightht
wore blind the l
l amps reburned
.e ver fog regrent
eve r sot relinktion
)was the algae( were
yr hand strokes
upon the wall

|...wwall ,nap kin...


face in the urinous st
raw half leg's lost yr
epecac's refueled yr
long lapsed snore or sp
spatttered notebook was
yr flood hand touched yr
cheek cloud te bajas
la vista al regazo
bright with ants .b
burn off yr shirt was n
nodded out strong
shot f lavor labrar la
boca ,boboca que te
narra la nada que nada
por all that “is”
3 Inexplicaciones of dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos

el aperitivo

el sueño de cantar canciones
cursis fué el sueño de
olvidar tu nombre el sueño
de olvidarte el nombre es el
sueño de cantar canciones
cursis que son el sueño de
haberte olvidado el nOmbre

the snore

the dream of the net is
the dream of a poem
made of potato peelings
the dream of peelings is
the dream of the is it
the dream of the swallowed
the dream of the surface
seen from below the sur
face of the sea covered with plastic bottles

the spoon rest

el sueño de despedir a alguien
no es el sueño de tu mano
sino el sueño de tu mano
vestida con hierbas que
no es el sueño de la
torta bañada en salsa
sino el sueño de tu camisa
llevada al revés que no
es el sueño de la puerta
con su tecolote de plástico y
una rodaja enorme de queso