Friday, October 30, 2009


dust the closet ware
oil bowl

sit on pie


oh four lash
numbd on e
)be rate(

rods and cones

crumbdle h and lens
cheep shirt

saw the hole


bull bore

the rubber coffin


gag tool
pond my word
yetz yetz

nobby gut


rust my mate
border lung
rat dice


.uh .dot lamb .hefty page ,your comb .an
ice loot .peel .snore throne ,bag night ,pile
.flag an nest .drope .plan or .fat long shape
.dogs an rice .lit .feet your ,dog .starts
half .real spore .the bone the mile .sore so
light .spit sheet the hot clam the .lout
an window where ,the falling thinks ,the poo
l skins the sky and all my socks are
filled with dirt

That Cough

snore my ladder so the pants con
geal so my stomping on the steps a
funnel to illumination switch was
dripped with olive oil .rice whis
pering in the walls the rungs are clear
like glass tos toss the gasoline an
slugs sinking to my shoes my coffin’
climb my spieling head leaking o’er
the roof mountain


beep suit bomb crew scuttled doo whimper
caligrafía flotante spread your turds an
dry .what’s thickened on the wind wh
at’s pequeño y conlactado conlechado porque
said my trucha flapping in my sleeve .the
long day’s grain coarsens on your wall the
screws drop out like words the doorframe
falls and nothing reads its name and stalls

Thursday, October 29, 2009


log joy



ton gue
splead it
c raw

seethe food


ussed gnap
sheet sleeep

yender ho


s tub
song patty



s kew gnut
ciao o chow


uh said
yes ,“said”

far too

The Little Swarm

the pile nips .gas age .a .droop
puzzle .glut .none towel .ape
crash .severed ,a lead .dross .s
lap crystal .gut ter ,mope ,fanny
.festered whistle an .my gate my
.file .chips .past the page .nor
loop nor .gristle in my eye .you
nap .o .plop .the number “of” .loc
k .an gnats that drizzle from
the trees

El Agua en Llamas

bash my phone nor number ham dribbled
tooth or .save the comb it’s gnatty tin
e broke off .my pulse a shooting name a
gown loomer talking at the speed of
fight oh slumbered hand crippled in the
booth !sooner chalked than... my
spine fire drizzles down my pants my
shoes are smoke and light .the toil
et speaks across the hall and all my
somes are one are burning water


dim leak an dry half rented in the cis
tern like a sinking fly the outer flame
hissappears no lobster clacking in the fauce
t no fallen tense supports the stair
.the thin speak why sent the ,lectern
drifts away its name a crunching of the
throat my hose my footnest my coff
in leans against the wall ,it’s all use it’s
none it’s tepid lens slogging through
the air

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


lung double ,slag deep ,pest
ered trash through your connec
tion dips my lip .pleasant themes
and trouble flung ,the flag sleep
cornbill ,musted bags thicken in
my phone your drip beside the wind
ow ow meekly dozened or a cru
sted leg twitching past your sleep
page the mud and tunnel through
my air


halfway sped and doubled you I
belted off my shirt and thinking
water thinks .up and blot and no
pe an dual nuts nodding on your
neck .the phase of Glans Sherman
or ,my tooty step ,your gotta
smart that crap .dug and juggled
fed the stubble past my smelted
mouth dirt drinking buts and clots
.so yummy and the well sings deeper in
the dark

For Blaster Al Ackerman


buck ,nor luck gland dancing through
my gnatted hair a claw nostril ,maze
of falling soup and double off my leg
.duple ,duped or torn ,mucus ban
ner and inner stomach filled with
ink I bit my hand glancing ,spat the
slaw oh days of cawing ,suits and eggs
sleeping on my eyes like thumbs !a
plaster plaza iridescent with your


rusty c lung e
door o door

heavy mule


short shot
the blood ship

pestered stool


trum thunder
uh cage
beaut boat
laver spoon


dash a
mute a
melt a
stunn cashh


hunt and slept
aht aht

room or snore


knack knock
head of wire

bright tooth

Monday, October 26, 2009


nuts tune lamp clod )you mumble(
drooling in my lap a phone sinks
outside a sidewalk thick with cats
no muscle gleam no guts loom no
damp sod crumbled on my soup
quivered cold and sliding off my face
a knife you clattered on the phone


