Monday, January 30, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 10, transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

Tamped logo astronomic presaging
frustrates, tamped nautical doctrine,
debates own day zone’s mass bacon
the Sole’s calm ventings and nerfage,
the reins of Aurora’s fine bezel,
purple cues seen pearls’ nests,
coiled mines secretive
oy tea guards his most precious gasbag.
The aromatic salvage penetrated,
what the payday of Arabia’s (coiled veil
arch Alladin is of seals,
not cured, mass tendoned)
pyre irrigation and his constructed nit.
Zodiac dust fuels crystal
a glorious pine,
emulates vague the ardent couch
of Sole, east’s element
that quartered vices halves sieve’s cements
docile the day and thalamus the notch,
wanders halls of fugitive plates
the viagra (junky stretch) embrazened
with an ocean and ortho, simpers under,
o column’s beast o scarlet
tapper of Aurora.
Ester, pus, nave hour
in the humid temple of Neptune’s
verily pendant to the immortal memory’s
numb cone of Victoria.
Of firm isles not the immobile float
in quandried mirror of Alba’s tea described,
coiled number, yea what’s not lascivious,
poured’s the bell, agravelled and poured the vein’s
dulcet confusion hatchets pods
which in the blank tanks of Eurota
the virginal design amounts
to hatcheting scolds or marvelled pairs,
o of terse marble shushed members’ bells,
where puds beaned Acteon’s perdition’s hells.
The bus divided in isles poked,
fragrant producer of quarreled aroma
which, transduced mall poured by Egyto,
retards the commendation’s Nile of shushed buckles
and hell’s mass retards the golashes’ Greece,
clay not, spoiled sea of appetite,
which quantum’s inner connotation retarded Rome
was templed Cato, cast Lucretia,
crated, wiggled, in tan uncertain moors,
donned cone my hazing
of almonds seen crated the major prawns,
coiled memory is beauty pensive”.

Insular pyres, conned east,
and in mist negated luggage the rest
of his discourse the mountains, prolix,
whiff the vents sued causal, the mere his hiccup.
Consoled puddle the pilgrim’s
cone lost of his dad’s curt history log,
see, blinking toads the shushed cargo,
crawled providence’s hormones to their messes,
not commencing yeah the mountains
to scum with their number the amenable,
and the ceiling pulverized. Juggled the veil
the turned hum or his venerable cane,
and levitating the forest, diced:

“Cable me hand hatchet, hee ho,
dusty hermit twists the serious:
see to neutrality’s suffered counsel,
and not tea force’s obligation precise,
the pie dud which in my alms yea tea’s hospital
high tea convicts all whose nose guards swain
political lo mein,
verdant mural of quarried booger begins
what a peso of essential frescos devised.
Segue to the feminine troops conmingled:
verily curious and onerous testicle
the thalamus of noose’s laborers,
who in too quality sandals major
my dangled hot dull ocean too pained
or reason’s faults donning supper’s anus”.

Mall puddles the stranger, degraded,
in tertiary tall negation’s tall company
and in’s tall noble occasion tall hostility.
Alleged pistols loll whacked, seen not the era
of choppy calls and of alamo’s careening,
the fresco of zephyrs rules,
the dense day of the arbor’s cell,
in doubt’s poem crawled’s major hazing
gruel the color or resistance all day.

bag of tongues ∩ bleeds S the
fridge’s air in ,~falls~ out across
the floor___∩ my spinning neck §
to the steaming≈ windo
w □~ walked my swallowed
,gulf it’s ,if dribbled ,,,shirt ,the
porchlight ● blackened ,wr
inkled where Ih ,efffluenza
churned ,wrote the contents
,like bees rotting ,of the plas
tic Ʊ bag .nor knife " nor
hung the sopping ,yet legible
,still ,▒ note ,like naked feet
,crawling from my ,hair ’’’
enshrouded ,mind ,the st
icky ,insistent was ,dust
or archive of the putrifact
,the lunge /


the flooded ,insular if thigh ,socks
tepid far ,envisioned still ,below
the chin your chest toward tilts
,was ,drugged and wove ,hair ,a
,snipping ,wave ,yes smothered like
,what hour regressed ,time nor tic
king of tongued ,tho gagging ,shoe
dripping the bed’s beneath’s .the
surface ,with shirts with arms
with trees entire an tires de
flated ,masks their heads gone
sunk ,shivered and shimmered
in the choking sun .a bowl
,thickened with mud ,of rice ,on
,above the yawn ,a rock ,where
the turbulent earth was sea an
I ,in my pocket ,was hand my
icy fist ,my mouth with grav
el full ,and a cloud ,gravid with
grit ,returns


soaked my broom cloud eat
mutter blank drone sigh
wrinkle where my lunch
consumes the pickled feet
o shoeless mind hot haw I
tightened up my dreamy swi
mming through la M al the
mirrored steam still awake my
constipation clock’s ignored
.the lethal bees inside your
statue tilts encrusted behind
the thorn garage hold out my
spit-up hand the palm a
plate where yawn begins

