Monday, March 25, 2013


la ví sentada la ví tocinada la
ví entre los zapatos en una col
ina la ví comer un dedo la
ví en el clóset del cielo con un
libro en llamas la ví coci
nando la ví con un pedazo de
piedra verde y con un pie de
humo la ví y la ví en mis bra
zos como aire la ví con
un dólar y una calabaza
con un tenedor y una cer
illa la bí al dormir mis
ojos abiertos cerrados al
pbasto del tiempbo

Tout est calme ici...
- Guillaume Apollinaire


butt er my leg my den
ser abs ent free zer wh
ere yr goat taco dri
es .s lug the ra in
,opto mantic condiciones im
perfectas lo que duerme
en la to alla )es un dec
ir( tus calcotines por
dioseros tus shoulders
clouded with a head ,the
highway dropping toward the
night )))or caterwauling
next the guacamole ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Doblé la esquina.
- José Agustín


,infarcto ,lomo laboratórico
,shadow swallowed ,es
perpento de mis cojonitos
where my apex growled a
,shuddered lake ,ton st
ruggled ,nape flaky wit
h yr spreech .logomét
rica ,y el libro va
cío que me nada que
,te funerals ,mruddy
srandwich srinking in
the highway where tu
camrisa tus monredas t
u crara infrocada me
ve un verre una voz una
ven tana es trellada abrí...
- Rubén Darío


mud ni fog ni lake ni
esesencia fráctil sug
ared saw dust dr
ifting toward the base
board dominio arañil
.soto voce ,streaks .a
hamster in ,your sand
wich .bald black eyes
your ,drinking ,tequilita
riéndose en tu zapato
derecho .zona lacrada
,pozo de ,honror y ,so
ggy flag tangled in the

...where yr books did drink.
- John M. Bennett

Friday, March 22, 2013


peered into my slathering f
oam neck tossing in
the peak’s wind your sc
aled foots your steps
red and black in tlilli in
tlapalli sweaty on the
wall yr ice conjecture
left the )~heavy sn
ake~ the( if angle l
ouder gash into the gu
shing cave )))uh pee
ling throat uh (((

)what yr instant fog(
)what yr instance
)what yr
( hay pirámides sin cogollo...
- César Bolaños

Espejo del Queso

cheese ‘n snore la puerta
enrevesada encantoada
“like” .gasiconsolidada
,towels an mocos ,tu
foquisnot de luz que
“en mi libro cae” wh
wh ere ere I dozened
off y el precipicio

...como sangüich literato.
- Nicanor Parra


Plumbing the lake my
shed dries my ass
link shines inside the
park your gun loose
.pale an lipid ,d oubter
fork whirls before my ─═
bOca cueval ,inten
dencia fogosa ,fin del
logco comido .“pleasant
wallks” ,a crow n my
sopping cuffs w rite
a c r o s s the
floo __________________ r
- José Gorostiza


sa in somática tus co
jines de lona ...carre
tera soñada... ,tierra
infútil ,in farcta ,in
factícia como mi so
mbra mi h om bro
amicturado como za
pato ...el cielo pisé
,caído ,caca fónico ,des
camisado como mi cu
erpo desencarnizado y
a saba nado . . .placer
del nonato . . . .

...the closing door.
- Edgar Allan Poe

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett

]ggagggingg at the ggate yr[
phone clam drools .ste
pped into the ppile ~))~ste
am~an~sstorm~((~ an
in the ¡ circle walkeddeklaw
ggiggglingg on the ppivott .i
t’s yr ddoggy dday yr dd
roppping mmail yr burrito nn
attters in the mmudd CRAWLS

...ther doc...
- K. S. Ernst


but tur ned the sl ice a
way reform cr os s yr f
ield the s tinging su it sh
oulder’s d ou bt mu d m ud
dan se mal andre )m
ail the p hone( )as c
rappy m( ist~ knee sug
ar b.lotted n.ode swi,r
,ling on yr polate .rai
.sed the arm d.rop.
p.ed the f──═ ork

