Friday, May 29, 2009

Didn’t See

pustulence and glasses the
drizzling knife contains my
sugar cancer ,leaves the wind
,ignores ,pattered ,foaming ice
inside your gaze at me I
type my type impending drool
.so I “slugged a cloud” oh
hah oh haw could what I
saw be you of jiggling donut
reflected in the window where
my blind is flapping

Flesh Water

hog flavor ,bomb truth ,nap
crashing bags of ash against
my cheeks so fulla nuts
I couldn’t talk .loose the
tumbling foot I gave to
you ,nail a grapefruit to the
driveway where my burning
throne is leaking like a
mountain .where my meat
gleams beneath the streams


my tumbled face rashed a
cross my fumbled shoulder
ticks and eyes sheltered
in my armpit flung I
the toolkit force of ha
nging flags before the
well sloshed with oil
.your tooth splashed there
spinning airwise before the
drench was something in my
skull could I see ?just an
ant just a single blinking light


smell the bucket slop your thought in
drag the bucket steep your second in
runt the bucket clutch your flood in
ape the bucket spit your mirror in
job the bucket pile your asshole in
drab the bucket flag your nickel in
suck the bucket stone your foot in


clot or puzzle in my soapdish
pendulation of the stringy
towel my face formed in
a linking of the slugs drowned
there I focused on the shining
index lingered on your chin
.luck an camphor ,the tile
shakes an breaks I brake
my tongue spore you
,elbowed fistic ,pieces scat
tered nothing’s watched but
washed )ringing out the
shirt you paused and pawed(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Shirt

my gaping tub my inching leg my
tearing tongue my asterisk floating
toward that lurking drain my fold
ed finger spends ,your time gristle
,your heating heart your funneled
fire ,that’s my game my stunned
toe .I counted all the ribs were
left a typist stacks a meat watch
drying in the rain .this my whistle
skeleton my fog sugar fading on
a hanger


that sharp white frame I tangle
in my grease smeared on the wind
ow’s hurt glass air again a
gain I’s starts the same o
bleak angle of my feet again
st the thinning walk of time
if time’s just rotting so the
noun sluffs off and gutters
on the floor your eye is smoke
your grinning talk’s just fine


the shape your phone came in the
corner of my sink what tutters
at me eyeless faucets sees
me took you water’s form
and lurched up through that steaming
hole so what I said inside the
melting screen’s a pointy thing the
end of V perhaps or maybe just a
cube of stinky air the nape your
storm named in the dormance
where I “think” ,uh ,mutters

Name at Sea

hull you nodded off the down flag
or wheedles did you ,maybe moths
an mutters canned the flickered knot
behind your neck it’s what the folded
page reburned it’s what you’re not a
custom framed the soggy sock stuffed
yr throat o speak or cough me ,name
or nothing .under the charring wall mi
retrato aguado my foaming face my
something floppy in the raining wind

Friday, May 22, 2009


insulation ,gut screw ,timing’s
ladder off the days you
drizzle in ,cobs and gumwads
,necks and filthy sleeves yr
boat gristle cleft behind all
this’ my tumbreled ID shirt
my growling sandal beneath
the bed my woozy doorstop
my cash swamp steaming
with your words like’s
doubled smoke sleeping in
my tepid lobes my throat a
cave or asshole learned to shout


blood tossing ,name’s wurst
foam congealed beside my
gum where “thinking teeth do
loom” my soup a storm lashed
past what I could still “forgot”
ah spends and dusts !my wrist
rains my thirst isolation of
“your” twisty one a spongy
bag of vittles or my cow-like
text .the sausage shines it’s
sinking and my swallowed sand
wich glows before its end


the skull banner trod the
nape licquor stink the
stumbled towel I wadded
in my crotch I fell “a head”
and grabbed your arm swarmed
with mice .focused on that
milky puddle .framed and whistled
dubbed and spotted off my
plate of “reeky beans” and
clotted with a spoon my
boneless head flapping in the wind


isolation crust ,drops of mayo
raining down my pants I eyed
your throat .the pustule there’s
a fountain and my dirt congeals
.the trip’s soaked the chewed
salad’s gagged into a ball and
pockets .so my tuna’s lost my
hands a vacuum held before my
face stunned it’s dribbled
beauty wallowed in my cough
yr ghost of tonsils out .could
n’t aim nor could I talk it out


the dogs of floor and I was
pluzzled lacked a leaf was
shored and draining in the
closet thought of cows and
shirts crashing rabbits and my
ribcage full of light .that
arffing on the ladder or was
it barf or barf ?my ton gate
flabbers in the bombing rain my
slippers melt into the rug my
plosive explanation plays upon
yr pistols pens piles and pools
.my parking canine plies my name