slopping in the grave L etching
fog ,senda crack ,well amor yr
doom crumbles in the ,drink
ambulation all my teeth in you
,number dream ,blocks of
hash a sting whistle ,stop o
stop and ravel un yr retching
hog sack of boom .utter mumbling
,cash the flush chokes ,itta itta your
nuca name o zapatos de hule
stinking in the rain


spander comb my streak steak
flavored like a tire ,very quickly
,shapely ,stormed ,and plundered in
my suit the gate of sneezing .long
leak my crisp ,changeink ,muddy
stunned and cumoloma that growth
of night the gland home my wreak
your flaking labor ,dandruff on your
shoes .a wire a form a wandered
in my loot your lesser fang a
stalactite crashing in a cave


f lay
c ash
d one

du mp



dr ape on e
matter me ter
ph one th
c hew


bomber dog
bloody mule

flappy flappy


pig dug
blat nor
ampt lude



duck laundry
b ash m ore
p ile b link

gut ter leg


choked shoulder
long paw

the claw come out your eye

Friday, October 23, 2009

the dog dug meal

unster nam
esa nate
essa nor


radda cuute
lob gumm

comb core

slob mister

the hung gun the
drag seem
cros dock

hug my shirt

lib nur

age of hum ham
notta knotcase
esta taem



dorner mate
my moom tool
lob stir

hang the faece


mudder ,fork ,g
as sock breading
slaver net the hole
gone grease you
uh ,me


slosh past ,crawl find ,tub mental
loot swirling in my mud room taller
than an ash my clipclip drying
gasoline and hind my comb .dust
lakes ,my rush slashed ,my dried
club booted toward your “face” was
that a cash slip burnt ?the foam
takes hush ,the faller suit the “place
of glass” splinters in your burning cave
a hallway shrinking in your sandwich
tossed and fast a foetal lunchmeat
saved for years


gut and sky ,nose and loot ,morph the
ratleg coins you gravelled in my pocket at’s
the tumor foam ,yr cloud clawed ,yr
itch my mighty gag an rent the nut fun
gus layer .best to dorm an attic ,the
quicker sleep ,thicker than my fattened storm
my chest flayer nimbus sent to nag .the
nightly ditch the slaw mound the shone
rumor locks my ravelled hoarse my
suit ,clothes I lie in’s rut and
choke my feet or are they yrs

The Short Count

shape of corn lumber I detained the
corner squirting sawdust ,stop my hat
,cage grunter told my snore to seep
.saw the bark splash saw the tower
grinning with its shiner full of noodles
,endless ,ending ,o my staple storm
slumber ,rain and shirts just clocked
my shot page the blunter door keeps
barking ,lashed and glowered ,thinning
with my time dulled strudel .the
spent table burnt and numbered

Thursday, October 22, 2009


jump the fog dense hopping fork
it off the spam page o meat
gelatin ,done faking ,pig drat your
face my up my sleeve a leaking ham
.fire insect where my cardoor blender
gushes like a crystal suit your shoes
my steak your lump my long fence
sloppy pork or coughed the ground
cage I poured your feet a drink and
crazed my daily hard boiled egg


dog rattle in my hat oh lips and grunting
in my hat a horn shatters in my hat in my
hat your tuna sandwich steams my
lumber learns the table in my hat your
lower back is cranking in my hat my boom
and nostril ,frame and fire forgetting
in my hat your lapse and lops it off
my hat in sanitation grumbles smothered
chair my hat your hat crowder in my
hat a lung and knot a spoon and
cheese rind stinking in my hat


bammer ,bomber it’s your mirror your
boot sunk your fishy gape plopped
before the “throne gas” it’s un
needled or my slammer fonder than your
gear your loot your “wishing” for a lake
.the eddy dries and my collapse growls in
the index where your string curdles like
the news a grown rash wheedled in my
yammered pond gun .age and “special
socks” ,fog and lint buns my thumbing break
fast it’s knackered don’t you see


