Monday, August 29, 2016


door ant door ant door
ant door ant door ant
door ant door ant door
ant door ant door ant
door ant UN piso abierto
piso abierto piso abierto piso
abierto piso abierto piso abierto
piso abierto piso abierto piso
abierto piso abierto piso abierto



pesa mi cacabeza
como piedraquítica
como hormigafas
que me hurtan la
vista la vistamaño
de grano de arenada
,en el remolino de
mi inrespiración
en el estanque
de mi día único
uña perdida en el
aguacero y cero
enumerado un
sinfín de veces

big fake hair

puls e o fa
nático lend
me yr cl
owns ,fu
ente de ham
shit onna bun
yr nose a comb
faltan dientes

head stone

LESS bloody
circle ay roof
gnat ,eye f
loaters brush
the risen stone
yr neck inhales
fatty word sh
red between yr
teeth spit mo
re sp it m ore
time to sn
ore time or c omb

roof gnat
- C. Mehrl Bennett & John M. Bennett

Friday, August 26, 2016


in rit abfy
b um bligo
hof half
me ollo
mi alley

ual betide

shore's lungch yr

pleas neck
o h ere
ashot came

flagin halant b
b read d d oor

en tranc id
a tooth a femur

off in weeds
oftin m
e smell


retry rebore remu
remeat relight regore
resnore remist refly

For Bibiana Padilla Maltos

dream of a road trip your
hairy tail flopping behind as
you turn around open your
mouth the beginning nears
bees return to your mouth
return and leave un cántaro
de agua buried under stones
you pass and pass again
past the leaves rising from a hole

For Diane Keys

the broke fork tip is your
leg stuck in a toilet bowl is
your hat dripping on top of the
fridge the fridge was your
chest hugging the air t h e a i r
breathless and gasping as the
room turns dark a red light
blinks slowly outside the window

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



sisilábico por el basurero
de libros' embedded page was
glass vibrating idioms
,o lengua de astillas .añicos
cluster round parking
meters were the plated g
rapes you spilled or sp
elled in ah g utter ahspiraste
verbos mamasticados en
el sótano de la biblioteca
pistolas y leche pipistolas y
leleche conscious rust
in the wheel's center léxico
de imbéciles parked in the
middle of the block is
morpheme sleep and sp
attered walls covered the codex

mi casa en tu regazo

Chewed in The loom of Language
by Ivan Argüelles

cuarto inmerso

chorro de piernas ,langosta
lapidaria ,mis tunas archivadas
ángulos son ,anchas avenidas de
algas podridas ,pobredumbre
que se me olvida todas las
albas que recuerdo ,que re
congelo con las inhalaciones
de mi iinstaantee perpétuo
:un coro de piedras es
,impuesto que jale de mí las
palabras ahogadas del fofondo

espum a ndada ,es encia del óvu lo


cheese and laundry
wobbled in the lake
your meat swoll in
was fish or root

is gagging on a sock

Sunday, August 21, 2016

la lhengua desensangretada

alba de pelusa me desnací
desdormido desenterrado díme
pues manito si me como la
cara desinfinita ¿¿pporqué
tengo los ojos de ppiedra??
¿¿pporqué hay hhormigas en la
hhorchata?? me hiervo los
huehuevos A TODA MADRE la
ppuerta ahbierta AHBIERTA y
ahbro la bboca con su ahire de
hilitos deshechos ¿¿no te lo
dije ya mil veces??

mi lahbio superior se ahtraganta
con el ihnferior

the shift
- for Bela Grimm

the dream of a helical gear was the
reversal of a dream of a tree thrashing
in wind; the dream of wind was the dream
of a fork nestled between your legs
which might be a dream of the
white surface of a lake in distant woods


ojo sin luz
ojo sin arena
ojo sin hoja
ojo sin labio
ojo sin lomo
ojo sin lápiz
ojo sin hueso
ojo sin ángulo
ojo sin asno
ojo sin culo
ojo sin huevo
ojo sin chingatumadre
ojo sin cielo
ojo sin calcetín
ojo sin rata
ojo sin raja
ojo sin rumbo
ojo sin árbol
ojo sin ardid
ojo sin sicario
ojo sin rastro
ojo sin nalga
ojo sin lana
ojo sin ombligo
ojo sin narizdelmundo
ojo sin efectivo
ojo sin hambre
ojo sin chile
ojo sin chiste
ojo sin ojo
ojo sin alba que surge del agua