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 9
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Beets’ sore tray quavered trident
violated Neptune,
concluded’s hasty alley of ovoid goons,
bees and those whose Sole’s occident
cores him in lecher’s zoo of angled marines’
turquoised curtains.
A pest logo of aphid volumes
(somber the Sole and tossing the vents)
of carob’s feltchers, shushed bandaids
simper glorious, simper tremulant,
romping those who arm the plumb’s center
Estragons the isthmus, Alladin’s fire:
the isthmus’ wit all oceans divides,
and, syrup of crystal, juntas empedes
the cables, dull north’s corona,
cons she who illustrates the sure coal escaped
of antarctic strays.
Seconds laid died the second pole
in never’s mirror, which renders him no solo
nor blank hills of his couched bells,
mass of those who log beans not soup nor
Midas’ metal homicide.
Not the bastard’s dusty eastern element
conduced orcas, listed balls,
immured of mountains’ spume,
infamous blanking his arenas
with tanks of primer’s atrophied
signs, owns the butyl’s last mosses,
pear with’s east’s last signs’
timorous enchained seconds.
Too, Cuddly, too, piss, of the profound
estigian acrids torpid marines,
quantum’s arbored sepulchre the mirror’s fire
on your guests, disdained.
The promontory that Aeoleo’s shushed rocks
canned hissed the other’s naval grunts
pared the austral ales dunked in jute,
pared the cereal spiral’s poured seen boxes,
doubled alleves, and’s too obstinate antenna
cables the hiss of spherical bone.

Usher in your clip your cl::
oud your poco nad castrato
ado poised to fart~ the
fat off ,in the chorused
flat recovery ulent ward
les vents du temps chort
le ss truss than sticky
shorts O that’s the part
I want .esencia y cac
céntrica amatoria el ~hum
oido o~ de mi ore derecha
ja monito ,mostaza
puse ,jabón ,un lápiz
,el colmo de tus pul~
lumbres ~mones ,bruma::
del hablatorio perdido en
la calle ates de vacíos tada


dog load plummets ,nor my
playdough shimmers in the
sardine≈ oil a lungch of
corn and ~gas~ the buns
bar off king the loo
╤able ped a congruencia
templada con tu borra
instante chera combo in
that bottle spinning∂ like
my re acid flux us
age )≈drank the col
on fluid oscopy≈( )o( las
tripas § con ríos≈ los tor
reados mentosos ≈ túr
gidos que torpes ≈ corren
hacia el ladr fin ado


rope peel’s topiary’s nada
nodded long and stringy’s~~
soup congealed a fishhook≈
frosted in the fridge’s tied
against your wall ablinking
,wonder gullet ,nape or
napkin bleeding on your
pillow’s yore radish
,putrid ,transformation’s
cloud cerulean grime sp
attered on my ceiling ,’s
a sunken ship above me
licking’s at the air your
strands agrip pulls my
stomach out a porpoise
thrashed last month the
face chewed off I ,unh
,plodded barely ,’ploded
,pulled i

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sole Dadas, Chunk 8, Transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

Of grime the tearing orbs lent,
reconoitering the mirror in the vessel
(which bubbles not puds nor ardent Sole
nor those who simper farmed cerulean signs),
a politician’s swearing,
on Cain’s grave, habit’s dusty manner:

