Wednesday, June 28, 2017


intacta mi coatlicue
adormida adrede
dedespierto mi ojo de
recho ,roncante el
siniestro ,PLUMAS
DE HULE que te
enguantizan la mano
¡cuánta bruma que
veo! con mi códice
ensucio el agua ,es
pejo embalsamado tu
página desencarnada es
un guía de autobuses
perdidos por la frontera
,humo negro que
sube y una tormenta
que baja :entre ellos
una llanta calva tu len gua er a

Et pour que sa beauté soit plus terrible encor,
Casque ses blonds cheveux de quelque bête ailée
Et fait bomber son sein sous la gorgone d'or.
- José-María de Heredia


yap a minute
floor a minute
time a minute


she a bark
water she a
flooded root


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


worm cloud
- For Aaron Flores &
Shawn McMurtagh

yr fface h ash sieze
the wall CLOUDS OR
WORMS blank thing
lunched through CRAW
HOT SOON debrides
yr shirt ,foggy soap
seeps out yr MASK
WASP time to c
law drinking skin ah
final lake's heap of
dying fish CACANUBES
que me salen deexplicadas
desaguadas reinconstipadas
de lo deintestinal que me

inpronuncia el nnombre

Sunday, June 25, 2017

regarder la brûme

lake of sot's gun he
ave yr fork out t hair tine's
fast sp lash il est tout mon
horizon )Pierre Bonoit( an
urinous moon sinks into yr
hand c'est la méthode gal
vanoplastique ma main te
touche les yeux PHONUL
GRAPHIQUES fog fills a
warehouse corpses wearing
just my shoes ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
istless on a grassy field's yr
face breathes out breathes
out ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) s s s
tumbles on a single step

...senda o nudo...


enter ,flees
the sleeper less

the trees

now raised

s un s kin s lides acr
oss a vow el bow l c
racked a radiant b
ank le's light dar
kens yr sky's rock
broke broke door
behind ]cornered w
all invistive pre
sence decomposing
was a stre
aming M O O N

Twitching in Ivan Argüelles'

Fragment Temple Ruins”

Thursday, June 22, 2017

o say o say

gotea el traje cacasi
olvidado mas no del lodo
misty leg below vines
said and said lourde et
diaphane explico y ex
plico deexplico tu me
déexpliques yr c
lick c lack spelling wheel
it's all bien dicho ya d
icho mal dic ho rror
inside yr slumbered c
loud dictionnaire sans
feuilles .tu me miras
la nariz ,con su dedo
baboso je dis je d is j
e di s

Je commence à regretter
le temps de ma machine à écrire
et son clic clac d'indépendantiste
- Ben Vautier


nutter game fr ought
crow d yr b ranches
shshake ,my ashy
hole read Lunch
turns across a p
late fork bent s
iezed FREE THE
TINE yr s lack n
eck toeplasm scores
an scores oh Lurch
puzzles in the wrist
puzzle of the.......”

no it wasn't

dusted the cloud
reached the fork
named the shit

it was a storm form
it was not a cube
it was a shot shirt

I saw the soon
I saw it clammed
I saw what sighed

muttered in a spoon
nattered in a mirror
spit in a pocket

it was the coughing shoe
it was the misty leg

it was the swallowed book

Friday, June 16, 2017

An Essay by Jim Leftwich

In his introduction to Meetings With Improbable Danglers: The Poets Meet John M. Bennett, Al Ackerman offers the following as a definition of a Hack: "...the unequivocal definition that says a Hack is 'a radical transformation of a John M. Bennett poem' can hardly be overemphasized. It has to be a Bennett poem, you see, and nothing else, because only a Bennett poem possesses the requisite singularity of vocabulary and syntax which, no matter how radical the transformation, or how far the original gets messed with, continues to shine forth like a good deed in a naughty world of surplus hands and crustly knackers bobbing in your shorts..."

An Extraction Poem from Ackerman's Hack entitled You Shall In All Likelihood Be Arrested (Walt Whitman meets JMB of 11-8-97), by Jim Leftwich

Sausage it lips, dripping the gland to speak
Within the cleavage toot
Wiping manly Uncle.

Soup hairs practice History
And pokeweed beefstik
Posing has creamers shirt.

Snapping lots of Lincolns, Captain.

In a letter to Bennett, Ackerman describes his method for some of the hacks included in Meetings With Improbable Danglers, as follows: "cutting triangular windows and using these as overlays as I moved back and forth between you and the old guys to randomly isolate fragments which were then 'folded' in together."

