Thursday, May 30, 2019


name your foot on the courthouse lawn
dry your foot on the mumbling face
seize your foot as it turns the key
flag your foot as it smears a mask on the grass
lay your foot in the cornered cloud
raise your foot to the blooded mirror
time your foot to the strategic decision
flay your foot before the smirking screen
swallow your foot as the books are flushed
desock your foot as the ballots burn
write your foot as the parade dissolves
shout your foot as the committee slides to the floor
do not gag your foot as the dogs approach
phone your foot as it surrounds the pool
breathe your foot in a penciled kitchen
rain your foot on the drought in the halls
brain your foot on the thoughtless steps
hat your foot as the ash descends
tongue your foot in the blooming graves
wash your foot in the crowded window
praise your foot as the walls become air

foot and shirt relimber me
foot and stone embellish me
foot and sea unpolish me
foot and headache open me

Friday, May 24, 2019


endictive shed ,the roof
smoke's rise and mind the
,burning tree yr ,neck river's
sodden wall || swallow a
comb yr frog mask mel
ts off you'll see the h
ole aginous bright with
ink .redetectif swarm ,fe
et musgo en llamas 's m
y s nore s luffed a way
ay lonely sleep mine's l
eft a foot blind stroke a
turning , , , , , , ,

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


c cloCk Ga
ck mAnger
le pied man
gEr the

lock explodes

be an end

combine the throat instead com
bact yr seizure cutting through
yr surf a loss of laundry
tooth of throat's emphlaptic
structure foaming on a desk
what mirrors surround .eat's
engage ,dogs implode ,pajamas
INDOWS it's your swell de throated
,trees and clouds nodding o'er
the soup you spat across your
shoe ,zapato cloac ante que
tu ruta abre MIND OR UN
DERWEAR out and out
wristless BOOMING in the
bathroom shut and dark

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Tuesday, May 7, 2019