“Caw tiger, the mass fire
climbs that famous curtain,
dyed with prime element
which all, yeah dust’s or of quavered mar, the prim
circles, a labrador’s fire,
the camp undulant in mall’s nascent pin,
vague Clicie of vents
in tails hasty ants what floor’s in line?
Mass arms introduced the east’s marine
monster escaped the robust hay
toward those whose tented mar divides and plays,
which confusion and fugues
the fridge’s moor the other leans and’s groped.
Nautica’s industry investigated’s tall peel,
which, crawled brazen heel
scolds, the metal hell fulminating
day which Mars sees vest and, lizardly,
solicits he whose mass brillos diamond
in the nocturne’s cape of the sphere,
stellar to nostril’s pole’s massed bacon,
and cons virtue’s non poked
distance sambuca,
elevated the incline
yeah of Aurora’s bell
the rosy balcony, yeah to law which seals’
cerulean tomb fried
the censors of day.
In’s east, place, frying attractive
dull north amassing dour, allowed rubber
not hay’s tormentous cable not doubled
nor island’s hole to his fugitive fuel.
Typhus the primier’s lean-to mall’s secure
conducted, munched leggos Palinore,
sees bean for a mar ambulant where the torn
steak’s dental hunch,
coils famous strained
lung and the other Alcydes’ lavage’s seared.
Pilot hole’s the Cuddly, not of errant
arbors, but mass of salvage inconstant,
the pattern of’s angled Ocean’s
(of coy monarchy
the Sole which cudded day’s
nacre in’s shushed undies and in’s undies mere
terminus the saber’s toads not queer)
deft primer of his cane spumante,
seen’s admitted second
knee inculcates his limits all mundane.

my spiral torch my rift leg my
you could’s itcher fold ,the
light flamer coughy off the
railing’s spat’s into ah wake un
spell the charper hair the
barking gulls’ plunged the
mind ,yr spanners ,the
stalling’s left ,a crown of
rabbit’s feet an oozing where
,craw yr nails a cross ,pull
et gobb et sock et’s wr
ithing plume my next .so
ritch the sky so ton gued the
soap so’s ,piltdown’s skull’s
,nor wormy sherds the weft
writ in ,slime I wandered far
to right an empty stream≈
,barely ticking in the dust


hop gash trounced not peldaño
imitado ni un muro folded
like yr tea pañuelo ,lentes em
papados con tu sangre con tu
risa con las pulgas emplas
tadas de tus dichos nec
róticos ,felpudos tus ojos
gristly too ,toward the shad
ow shirting in the door’s non
listoid necked ,a clambersome
one ,meaty deboned ,swoll
where’s scrawling up the
,bedroom full of mist and
hair my habit’s tower’s k
notted ,rabbity ,tumbled
in the all 5 corners in
the closet where the


; ; ; brack suit ╤ ╤ shell ti
me ○○○○ com/ba/t/an/t re
forma █ heel steam la≈c≈us≈
tr≈e ojo aguado de los Itzaes ●≈
haw the ~snake~ drawls ahead a
head ∩ )∩( it’s jail snore y
ou turd the slant / luggage
“whiff” of doorknob clothing
steaming in the toilet Ũ clods
an necks ~║ choke the sugar
mask ☻ crawling on your floor id
]coughing dreams the morning’s ash[
yr sleep ~= inside the sleeve’s
a dune ,nor rent ,a roof ∆
angled toward the dumpster hul
king █ in the alley ___▄__________

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 7, transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

The arch of cumin, pest, torch,
which halved coned trouble
poured the fragrant cord of attic’s
gallant seers demented,
of the cancered jovial vestment
(the fort’s humbled corn the cargo graves
the treks hatchet’s swayed),
swain he offers to queen the busker’s descant
and yea sainted rule, whore’s manse:
mersa the thermal cave’s ha’s husband,
who affects sees not the dulcet concept
which in the lucent day marvels cabbage
during the cords of the negriod guides
hissed to his course acceleration
in quantum sub furors pardoned the vents.
Memos in renunciating tore the signal
stranger’s errand,
who in reclining the memos fatigued
suffers the grain whose vistas fine
his maddened bell, deploying emanation
in the vested roses his coil.
Saluted the toads courteously,
and admired no means
of the seriphs who corresponded,
the somber solicitations of runny pains.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sole Dada chunk 6:

