Monday, January 10, 2011

Rock Water

toilet berries sock your spinning
bone your stung lung cograsping
at my back itcher ,loosely lumbered
,nattered ,clocked against the lock
greaser falling from my hand hoy
la nube rendiciones lucra ,leggy
shirt the sobstore in me for .fantods
,frogs ,faucets spitting stones


the shallow sand intention crumbles
crossed my woolens mouthed and
numbly numbered knocked and gnattered
on the fart fun followed true to
wisdome fulla smoke .my mirrors
speakless in their masks my steps
whirling up like blowing string and
water streaming from my teeth


shaved and sausage cursed your illumination
dries against the shallow skin’s my
tumblefield a cornball wallow where the
sugar gags ahead was dimwit dollared
damned and dolloped with a plastic
head my green hair ripples in your
talky bread a tocsin toxin runny
like the knife breath in your pocket


jerks the JJ phone my leg lint
why the EE plan fecation trust me
like the RR pool coughing rash lost
burn the KK chain lingers all right
cake the II napping phone my needle
prick the NN comb flesh nodding lard
mile the GG plunge wallet stopped stool


grunt my hand grommet PP plop
shave the gristle off OO pate
find my shudder lubrication OO pork
sorta sanded that eye PP peel
shod my knot slumbered EE pus
flayed across the sidewalk RR pile


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