bamma neck
lot crash

hag test


est’ce came
jolt tune
yaw yeah



blobba ,
an spill
knuckle not




dent custard


gosh ash
nubile net
the cling


dog dry

eh eh
samne shower

gass llid

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


my nek yuk
dough dough
flog shape


traw my brath
yetz sa
id the catt

ha w


fascial tongue
blap suit

neverr nnever shappe


jake jack jerk
eh eh
try to


nurk an
belt one

to the breath

best (p)

desk tie


Muddy Skull Ring

in the milpa saw the stalks bristle
with my itching back around the dum
psters where my sleep inhales .the rot
ting lumber bright with ants and butts my
frothing sleeve inhales the glare rising
from my oily shoe thumps a cross the
alley where my dimes quiver in the as
phalt buckets boil and screetch the
corncobs hustle on the ground my tal
king gristle ,pitching sack and clumps of
sound my feet details my clotted sl
umber night “of chance” and shuttered
cloth and bees I stared “and knew”

Mr. One

rant and mount the cover of your
heel Mister Runny at the lake of
eggs rolling blisters seething in
your hair that icecream in your
shorts flickered on the door
way of stomach flation in my
wallet fog added to the hairy lens
my “thought recoils” dusty legs
I angle neath my chair my pants
and counting

Blood Neck

neck flobbering at the stalled gate my
neck glisten plunging toward the gravel
neck sinking in the loss of tooth my
neck rubber paged and crystallizing n
eck boils and boils a soap of bloo
d muscle rustling through the falling shirt
rice dressed with mould and blood
tunnel clacking with yr belt of stones blood
smoking on the mirror you saw your back blood
numbers carved into your butt’s blood

Monday, October 19, 2009

Accidental Discharge

raw pants I numbered ,bags of lentils
,mines and streams ,the dribbling lung
foghorn shuddering in the distant hill its
cuadrupedal staircases thirsting for the
door I hitched them up .my bunchy
shorts my wrinkled belt my cloud re
call lagging in the metal time the gleam and
stung spill lurched across the “floor” .the
ashy whine my ear details the flooded
suit and shooting off my mouth .oh my
cash and time my muddy loot and fear !

Tumbling Fist

tumbling past the crumbhole lubrication is
my faucet complication sandal bleeding
thumb I crunched inside your shoe I
“walked” astride the rail gleaming in
your foglamp pissed against the tall
crumbled leg leaning on the throne
)ice cramp( a pillow of yr head I
named a ball .nodded it and furled
the spear toward you ,isolation in the
stands the banners dripped with
smoke my grumbling mole flossed
beneath the dumb stream I lunched
the nail steaming in your damp fist

Puzzle Rut

rut lake ,mute molt ,clapper falling
rut and stung my shoelace strangulation
rut around the corner of my facial
rut cloud dangling from a log bullet r
ut pencilled like a coughed word puzz
le booming like a train the dog puzzle
sleeping in my shirt the needled puzzle
smoke trashed across the kitchen puzzle
ham door ambulation grins a puzzle


dunker le
dawn ape





shitty bhench


logor naybor
or lunk

bang banngg

Friday, October 16, 2009

the thumper

dong core
ah eh

who kiill

sure was

floppy “one”
more uh

you tooty!


trace the tranq
paw pall

bread the sheet


in my mattress a phone in my mattress a
loaf in my mattress a growing wreck in my
mattress a cow covered in thorns an ear
of corn burning in my mattress in my mattress
a fork and pie in my mattress a ladder of
teeth in my mattress a lobster sinking a
coin in my mattress a boiler a crystal a
pile of socks in my mattress a doubling
rash and a cinderblock that floats in my
mattress a gun and a coin in my mattress
a toothpick and a grain of sand


butt slack ,claw drawn map buttered
with my ear a horn and excavation
,long mice scattered in the wind .mighty
dots and lung ,tape me off ,folded
shorts forgotten in the furnace cloud
s my gnat gregation ,boiler clue ,drum
meter nested in my foggy soup .I
aimed the pail my screen licky one
,border crime ,inapt or ,cornfled ,mó
vil adentro ,gore of air I named your
pantalón “my gristle”