Crawled hells the pendant sums graves
in Negate’s bay, of crested haves,
coy lascivious spouse vigilant
domestic’s dull Sol’s numbing canoodle
and, of coral barbers is, not of oars’
cinema, sigh of perps, or turbans.
Quim the cervix’s prime
cone the munched copy
of the cables most retouched,
ton’s golashes, that grimy
he who means pain paid the floors
of his girded prop.
Not the site, no, fragrant,
not the torquèd tail of the tiers,
priviledged in the sail
the piece of’s conjoining timorous:
trophy yea subnumber is to a humming,
sees cargo not and slumbers.
Too, wave peregrin,
arrogant splendor, yeah quake nor bell,
dull ultimate accident,
pending the ruggy nacre of too afronted’s
supper’s the crisp saphire of your coil,
which to Hymen the shushed messes take’s destiny.
Supper dust’s humming large vericose tent
sees in avenues seen peaks of rubies,
taffied calzones carmined,
emulation and afrontings
om of the barber’s crusts
in the uncultured region of quarrel’s risks.
Low what loans Aurora
(sea is nectar low what’s loaned)
and, ants craving Soul, juggled
the bezel which macerates
a liberal floor and a jumper’s crystals,
in cells of whore’s liquid, in panels
the borzoi contained
what mountains trained.
Not exceeding the glory
the pululating rant’s
dull turnstyle game
which mall’s levers sedate,
and with reason, cave the thalamus disdains
yon somber oil of his sponge’s tan peculiar.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


rumbo ,nodder ,flakes of
dreamed skin not left ,where
empty book ,a wheel gristles
in my gutter ,allá te rajas
,fonético ,phones the air
,deep rolling backward and a
grime welling in my ear ,tu
mbarlítico el cielo ¿qué dijo?
piedra invisible mas la
shadow clothes ,famous
like your twerp confection
,runny tools skreeking on
the glass .was told was
lot was knotty was un
blended on your forking sh
oe I set off un each one
,doubletime ,swallowed lard
and passed


the jailed nostril soap re
daction spreads my foggy
comb’s trot out the pill
runner ,bloaty shape of
chill the hamster steak
long grunting in my bed
your thistled light my
strung slowed pee .))best
drain the cow nailed a
gainst your Thermidor
,a tank leaks ,time con
gestion ,fills my ear and
I you flavor with the mi
rror’s back crushed the
comprimido ,frase impac
to ,me quiero nadiear ,su
nido en los gusanitos de mi
cara ((


my mot mute ,corner ,welter
or snore shaper twitching
in a blanket ,not ,tested ,s
aw the h u r l e d brick your
depth of feel the stinging form
dog’s sheet dentition ,subrepticio
,azucarado ,ladrillo ladrado en
el fondo del agua lacrante
,like a cloved ,an dipped ,the
sheety street steams as I
,passage walked thickly bl
inded by ,what hisses ,the
taquería con su vaho madre
,nothing nor I said ,waiting ,for
the whistle escrito ,ay ,mano
,¿dónde? ,)pigeon shitting on a
pole ⌠ . (

Thursday, January 19, 2012


shat tered thunderbird ,belt chigger
,use of cluck a pit of shrieking
clowns with razors encaminéme
pues ,muralla encrustada con mi
texto in staccato inlascado pulcro
y pulgamática con un ándale
angosto y hormigoso * * * sheer
lake≈ tumbling ,the bottle’s sh
ards my muddy palm gest
ured for a wind a sphere ● of
breath~ ,would murmur in the
noodle ≈soup≈ my doggy tongue
crystal spat upon your thr
one ,p eel and pee l ,knot
your leg ,the pustule’s spoon
fogged word held up be fore the


eat the shut arm dents a
(c.o.r.n) spoon chop chap ay
huitlacoche dreaming in the
moon O chore handle ,ick, tow
el stiff was door █ sticky П doo
r nah shoed but cracked e
nter i nter o uter een
drains my mooouotoh wa
vering≈ before the taco l
ogo tock lug ar ,la cuca
mandaracha spendiferous
mi peso fofo del AK47 men
tecatatónico bit down slow
an flows, flys, seated in the
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades, fifth chunk:

Oyster combs hell’s mounted gaze
jumped the crystal liquid all human
pores the arquebused bell of a maimed
cake all one’s means aspired, all utter iguanas.
Dull verdant margin no other the major
roses translated and lilies all cabled,
o pour the mattress o pour the bell,
see Aurora’s not combed rays, Sol’s combed floors.
Negros bizarre enter blank dadas
ingenious hires of oyster, which doubts
what one’s pencils’ escutcheon quailed.
All sons, busted, dusty rude
sonorous instruments,
lascivious the movements
mass the hohos honest,
alter the oysters bailing the forest.
Danced all fins the arroyo, and danced’s
mounted day the prat, whose delirious
seers minus those whose verdant dry hams
aborted the plants:
inundation’s Hermans
which the mountain hazed, populous,
of shushed altars’ toads
and pastortal boat.
Daze a single’s embellished
in low concave, the jovial mantel
the vista of thermos, and the void
of metrics’ harmony.
The silence busted
of quarrels which the sere dye vacates,
yeah which nymphs the negation sneers, errant,
the humble sin all hammered,
or sees, dull thermodon
emulates the royal disaster
of quavered flagrant mount,
squadron of amazons disarmed
tremulous in shushed rivers’
pacific banter.
Vulgar lascivious errands,
all the votes manacled
the yolk of ambulant sexes and sacked did,
all of time which, floors impeded
yeah he who serenaded
the region of his front’s ray knew,
purple turner, conduced
in his matter no minus enraged,
entered cyborgs’ seen office, accompanied
by jovial Florida.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


runkus ,neck ,bot ,aiming’s
spitrinse past the s.p.a.t.t.y
mirror’s your corrugation
throat’s my whistle loup ,s
pyed a gristle d●t sticking
to my button .the looted
fog the empyrean sore the
cough shot lent to you a
,bristles’ fast descension
scrawled my eyes’ un
gummied ,never saw n
,ne ver lo acacaecido
en el callejón frutal lo
aperaecido y me corté
en dos en cuatro la cala
baza could I think in
five directions spurting
out the wrong cogote’s
cop car slowing at the inter
╬ section


chow flab ulent the crusty
nekkid done ,a fnort ,s l o w
blinder shot up from the plate
a crow shadow meat my comb
.pen dant rinse ,my hopping
bed re lented ,oompa salad
enter greens the fog soap I
eat the ate ,boils ,dung town
ah shoe was ,feelers ,trunced
the apple lisp an spoke the
spoke acid rising toward my
eyes .the run lake crowded
with your ice the gate wr
inkled ,was a towel stiffly
in the gutter’s all that
spit that cloud that l i n e
of fraying butts .meal me
one me too a shorter slab
is ready

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(the fourth chunk):

Legal gland, a vista taints
obedience’s lala dud plant,
immobile sea cave sobers a lentil,
verdant balcony of degraded risk.
See such poking map less displayed,
such is mass low which (nebbish deambled)
confounds the Sole and the distant leggo.
Mud the admiration’s able calling
and seagull a rail signals, which, lucent
of quavered mounts evil,
cons torpid discursives, junk prolix,
tyranizes the camps’ utility:
ornate shushed ovals of fruits,
carves the Copy which his corn seas,
sees all animals armed with a Malt’s
diaphanous crystals;
engaged edifice in his plate,
of euros seen crowned,
rocks blazed, isles imprisoned,
from the halted grunt donned deciding
hastes the jasper’s liquids o donned
his gargles paired and his memory scowled.

“Aquarius cake the ardent pains
day seer’s torn boy –dice the cabby
cons mustard’s dollar extraordinary–
the stray nocturnal luminaries
erred day shushed almonds
qualms the queued vest says fuel’s limp zero.
Yakking whores, and shushed denuded peels’
vistas piled heels,
which to ruins and dragging
sabers the temperate hatchet’s tall verdant algae”.

Conned gust the jovial, and attentive, low oil,
qualms torrid of arms and pears
(which see precipitation’s not the stairs,
what person’s trace a lobe and tray)
turning discourse and dulcet company’s
dazed all his swearing,
which, dull sublime spacious land
all western all aminos reduced,
all venal strumming,
past dandled velocipedes,
is numbered creaks and multiplied voices.
Babbling entered the sea, jovial, admired
armed a Pan or semi cab the Martial
in the pastor’s mints that with art’s
cult principle died with discourse, wandered
remembered oft his past’s fuel his oil,
docily impeded
in canola’s instrument, which pulsed’s
era of sterno jumped to a trunk,
supper’s o royal, which quarrels, drunk
and mute his hondas, qualmed nor frenzied.

Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mu Te

utter torrent’s lousy clock’s | tall rabbit ,stray whiff of socks
peel slivers off the cheek | luffed grins a funny slime
you scowl a frame a mask | guess tripled merely muddled
gut left behind ,a movement | shits one cloak of muttered
,wristless ,towers of hands | mute nor mud sprawled in sand
and scrawling blood no tooth | ,land of flowers ,itchless
butter ,stroke of gun ,twit | enjambment’s spine ,bereft but
puddle barely rippled yes | gassed a name a towel strewn
time to ,runny chin ,cuff | leak the coffing liver’s spiel
blocked with clay ,a maggot ball | ,mock clouds corner the gutter

Sof Tee

long leg flaking cloudy shoe | talks wide your bet your drowning
boil my wallet in the window light’s | schism hand ,stamped mile you think
meat tune folded on my buttock | bread’s spittled ,nor you told the fool
nap condensed a second’s sleep | flys free, board sinks, your name’s
bit the air I raised my foot | softee snore your lobbing’s spew
jewel bobbing in your coffee | shoots my lazy hair my dry shit’s
aim your blink toward me my | seep beckons o intensed a cat’s
stool holds your gristled head’s | lock gut ,dry mold ,doomed feet’s
dink pile ,damp and bristled | bite in slow mallet’s high coil
morning sweating on the sidewalk | ,blew around the lake’s eggy song

S Mokes

empty the dome his kidney left | bet folded my stair a blinking in
the bucket filled half with blood | loaned union wins its feathers
and half its hair my measured eye | leans on you a whip thick moon
a mumbled foam retained o issued light | slopped rinses off the natter
o credit card of skin his foggy step | jokes richly in the flattened sky
scratchy in the kitchen’s smokes | yet dogged his brim of lard of dented
a hammer on the dishes dropped | fights the tissue or renamed the bone fumbled
spoons slick with glue a lemon | fried the treasured air’s whipped and gasped
withers in its urine groaned | mud writ laughed ,spilled the muck
a sinking chair bolted to the deck | wept thinly’s list homed and ending

Sunday, January 15, 2012

(Third chunck transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades)

No, pus of quarrel’s seer, engendered
mass of fires cake of courtesy,
the gent appeared
who hospitals the forest
lawn pesto crawled of quavered candle’s primer
which, in the shelves content,
tends the fresnel of dye, the robbed element.
Limp sayer, in visor of blank lines,
clumped the cuadratic pins:
and in box, junk rebellious, to quim the turn
forms elegant dye in cult’s adorned,
lecher who explains vile those Albion quavers died,
melting perdition’s con yelling
the blank lilies of his frontal bell,
gross dam and fried,
impenetrable case of the cockroach,
the veiled Alcimedon’s invention rare.
Hell which of cables fueled dusty voices’ center
espoused’s case a luster (coy dent
not pardoned a raisin loomed in front
of Bacon, quantity’s maze in his garment:
triumph of simpering salad lids
low corona of Amor, mass rival turned,
brief of barbs enduring not the corn,
redeemed con his muttered dance vittles),
served yeah in season,
purple hills is, of grain fine.
Supper’s scorched despair, mass regaled
swoons the solicitous peel bland
which all princes enter Holland
purpled tire or milling brocade.
Not in humor’s vines gravelled
is Sisyphus on his crest, see the cucumber,
of ponderous vain dumb pisser
is, quantum mass despaired, mass burlap.
Of trumpet militant not nor distempered
sound of cocks fueled the swoon interrupted,
oft can see, embrained
counter the seeking whore
that the vent repeals in’s lagoon’s couscous.
Dormant and recoiled the fin, quanta the avenues,
esquires dulcet of sonorous plums,
scenes died swelling
the Alb of Sol, which the pavillion of spume
dayed and in sore car
rayed the verdant obelisk doves the choice.
Agreased, pus, the peregrin
dazed the cyborg and sailed accompanied
by grin’s low level dander’s levitation,
distance pokes past the gamble,
imperious mirror the campaign’s
a scolding, peaceable gallery
where festive theatre fueled gun’s day
of quantum piss dawning the mountain.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Foam Bomb

foam and rice nice hand home
to chip the cube lube a ship you
blazed a coffin often stayed away
or scrawled a belt felt or bawled a
rodent text lost cost the nexus mordant
ham sandwich wrote coated damn rich fan
muttered sitcom neck sick the shit and glitter
or your grainy plate’s late rain nor bomb

Gullet Mist

mist and sky dog fog my hand list
starkly floating in thin boat and dark
meal gnome names same groan peel
the parsnip’s mold gold lips tar huh
what each one said dead gun beached luck
mewling in the sand bland grin spewing
smoke and wind blind span a float
inside the kitchen drifting in the high thin
bullet or your towel bowel door or gullet