...manger le doigt.
- Jacques Dupin


so ak th e nded sh
oe yr b right f ly sh
DO OR me wheee ling
necgk ))nor sw allowed
clou d(( aw n ail aw
sogc k aw a w I c
r ash th gl ass cras
h t he g lass an s
nored the l a w n
o u t s i d e
Emily Dickinson

Mirror Wind

I blew ,across the
fork in,side the a
pe ,yr dowel ,s
tun lake ,roa
red an p ,izzle
,fan too m,uch ,
nor c ,rowd n ,or
nate n,or ,fella
taper shoulders
what ,sno ,re
,a wh,ile th,e
, , , , , w i n d t h e

...las tumbas instigantes.
- Xavier Villaurrutia


minced apt camel
and the heat rip
ples ,socks ,lithal
sckullgril .yr med
icinal sandwich yr
lim nar stre am

evinced tele
phone ah fick
le spool past’s
the docks lip an
stool girl’s box
chop sharp

totem boo th
th e son ic tub
e ar sir cha
meleon sit an
drool her .ice tra
ject iriorates

dent ations ,capit
skullism flown up
.the libid words
trickled fool g
ull the mos ki
quito tivity

b rush s ays sq
uabble ay the eng
ine meal ex
aust breath bit
.spira c ripple
tool whirl ,alaxia

vege hoard yr
kimchi tripled poo
l wor ld ,lithopoly
,fusion pathoeats
o explody popsicle
)other mayo texts(

)listless mule stirs(
beyond apoca mono
glutative circular
of englush ,uncooked
the termites yowling
in a oioioioi oi oi oi

imirriimiirrii clo
ud popula an a
ambig time o trip
led rule grill !
even sneezes even
meat maze ideas

...reflux another else...
- Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 40, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


itch lock ,d oubt
met er ,m ail e me
l eg g ash ‘s fogg
y sou p an c link
y on the d.u.s.t.y f
.loor a shadow o f
f cette jam be O
l’é pandre s ur le vis
age et )))n’ente ndre
rien((( en la cacacasa m.y k.ey’s h.
idden t.urd

- Jacques Dupin

Mirror of Hosiery

the door sock the
cog whistle the lo
ad missle the mu
sty fogcus wheely
apt aburned hopt
north untowelled
- eat your leg -
portion saddle
,fine inching t.w
at toward time
to twist a.way
.figure finished in
the sopa clim.ate
,with the sopping to
es crushed a.
gai.nst t.he jam.b

- Blaster Al Ackerman


lead or cheese yr na
sal eximpresso where the
“flaw dust inhale”s wh
at inti s hines be
fore “the s.tone” yr l
ack g ack ,s“tum
bled out a head”
an d“ropped yr
samm”ich :foam
y at the mou thing

...fromage, ordure...
- Petrus Borel Champavert

Mirror Circle

sieze the bray o cas
ti gate the one temp
le id or er ,I was
sagging in the tub .c
how congeals inside
the blood your fruit
intect ,apsy ,tree
d shower like a son
g a pile )and rint ,p
orkid ,file incendiation(
where yr whip pu ll re
gressed ,ingressed ah to
ward st art the c
lay again’s ,not d
one ,was aspirate ,was
bagging all the meats
.ay don Coyote ,im
plácame ,que el
fin no llegue ,que

porfin as, su águila...
- Rubén Bonifaz Nuño

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hot Sock Mirror

the issued sock or
sockissue thap doc
cument rote the
,ento gream muzzle
bear yr h arms a
loud .eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ach .t wit ,the foc
used b lind ,g
runting in yr “sleep”
)(mirror)( O )(dog)(
)))))))))))) bubbbly bbusiness
and a hhummpping s
hoe bboiling on the
stebps ha .“the
steam she wrote ...... ”

