Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dumb ham ladder to the thigh .crease
Slob knuckle toiling fan falls .bull
Slit custard falling on my shoe .tweedle
Lung clock soils my mark .bowel
Glove flame ,trunk pillows .brick


Make a stroke against the feather .clue
Muttered stone knife drinking .god
Change your finger for a sun .dot
Thudding-plan ,knock happy ,bust .steeple
Gas or mean the clustered spoons .grunt

Bendy Toy

Lob gnat .gutter dog your sliced back
Glare gruel .tons of slope away ,form
Whistle glue .top your gland with suit
Linty gun .broke my waddle off
Filter lunge .tore my runt collapsing


Mud crave .dog my muscle shoulder
Pill rule .slave the corn rut class
Mute fill .trouble skewing in the hole
Meat sand .your gravel leg alight
Slack velvet .brought my cloud ahoy


plunging or sought o runt grist
sprawls the suit o lush sandal
folder of toejam o boxed lunch
caught clung clanged o float neck
whisper your chew o plowed throng

Meat Hill

dust rabbit o nodding and pissed
flood gull o mail the slack
supper gall o room and rump
hall flint o hopping pat off
stew crap o mudded the slope


drain the lumber .. bop clwroud
shutter all grass .. denk booth
shed hymn drat .. gnewl smote
shave all stone .. culvert steam
snakes from neck .. slag groan


.should mile .. natter all light.
.drag comb .. hair your fistula.
.whump ,jerk .. doody crawls nod.
.creel finger .. fishy hat cloud.
.dock dog .. walking off your foot.

Monday, November 29, 2010


rat clock rustles in my “hair” O corn
swallowed the whole glans tube O sink
grumbled behind the burning door O spoon
fondled my eye beside the mirror O flea
so I grabbed my scrawling arm O nail

claw D you dropped your jumping head
leg D slapped your tooth inside the jar
fork D sang the raining window
float D spat your thumb across the floor
river D rug loss giggling in your lap



dog muscles in my lake U spin
ache or float inside U mumble
trusty foot escapes U pool
slumber in my right eye U left
cloaked my soup in mist U slow

snow P suit your bread in light
come P awaken from your blind
dust P awkward hand arrives
articulated P brims and sinks away
thawed P ape flaccid in your bowl



sooner shut than . cloud gunned
shot my fork off . dream gland
bank and shiver . screw loot
foam the puzzle . dog law
bester fake lint . swallow grime


shifter boom . what the clot cost
foggy broom . mastered the neck
brunt spread . lever off pants
pry song . dusty the princep
mother lung . dope what shodding


molt . swerve light . cash
tremb . mute nut . climb
crock . lint flute . seem
cold . xipe totec . cream
muds . grime laughter . rash


smart foam . dim . dog stream
reel hash . look . glub dream
mill sham . boot . trunt hip
club rinse . gall . blag north
palm court . dust . fan cripple

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Drown your eyebrow with a hamster .ditch
Punch your plodding with a pool .cob
Itch cluster ,laws ,lake of oil .lust
Lunch your musty throat with dust .caw
Crown your labor with a coprolite .cream


Use gut float gash .mighty pile
Shrugging in the basement mist .loot crust
My snore desmemoriado mas .toot form
Lunchlike swipe yr nalgas .dopy one
Flag hog mic sweat dog lisp .crawling gas


Blap .gutter soap your wallet in
Taste .dog stone flutters past my lard
Pawn .duck swallow beneath the desk
Use .slag flagit drawled the room
Bum .nod toweling soaking in your pants


Butt nickel .plot and comb ,your wheel
Fuel spell .brag the bone sponge ,elbowed
Funnel pill .dupe luggage or ,my sand
Miles of mud .past the drinking ,rage rule
Feathered beast .change the wave ,snake paged

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chop Chop

bulbous doubt . copter slaw
neck rental . boom flood
“calm clam” . too “soons”
fake lung . trot guile
spot thunder . rotor slough


born to dry . mess linkage
clock rats . file matter
dunk loaf . tune dribble
sod pool . step xóchitl
mighty grope . spin waters


book lints . spread dot
words form . stormed page
list corn . viento de papel
bind my hair . trunk window
foots glue . titled sink

Har Har

slobber lamplight . drink howl
crust lobster . throw cough
jewel dumpster . fenêtre dough
clam lunker . sod throat
chew blink . miles laughter


dung . suit sky . ash
lot . blunt flit . ill
get . bog float . kneel
lust . bomb shuffle . dry
sand . flame creel . slab


hog mild . stab . rut leak
instance glove . hop . dreck nail
neck crawl . sod . pills run
boat club . clack . rank arf
giggles hell . smut . bore sky

