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olvido pajarero

bull fork ladder him’s the twosome
,soggy crash hidden in ,what
suit – pestered ‘round the
hats – mortífera la cumbre
ahogada the ,slumbered stairs
stars inhaled ,clawed force
,butyl wind coronado con
,tus mangas ,infladas ¡ah
was “chewing up the rungs”!
)ornitología( tongues and
sweats )liposuction( crushed
the buttons with’s teeth and
,blew away ,efectivo ni bol
sillo - ¡nor my twisted
shoe ,bullet! )bullet( like a
toenail snagged inside yr
sock the sodden sleep the sleep
your other mist hid from you

...traje de...chorizo...
- José Lezama Lima

olvido del escribidor

the “lunch” soon blown ay )comida
como lago( viento o nube que sale
de mis nostrils the “lungless sky
with its wordless net” what
fell writhing a bloody dish
rag signature of the shredded
book o my formal headache’s
oozing text my “backword glants”
my... ...teeth pulsing in my
jaw... the pulcrid rat cont
animation ni ,es lo mismo la
miasma cosa freshly putrid
turning over on yr plate a
papa al revés apap .no la
comes asap ,por la puerta
floja ,la biblioteca ahogada
y tu recinto catedrático em
badurnado de miiieeerda

Las poesías no las lee nadie.
- Nicanor Parra

olvido del pie

shaded crap

Roof Root

olvido del moon

laundered sleep
test sink
olvido del boy scout

uh haw ,yout mate ,treble
shapes or blind clubbage round
about the mothy chairs the
spurting heads filed teeth ch
unks of pinky brain )lung
time( :the rat snore ladder
,twaddle: mutely blaring at
the slime shining on the
walls ))yeah ,sure ,flame
it off(( tossed the wind
ow out the perciatelli
whistling , w i n d
inchy creep of bowls my
blood )nostril( apetitosa
apt to cringe knotty
nodding like langosta d
ropped into ah thrashing
boil ¡oh form gristle
itch for me! )where
the glass once stood ,a
dusty form............... . . . . .

-William S. Burroughs

olvido of the suture

corn shut my suit book lung
throbbing outside the pocket
buttons my face lowered in
the tortellini where yr nos
trilled sauce spiralled in
the corner of yr bowl yr
hat laughter drilled the
clown washer stepped in
to the sticky puddle where
yr loop of wasps sings
beneath a table it’s the
flatness of yr collared
back the nuts and forks
corroding in your shorts
riding on the cob the
rash returns your scissored
wheeling read its itchitch
in the breath you forgot
to take

...plusiers poèmes de chair...
- Le Comte de Lautréamont

olvido cumpleañero

the shore labelled crasher hailed in
denture came the fraught temple sp
lit in 2 or 3 .soap thumb and
force induction ,where I fell into
the bush .wet my shades I did
,why the dribble fell I crept
ashiver up the lawn .plastic gnomes
facedown in the mud .the door re
belled the clouds stretched dry the
hash was mailed in a sandwich
bag .

aimed and flamed the pawed con

...por la caca, un trueno.
-Al Caparra

olvido del L

whee l

braw l

olvido supurante

wool unit
the mist guzzle

jeer ,go ahead

Sunday, October 21, 2012

olvido del viaje mudo

sheer stunning the roller mate my
ass contraption wakes ,your
meal shoulder numbing in the
fumbled lint your dead towel
crime your )scummy unu( )sh
ave my fork( I sat and
freed the gas the laundered
shore slides in silence past
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
cake and gristle ,the shallow
suit fingers ,comb filled
with light your outer neck
repels the glue focused on
your queen ,you will never
rise the swirling line is
blinded in the dark
behind the island

...le noir de l’air...
Alexander von Humboldt

olvido del olvido

went to fog phony sheeting
crashing off the walls no
studs just empty stone w
here the firey niche s pills
its tongue o inti mate mi hue
hueteotl giggling a escondidas
en mi gorra pulcra de
mocos y moscas ,my long
bent groan my .wind the
leg ,peldaño iztac ,wan
dered through the last b
lack closet ,my ent
ered chest ,interred ,wh
istle stopped ,more than
useless ,useful ,groping
through the daylight like
a fingernail .))plaster crum
bled on the floor my
bed a gravelly strand........... mar ni mater...
- Antonio Machado

olvido de la comida

tentativo soy uh .melter meat a
corn shot ,pielotudo como bolsa
de pelucas pues no ,drained ,uh
filling ,chewed uh shirt an ,sp
at .each dogged ice inhabits wh
at yr shoe forgot ,each .a
step fader ,sweltered in la
selva petenesca o los desiertos
nortales .pálido ,quemado .rut
ilante ,opaco .la fuente pet
rolera con sus banderas de
polypropelina articuladas
por la brisa o my brok
en bricks )cir cling the gar
b age b ags( the lunch
counter in the dust the line
of stools and steaming bowls
ahí estoy ,conmigo ,con na
die ,con mi cútis rendida
y un par de monedas con
cara anegada ,espejo
que gasto y como