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uncle Umber

the under cancellation plate the
crummy taste of splattered
rabbits twitching down the
road oh unca wiggly pond
for me )the cash scrawled
cage( slang the door .so
fork it up an off twisty
one spray my noodles
on the sofa sot to say diwan
.cheese and rebar stacked
against the door


slave the nostril light a view
inside the cave slumber wet
the flowing dice or eyes .blown
my head a part or what
I chewed before the pillow
gas and feather flame my
air’s instinct I changed the
hair inside my hat .my
numbered mask crawls in me
turns aback and looks at me a new


chase the cob and shit your corn drain
the cob and slab your meat cob sod the
cob and dry your pencil nuts the cob
and fork your seizure pelt the comb cob and itch
your faucet bang the cob and fell your changing
plunge the cob and fling your upper closet cob

Book Bun

slab half drinking off the
rumbled shoe sound of
stroking out the door sh
at an crusted bother
fork your toosome stake
burning in a hole oh inky
ladder measle lunch in
cumbrance dawdling in my
eyesight was a sticky
shadow wet inside the page

Bibliothèque Noyée

faced the streaming basement and
a rusting clock my face sm
ashed at ,twisto-like ,name o’
pissing on the books like so
aked the throat I so long
I kept ,speaking clear but’s
stuffed .with sand and s
ticks .bored I chewed a rock
and sloshed beside the boxes
,filled with mould and light

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


knots and gnats my sour
shoulder cuts across the
airway where my ashlake
dries beneath the wind a
crisply corner of my
eye refolds and
wallows in my throat I
crawled the weeds and
smouldered in a rain I
had I had forgotten

The Buried

just joking I was just
jerking at the lengua
pad a jump a chert
scraping the back of
my leg ah hole in
the dirt where a
torso dreams or
“dreams” in its throttled
mist a bath of splintered
mud and tongues


shaky gas ,tongue a guide
the smouldered desk my th
umb runs cross the sticky
comb I changed my face
into ,a sheet of soaking
paper where the fading plan
.the chair gushes like a
sink my pants a window
shade what “confession” drib
bles on the floor what
mud crumbles in the ash
I raising in my wired hands


dug my toe into your back and
floundered there a cubesteak and
a number of .ruts and grease a
towel torn up by’s roots your
cawing pantsleg flapped a
gainst the anty trunk .haw
and howl the heaven’s drift

Lapsed Wish

shudder the lamp sung bullets
clanking in the cistern where
yr toilet fingers ,pencils
stuck ,flags I coughed
against ,doubles an billows
farting in my sleep .usher
out it ,ándame .for I
col um lapse ,want to
sleep without the light

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cold Cash

what’s dropped what’s called
what’s leg what’s digging in
the sardine can what’s sto
pped across the eyesight I
retained a blur effect ,some
thing coldfeet in my sandwich
.loosely pulverized loosely
anotized loosely ,trouble I
could slap it off and what’s
a wallet lost inside the fridge


coladengue ,flatulencia y mi
cumbre ojal lo que pierdo y
pierdo el aire instigante el
túnel de mi mano tan a
bierta o cerrada como pie
dra ,tundente pan de fieltro
forrado ,un cartel que a
nuncia la sangre .mi foto
se hunde en el polvo mi
zapato en el cielo reaparece
como gorra robada por el viento

Me Lavo

foco y flaco ,temblor
inusitado tu piedrita co
mida .dormir y danger
colocados ,fundido estoy
a tu salida diaria donde el
nido sube y no dice nada
mi dedo fingers the faucet
the grifo gruñe y yo no
duermo .pero sueño con
la cara al lavabo sucio de plumas

The Lost

why yr page funnel gasping
where the shingle cracks the
housing contract grins like “death’s”
a bowl of soup .my flagging
lip launders all the stunning
whisper what you kak an kak
,tremebundo todo ,sumido a
la renta que perdiste .pierdo
todo y nada pierdo


porquería porque puerco he
perdido ,calambretosas mis
sinvergüenzas capitalistas el
trono de mis cacas que ca
carean .nada triste eso
pero nado y nulo ,nombro
y ninguno como naide de
una afirmación de estar
es manera ,manera de
cumplir la grava que
entra por la ventana el
aire y arenisca de mi
respiración olvidada