An Extraction Poem from Ackerman's Hack entitled Robert Frost Meets JMB (2.5 & 3.5), by Jim Leftwich

The land's a pepper and her people are leaking thumbs.

In Virginia, the glass-sounding mud chloroform chickens
Withhold our mumblings between candy bars
Such as toes thinking voice unstoried.

What closet letter whale runny fishtank belt
Left trodden my thawing barber
Whose fuzz forthwith upon a farmer's taste

Steps inside a coughdrop dribbling toothpaste sluice?

Ackerman continues his description:
"the Classic Hack (i.e., any Hack created by sheerly mechanical or random means)"
"the Synthetic hack (any Hack created by sheerly other than mechanical or random means)"
"the Heroic Hack (any Hack that gets seriously out of hand...)"
"the 'Miss Bear" Hack [my favorite] (named for its resemblance to the rollicking 'Miss Bear' episode to be found in The Final Days, the Woodward-Bernstein book about Richard Nixon)"

A Story ("This will explain")

Nixon himself one day heard a young girl shouting Smokey the Bear in the Washington zoo. Repeating the question while standing in her words, straddling an aide for translation, the aide mumbled Washington National Zoo Hand Laughter Confusion Lish, and said Nixon is merely handwritten, like his friends in 1973. He is living kept, not underturned, the bear, the girl, triumphant, and extended his verbal English to Miss Bear.

An Extraction Poem from Ackerman's Hack entitled W. S. Merwin Meets JMB (Infused), by Jim Leftwich

Cud-square pills the known.
Readers incomprehensibility
Plays grinding head
Over navels all over in lettuce.
Born issue with twelve tanks word.
Elephantitis off instead.
Partying dendritic?
I hear whose games restraint
Beside the gander.

Poem Extracted from Page 2 of a Google Search for Al Ackerman Meetings With Improbable Danglers:

time of 'l'al'but banner
editor of Ackerman
after Thursday
across millions
improbable and Jun
improbable spend
meeting images
meeting coagulations
precedes healthy
chromospheres American
Avantgarde visiting
Ackerman aleo ego
at the Middletown dangler
annual pleural nurse fou
to dangler fu primary
children several
d'bloxhltm mmm-m woven

Page 3 is even more helpful (how can such beauty be, o who can know it, keep well lubricated, you are not alone, etc):

improbabilize dangler
danglement akylation

impractical fromologist
directions gather

keystone heart wandering
maoiier boiirbons predesttnatiob
tiiough numert wamjilfice

quarterly improbable danglers
in Cincinnati

To quote Ackerman from his Lewis Carroll Introduced by Camile Paglia Meets JMB, "We know that Carroll / a workaholic, obsessive-compulsive incremental & chronic  / orgaz-designer used puzzles, math problems & / quirky muscles seeking heat out leveled sign chunks."
Reading page one, beginning with the last word at the bottom of page 17 and shimmying upward towards the title, I find the following poem:

When room spuds Alice violence
Tooth animism burbling excess
Clear lunch turds hose loitering instructions
Many of which were secretly ritual caucus-dogs

Page 18 (2) coffee straddling fork normal thought, rainy peace, method musticated salad slink biographical:

Dogs flop on the taping bizarrely.
Pool apron remains garden loner.
Reborn gut each reasoning
In a school room teeth & breasts
Entertaining slumpy author's climate.
Surrounding past Oedipus
Or swallowed the swarming intimate.

After breakfast abyss, then lunch done boxing Martians, direction mouth leapt later flotation, healing grunt by hammer stool prawn. Reading my email, I find the following: Jim, You did it! Bill O'Reilly was just fired from his job at Fox News for sexually harassing women. Jim, we've seen Republican leaders in Congress do this before -- threaten to shut down the government in order to gut the EPA, strip federal lands of vital protections, and stuff the pockets of corporate polluters. Hamster glue in a career-floating clamp. Metaphor spaghetti destroyed the kind outstanding prophets. Kerouac throat squadron professional not even one Nixon Alligator united and losing imagination. Strange prancer hand-second dancing. Intone in autobiography flock wrestled circle and hair ropes. Lunch of combination in being one combination to be one primary writer. My tongue besides explicit with glassy Quetzalcoatl held kythy was Hogg-pouch rhetoric burning his wide-eyed hair. If Russia attacks the bait, so kitchen squirrely dogs, a new chair. My lips left Socrates attendant of slime spotted hamstrings blintz, its hamster thumb headless and blent.

Some places other than my house where inquiring minds can find Meetings With Improbable Danglers:

Meetings with improbable danglers: the poets meet John M. Bennett

Author: Blaster Al Ackerman; Luna Bisonte Prods (Publisher),
Publisher: Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods, 1998.
Edition/Format: Print book: Poetry: English
Database: WorldCat
Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first.
Bennett, John M. -- Parodies, imitations, etc.
Bennett, John M.

