Tuesday, April 28, 2015

al filo del agua”

su dar me he
,en poltrado ,su
bido por la es
calera asemillada
de piedras oculares
no he visto no he
pis ado r no
de un diente di
ente en cada ojo
pues ,la tormenta urge

cuando te tocas la cara

sopa seca en
tonces ábreme la
boquita dicharacha
swivelled from's
teeth yr tecolote
insipidation raise
your clam raise
your it's like nothing
said enton ces ar
ab rir ol vída lo

open door the slam

shape collapsant on
him mort all a
“time” 's lun
ch crow ded
flowing gut ter
spells the outer core
was corazón endeble
dung con vection
louder sandwich
c lay's about
half singing

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

lunch is ready

nest of faucets circ
le toward yr
jerking leg those
gerbils quiver in
yr shoes why
kick the book
why cut the bun
yr sammich drives
turn on the hose
run and bray

open the window again

heh k heh k w
rap the beans
in yr shirt
say it's crawling
off the table
what Mr. Lunch
drops in yr shorts

La cara en el Lago Petén Itzá

I struck the ph one
the lake's lung a
grass forgets air th
inks thru tiny holes yr
busted foot cloaca
del cielo mes doigts
iluminés comme sand
thumb can't hold no
thing can it hold tu
lengua agusanada
cómetela it's good
muy rica

black grease coats the current

combs the rusty sh
otgun puluation
anthrostomy nor
sotbags sink a
long the river d
usty flowers
drop and drop yr
sweaty leg yr
single eye yr
blank et soa
ked with hymn

Monday, April 20, 2015

was playing in the dirt

feel my neck or
tonsil lost behind
a truck your fog
appeared was tr
ounced was f
lummoxed was a
crushed potato c
hip behind the
davenport what
giggling priest re
framed yr lex
icon – laps e of
words – mirrored
at last returns
feel my face fee
l my grand indention
f eel my toothy
shadow hyperventilates
hhh behind hu garage

your head on a plate

darling laundry nape
for me im portant
shale c lankking in
your dryer shadow
of a fork you tw
ist for me ist
for ,you                 ?

the darker torque

steeper sweat than tool
creep beside the sandwich
yr outer tongue a worm
ttwitching in the riverr
where yr apt to thin
smirks and weeps
let combs reply
let gas inspect
yr doubled wallet
nodded in the sheets

Friday, April 17, 2015

dice foundation

whose voice is that opening
o ping escapes there news a
half knee diffe ning in
shape gene from here and
when does it begin un
end rescapes such plywood
of the brain's hemisphere
left right frot amerio
grits ladder identical
to jihadists and the
broken paper dirt dia
lectic halved by each mar
riage soup controled her feet
entity dazzles slate job
unexfully eployed make
words in the grass fish drone
re leased a sadistic tire wind
held forth the “parnassian
ridge” in their little soap con
sciousness )worn in the
hair( collaboration rip
ens in the word floods
philology of corpses o'goose
sir slackers absorb man
agement's appliance poetry
lifted high from the blinding eyes

Chattering through Ivan Argüelles'
anabasis xxxviii” and Jim Leftwich's
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 114.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


smoke clot smoke clot smoke
clot smoke clot smoke clot
smoke clot smoke clot smoke
clot smoke clot smoke clot
smoke clot SALT clot smoke
clot smoke clot smoke clot
smoke clot smoke clot smoke
clot smoke clot smoke clot
smoke clot smoke clot smoke


scratch it off

it ch is sue ,“ash
blown from an empty s
leeve” yr neck
f laps ,or's s pee ch's
sticky cob b ,w
here yr teeth's left the
,bog hand raised ,w rote
the door ,or wind ,w
as nothing ,and said was
to rn

- urine shadows in the gutter -
- William S. Burroughs

nodding past the worm

fog my belly
inout hales kee
p nos trill be
fore the seed
your dead lake

in doubt the snore

issue the rice
k not kkkkk paw
s make a sleeve
bowl lobster and a
rake the dead hair
s lave a way

Saturday, April 11, 2015


meat shadow meat shadow meat
shadow meat shadow meat shadow
meat shadow meat shadow meat
shadow meat shadow meat shadow
meat shadow AIR shadow meat
shadow meat shadow meat shadow
meat shadow meat shadow meat
shadow meat shadow meat shadow
meat shadow meat shadow meat

w i n d


afónico me miré la
cara la cara col in
humada afónico me
puse la cazuela como
gorra afónico me entré
como agua en el agua co
mo agua en el fango a
fofónico me toqué la bar
riga la babarriga inin
finitesimal o inintestinal
aafónicos mis huehuevos
mis huevos huehuevonados
y afónico escuché la
cuchara vavacía que se
acercaba que se acertaba
bacía acia mi boca

lapse bark

down sn arl d
oor's chew an
g ate aflation s
pend the core uh
floor b ent

seen yr dog

ch sh

cheap cheese your
laundry gate up
heaval in the dryer's
glander fog arc k
nife's re coil er ection
mea t et s wallow

Thursday, April 9, 2015



For Volodymyr Bilyk

The Ts ought to be in a block, not a line,
but it's kind of interesting this way

sand , mouth

, shadow , coil , milagro ,
, swollen , gnat , theft ,
, light , other , mask ,
, towel , gravel , bury ,
, door , letter , head ,
, F , aile , always ,
, mist , missed , mistaken ,
, chasm , law , stone ,

For Ivan Argüelles

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ice time

cheese his gland de
livers crown of bacon
and a peeler sand
wich eats his hand
:breath rope ,intub
ation ,fecal focus
on the steaming pile

ectoplastic ,embol
ism ,fortress of
ebola and a
swallowed neck

sp utter a way

liebster groin d
ust dichter
dri thhigh
your Buns
a North

engage the suit

mm ild dd oor
let you
enter out
an be an fog

aw snore

run instead ,bait
knob wriggly after
user team the
bent lunch was c
old my mines g
ravel ed blood ,
uh ice cap
e ver , eve r

Saturday, April 4, 2015

choke leg

his leg chchoked even the
mud's torrid phone thing Re
member storms ideas today
the thing's mood plunder hap
pening tongue takes place
you “isolate” the shape
less drain dialects pl ace
takes pl today our voice rem
ember o pened doubt the
sticky rug gram mar sl
ashes chil dren's spatial org
an allowed uh place between
it self “the” thing museum
leaves and swirls ah
plundered icon por lo
menos take it to valiente
Aquiles' hidden mea dows
me mory its elf the th
ing Today the Thing to
day becomes la playa
mood clogged beside it
self bes ide itse lf
the a moment's grooves
comían loto pues a
the d reamer's eye tal
king at tha congre
gation sur rounded br
eathing surr ounded thea
thing to dismemb er bags
of feet uh bag ofeet uh
rag uh

Four voices: John M. Bennett,
Ivan Argüelles, Jim Leftwich, Homero

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


h andle that m
ore dust r
ises in yr nnos
trill slam the
door h oppen
,fog a hoy m
is piernas es
tancadas xca
da c una

indo L

dr ink uh sw
eats fog f ile
ou ter g ore
outer gor e
wr ought er
w ake s
yr L e g

usher in the mattered mouth

abuser cheese yr s
opped throat swims
change yr clutch of
time retrains yr
leafy sink what's
corn was foam nex
t week I screened be
fore the fridge a
c lot re duction ,sw
ollen m ilk f ill s up
o t ears o tear s yr

impale the sh out

canned uh tun a s
troke yr broke Sh
ape deMand a
V Vote

water teeth