Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 27
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

No haze sorted mirror (its erudition engaged),
nor bean cake’s tall vase, sanitary,
nor oils all pilots nor flays the respondant’s fire:
serene, disimulates massed origins
which sembled dulcet cakes,
canola’s borer, the forester
in’s sunned undulant campaign.
Spongy, passed, sea bubbled and mute
in’s lacrimous reconnaisance,
of coiled dulcet numbers not puked’s
contentious sum,
from those dosed gyros of invisible plum
which finger slushed dosed ales, hurting the vent;
Echo, vestal urn’s caved rock,
solicits curious and guards avaricious
the massed dulcet sea, not the minor clearing
syllable, seething in dance
in the vista of’s choices’ final dull canto.

Yakking in the mirror, sees no conundrum,
isle’s mirror of the tear divided,
coiled form tortured is, perished:
dickens’ quantum signals the hat’s nates,
seen’s bezel of the play space’s
arena, where the undies repeated.
A pestle’s, paced, dull ague which low occludes,
conch, if munched not, cap ostents
of burgers, donned the humid content’s
moral, and Pomona sees venereal cult.
Dosed son’s the choice, pubs’ sub artificed
massed rune which conducted his material:
of the manacles dose, the major coon,
of the reddened law’s orca, and sub exercized,
competent office.

pac ha

ree am c lot h int
imate ,if leaking ,gro
cery bag the ,slimy
man goes gle am be
n eat h the fauce t
f all my face the
s ink you get it ?ra
w angle lurk yr cel
ery b urns be fore s
uch wind ow bus
y c ream !my w all
th ickens ]]mild ew
,the fadi ng br ick[[
where I loomed inside
the shutter and the c
licking ter mite spelled
my tes tive pat h
corónica ,drippings w
rapped an st reaming
on the peak

hu ll

ax the shorter leg gate
tepid string winding through
the crow d amp b rea th
st rung my c raze f lag
end os copic ))shadow((
outhaled the x chlam y
día fórmico de hor
migas el a cido orondo
,mili pédico ,fangromántico
an thum bless ,where the
hinges stream )the scat
tered sky ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

bested hug an nadafocante
))fly yr shirt
)))dusty seems

mil pa

dringk the rat the chlowder
day bort er maze or
maize yr maízy mu
teness sleeped inside
the dingle mot ,h ,ot
her all was ,indyclept
,sh aped the f loppy gl
ass c-clamp on my he
ad that razorblade be
tween my toes that
hammer in my back
spoke ot ro dent
)spoke the rotting clam
))and walked out from the
st st st st st st st st st st st st alks

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


my H supper ,dribbled≈ C sm
oke~ swallowed O the cave I
leg dragged through my named
cough Johnee E’s yr corn
stepping down the hill .gateless
wind~ ~ feet and beans ,Bs
fill my shirt a tomb
puzzle blistered on my plate
O Eat Your Nickel }the phone
flag{ * L too Loud the
scrawling down your throat
S you K you A you N yr
postprandic ache )))SH
adow)))) nekkid whim
per the shore ay lo
...lie ay eye
Sole Dadas, chunk 26
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

“See dull air articulate
not son’s dollars’ laggard swerves
or ester’s miso carved graves,
nor voices of sand, and sand’s son’s dull alms.
Feels the day too calm,
oh mirror!, queen orthotic’s fez lost all feelings
of too fortunate a mass cake day’s sub haddock.

“Oh mirror, oh too, supreme
moderator pees from misty dams!:
tooled serials mist the anus,
on’s table redeemed poked farts,
of the bubbly Mort,
who’s sere and queasy, in quarry’s peeled leg extreme,
smells the forced, and subs quagmire’s reamer.

“Regions piss all jeans,
o climate proper, plant mind’s perdition,
tooled serration of my vittles,
if vittles half dazed my cake’s sea fools
queen my forced ditch hurled
from its prison, dazing mist containers
and pasta’s toothy hounds massed in cave’s tooth arena.

“Audacious my pensive mint
the zenith scaled, plunged vestal,
coiled veil trembled,
if not half dead his number and tooth’s spume,
of shushed bestial plums
conserved ran to’s deveining
of the anus’ less diaphanous dull vent.

“Ester, pissed, clopped the mirror
of timer’s alternation means sucking,
and the backhoe’s mess duration’s
a luster half hatchets my dusty mind,
soliciting in vain
the alum sepulchre of my hosing
and dons Sol’s navel or’s murmured day’s donned.

“Molar, enemy amazed,
molar my gulp, and to daze the guard,
repented tardy
suspect which my murmured hag led,
wandered not’s low sugars;
o poured briefs, or dribble poured, or poured casts,
languid ants in the jumbled caked laurel.

