Monday, January 29, 2018

Atacara Caratada
- Thanks to Bibiana Padilla Maltos,
Blanca Pérez-Ramos, Aaron Flores,
y Juan Ángel Italiano

the dream of seeing a tsunami while
drinking a jarabe para la tos is the
dream of a closet stuffed with wet
shirts, which may be the dream of
traveling to the distant south in an empty car
RRIPFOOT roca acerada y te sierro la
pierna indecisa reinfusilesca
“no te como el gatillo” re
fuso la plumectomía
)eats your sweaty shorts(
finger crackedoff sky detection
your inner eats reply
a dream of wobbling before the pool
is a dream of balloons and grease
the greasy balloons wait on the
stairs, were empty pants
)pantalones vácuos como la
noche en una parada de autobuses(
≈ deflavor me defaucet me de
fork me ,so I ,embed a
lápiz en concreto “ay it seems
your heaving shirt”
depth of surface cataracted the lens
- shutfocused - )flat dog ball
el sueño del grito en la selva
era quizás el sueño de mis hashi
de hule caídos en la sopa; la sopa,
¿era una puerta soñada
,de sangre condensada?

flabby leak not an eye


caballo sobado
mur mar mer


neck afloat yr ,b linking sshoe d
etails I s corn .emblade yr of
ten face fell next a sshirt pis
ant ,torn ablunder ,cómete la
bboca stuffed with BOOK'S
FOGGY PAGE drifting left
sin ojos ,pulsátiles en el aire
de barro pulverisado ,SWAL
leaking in yr pocket it's wh...
grunting clown spiraling on a
screen the off's broke off
“time to swim” stare at yr
socks the room gets dark f
ills with gravel.......

remember the sudden lawn

Saturday, January 27, 2018

blanco que te quiero blanco
-Thanks to Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Josh Ronsen,
Roxana Padilla Maltos, Ivan Argüelles, Michael Dec,
& Aaron Flores

trueno tumba trompa
escupo mouth's invisible stones
trono y tromba
the dream of a porcupine is the
dream of a hairbrush full of mud;
a dream of the hairbrush is the
dream of the moon disappearing
behind clouds it's
a dead shirt wind yr cur
tains swallowing air
a dream of the talking cat is the
dream of a fireplace full of crumpled
aluminum foil; the dream of aluminum
foil is the dream of a river made
of glass (sausage on the pillowcase)
acaricio el huevojo la orejatada que
escuchan mis sobras trumba trumba
trumba eXis el sueño en que te
roben la respiración es un sueño
de una pared de leche; la pared
de leche es el sueño de una caja
de libros empapados de sudor
blanco the breath blanco the bone
blanco the wind ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~

Thursday, January 25, 2018


remembered the sausage siz
zling on a brick “ clavija que el
caballo...” )Clamades y Clarmonda(
yr bambambam slab's clown
leg drip MÍSERO DE TÍ un
huevo am the remembered who I
uh is ? sangrado el ojo
mud on a phone your moth
thought moo mu mow collapsant
blot house yr fork quiv
ers in neck slaw rem
embered a peine y el
mur mar mer nido de torres
donde indormías ¡soberme
las 4 spit glass legs!
)coughing in a shoe( )your
squid breath( chot soakt
,seep a leak

drizzled on a log


salted mask
towers of sleep

fallen from the lip

bees in a labyrinth of
eyes a throat your opens
shadow slickening on a
sound of speed mask lunar
hysterectomy nauseous at
a door your buzzing salt
scattered in the grass'
insect skin you stumble
through the sand towers
sliding toward the mouth
of waters sleep's three
perfect halves

nod and blaze

Clutching bees in Ivan Argüelles'


Monday, January 22, 2018

take a walk

a shoe and a pair of glasses
in the bottom of a lake walk
out of the lake were calling
for help was the dream you
couldn't remember of a bicycle
whirling in a tree was
a fork thinking of you in a
pillow walking toward
Pittsburgh a glass of
water thinks in a river
rolls toward a bridge of leaves

empty shoe

glass worn water

flight of breath

implacid crow
your armpit gapes
forget the glottis
found air at last
retraction wind
fold your cheek
glauco es

winging toward the end

forking time

it o ouch combat decry is
flannel mildewed in the garage
a streaming pot your hand
slept in thru mud
fog thickens in yr
eyes roots sleep and turn
rotting ammunition it's yr
spoon horde your mice
shivering in the breakroom
it's a it its flailing of the
pruning shears yr leafless
mask yr flaccid tines yr s
weltered f oot sets off kicks
a door is louder than ants
falling from the roof