Friday, May 15, 2009

Skull or Bag

brain neckrosis ,dime retention
,hover I could nor laminate by
you but .nent closer brent ,t
he signal gash lettered ,borted
shoe I sraw ,madster of the
rash .or lean grushing ,pie
flame falling off my legs
.on the drive I saw the
,crashing reflux in your arms
a sweating head
what might be me

Foot Loose

at’s ever gone ?at’s wristled
noosely for the thug brick
cashed ?mitey and itched ,the
toast you throat my surely
knuckled clamplight aged my
hair you here .the foam
neck bristled and my
pullout glasped an blinked my
tamer you ,guttered on the floor

Shirt Look

long stunning I was ambolined
was nut an crystal suitcase stu
ffed with soups oh crawed an
drinky ,tooth !my share your
corndam lunking stared ,flavor
sunked ,the thumbping stand
a while an up the grit buckle
stoppage ,pants too tight ,o
pen the lid and drink your
sleeve ,that’s dangled from the stare


plotted to recede and number
hosing toward the landscape
inkling touseled shudder at
me backside hips adeep .ton
o knots or’s not half regal
just a lentless puffing mud
ded rope crowns my neck .I
flooded you I blotted me I
nlamed you instant of the
fog released into the mirror

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Key Site

sleeber foco ,yetz to knuck
les in my armpit ándale
.el mercado glows in’s even
ing thunder ,distant ,gristled
,sundered from my hip the
crashing drill your gasp the
cleavered path estimates
the lice of loss ,lips ,leaders
,laundry ,locks falling down the well

Sube la Luz

fastidiado ni fantasioso ¡o mi
lumbre negra! tiple y tru
ncado insolvente ni insolente
,la pústula brumosa de mi
fenestral ,hay viento ,un
sentido único ,formalizante
,tralala y trasmontano .xipe
me xiente ¡o já y jalar!
lo que veo no existe ,como el
agua que se fué como el a
gua que era ,erial de alborada


your thumb cancer ,wrinkled
brake your cuffs too
float ,mud inaction ,cave
shutter cranked against my
“skull” it’s a soccer any
.piles and miles ,a phone
blinks where the cliff drops

Spoke in the Throat

rather slabbed or knot ,rather
micsolation bubbled in my soup
oh where ?issue lint ,cluck
fonética ,pummeled too the
toed line my cancellations
.the giggling rat beneath my
desk .cling outside and mix
your gutter all night wrong

entered nagging entered fogused
entered lubely snaking toward
the crackling table at’s your
limper one guts there it’s stoo
ped an stolid ,aged my like
it “is” it blown the grunt
crumbs before my eye .no
“utter” I sat there just a
)heap of arms a nose(


nodding a while an ,dented
tomb flag na .guzzle the
,aim trunt ah sagonomics
what’s my shorts wink !nah’s
wrinkled foam I spit the
cloud that scribbles me that
knifer focused in the drained
hat .where I slumped be hind
garage was blinded by the


wurst ate and co lapsed in
to my drizzled gorner .lent
es lent my . busy camera or
my bursting tooth what seize
what claims the fork lint
.eh I scrawled my ,uh ,name
gruel ,ended crisply funneled
toward the bed an gristled
sleep .where I shone inside
your grease

Stunned Coin

my stunned feet my hip
sugar my flopped loot
my cash stinging my cheese
hand my tripe wreath
my knob foam my tooth
rain my singing pants
my loud steam my lock
gristle my tongue laundry
my stop luggage my spill
gunning my half hallway
my pool mucous my hair
drink my sagging crystal
my fog folder my coin

Spoon Text

cheek soup my lung gate lo
bs across my face I said to
you ,a hopping finger ,dusty ,fla
ks o skin seeping aire !en mi
corastone mi lado labio ,crust of
tentativo where the books sure
burnt .burns the spoons drop
down the well your foot cluster
shaped into my breath I wrote
it down again