La Nariz

tuerca ,tumba ,túnel ,tambor in
finesco de mi caca incandescente plu
mífera y sondeada mi casa alumbrada
adumbrada ,tómame el pelo rutilante
el cristal de mi hondonada tumbífera
cloacada .tentación y todas las tos
tadas tentativas mi ojo derecho deri
vado lo izquierdista olvidado mas entro
espiralizante y muero en mi día inicial la
peluca de mi olvido recordado un ajo es
condido en mi oreja

Dog Dog

dog an ice map an boom shore an blink
gas an time shrub an beak fog an rice
neck an slug mile an belt thorn an seek
crust an mute flag an file bun an crack
crack an bun file an flag mute an crust
seek an thorn belt an mile slug an neck
rice an fog beak an shrub time an gas
blink an shore boom an map ice an dog

Thursday, October 15, 2009


en el fond du lac mis manos te hombran
en el agua se escurren ,seen yr tubes
and torns a ,festering ,lo podrido all
grinny an soaped .lengua espumosa el
pantalón un túnel es ,de flujos lleno
,caspa and corn ,crates of pickled tongue
and the louder dawn c’est lourde
.pesaroso que voy me diaclítico ,des
cribes yr ,cara floja ,flappy ,fenêtral et
lomismo me da .the long cave floods


sotamesa me entro y me lentisco ,veo el
reverso de la máscara .escondida mi mano
fonética el agujero listón donde mis
pies veo la manga vacía el rincón de
abarrotes lo fluído y lo estancado de
mi bolsillo de hule es ,inflado como mi
lenguetazo bobo que duermo ,ante la
puerta ,el perro eleguá de un solo ojo
solamente ,un zapato una moneda un puro
sin humo y dejo que mi cara se caiga
en el plato repleto ,mis frijoles frívolos
,mi lechuga que los ojos abre y o
cupe las aperturas cerradas de mi


focused for the gun I nodded in the
lacustre sleepy air a wall grinding
.laps and lungs ,a plunder fonoteca
)“plunger”( so I grates an dinks
,papered all the dawn faucets .ape
the map the “imitation” of my
curdled beast picking the nose tying
the lines crawling the shore the
blue mumbling in your gasoline
.my hash basket leaks my numb
er feces crept behind

Grey Flames

fog thorn and my loomer nuts gazing
from the lid I couldn’t open flake
the glass .time to cluster at the
fenestration ,where the cumbers some
shine ,age of nickels ,flap your
forehead ice’s flickering and roping
,sloppy names guttered in your cheeks
.oh it’s “my” all night ,caged and
grounding ,there’s my tundra grazing
through the coal that sharpness
stinking in my eye

temp lo

sobmer sp
dog forkk

shitty hilll


drone an
drain dump
pill t



more jernk
meh “meh”

lep it

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Templo Uno

lipid application ,gun tomb ,melt my
sonograph your portion smatter
,pulls and pouts ,meat tied on the
mast .the glow slong cooking and I
aped the smoke .some buzzing
forkination ,gas an tuna ,tombs
bobbing up in riverine agrícola
,the macaques and fogs the
howling en la selva ,diente de
chaac gleaming at the sun rides
up I felt the tires in my
pockets the foam scribbling at the
corners of my mouth and I numb
erred and combed ,left my
hash dribbling on the steps


the blustered wall the plenty sickened the
nodder hunched beneath the sill oh clammy
syntax ,loiter breath ,bucks an noodles
fattened on the floor !the portion flow the
“graspèd ash” the knowledge of the nut
.trunks or bogs what drinks it all or ash
contraption mist at’s me .so beg the luster
mortar for a quickness ,or a fodder lunched
beneath the glandy hill

The Long Flush

number hump lamp gristle towelettes
wadded in the coffee cupped your
lip my bleeding mole .the upper
frog sky ,damp whistle ,offal
streaming toward the hole my gland
.the fogged tool the crunching dict
ionary torn beside your throne
.rug and neck ,the sandy pool con
tains your face my giggling with
a hammer .oh nuts and tossing half
the bones across the track


sooner crapped than toweled soo
ner named than seen sooner
foamed than doubled soon
er crawled than slept soone
r paged than burnt sooner
stormed than nodded soo
ner lumped than issued soon
er crawed than mumbled soone
r palped than poisoned sooner
gushed than laddered so
oner phoned than lied s
ooner plunged than comp
licated sooner piled than
gated back the sooner stunned
than under stood