Under Yet

under the fork pork one blunder
dry your tassel hassle nor fly
and sticky watch spat sticky hand
o faucet’s sleeve breathe and toss
my shuddered lunch why bunch of blood
fingers all the stools the pool stalls linger
on the driveway day’s alive the bond
ushers in my throne my bone my stutter
neck less shirt dirt chest yet
Another chunk of Góngora transduced:

“Rays – less dice -, yeah white not Leda’s
tremulous highs, said of my fortune’s
terminal, luminous”. And rebelling
of invidious barbers’ harboured
interposition, calms
the vents nor conjugation unglues,
squalling hatchets the village’s
fragrant mountain’s facile lands,
attend the segue quarreled
(ahooga pest of the tender bells,
ahooga pest of the stray eclairs)
pedal, indignant tiara
(see tradition apocryphal not meant)
of animal tendrils’ coy front
car is brilliant in nocturnal day:
tall diligence the past
the jovial pressure,
mediating the specials
with equal pie to the race,
fixed, a dispatching of the nebbish fry,
in the carbuncle, north of sure aglued,
of the astral brain or the arbored crux.
The can yeah, vigilant,
convokes despective lamination,
and that which derailed
lust puckers perceives, the damp is bacon,
which tacks in hell the robust ensign,
maypole in zeniths deactive.
Leghole, pest, the mantel, and saluting
sin’s ambition, sin’s pump of palaver,
of the conductors fuel of capons
with a Vulcan’s tinted coronas.

“Oh bean denatured
iceberg, to crawl where whores,
temple of Pales, alcove of Flora!
no modern artifice of
bored designs, models baskets,
the concave adjustment of the ceiling’s
sublime edifice:
retain sober rubber
to fabric sound puddle,
do guard in visor the zero
innocence of the captain,
mass what the silver gains.
Oh bean denatured
iceberg, to crawl where whores!

“Not in tea Ambition’s moored,
hidropick vents,
nor that which element
the aspic is, gypped anus;
not that which, in vulture commencing human,
cables in mortal fire,
fingers bachelor
which hatchet oy Narcissus’
Ecos solicitous, disdained fonts;
nor that which in salvage gaskets impertinent
the pulverized temple massed precise:
ceremony profane
that Sincerity boils vile and
suppers the corvid cay.
Oh bean adventured
iceberg, to crawl where whores!

“Tusked tumbrels ignore
the Adulation, siren
of real palaces, core arenas
best yak’s tented leaning,
trophies dulcet of a corner swine.
No to Suppering state acquaint the Mental
adoring his pies, in quantum gyre
the sphere of his plums,
nor of his rays’ bah the spewing
favor of zero aligns.
Oh bean adventured
iceberg, to crawl where whores!”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First chunk of a transduction of Góngora's Soledades:

Sole Dada Prim

Era of the anus the station’s Florida
in which the mental rubber of europa
(medium loon the arms so front,
and the Sole toad in the rays of his pail),
lucent honor of the seal,
in camps of saphhire paces trellis,
wan hell that ministries potent the cup
a Jupiter major the girth of Ida,
naugahyde and dedental sofa unsent,
lacrimous day amorphous ducts quarelled
day the mar; which condoled,
fueled the undies, fueled the vent’s
miserable gem
seconds of Arion’s dull instrument.
Dull simper in the mountain opposite pins
all enemies note
piedough members wrote,
brief table, dolphin not fired peeking
the inconsiderate peregrine
which under Libya’s hounds sure amino
filed, and his vittles under the lawn.
Dull ocean, pus, ants assorted,
and logo vomited
not layered with a scolding corona
of sick junk, of clattering plums,
algae toad and spuming,
but halls hospitalized dander halls neat
day of Jupiter the avid.
Best arena, and the rotten nave’s
acqua park pokes
what it exposds or the dial plays to the rock,
which unsees the daily pains
listing jars of degraded sins.
Denuded the jumping quantum, yeah the vestige
ocean has bubbled
restituted the hatchet of the arenas,
and all Sole low extends arrangement,
which, laminating pain’s
so dulcet lingo of templed flag,
lent the beast and cons swerved style
and the minor honor chops the minor hill.
No bean, pest, of his lust the horizons
that haste disequal, confused
mounts of gravel and peels of mounts
deodorized them seats,
wandered, entrained the miserable stranger
in lots that yaw the mirror’s redeemed fire,
entered the spines’ crepuscular pissing,
risks that own the iguana mall’s involved
vellum, intrepid Allah
means cans the confused scales.
Vincible all fins the cumbrance,
dull mare simpers soundly,
of the mute campaign
arbiter equals and expungible moor,
conned pie yeah mass secure
declines the vacilation’s
brief splendor of the mall’s distant lumber,
favor of a cabin
which suffers the ferrous state in quarrels uncertain,
gulf of somber announcements the port.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A collaboration between Matthew Stolte & John M. Bennett
The Slope

