Friday, January 7, 2011


my dragging comb ,ladder hum ,blotty core
you dragged upon my wall oh wall humper
fueled with smoke a coiled intestine
sluggish with air and gritty lemonade my
hair nostril my neck coatin changing
eyes inside the mirror the four re
fractions swirling toward the five
lips I taste my salty shirtjac in


fueling maze contraction ,neck gristle in
my eye I saw the cornered mind jig
gling on a bench my puzzle gravy ha
shed the wallet dropping on my feet ah
heel and wipe ah knot and gnat ah
misty lung rolled across the floor my
tubing shotglass gleams beneath the
table where a single shoe flames

Better Eat

nodding ,laundry ...gazed fork the cloud
nung gas o line curving to the south
...melty ones ,my muddy hat crock a
folding tongue shine my shackrow breathes
...toilet hanger ,bedding ,loss of sheet
,miles gunned song on top ,an
ashen smile the dripping morsel raised

Cleft Over

bushed the ink toilet crystal tap
ed connected to my sot my sat
thruway throbbed uh thudded
in my thlroat age of cluster
.nab me off ,my stunge flag
ger grovelled mindly at the
empty bins the flushing wallet the
apt to whine and while ,the
capped or coughing in the microwave


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