Monday, May 11, 2009

And Am

your pandemic stillness floats out
side the implication of your temp
lo mayor the scattered drenching
of my gritted soup .sin boca
,scalding ,blat half I entered
off the bacon of your scal
loped height your long upper
lip fraying in the wind .so
spreak the pressure bars and
spell which way the doorway falls


mated an muddied ,matter flatly
tendenced to remain I ,am ble
,brake a loaf ,pestered I the
lap gunner where a throttled
monkey glazed an oily pool
.a pool or hairdo flacking in
the wind ah netinsect !none
tubes of throated primate sleep
)or sleep(


the chamber floorer clucks and dries the
spindel shoot ,my shoe crumbled in a
corner ,lapper disk ,towel flab numb
ered seven or was nine was chute
inside my crab lens .hintication stla
mmers my rrêves forked the sh
ape of book an egg .gainst the pen
I leaned ,shimmered and shimmed
,lab results stroking my leg I ,spraw
led beside yr shorter thigh and
trained .cowlike guttered in the rain


metido en las honduras rizadas
subí .la capa peluquera ,mis
números ,que sus pedos echan sus
pechos ,pechuguero lambiscón ,lo
garítmico el tronar infantil o
la visión invista de la piedra en
vejecida )vejiga ,velo
,la( rapidez de mi camisa lo
grada sintomática singólica
y tosida en la noche del infarto

El Dólar a la Deriva

entre el cogote y la taxonomía e
conómica entre la cumbre y mi s
entido entre lo blanco y mis t
úneles humectantes el furgón y
la postura el chile y la sonda
monta )monte muerta y( más
cosida de bolos o bolusantos .mi
s laderas mis )trinos y tus( hum
aredas ahogadas en mi labio m
is pagos lentitudes que tus mo
nedas espuman y hunden y flo

Friday, May 8, 2009


eco nimio o nómico yr assoline yr
push against me crisp an whining why
I efectivo burns beneath my chair
yr coins hot an oily on my eyes that
bucking on my tongue o gnomic ego
danced into the toxic spill my
eyen end paid .what bubbles up
what simmers down what stiffened
socks sleep beneath the bed my
coughing wallet grins against yr neck


el azúcar nimio el azúcar
fofo el azúcar sugar where
yr indecision grins across el
restaurante de mis calcetines
de arena tejidos mis comas
,entre ,palabras ,¿qué ,quieren
,decir? dicen balazos dicen
numbers dicen shutters que
estallan fotos dicen lúmenes
dicen a medianoche cuando el
sol bebe en mi ojo derecho


bunk fortress ,lab supply ,lushy
dust blinks inside the nickel
crashing in yr pocket una
bomba fútil trace of list the
splash yr face thrown off
el sueño gasolinera ,fake
blankets wrapped around the
jambe que brûle .sonido listo
torta de insecticida inrespirada
)tengo la boca abierta


tell me nostril tell me lumber
tell me wrassle off the lead
ership or tell me rafted cor
ner in my liquid screech ,uh
,listing of the form hogs .bles
sé me fuí ,nada radicalcificado
,mi fotogénico ,sugared ,lodal
,misted tell me where’s the
baño nor my drunker lung

The Yawn

pill drop ,flag rent ,fart luster
when my dampened boil lit the
floor .too shaky ,brought the
sunk wheedle far too close I
saw the sink .where dead leat
hers stiffen in the plastic bags
my what drenched blower dren
ched an gust .o sabor blaster hum
!neck id beet fork your school
shooting your spread erection your
name or floating crust

Thursday, May 7, 2009

El Otro

stun the lamp soak the
ringing tooth my endure
it seizes hunger for a
pistol pencil goats and
clinkage or was that
ghost nor drinking from
my crumpled sock .but
t never foamed inside
the pants )you said( my
gristle slowly blinking in
your shirt


deader than ,stammered ,swerved
beside me ,cornered ,high lum
ber aged with gun ,you or bill
me ,why’s a clackclack ,fenestrated
and I dozed inside the bowl .clic
king on the phone the rug steams
my stunned breath an owl lathers
in my hair I see you leave the
door leave the ladder leave the
single nickel rolls across the street

La Revuelta

lunkbotomy .tool ,uh hand .cloud
rafters plates of drink .the spin
ning coughs the .dour fog the
stings your ,oops a gas a meal
scattered on the balcony .try to
synch .utter a troot mass spla
bpted out the window where a
wind turns back and passes you


gummed the lurks and crunks “I”
“was” ,notted or ,pillowed ,dunged
gated with a cat an too much
churns .oh whump I was !blotted
lap an leered around the basement
steps )tumba( tome of thumbers
coined with grease an coded
legs I looked way up and saw a
tunnel where my face should be


gas an rinsing ,flog an fly ,rent
whistle buttered in the sandwich flu
shing in my throat I couldn’t see
you ,never toweled ,never lan
ded in the crosshairs where the clock
turns off ten cycles of the laundry
time returns like margarine in your
shorts .pull the belt an shut yr
ringing ,yank off yr face an
wave it like a flag