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Fire

Bums birds .knack slat slap
Pistol soap got .netted glum
Blast foam .truly shaded rice
Lucky or glut .sand shoe
Mighty yes .knot cloak burns


Gutter sack blown .pull dog
Grab a .faster shrug limit
Guess I spell .torture whistle
Grease lobber .twist lit off
Grow a tumor .plot shirt

File It

Loose but to slaw more
Chopping the form whistle
Gaze and stubble off the mile
Pile or dream ,whet your shore
Lunging toward the glare


Bile of lumber stroking in the sacks
Choose a finger ,lease a dormir
My chigger aped ,bit the air
Flaunt chew ,bug nap ,crease drool
Pay the foghorn when you itch


The roof lint falling
Spray your succotash on the wall
Each of you is calling
Aim the phone and hair
Lots of tripping before the window

Konbu Tower

Loom and giggle ,wear your pants
Time and ants ,comb your toothbrush
Slope and after ,choose a fly
Break and tune ,clip the faucet
Cusp and wallet ,form the laver


Feel issue .wet like dust
Grab my corn .fog hole
Deadly can .pustule hog spread
Shapely scandal nests .rock yard
Blasted spoon .nutty yolk wall


Finger off test .loot hummer
Change soot .cave of lakes
Braise the tar .arf clot
Matter blackly .tame the gore
Gummy land trace .use flare

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drawl It

Swell sugar .and the fork
Runt sledge .and a boom
Squall sausage .and the saw
Crank sliver .and a moon
Bunk leakage .and the srunt

Hop Groan

Nodding half . loop stonE
Flaw slumber . drool hopE
Stun rabbit . keep slaB
Rule clicker . book shoT
Glab knocker . bed musclE


Sagging gun .toot file
Soapy lung .stem finder
Wrist trash .sleep gum
Root caver .caulk nail
Wagging stone .tool lip

Some Banging

Go bag the gum .rustle
Then itch the wall .boom
Go file the brick .udder
Then tube the blood .hush
Go slack the wind .drum


Drinks water .crashed the snore
Lock dense clue .drinks water
Drinks water .piles of rat
Cling flooded air .drinks water
Drinks water .nod and swarm

So Wet

Could I shake the water on your eye?
Could I drink the hair falling on your shoe?
Could I dunk the rabbit on your mouth?
Could I drip the algae in your coffee?
Could I dry the tongue coiling in your suit?

Monday, November 15, 2010


Pool knocker gassing off the thumb
Skate your eye lint
Change a mote or slovenly
Booth stunner named my cloud
The cage inflation ,lift my sock

Rotting Fruit

Patchy lint clustered on your elbow
Ease the phone into the pool
Dog cough ,must halation ,bust number
The lung count you muttered in my rear
Meat the hanger and your twitching fly

Lo Que Cambia

La fonética de tu culo
Comer la carga olvídate del aire
Sondear el aguacate de tu manga
Sobrar la sopa recordada de la cama
Mis lunas negras en el fondo de la tina

Lo Acordado

Peluca y cerillo ,gancho de piedra
Elevarte el zapato izquierdo y duérmate
Masticar el codo el muro soñado
Aseverar que la nada de tu mano no es
Encájate el calcetín derecho

Yes It Is

Crumble leg .or sooner throat
Past the spoon .nod chancre
Slivers dream .tonnage went mouth
Sooty throat lack .keep sprawling
Knock them .cough stream thunder


Drink the clouds .grease lander
Funnel off .trips the flier
Banged my inch .saw leafs
Dusty larmes .lesson dung floats
Past your bungee .mice colon


Bullets and .ice crackers slip
Broke my rind .pellets gristle
Through wind .doubles my head
Clefting thought .beep storm
Mules clung .hole and fog


Plopping it said .my spraddle
Call thunder .splendid ash comb
Sweaty map luck .fell off
Glowing neck .loaded sack moon
Pleasant walk fell .throbbing dog

Friday, November 12, 2010


Penetrar nomás ,lumbre regodeado
Chúpate el ,pusilánime la ceja
Sembrar, lixiar ,domar ,finar
Soga que cae y ojear el agua
Tumba instigada y papeles de lodo


Sismear ,antebrazo ,peldaño
Cobrar el vaso y inviértate la gorra
Sarna gastada ,regartearte la cara
Pulmón luminesco ,sueño de máquinas de escribir
Comer el cinturón y del lago no digas nada

Let’s Go

Sleeps the foghorn in my neck
Crust the suit your drizzle mimes
Face down in soup you see the ring
Double halfwit shoulder try to grin
Cheese gleaming on the steering wheel