“Fragile node your seconds,
or files pungent of homicide’s hair
finds during all my destiny,
ton’s generous fee, not facile undies,
nor pokey tear absconds:
the urn soils ocean profound,
and obelisks the mountains seethe, dull mud.

“Tantric tumulus dribbles,
agreased, Amor, ah my pies errant;
liquid, pissed, diamonds
called mist weasels, and elevated shimmer
seals sea, mist not primered
the east’s caked fire’s senseless briefs,
sees hay under mutes and sea’s hay tears the levee”.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sole Dadas, Chunk 25
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Lagged not juiced mass of Aurora,
supper’s viola of negro the minor,
who rolled sub spoiler with pompous vein
and conducted lower, peeled lower bell.
Dandled the west’s license para hell,
recurred not in the red cake’s mayor
much ocean and poky awkward prawns,
signs to those who ambition means pencil,
labyrinth nutty of marine
Dildo, if of lentil not, of lichen
fabric scrupulous, and junky uncertain,
simper murmurs, pale simpers abated.
Liver mentation of the pestiferous
tall diesel’s stared correspondence,
sink’s valving of all the lascivious oysters’s just
a harness of weasels, donned’s
lissome briefs all gusty,
what mass incentive, all scoundrels:
contagion’s original squeezed day quarreled he,
whose (simpered heel blown
off the crystal) undies’
venereal flame’s sub crooning.
Mall vistas of canons all languid,
mental, in their peels’s lubrication fried
the congress, whose viscous lists
the tales’ burlap’s quizzing,
tearing through hell’s quavered blurring.
The reeds’ calcified Mencius grossing,
single romp on the hilly gum,
pompous salmon of the regal mess,
quandry’s nut campus of Neptune,
and the traversing rubber,
is gluey daze in the consul’s arugula.
Estrogens and munching mass, lungs denuded,
with orthotic days came facile arms,
dealing the real pesky ones,
who, nates diving in their peeling nut glue,
no gravel poked their negligent rubber
spaciously digested
and all their bean-ventured cyborgs popped,
who, of caries’ fragile tests,
see fabrics not of gross cane,
but Bovrilled in low coronas of spades.
The peregrin, pissed, hashing in tantrum’s
instrument the bezel, cords the reamers,
and all zephyrs commended lost extremes
in dusty metrics landed:
feel too

bullet fork ,why g rime
batt ered when I ,bl
eat the clrowded tube the
t ube urbe hume ante
ubre insoñada .hickso f
atso ,runny p late ,c
lod mor tífero tífus
sh ouldered like a lake
O log wave dipping in the
sol que cae drowning
in my va va “voice”


shoot slab net dumber fo
cus shapes the queen set
lub me’s not apt st
roker ah the fog filed the
cajón de versus de
arañalgas lleno tomb
my shirt ,los bailadores
con las dicks sp lit )un
der the corn( aquestos
gusanos yr cup sunk
por el gran fedor I
saw the crown of tree I
ni remumembered where
the flaucet was


the wheezing peel the
nattered lake the eck
toplasmid foot yr air
heaves on ,number
neighbors the ,dog
lunch ,shadow ,st
rip fog the doorway
out ,fine o upper suit
lathered in the toilet
ere yr dog slot am
ples in the ,moth
lake ,strident fire
yr shake tomb up
,up answers shorn
,your fog g skull drilled
an shmoked

jail an sky

mute mote même )slu
mber foto( capes an la
thers fog dressed the w
heel yr ssnake guessed
in flake it off ,or of
f .trime to go the neck
in flates the dogged d
ime heel’s sticky in
my pocket peel er the
blue gland nor eye in
hamster crown ,ja
ck dancey ,sh ould
er leg ant gum
spat s be hind the
droolings ngs towel