...what I tasted in the pocket lint.
- John M. Bennett

olvido del camino estancado

hoy SOT rings comprado he las
tumbas fists inacordados¡ alúm
brame !pancreatitus of the wallet
storm ,stone ,maybe mañana loo
se r twisting in my shuttered
circle ,why the neck why it’s
asunto nulo ni aforkid prace
slu mber ))(( yr docile
hands rise the towers
burn )on the lago distant a
)sleeping boat )pescador del
aire )y la tarde )de humo
)dying sweat reverb )eration
)uh(( ( ( ( ( ( ( ]I[ was
shut the door on shore was
chewing off the dollars was
wallowed in my bloated
esophagus ,stuffed with
pills a silbo de 5000
años que todavía suena
,suena intocado como agua
desaparecida que re
cuerdo que no recuerdo

Il faut boire la poussière.
- Arthur Rimbaud

olvido del volante

nod ,focus at the dog hole lint ,luz
,morcilla ,nubes antelúdicas ,el
tornillo de tu pierna izquierda la
tuerca de la derecha / / half bark\\
wheezing on the roof your soaking
shadow dries .the .leaning air
,bulemia sin matices el viento
,,,dunes dragged across the
desert,,, that wad of nostril
fuzz scraped the shape of
earth the dripping sea the
whistling corn ay cubo de as
pirinas en llamas donde se
empieza el tiempo ,bi-idílico
,chortled ,swearing and sw
eating beneath the blistered
wall | my troubled neck be
gins my doubled neneck mmy

...knifeedged disk...
- John M. Bennett

Thursday, October 18, 2012


tantarroz tu sodade ,mighty
lapsus folded ,plan de ,cul
minar ,le pain .fogfled I
,gotta poop ,nor ,peldaño see
ming ch air ,sopa seca .pt
omaine an an iceberg ,my dungy
shoe flooded ,et ta main ,très
risible ,infonética ,pulmonar
yr gas ping shoulder severed
f ocus like that splashing
in the tank )rippled ,cr
awled( the tower dreaming
wav es your shirt tu pan
talón nadando dans la boue

He raised the spoon and coughed.
- Fr. M. Oth

olvido de la tinta

ya looted ink CRAW nap said ,bas
ta !the tented legs my s wallow fis
ted scRAWl a ,nostril song ,es
calera ,needles gargantescos ,wr
ITten with a file yr d ragging
soap cumPULsion ,wheezing
every bite o yr NOdding
bullet pen soaking in the pall
id sugar of yr neck hay
golpes en la flooded TV ,vi
da ...lo sé ,no ,aNOtado co
mo nido los ,cuyes dormidos
y las piedras se deswaken
,pertas ,inex ...el son nar
igón o ,)máscara de aire the(
,))laundry tumbling down hill((
)))río crashing in the stones(((

...fabeto es, y crito...
- César Vallejo

olvido del punto final

.jaw .ton .lop .mrate .fell
.blit .shell .apt .toad .nort
.chow .sog .flap .chase tore
.blangk .flab sort chain .cheese
.dream the lang fog .sweats
.ring time with sodden loot
.file .rain knot half business
stumbler note .bull .feel sat
behind shapeless politician rots noose
.drum .leak fold meat cloud
nods and flakes a .coughing
.dime muscled tooth yr tongue
stuck in sweet blood .slathered
.reached the fog watch ladder
rusting in weeds below the
.tower .the tower .the towerrr

- Catulo

Olvido de Byron
“For in it lurks...”,
Lord Byron, The Giaour, 1813

nod focused lint on cliff he
belts the scorned bloody hand
the truly apeish smell invisible
to all but him scurrilous nape
dancing with lice’s grave flash
of’s unearthly wave’s my
ass pyration cornered in the
much of times the glancer f
lopping in my trousers ah
nameless spell !the gazer
slept unspeakable and claims
the bird the sock puppet
met alone ,your pale lip
blister ghastly quivers
!yr swallowed birth dou
bles in that spitting doom
yr dribbling features vulgar
in the wading gloom

¡Quítate los lentes!
- Ramón López Velarde

Monday, October 8, 2012

olvido of the ashes

leak the singing snore off yr
red skull lint my growling
combination floor yr )a.s.h
j.a.r( )under the corner sh
orts( yr fridge stuffed
with gristle and a hat
your teething your squalling
your pencil faster meatless
eyeball infibulation crawl
seeping down my jaw
)sticky with the leaves )yo
u )otro )tiburón vestido de
vaso trizado so I played
my thinning wig ,tried
to sleep but slept ,when the
sidewalk tunnels the
swamp )thinking
in the bony ear( ( ( ( (

...algo dijo.
- Petrus Borel.

olvido du dictionnaire

chew half the / cash rustle ,si
lent within the lint / your crea
med cage ,greased beneath yr
chair a corner of the galax /
y es “hora” que / nunca /
fluida ,liquen y spreading
thru the / hop thought my
/ )safe resisdance( )keeps
crawling( “I grew the raft”
pal / avered hours ,always
costly / )with the padlocks(
)where yr suited finger “b
right with” blood... / ,,,(