Re Past

Your bottle full of dental floss
Hunch my sky gnatter ,then deep
The gravel shower sounds like floor
Tear each page and single blindedly
Burn your sleeve and click your fork


bombing the door
lob neck
grass clock sheds
super phog
tame the sandal
sluff chowder
nor flag the
plunge crap
settled boom pun


never grin
plus your tongue
shake rudder
flab come costs
too swallow
nor thumbing lung
tasted grass
phone shoe pencil
golly bleed


seep the floor
log gag
my stnunning shoe
break gast
long the shape
you clogged
net chain sink
peel sore
my lapse gaze


sleep nuts
force the graze
saw storm
last neck thumb
creeping towel
force snore lint
grab tongue
slabber fork sneeze
page creep

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I came to shot list ate the plenty
Rabbits squirming on the coverlet
Where I lathered and labored early
Sandwiched breadlice in my wallet
Dropped into the toilet loudly


Fought you dithered like a tuba
Clanging down the steps an icecube
Tray enhancement combination of the suit
Smoldered on a beach 2 years ago
I aped a wall dripping with kaopectate

Mind Welt

Ease the finger from your eye
See a gnat crystallize in your suitcase
Snore and flush ,nod and loot
Pencil cloudy lens beside your nose
Shorter leg swallowed in the news


Fog your shorts and claw your liver
Begin the thumping in your bathtub
Pummel the eye rolling on your dashboard
Razor trending toward the compromize
Sod shadow plundered on the lawn


seize the jakes
dog slung
page forkus dead
mind glove
pasture flaking shrug
glut door
mile thigh loot
bombing spray
luggage neck constriction


bash gnat
howl in cloud
bore moot
stunner leg dribble
spinning gut
tide shat mug
sender phone
clash let shirt
caw stool

Monday, November 8, 2010

Double Exposure

headlight bun shade
ear field
grin plumber sausage
foot shorts
buddha flop thumb
grunt side
throat tunnel worm
frenchfry belt
belted frenchfry
wormy tunnel throat
side grunts
thumb flopping buddha
shorts footsy
sausage plumber grinning
field earache
shade bunned headlight

Exposure Doubles

From Blaster Al Ackerman’s “These Sort of Double-Exposure Effects Take On Brittle Promise If You’re In Love” – A Hack of JMB texts from Oct. 20, 2010


Shortly the shirt gate burns
Save my flooded comb time
Or gassed the tent leakage
Shaping my skull drifting toward
A tree splintering in a fog


Labored sheet groveled in the gravel
Clinkers on the roof correct the sun
Shot pages flutter in my sleep
Your booming ears close the door
I aspirate a hair and drop my arm


I hustled dodged the pieplate
Ends up sticking to the window
Was an envelope transparent like
My thought was gluey shining
On your forehead after coughing


Short and crusted sandwich chancre
Bled the focus off my gristleing
Natter when you listed me and
Climbed the bookcase gummy with
My combination locks and tumbling

Friday, November 5, 2010


Bomb care ,butter song ,flag
Intestine slumber ,dog flute ,bread
Slops tongulate ,bag nut ,pluming
Shirt regurgitation ,stung egg ,knife
Flowered night ,page cud ,brackish


Nope gas trouble soaked the ditch
Guzzled room cloud’s slab redemption
Fake shoe banging in the garbage can
The longer lung blackened leg shroud
Flapping as the sun comes up my brim


Ah double scalp slipping toward my
Shoulder itching like a gate your
Meat suit sluffs inside my cough
A pencil toward the photo frame
What punctures glimmer in the name


Subcompaction cloud napkin wadded
Face your rotting cob rising from
The sink you saved your sandwich
In the clicking window rains out
Side the gasoline is leaving

So To Speak

burn stool
shudder hung dog
shake seat
grab a loaf
testes blink
bray up side
sun chert
grab the buns
loot tongue


flagger cow aura
dings lake
methane shawl closet
nag grime
double loot trust
crap mile
sting the corn
bean neck
chew for years


sucker shape
dog lock penis
brack soot
open shore mouth
blaze leg
test of asswipe
should grill
splay my leak
bark arf


cue spun soak
flap neck
sticky armpit towel
woof lint
fogged the cave
slept dink
crew shudder log
back forth
drier chair crap

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Bees and guns bouncing in your basement
Trusted ankle melting in the soup
Coins and glasses falling from a tree
Use the air and forget your hat
Lumpy ashcakes thumping in the trunk


Blocks of salt glisten in your tub
A football bursts and stinks
Weeds and rust crumbling in your book
An apple thuds behind the toilet
Mice and dentures rolling in your blankets