f ck

...el agua, la aguja...
- Ramón López Velarde


the sea’s LINT CRIME
saw the sueño sordo ,subo
por un bosque libros mo
hosos en los troncos clavados
...ate what I ...frag mente...
...o... suelo de mi lengua
cupi ...r ...the swirling seeds ...f
BEACH tus huevos fritos

en el taco de tierra

...luz mortecina...
- Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera

Mirror of the Páramo

rake the phone hair the
nodding lake yr facial
cowl streaming back
the lip you ,lathered ,do
wn or upside ,the bra
wling moon atop the st
ones you kept inside
.fog and lint ,your jack
et open to the bull its
head current just p
ast’s you and chang es
.“left my drink your po
cket” )where the shad
owed coin’s sinking
toward your hole l


...lo perdido, güey...
- Juan Rulfo

Week Mirror

iowa death slaw mu
cous scrawls my
negck o stigcky col
lar ~ ~ ~ smeared wind
ow ~ ~ ~ eh horizon
tal snow =:=:=: : : : sm
udge of )trees?( across
the fields )soap and
diarrhea( )books an
greasy dust behind the
barcalounge ,soup-
soaked ,cloudy ,til
ting on the doghaired
rug )closed mine eyen(

)“heaved and breathed”(((((((((((((((((((

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Espejo del Pacha

less b linking please your
thighness ,sleeping ,oddled
nor the stone gristle ,i
t’s .yr hole cone ,er
fleshy eyen ,seen thet
take-home s talling in
,¿yr shoe? )))))))))a cor n a
tters in the show]≈er≈[
br uma aho gada el ,oj
ito ,enre vesado ,oda se
ver ne ,en su escon
dite ,peluca ,por
quería de pala cio ~Ø~
¡ay my qualming legs!
seen’s the gravel ,quiv
ering in your bed ,,┌─┐,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

...en las cumbres, un cuerpo santo.
- Garcilasso de la Vega, el Inca

Knot Mirror

yr lungg forkk seized ─=Ω
ah my dog’s shower gate the
m ending path er an ...~~..~... . . .
where yr 2 way b reathed
sandwiched in the swOllen
meat sp l ashed
d own in fo rm ),d,r,i,,
,b,,b,,l,e,,d,,( inesencia ,clo
wn crow ned ,alked bot
h ways \ / )yr quipu
novel( )that’s what I
said( the soaking rug ,al
voelar shaking ,epin eph
rin and yr coughing-stebps

“return your lunch” X

...y los nhudos guardaban.
- Guamán Poma de Ayala

Snot Mirror

ah haanh ,she cheese eh
¡ t’wun nur’egga was ,er
abpt uh ch’angers d’og
folded ,unh yes .pale
,an yessoed inna bucket
.ere’s me ,curdly an
wadtter ,foggy inna
saldt .)¡sal de quí ,ho
rita!( my nosdtril g
asification my drimp my
obvi rento wheel s tored
the rank’s soup the
bail Ω clangclanking
on yr e m b p t y stebps

aw haw urinous door...
- H. P. Lovecraft


sh ards ,and saw the feet
hell crystall mocky
nest smouldering on the
roof ^~~ )yr tous
lled name( BEATING
IN MY sweltered neck

)splinters of glass in the water( ( ( ( (

-Franz Kafka


too th r ake ,dow ned
cl oud voi ce tr
ickling from yr sou
p the ))shroud(( be
fore the wind ow’s
c lotted light your
shining face the lam
p’s c ream st orm m m

...áscuas, seda...
-Rubén Darío


my soTTed seed lunch gape
across The Table was a
Tree Torn )beside the
wind~~( )my damp cl
own shorts( .....
)))O lick the f l o o r S______________

Touch ... uh ... sp i T ... . .
- Nick L. Nips

swallowed espejo

ek hiss d on
torn suker
- shape my suit -
)its heaving fog(
ponential thro
at grb

turning down the esophagus

- Juan Ángel Italiano