Sunday, April 15, 2012

this n that

not this y tubo muchos
uastardos y uastardas,
auquiconas curiit less
image ideology hand jut
y en los pies los quatro
ataderos healing bones space
thousand stories sea fue
uerde claro forseen
paths a las enfermedades
y pestilencias clouds sofas
shells su chambi en su
mano derecha water
brain uacas y sacrificios
clouds no pudo conquistar
ebdma ojiaeri satoimas lo
tiene sólo en la boca egg
no traga illegible ox
quartz auca camayoc
comían perros xtent of
wretched germs ‘uac’
meet book otorongos y
mullo son ferós no one
collage-like op
posite ix type xix
moving hacían tinquichi
hombre con la muger beaast
vapopro ago con mays
molido y senisa socialism
plav sock collap y ueuen
sangre cruda blurred by
sub machay mama pre
dominant doctrines corf
tracn muture el sapo y
le coze la boca y los
ojos con espinas otting
specta belt shirt augur
son hechiseros toman
coca between iden reeks
usual hist mode church
vacas ýdolos chirapa
uncuy ahorgarse en
rríos fracttured froom
culture ha arrastrado un
gusano, augur reeks mi
muger va a morir nina
nina might th ha indivic
coast swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
the system llamata nacani
explain cloudy feathers
tragado por la tierra no
an de morir mandan
baylar planting fat
frustration uelan la
noche cin serrar los
ojos disorder surrealist
currency dando gemidos y
bozes aya uya agua a Dios
y de ynbijarse y huntarse
la cara leg wooden dog
food rhythmi process dizen
que sucidía same car
immersive pistelencia de
guzanos admist circuitry
rreventar el bolcán pro
truding yllapa who there
que llaman pucullo less
the sal no agí traces to
button text defunto con
sus ojotas evisceration
signatures al difunto le
destripan face typed into
myselx silhouettes los
güesos antónitos oro en
la boca vast pandora
loop ayap llactan con
perros traces climactic
house panca kkes is
dejan los chunbis
nascent meat los vellacos
anca kkes shadowed
que la comiesen bibo
surfface dichas hórdenes
corna moasc was
nightmare ideologies
tormentos de cuerda
another reality is about
cephalopods tirándole
con piedras en el
citio mana mi cosca
which penetrates
such as ink cinqüenta
asotes about the
obsession reality little
to lose colgado bibo
de los cauellos clart
hegemonic vission le
pizasen en la barriga
ensnared ideal ecline
collective runa tinya
schoo sword saltar
los ojos afuera civil
quena purpling clam
violent repr metaphysics
bestidos como muger
rrisa al hombre circ
ulate Eterrn vista
enamoraua el Ynga
widening autonomy las
cosas ací de los
hombres speak often
tocaua la barriga
exxpans not that

John M. Bennett

from Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 19, 2012
Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala,
El Primer Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno,
[1615], edición de John V. Murra y Rolena Adorno, México: Siglo Veintiuno XXI, 1980.

Monday, April 9, 2012


told the lapper yet ,bind
lungage bind ate the d
ark )p(lunge / drape
seizure cross the piss-so
aked h chair .bring tongue
why dry ,bend er go
d og le coin eek .ne
ver ,all ways sim per
siempre inn a sleep po
ca madre ,bowl of sand
ü ,the dreaming turds my
luggage ate


beer beer ,scan nodder o the
boom flirt bleared ,notta
half lamp ,lent ,twitter
seal the third spoon yr
“fork”ing ah waves ah w
aves .count what cr
ashes on the knee ! !! ! ! !!! !

rule gun

rug boom ,nod ,blat
ant liver ,combed the
lint rush tawed the s
ample eek wrist lyi
ng down the gak boc
k a ,tanse shavr s
torn luprication .s
ped nair barkfing at
uh blind wall at a w
indow atta buoy out
there’n warp an woof
.held my cast ham tight


deep drip an aphlatic c loud n
umber gambled tune or ton
gue ring yr shirt ick loo
m ed s tool .ay d ork l
og wate r ay semper simp
er brave the bring suit l
iver stiffed the drops .w
ide negck dropp ed g nat
rung dusty lad der w
here a burning wall k
nows what no’s wh
at .my haircut meal d
abbed my inner cup sh
ould ,crazee angled in
the dog storm


elimination storm cuzzle late s
ock fold blinky t ,ape sugar
fasted in ,faster slope runt
bang a bang .a lipper goop m
ule bray ing the wheeze l
adder hopp ing in my fog I
ruse or heavy wiping mean
the toot trust on the sc
oured g round .ease of
nape re duction what the
where the oil dream l
ooses out you slept th
at sweet that slot ash
that inster gacktic for
mulation whirring like a
s tick y su it

sharks the sot hopper dreamy
nest condition con dit merde
“calzado” buried in the stinking
lago ≈š~ lack of foot’s rendition
lace where what I steamed’s~
relentless ,teeth and silt ..п..пп....
.my funny suit regurgitation
,a hat’s loud cough п_~ my
stuttered lung page wrote
,stop ,fueling ,defocused
pencil burning in the ›~ lens
my drink’s prolapsed ,the
grey skin salts the silky air
~ ~ ~...~ ~ ~ ~ ~


luces fistuladas y mi cumbre
de colchones mojados de en
soñación ,distante ,ni las nubes
,si entor nadas ,veo y la grava...
...donde ,una muñeca desped
azada ,las piernas se fugan ,me
Paro y veo la máscara ahora ,antes
sangrante ,ni presente ,seca ,y yo el
ciego que la ve ,de alambre su peluca
si pelada ,purulenta ,mis pómulos in
vertidos ,lo a dentro a bajo y me como
un ,vórtice de caspa ,libro tonsurado
,leído ,sin páginas ,como cielo de
moscas vacío .me apagl lls
lentes y el centro veo ,si centro
de mi muñeco temporal la cloaca sea