reef of caterpillars ,foam of ear air
,blasted neck and comb across the
room my leaf flitter my bombed
leer fasts – edge of swallow – fogging
in the cave’s your boiling hat my
bub bled eyes your fal ling mask my
stairway rises to the muck it up those
clogged thighs freaking in the gas sighs
beneath my chair my floated leak my
tune sucked behind my head


half the

clash scent

use knack

ah my ,uh

lentive gush


knuckle lamp
or head
gristle suit
throw the half
just runt


doubt and lunch
fill my ray
test neck


hue an dry
apse stinker
the faucet’s shape

puzzle lung
oh crash fistic
boiler tomb

crust and nod
blink and spill
lotsa aping

yes it’s no
yes it’s crumbs
yes it’s towel drip

shaping the sots
“pill” you think
cod lust

bomb foil
list of ash
hung and guzzled

nape closet
ink collapse
my gland knew

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fludter Flutder

dog lens mute negck ,mortal mortar
lumbering toward my tongue a
gas is crashed a lobber smelt a
finger wipe collected .so I fart so
sore so rashed and clouded licking at
the window for a light .the estimation
bag thuds against my knee the bar
king flute lunged the slobber kite
lingers in my sleeve my armpit
thick with moths


hush and hunch your gut contamination aim
a porkrind at the lightswitch where your
greasy eyelid flutters clownish dust my
shoulders off the landing ,bring crystal
bring lunch bring ammunition for my
fork sighed and moulders in the heat
ing duct .the usual it was the ne
ver mind the whirling face dipped in
soup oh blut contraption !find the
spore I cleft behind free the
clasped angle of my air !


duck half ,knot suit ,F head or
threadless glisten .truly stunk ,an
lapsèd me ,porner gloating in the
sink .bash off ,muter hum ,mester
mestizado es mi huevo huevón .thong
waves laugh ,the sotted loot the
“dead” pimples spray over the bow
,mice dribble from the corners where
my eyesight dangles in and stops


knot pile
blam glam yet
fraught coat
“some coughing!”


let’s rink
“ok” nut
or while


comb dust


pulgar y pulgas
martillo largo
carne y cumbre

Friday, October 9, 2009

Co Mer

n ag an l unch g runt an dou
ble nap kin it ching in my amp
lentitud de as falto de as pecto
a d onde onda mi ondina frag
r ante la caca .s aid I
bur bled sa id I cam e sent
imiento du al o trip le aún .my
hou se l int my dam p el daño
my ori ficio my off ice my
glue less ion woun d d .o pen
yr mou th at’s c raw ling to
ward the floo ding so up

The Dump

the nested rabbits in your thighs the
cornered lubrication of your issue ,tops
the lentive tissue what I crystallize
,booms of north by lamination .try
to fix the lisp the center thinging
,ports and closets ,amps my stu
tter oh off off neck !the
greying river floods my grease
and numbers file against my
neck your stumble back your
pile .steaming in the crumb
ling dawn

The Fall

back the rake headless none
or the ape rafter things .luffed
or snorts ,grime to go lay the
raft past closet blinker ,stunt
macaroni in your cap .the faucet
flavor ,the crashing drink edits
in your fallen pool a carcass grins
and doffs its neck ,fruit of
splashing in the last lapsed
coff .my age of sweaty shirts
my hand of dropping ants my
towel falling through a cloud


numb an er an

daw daw


itching flame



so handy you

so so



bulll nor


the crusted flood

the gat

o nigh fog


Thursday, October 8, 2009


bell t


lung slave

o T

never has h


the sticky spoon the

drag it off



he he






rotty sink


push pile quack nap dung fog lightly
saddened with a busted tooth my
puzzled sleeve choked with air a
bread doll sticky like a goat sprayed
with glue your buttons burn .flack
sat ,my hung crust booth of hair my
head bugs buzzed stroked your clut
tered lap and pile of flys .a boat
thought creaked my joints twirling
and a duck burns across the lawn


soup sop sup gancho wrecked my
toilet bombed with lint the gate of
mumbler face the ,crasp knock ,take
up the lunch fluttered like my hand
the clod god ,blinking neck my crust
)damp( eyes with tires in the rain
.the troubled suit the maggots pocket
the lisper thumbed with grit and plate
of stumbled... gosh crash ,gak force
,tired and laundry sinking in my chest