Thursday, August 18, 2016


pendilic s
foot marrow

louder , louder

breath sign

the lettered mirror sw
arms ,yawns ,sal
iv ates el ojo va
cío el ojo pleno de
hormigahormiga spells
cccloud unwinds a
c r o s s el hor
izonte from yr mouth a
plane es capes falls o
ver distant e dge a
blade of water sp
eech ,flood of wings
flies twitching in a mem

Fleeing in Ivan Argüelles'
The Interpretation of Signs is the
Task of the Fleeing Soul


bred a leg ,porlapsant rust
ling in my chest arised ,ris
sen fog ambles thru my
throats ,dicen ambos .pee
l the gallon's face a
head the crowded femur
grew ,and cheese a
wall's inscription it's
yr agèd axe yr drippèd
log my visage breathes
,even hungry was my th
igh .a seething glob O
lusty pens my skull

plenty humping ,hike across the lot

dream flux
For C. Mehrl Bennett

The dream of a Fluxfest in your
childhood home is the dream of
wax floating in a bathtub, which is
the dream of dishes thrown against
the wall downstairs; the dream of
dishes is your dream of eating a
bowl of keys and golf balls, and a
candidate swallows a rotting snake

Monday, August 8, 2016

pork reflux

in doors where fog relents
,ashy ham invents a
forest where your shoe's
submerged ,submerged
where steel plates cl
ang against some trees
:out doors a desk a
float ,turns and turns
,disappears down a road

...ora escorzando láminas de acero...
- Bernardo de Balbuena


es peso y ,for
tuito y fruta
,del puerto la
muralla del viento
la boca es mesa
vacía ,y silla
de piedra ,pro
clama de
luz tormenta
.es piso ,y
mondo arcilla


nates collapsant ,raft de
seated in yr whistling sink I
thought yr cave stuffed with
coffee pots yr lathered
neck itchy toward a knife
.ate relaxant ,axed my
feet yr swinging bread in
haled the spiggot was yr
blunted fog deballed ,a sli
ckened bun empty where
yr suit sat down

creep my form ,ask yr hatless crown

f lung a way

hand's rendered dust yr
fat leg a s tick re
members was a cow
sleeping in a basement t
ouch the mild ewed
wall or curtain und
ulation hiding miles of
clay if clay were b
read your meat air th
ickens on yr snored
mot es a c loud gn
ashing in a sssssilence

- C. Mehrl Bennett

Thursday, August 4, 2016


a looser flood this g rime
desluiced if sluiced were
lid clicks shut box yr
throat rolls in ,yr foamy
voice wind ththick with
chaff – chaff your hand re
leased – was liquid ri
sing in the trees

te dije riomonte ,huehueso
dije ,cara de humo y lluvia
,y la puerta de hamburgüesa
que ojo invertido era

fog grip

raced the kkakka along the
wall wire hair piled
against a window be
fore yr face knife
blade of grass / peel
my face yr muscled
snore reversed across
a glass fog mirror
here I you crawled
beside the door a
hollow dog slept awake
behind afore was
you was tongues hunching
off the desk my place a
lack placid sack of



waved off the flag
asleep a hand
slept my face

spit in book
real dog
wet mouth

grave led s
ock blood
full shoe

out the door
head bagged
re bleeder

sink you .
draw thin
wet wall ,

plaster in yr gums
a plantain lens
cough or cow

tomar la luz
sin luz tronado
trono de luces

con peluca

The Sheep and The Hammer



Tuesday, August 2, 2016


shoe beast
llost ddime




swum an eye na yey im
pactantric ,piedra carmesí
en el túnel mi tripa mi
tttrriippaaa donde te ví la
luna fonética el río que
del cecentro sale ,,,I sung to
my ants if ants were skulls
,the highest shelf a
row of caves where the
cloud of my sight's emerged

clung to the sky ,a Leg


The dream of C. Mehrl Bennett correcting
your spelling is the dream of a tree full of
rotten fruit swaying in the wind, which is the
dream of your hnad open on a wnidow pain
and a dream of Mark Bloch muttering behind
the dusty chairs stacked in a garage


ropa pa
pel em
plazo re
to se te olvida

mo ni miento
sin viento es
pinazo cerrado

cuadrilla sin foco
olin quihtoznequi
el verso no visto

página comida
tus dientes
in tlilli in tlapalli

respiro sin respirar
leo sin leer
pensar no pienso
doblar el aire

la tapa se eleva
sale el ave

El libro es un espejo en que me veo
sin conocer lo que veo; es un misterio
que me ve el misterio que no es misterio,
que tal vez es la nada que no es la nada.
- John M. Bennett