my shirt was wriggling on the
shore was wriggling lentive in
my single lens was wriggling like
a shirty floating in the flames my
truss was wriggling as I hammered
on the lamp wriggled in the
streaming rain my shirt filled
its pocket with a wriggling
sleeve a combination lock
in Isla Negra 1970 wriggling in
the smoke of Temuco where my
shirt drank the lake a
wriggling suitcase I was
dragging through a muddy
rut was wriggly like my
passport named a shirt was
not wriggling in the cup of
boldo a las once in the
wriggling chair shirted
with my blood’s an anti
wriggler ,sinking to my
shoes ,stuffed with empty
socks and wriggling like the
clouds piling up behind a hill


breathe the fog that churned
in the hole of yr flashlight breathe
a coin and key left on the
stairs could you breathe the
shopping lists swirling in the
winded parking lot the notebook
scoured by the sands of Death
Valley by the rusty swords
unsheathed in Monterrey at the
Plaza de Toros de 1963 where
your hat was breathing the beer
and diesel fumes was I breathing
when the guns were raised in
Saltillo was I breathing when
your portrait reflected the moon
on my wall was I a breath was
I your mirrored mask whispering
along the street past the blackened
door at the tortillería was I
breathing in the diarrheic bus sweating
in Nuevo Laredo with a bag of
books between my legs a
caca de barro en mi bolsillo I
was breathing when I fell on the
page and lost a match was
breathing when I remembered your
name was breath and doorways
where someone was knocking who was
never there

Rumor Finito

rumor de comodrilos y me
he tomado un aire blanco
de leche rumor de humo rum
or que come las sardinas de
mis calzones me he el
sabor rumorífero dormido el
rumor de mis zapatos en un
acantilado de Saskatchewan
con un círculo de piedras con
una quemada al centro ru
mor instigativo del tumor en
acecho rumor carnífero que
ladra y nada por el río Olen
tangy lleno de llantas el
fuego rumorántico el rumor
enardecido de la guerra tele
visada y de la guerra sin
fin es un rumor de besos
entre los estantes de la
biblioteca los libros oscuros
en sus rumores pretéritos r
umor de mis piernas que pa
san por una cloaca bombardeada
de Tokyo es el año del rumor
1949 y me escucha el rumor
insilencioso de las abejas bajo la
mesa donde hay un rumor lacrado un
rumor que me quito y me visto to
das las mañanas que me quedan

Friday, January 6, 2012

Written in Fog

from my heartburn it’s written from
the collapsing leg on the hill it’s wri
tten it’s written and glistening from
the gristle forgotten on the floor it’s
written in the cloud and leaving the
cloud it’s written and left in a
corner at the bus station downtown
it’s a thumbing of ears what’s writ
ten it’s written from the frog in the
back of my brain it’s written in the
writing was confetti mailed in an
envelope of skin written it’s a crow
ded hand in a bag of seeds it’s written
and wrung it’s barking or written
was written on a flag you wiped
your ass with written from the
brick remembered in a pond it’s
written it’s swallowed it’s anti
acid milky on the bottom of a
glass where it’s written written a
blur rolling to the edge of a table


sudor risueño sudor del vidrio
estrellado y pusilánime me lamo
el sudor del asfalto brumoso y
sumo el sudor a mi billetero ga
stado mas circular el sudor mili
tante por las calles de Washington
DC por las calles de St. Louis por
las calles de los Ángeles de las
ciudades orondas de hormigas
por el sudor del hambre que
me cobraban los camiones de
Texas hasta Laredo donde se
abre el mundo de mi sudor
rutilante el sudor de los poros
del desierto sudor inmiscible
de la misericordia risible su
dor lactante sudor de una
moneda de 1968 sudor de
Chicago donde vi una cara
muerta hace años de sudor
sudorificante que se acuerda de
los túneles por la sierra sud
or fisgón y fiscal sudor cami
nado por las aceras del DF sin
sudor sin láminas sin toalla y
sin el frío que me deletrea el