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


bull locker
shit cash
so runny
on the fence
my cloud


lumber ,off
grime hand
pled the fork


peel the hall off
come link
trace of mother



pillow grit and
left thin
gutter lake


broke the
off dunk
my nastril

crumbling ape

El Habla

lugar y labio


dock an duck
wet ladder
spit it on


ah gaw gas
melt your knee

The Cook

the laundry the dust the corn the
blister the mooner the crag the neck
the toiler the toilet the sweaty
lock banging down the steps the
pinch my wheedled window clutter
boiling toothpicks like linguini sweep
my dandruff beneath the stove the
clock the foil the beckoned rag the
loomer the twist’em the morn the
crust the quandry spreading puddle
on the kitchen floor


slobber an crawl my collar bill my
ashy legs clumped against my neck
it’s whut yr hatpin gargled
,weathered laundry yapping past the
gas hog .try lipisuction try frying
tummy or my sock oh yes a mighty
pile .labor lentive ,abstisense
what dollar will my lash’s runt dust
startled habits in the grass knock
it off .whumping whumping whumping

Fume Dump

gas lunger ,peel
must huh most
trouble swallows

tuck my
drop slot

faw nertz
gummy one

denk let’s
lens gore

snore sheds
nest fink

spun rumny
shirts slaw

sot clot
why suck

follows double
roast dud crust
feel ,hunger trash

Monday, October 5, 2009

Salad Days

name my whistle and gorilla change my
fountain to a brick the basement
faucet grinding out its dust the fist
nickel savored like whitehot spoon
my trasher index crumpled in a box
o feathered bullet nodding in my sleep
and blander than the coffing splashed
inside my cup or estermate .raw
whacker ,gristle flame pages in the
mountains like a stick a lozenge a
minding all the musts lists dribbled on the
groom I slept my hand inside a festered


gushing tuning roaming bawling finding
slugging tearing naming gawking trying
gagging smoking drying molding tonguing
goggling stunning flaming doping cooling
,stooling ,sloping ,gaming ,gunning ,hobbling
,lunging ,folding ,buying ,soaking ,lagging
,sighing ,caulking ,shaming ,nearing ,glugging
,minding ,falling ,stoning ,sooning ,hushing


“mute meat”
gnat hall
fly the wheel

speaken burger


louder lunk
storm breathe
file claw


globber ,gob
gato y neck
ever speak


cloudy nit gate
ventana node
sour soap
ha ha


the coughing neck
the bank screw
the plodding


gush wrist mind
take it coff
snore your hand
let belt be


fold your tune
bet belter
issue loath
and pause


“pensive” rice
sat clown
blat it all
crisp tongue

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Laundered Slip

gone drying ,clad nickels ,cro
aking drain my wallet please .so
drinks and clouds ,bullet naps your
fono shapes as cross my knees I
glaze my hand ,blunder in the
rinse ,crack my belly glass bla
sting from “the” hole the hoop of
dreams .you’re a chowder and you’re
bogborn ,wetter than floody dy
ing in the wind


done swallow ,chugged the map a
way the stinger gropes my bread
.issued forks a growler yam a
tended to nor soap liquor my
page storm wipes your lid my clob
bered luggage sinks inside your
face .tape your toilet lunch and
bubble through the log .issue ants
,corner heap of lettuce or my leg
spun and followed ,bugged the sap
my lungemeat fried

Ha Da

da plenty
next to

slam drain
mighty click

bah past
room nut

cut groom
fast ya

dick flighty
stain sham

you necks
spreading ha


got caught law
felt the lint
yes it wasn’t

grave L

Upper Gut

bolder loo
P ants y
rop a


placas penetradas
el teléfono nogal
hablo y labro
lomismo es


fusty one pants
ditched up
drain the rake


blunt rabbit
hung deck
float sugar
rat cloud

Cristales de Agua

nunca entro
lago de
sala silbida
subo y sangro