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Columbus, OH 43210 United States
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New York, NY 10018 United States
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Berkeley, CA 94720 United States
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Genre/Form: Parodies, imitations, etc
Named Person: John M Bennett; John M Bennett
Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: Blaster Al Ackerman; Luna Bisonte Prods (Publisher),
Find more information about: ISBN:0935350993 9780935350999
OCLC Number: 40069413
Notes: Poems.
Description: 28 pages: illustrations; 22 cm
Responsibility: Al Ackerman.

Also included in The Autonomous Library
Catalogue of Micropress and Zine publications in the personal archive of Olchar E. Lindsann

Al Ackerman, Meetings With Improbable Danglers: The Poets Meet John M. Bennett. 1998. Luna Bisonte Prods: Columbus, Ohio. Half Sheet, 32 pp. (Two copies, one marked)

jim leftwich

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


deux poissons sont morts
ils flottaient sur la surface
ils pesaient lourd )Ben Vautier(
same ripe stain EACH
FOG dime si no me re
pito EL PITO desinflado
versed in my HAH name is
g one awide .heat my d
reaming-shirt one sleeve
is cold yr swallowed
face returns the spit-on
b each birded sheet yr
huffing sleep drifts on

il n'y pas de vent solide


full of

out the itch


ddum Lankwidge mi
ssing's hot trigger ho
t grave L muddy in yr
backpocket's empty th
ought a sLeepy backwar
ds with a sandy arrow's
cLoudy like yr waves
of Linty hair broke pea
k's g Litter in some
we eds a a a a

After Ivan Argüelles

Is Mud the Crown”

Saturday, June 10, 2017

get up

stroked it up yr stumbled
neck float reified the
flaqueza soap ,fails to
falls on crumpled deck
)peed beneath the desk(
shape of combs .sand
sheets down the mirror
your spit clouds in
,ice and play lock st
ones grind yr
HAND fog's offal
off yr streaming face

bombs and steps meat

and wind ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

la diarrea

no me hables no me
abras no me cierres súbeme
la escalerita con pan tos
tado bájame el calzón
sucio de mis recuerdos
antiguos antiguallas del
temor invisible que veo
sin titubeos sin roteiros
fulmino mis ocurrencias
fumigo tus habladurías
fustigo las páginas carra
spadas en el pozo de
mi sombra poniente y me
fla fla flaqueo al ras de mi
gogordura incipiente toujours se taira.
- Alfred de Vigny


ring the neck your FIRE
lathed SOT GAZE see
thing hair muddies the
mirror yr lipgloss sm
eared Ay Tongue &
ChloroForm bees LOST
ved vowels were sm
oking Butts and Buts
asleep next an ob
sidian blade yr
hand-writhen statue
without a single glyph
a museum rained at the
crossroads skin
hisses in a shirt

After Ivan Argüelles'

Venus Deconstructed”

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

el albañil

bBrick a foRm
de es cencia SENT
IENCE a ghast's pul
món ar enoso disparaître
et apparaître à nouveau
)S. Beckett( encore à une
nouvelle lugar de DIA
MANTES after
eats the storm rolling
in yr shirt my Trou
bled Towel sl
ides down ay pared
pis ante mur de mer
de yr iffy shoe
picante pues

f'ing stone...


to wet
a towel

a dog a


f eel me f eet o
hendoscopic ssnnore
an yr rendospoon où
fuit un char de feu
)J-M de Heredia( 's hot
ice replied yr eyes
seal my teeth yr
whirl relearned a Boy
LACKE ay siezure
siezed a fork di
vision ! ni vista
genética crece ni
sonido soñado the
puzzle fogs and

dribbles on the floor

Friday, June 2, 2017


cLustered in a Neck
yr fog snail ,creep
beside a lens ah
Turnabout ah mes
pieds c'est la nuit
(J-M de Heredia) yr
hull up sloshed be
side's the Clotted
Lunch sleeping in
yr THroat tu perro
muerto al acecho
detrás de la puerta

indemne the louder mist


mot h m
outh 's
ilencio il

eso ,es e


the p LUNGE r gozne
sin ABRIR la puerta sin
luz cae POR LA ES
CALERA wear I slept a
sleep a déjà été employé
(M. Boinvilliers) yr Long False
Step à écrire les difficultés
invisibles que me aciegan
so I see dust burning
in the Corners where the
wind folds its breath

issue me ,the twisted broom