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

El Año Largo del Baño

the toilet split the doggy lake the
ahspirina condecorada con tu gorra
insípida ,booming the ham an lentilated
soy ,thisping ,mi ojo cuadrado cuar
teado como sueño de sierra ,el
monte tosudo .figuréme he ,nido de
túnel y la tumba flaca )listones acor
dados en las ramas( escúpito tu
,el libro famélico que masticaba
todo el día ,enfermizo ,náusea
léxica y la encuadernación em
papada de mi camisa de hule


bruise bruit my nose damper
sand sticky in my shorts ta
fenêtre craque le ciel stopper
me ,lame the corner heaped with
.mumbling in your book ,the drying
face ,my swallows name my
punching rag my .sliding down the
door my slimy thankyou like
an ant

Speech Drink

what my sed dust mouth what my
gash lump throat what my neck
nest gristled in the soup change of
game wrist .never ate I what
nor .plenty sotty what an bendy
too .push the grate away and
watch the dusty hall a gagging
bush scrawls along .what my
passing thigh pinkles in the corner

Monday, May 4, 2009

Los Insectos

dusty buzzing ,below the wall ,half
an orange quivers with ants and gravel
,el lodo seco de mi cara mi cara carona
dormida hes ,hescrito ,hesperado ,hill
with papers scattered ,break a hike
.my lung blisters cluster on your
cheek is that the way ?the pounding the
pounding the pounding a bus sweats
and’s cornered by the temple ,lug
gage burning in the plaza

Saw What

feel the afterschlock why banging at
the single stone clung inside yr sock my
pill grave bright with lint oh storm
your shorts and cuddle what .foster
ham an glisten here ,ache it off ,tie
one up ,cordones cristalinos que mis
tumbas agargantan ,detelefonazo es
.puro lago where my foot forgets ,your
blanker scuds your towel an ant my
dozen sinks )my sinking( about your
steady noise jumps against my eye

Wet One

oh please no floor and split the
walls an edge is learning an tu
caca floats across the lake .der
retido que brilla con su dialéctica o
posicional .azúcar y pocilgas ,tumba
teniente de semillas .yr fork lights
yr nodding thumb against my eyes
my spooned nodule thumping in your
throat why half the house es aire
.la mitad ,el desaparecido ,la lupa ,el
nogal de niebla donde la puerta
debe estar ,está tu ser aguanal


booming luggage in the sausage
clan the men are glancing at the
jungle’s edge Floresta de la Lu
na chew your phone .the knife
muzzle ,clock soup ,dang throated
slipper coughed across the shout the
warehouse flickers in a thunderstorm
)your flaming napkin( lost my hat in
el viento letrado my “toilet kit” a
growling ball of mud

Friday, May 1, 2009


blood neck heap neck stone
neck lash neck lot neck
sink neck boat neck tool
neck bat neck foot neck
chore neck lamp neck claw
neck itch neck doubt neck
gash neck glove neck stink
neck dog neck enter neck
fool neck rub neck hash
neck dry neck sot neck
meat neck mute neck slash
neck met neck slant neck

Road Rot

snap the corner of your laughing-shirt
and .triste eras ,twisty ,tongue-thighed
or whistle glopped ,made the soup
tongue mist you mourned the concrete
floor .ash and lunch ,dogs and
ladders stumbled across the
“room” or was that a pool ?blind
dollars to wipe your .that’s a
boy ,spray it off ,spray it out
:the creeping sandwich labeled with
your doctor visit )or your highway
swishing past the window(


4 necks the 4 cancers the
4 blows and 4 shoes the
4 drinks the 4 pants the
4 snows the 4 cranks the
4 lows the 4 necks the
4 piles the 4 idiots the
4 crawls the 4 votes the
4 smokes the 4 shapes the
4 slots the 4 darknesses the
4 booms the 4 blocks the
4 doors the 4 scratches the
4 the’s the 4 ropes the

Double or Nothing

loops and tunnels grease an
glass sob and blast rinse
and rent teeth and tense
smoke and smile rash and
roll blood and blink thumb
and slam sleep and sinks
use and less rip and
rest gash and guest ham
and heel blow and bomb