- Denis diderot

olvido of the book

the leaking pen )sink( t
ossed the bone scraw led t
ootoot ------------------------
)maricas ,maricones...( )bowl y
ano( año de mis túneles de
tectivescos on ,the table yr
fork burns )I swore in
side my “pants” be neath
the stacked stones ay t
hose cracking flags behind
mi asma o ¿son mis ojos
pretéritos? )pedernales pretuer
cos preeternizados( and I eat a
te - will eating? - that stink
“water in my spine” a
boom a cob a blot a mil
dew crowned with shit

...los poetas ahumados.
- Roberto Bolaño

olvido corriente

the soup was glue .tine unravel
,mesa disuelta ,rincón tubér
culo embadurnado por ende ,lo
que drank I ,lumbery down
the sidewalk ,acera aseverante
tus lúmenes surround that
pendejato thrashing on the
stage .your fog foot re
tracts folded in yr shoes
yr sweat stink ,foamy
biles ,sorta squeally
every paso ,pasos to ,ni
enfocado ,wiped yr butt
with a flag .the spoon
inmóvil ,cucharón y
cara tus lapbios que
jahabplan ni modo some
thing forested where yr
face once was somet
hing rivered where yr th
roat was ,twisting in
the rain ; ; ; ; ; ; laissent derrière elles que leurs
- Fréderique Guétat-Liviani

Friday, October 5, 2012


tod topo tuerca “the
dick bomber” )loot lake
dot( spread my belly in
the ))mud(( twin tongue
gorged Ah my and hat
luncheon fogged with tu
mor the )))twisting rind(((
the tape the black ))))cloud((((
drifts into my shoe your
soap floating ,was ,in my


mis chewings mis trancas m
is tornillos salpicados en mi
chin mis chispas mentonadas con
una frase de moco mestizo mez
colanza del jamón del aire de
un “ayer inmiscible” slogging
through uh Cave of tissue
and bats ,rain and bowls of
ice .tantra monta ,mi
sueño )olvidadizo( mis cUm
bres motilantes motinantes en
contradas por un callejón con
salida y mis zapatos los
echo por el río el río
que sube cuesta arriba


the “awful wind” the tied
lap rejecta squirreling on
the floor my brimming s
hoes if air impulsed if
not a snore a crowder
loud a boom nor whizzle
where the page’s tore my
pants repatterned in
the blow the back an
choke the rice ro
tting in your shoe k
notted rigging swi
rrllling like yr laun
dry like yr swwolled
hairs yankking yr
coined eyes off into the mud


on the stunned ladder where the
bees brained the boiling grass
the mouthed garage my
spatial step a cube formed
lodged against my spine a
long snore issue dripping in
the guttered pages like a
door your foot bleeds in in
.the verso ,if voiced ,a recto
was ,wrecked between
the ,if papery ,white
,thighs ,down the upway
rests each rung ,when
stepped not ,told and
tolled .two clouds, a
bove the tree ,join a far

Monday, October 1, 2012

olvido del cambio idéntico
-for Blaster Al Ackerman

aim the stroke of dung sword
rusting in the bed springs like a
hamster )water ≈ could I guess(
the fecal blade streams ≈ ~ ~ ~
)bark-faced lumber corn( “etched”
in ))~fog~(( kinda like I s
lept and dreamed a greasy door
)it was ankle heavy( woody
flying with its hair of worms
)“mejor para la tos”( su sup
uración tomada ,acostada ,)dorm
ida &&& ...( ))“all diffe
rent all the same”(( ...y yo
que lo veo y no tengo nada
que ver

The Spitter in the lake...
- John M. Bennett

olvido del sponge mirror

ni reflejo pienso smoke wr
eaths the garage and all my
combs .....ʭʭʭʭʭʭʭ free of t
eeth the beard inhaled and
∙∙∙∙∙∙∙ggone~ ~ ~ )steaming in
the woods( ~ ~ la milpa se
y “yo” ,al revés ,me a
cuerdo olvidado ,en la
boca ,a glass .........\\\\\\............

...ombres de maíz...
- Miguel Angel Asturias


Luz Lost Leg my corny dung
wallowed mouth toward s ling
,c age h oof ,mil es of g
athering tire floors \\ my mus
cled left eye my sleeping right
// the colonphage the \\ sev
ered meat s even wetter than
the s torm c raw st umping tow
ard the dessicated kitchen where
// my garlic sweats beneath your
shirt \\ leaning past the broken
fridge // plunder ,washing ,page
gristle spat out \\ she darks
,finds your shoe ,a //toilet
stuffed with thigh

olvido sin motivo
- para Elvira Balcells y Martín Gubbins

long steep mud so shiny seed
eye rocking on the drippy
counter son mis enojos vi
stos invis ibles tried to s
crawl the hill up my
brimming ≈ shoes sin pies ...
)eh sleep ,rising in my
hip ~( numen wound ...
)the throated suit tw
isted like ,a rope ,“polí
tico más ignor ante que
caca” )perdón ,don Caca((
so I lay my dung to
s weep dreamed a storm
sin motion

...el mar siempre parecerá el resto de un diluvio.
- Ignacio Balcells Eyquem