,flap ─ slot ,meant tore ,torre
enmudracida sui cida y topes
,the casket’s creep shot mouth
bum half ,other’s ,shapeless
,looking past the udder door
,extrópico ,y pico de vuelto per
dido ,bolsillo entronado and’s
fire ear exhales what’s spoke
en 1970 la calle de gra
va y ol as Isla Negra’s ≈
a glass which ~smoked~ the
sea’s ≈ necrosis como me lo
explicaba Pablo Whitman las
palab rotas que sigo sin
desenterrar the long mud
N hole seems to be a
mirrororrim I’m the


the hissing soup my ear con
tains the shuddered lunch y
colectivo ,calle apestada y
la nada oigo .el pómulo
nocivo ,notion ,lugar de
luggage ,lo trenzado’s
what I scrawled across
the tall meatball S slumping
down the stairs el cocoloco
que me puse ,yelmo Ω que
“entiendo” was that silent
bowl dripping in the moon ah
,,,light just grease your
eyes and ravel in the
sleep the shirt the sleep the
shirt the sleep the
Sole Dadas chunk 24
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades, 1614

The scolds of sol arrayed, wandered
with reamers gemmy doors
where those puds appeared past scores,
nuts all mirrored, of candy, frying.
Riesling in the butts, no, mass bland’s
the verdant rubber, which embarqued is whored,
and salutes the vile Aurora,
who’s one in all dulcet cages, and not puking,
Hondas endured, and liquid rocks.
Signs mute the dulcet voice of dollars
permitting solvents in
all the turbans, which dare question voices
of she who anchors the fecund hay,
pissing the crystal fool with pie’s velocity,
salad’s improv, the under and over played
the Republicans detested, unstable plunder.
The prow diligent ah
nor soiled the digestive opposites drilling,
mass reductions of the music’s barking,
which in closed curves dulls mirror’s stalled briefs,
shushed plumbers’ graves, shushed the porches’ leaves.
The scenes occupied the dull mayor’s lain
maritime troop,
usual all enter, toads,
squatting, unless seen courtesy’s mode
of languid dull acqua, rude scores
cum nostril’s forest, in which the poop’s
dull corner’s scolded bagel began.
Crawled, the undies scarce, foiled;
east, with perished moviment,
the mirror encounters, coiled in spume cane
sub pardner’s gruel prow,
resplendent coiled
hatchet of august’s coy perusal,
and quim hill’s sure tribute centered
with pearls of’s cod-like hour.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


flake pile sandwich
ing think
ing grate
ing bull
ing nate
ing towel
ing string
ing gasp
ing sort
ing clam
ing roof
ing snore
ing gland
ing heel
ing joke
ing spit
ing yolk
ing tear
ing find
ing rat
ing rule
spam mile lake


dingle very sink
back stink
back door
back crime
back shit
back glow
back hide
back hole
back cream
back issue
back knot
back grunt
back shine
back side
back lent
back gun
back crowd
back heap
back gristle
back shade
back pay
back cough
back bite
back blow
back god
blink slave dangle

nudtt shooe

pEEd in r;a;i;n;; ;


my haw tool


at chow leg

your chew
∞)blink reduction(∞


“gods or knuckles”
gnaW hill
hole of

brote agujada y mi mata mata
,fonemética ,la volante torcida y
escúchame es cucha rada i ante
las tumbas flotantes ay piedra
lechosa mi ojo atunelado a
tronado y mi astilla de agua
te nolvida nudonado y las
hojas llamas son ,son páginas
y rutas ,dentríticas y dent
ifrícicas ,spoke hole son
,where the shirts and shots
spout forth ,donde me en
cerré en el cuento de mi
lengua de hilos ,de mi
congota de nudos y
_________________ líneas


teem shoulder ,mite clastique
torn meat armed my mudded
tool lifted on the steps the
sleeping grin wavers high a
bove ah gravel crowded in
the mud tree with bees hums
the name of ,my shoes slop
sweat my face is butt
er ,milk knowing’s O rule
flows the boulder’s light
worn flood ,pool ,sock ret
raction so I floundered in
the sheet my ear drow
ning gnats streams o’er
the sill * * ** * ** * * *