)the puzzle spells air

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


arms' thin stream was
string and stair toward
barking silence raise your
hair was hands' fading
nos sucked in..........................out
your numbers jerk in a cir
cle declock your air's gray
light shivers in a window
.sea of throats beach of skin
█…..the door your shirt walks in

...por la ribera de la mar, vio un batel...
- El Conde Partinuples


invade release obtain
bright garbage drain
in the edge a nail
tiny text on dirty plate
screen your fog's light lint
sandwich in the rain

surge cult

loud about in the other/piano a
comb spittss teeth h h and a
concrete soap ignites the
hopping sun's few dimes few
eggs shining in your lap your
money is ,catastrophic revery
sweaty behind a door was
dog asleep on a jetty a
head's carcinogenic olives
fall out the washing machine
)a vacuum in your lawn
mower( where's the lake in
heaven? is the tooth emergent
from an onion or worms and
brillo milk centered in your
political nozzle's sticky cl
utter ,seams undone
¡wash my fire in the frothy
shirt crumpled in a long
dark box! .shuddered with
steak in pajamas ,flannel
mimirrors and bread
:your maps compacted? past
of the eardrum plague ,tru
mped-up turds on a couch's
sequence of spectacles and
rotting bananas .opera mullida
en la poesía es ,que cacambió
el murmundo ,curve of
dust rising from your shoes

)the next exit is the exit past

With splinters from Jim Leftwich's
Window Is Root to a Bird

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

sleep shot seep
- for Nguyen Dao Claude

enter the flock shit I uh
end omectic “egg coming face”
)Jim Leftwich( o )egoecoegoecoego(
hot b urn t f light off tu tumba
tuerca trueno entimental S mi S
ombras swoll ,,,freezing rain your “p
ages made of h ands” )J.L.( was your
sleeper wrecker .sent the lock's d rip's
your mur mar mer :
sunk lips
taste wet shoes
wind in the heart )J.L.(

)your leaning fog...

fusilumínicos esperpentos
- Juan Ángel Italiano


sans visage
voir et taire

bone loss

left the drawn fog home
was slappy fat or thin
a corner of's song face
a drain below
is knots and spoons
what fingered thumb
the plate its crack
beside the sidewalk
your gummy throat
a stunning hole
words fall out
loose shirt
it's your marrow dream

Sunday, January 7, 2018

máscara trashumante

burning maggots on the porch sed
de gorriones QUE ME INTEXTAN el
viento desescrito es la ruta de mi
rostro tezcatlipocante's next
ham boat's plume upside yr head )d
rank fog's gland tube( FULL FLOG
MOTE BOOM meats yr door laundry
aw gosh deck's boom hole the long
duck screen and flood steps
.bring a clod off yr th roat lis
t plunge debate FILE THE LEG
yr o wl dog blarks a cloud ,flags
and legs ,text knot s foam be
hind yr dumbster lake

Sobras hay / pero oxidadas

- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro

papada empapelada

lentejas y monedas de árbol
mi suero te abre y no sí sé
se llena de aire del olvido
.un lumbrecato es ,palapb
ras al del sueño de mi
caldito de letrado deletrado
,una desesperación desnuda
sin lana sin norte .pues
un millón de pueses y
un viento cálido ,de fiebre
era ,so ventana sin cri
cristal y por la apertura
una máscara se cuela
)antifaz de fósil que
agüita es( facial wind and
corn con bruma ,en mis
zapatos desalados y francos
al tiro del día

Anduvo, anduvo. anduvo.

- Rubén Darío

dog pile

loss of throat I caved and
shone beside the night a
plunging focus sidling from
your single eye )licked was
clean( ghastly week and
weak my folded arm's re
fusal to be told .what's
root or sandwich ,grotto's
brimming wind next your
plate .yr dog returns ,d
ripping mud and phosphor
esence ,blind the other
eye your tongueless mirror

forget and cough