Guest List

Gag the fork you whistle in
Oh pulmón rife with rags
Cost of shirtless noddings
Flag your socks off the roof
Plus or minus frames your name


Buy my suit and flood with draino
Shape a knot to grin like smoke
Spreading tongue or shovel ready
Gauge the luggage for its blood
Mighty grass shining on your roof

Just A

dust’s cash
bomb grotto lint
wheel fool
spread the sink
just cram
nattered mud throat
piece shore
bangs the cloud
mute lore


bunk comb flame
toot’s drift
sugar lapse tent
dry lunge
face of cloud
matter lapsely
yet soon
spend dog lung
tops suit


puse telarañas
como sendas chupones
mamón alegre
tristes los libros
mojados hundidos
soplón y peluca
carne agujereado
pensar de harina
só churrasco


plomo ni pizco
tómame la
caquita circular de
mañanitas torvas
azúcar derramada tu
pulmón de
hule y huarache
soma sublimada
café o colmo

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


b bundle b
b broke bushel b
b spun off sneeze b
b could you cough some b
b more mildew rising in breeze b
b lunch bullet rattling through the hall b
b double b
b spoke rushing gun doffed cheese good b
b knew loss mum snore sinew b
b writhing in leaves hunched b
b wallet battling drool b
b the squall b
b trouble b

El Plato

Olvídate del chivo
El Efectivo en llamas
Adormecido caes
Postre aplastado
Pensar y palmear
Colgar la rana


Pordiosero pasas por la escalera
Plumífero te pones la bata
Pensativo pestañeas
Pisos y pesos
Planetar el fin
Fin figurativo


lustro de lagos
porquería pues
pendejada tu pelo
piensa sordo
subir la lontaña
cumbre flaca
sin camisa cagada
lograr “lugar”
tentativa de susurrar


casta líquida
puna pensativa y
sumido roncar
la piedra portátil
pipi pues
xibalbá o panadería
colmo cuchillado
shorter shirt you
conectar ,clavar

Yes It

gland damp
rubber nod pore
rat lake
using full shorts
pestered sock
plot my rule
gaze snake
shorter light inhaled
block limp


days of mire
bloom run
gnat gate lamp
ply sand
the tire air
sunk puddle
your clobber spray
cloudy soup
count bugs .dots


better gun
spot nap litter
roll away
peldaño de fango
look mine
runny dog foam
gosh right
said my neck
cornflake shelf


roll an cloud
butter snake
smile or piss
buy school
runner clank pile
rest sneezy
look up fog
watch rattle
spread your head

Monday, November 1, 2010


w whoosh w
w runnel clod w
w mate nor user w
w blot the surging phone w
w grass spill blows past door w
w flopping neck dangler your clocking shirt w
w loose w
w tunnel plod fate nor looser clot w
w the gurgling bone’s fast kill w
w slows fast floor shocking w
w dreck handler shore w
w slacking dirt w
w juice w


gr clad gr
gr roof gruel gr
gr tongue or boot gr
gr heel the squirt off gr
gr span snore my prouder nail gr
gr splintered ass rice rolls off nates gr
gr bladder gr
gr gate of fools mice glass littered gr
gr pail ender’s dry door gland gr
gr cough shirt the spiel gr
gr loot nor lung gr
gr stool hoof gr
gr slab gr

Viaje Corto

Penetrar los toldos de plástico
Sobrarse y tirarse lentamente
Leerte el libtro al revés
Sonarte la oreja
Dormir con la gorra llena de arena

El Año

Aseverar tu cuenta
Nombrar el piso
Pizcarte el zapato
Sumarte la nariz
Labrar una hormiga
Trenzarte el ano

Luz Liberal

gafas cloacas
ni lentes eran
tumbilla trocada
afeitar el hueso
vista clavada
peluquería mis versos
reversos líquidos
trastornar los focos
sombra punzada

Ni Soñado

placas cacas crucíferas
nariz flotante
forma de cuate
zumbidos azucarados
bajito no fueras
plomería surtida
llama ni llano
rulfián comido
esquina de camas


dick grate nod
smell blood
change clot soon
rat locker
chat clack clog
clod roof
shaper stood miles
phone groom
pants on wire


each ear
dot boom tick
pillow sot
change the macher
tub felt
grasp lease call
sod neck
rhyme the shovel
throat boom

Meal Him

belt and quid
mob throat
never sunk game
spell time
shadow lube caul
crate lust
smell the shim
greasy door
chopping sand off

Shave Ice

bled flame
dog don ,snort
choppy seize
fake neck crud
baloney list
drop a bread
loaf rust
plenty stool logged
blunt dim