Wednesday, January 10, 2018

sleep shot seep
- for Nguyen Dao Claude

enter the flock shit I uh
end omectic “egg coming face”
)Jim Leftwich( o )egoecoegoecoego(
hot b urn t f light off tu tumba
tuerca trueno entimental S mi S
ombras swoll ,,,freezing rain your “p
ages made of h ands” )J.L.( was your
sleeper wrecker .sent the lock's d rip's
your mur mar mer :
sunk lips
taste wet shoes
wind in the heart )J.L.(

)your leaning fog...

fusilumínicos esperpentos
- Juan Ángel Italiano


sans visage
voir et taire

bone loss

left the drawn fog home
was slappy fat or thin
a corner of's song face
a drain below
is knots and spoons
what fingered thumb
the plate its crack
beside the sidewalk
your gummy throat
a stunning hole
words fall out
loose shirt
it's your marrow dream

Sunday, January 7, 2018

máscara trashumante

burning maggots on the porch sed
de gorriones QUE ME INTEXTAN el
viento desescrito es la ruta de mi
rostro tezcatlipocante's next
ham boat's plume upside yr head )d
rank fog's gland tube( FULL FLOG
MOTE BOOM meats yr door laundry
aw gosh deck's boom hole the long
duck screen and flood steps
.bring a clod off yr th roat lis
t plunge debate FILE THE LEG
yr o wl dog blarks a cloud ,flags
and legs ,text knot s foam be
hind yr dumbster lake

Sobras hay / pero oxidadas

- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro

papada empapelada

lentejas y monedas de árbol
mi suero te abre y no sí sé
se llena de aire del olvido
.un lumbrecato es ,palapb
ras al del sueño de mi
caldito de letrado deletrado
,una desesperación desnuda
sin lana sin norte .pues
un millón de pueses y
un viento cálido ,de fiebre
era ,so ventana sin cri
cristal y por la apertura
una máscara se cuela
)antifaz de fósil que
agüita es( facial wind and
corn con bruma ,en mis
zapatos desalados y francos
al tiro del día

Anduvo, anduvo. anduvo.

- Rubén Darío

dog pile

loss of throat I caved and
shone beside the night a
plunging focus sidling from
your single eye )licked was
clean( ghastly week and
weak my folded arm's re
fusal to be told .what's
root or sandwich ,grotto's
brimming wind next your
plate .yr dog returns ,d
ripping mud and phosphor
esence ,blind the other
eye your tongueless mirror

forget and cough

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


lung of f lame mii ttuerca
me abre la rerespiración ajk
ajjk ajjk ajjjjk ajjjjjk akkkkkkj
nor lost the leaves floated
across the sink A SODDEN
MIRROR ajá mojajado estoy
ni más ni meros ojitos di
secados sos mi anguluminación
en el humus más oscuro de tu
lengkua .eats yr straw collapsant
figuration of a wall's last
time's the first ,ruts
deeper than your mouth
pulgas conque chiles conque
fever breathed before a
snake spells down the
hill que desciendes con rumor
de fusil cargado de luz

fistulantes lenguas de chupacaminos

- Juan Ángel Italiano

the end relearned

and loud
the C lost

and rent
the door knows

a fork
drink the words

feet wind
fine grit talks

fruit mind
seed and knives

closed was
stinking long floor

not es

the gaze of sugar bends the
for K you tied your eye wit or
or with )a moOn( daze of
gristled fields and your shot jer
K pto maine breathes ben eath
the bed's stone combatant
:I was changed chained ,my
foot's gelatinous re versal sits
up at breakfast ,coughs nor C
oughs a while inside your
shoe a beach.........................