Thursday, July 30, 2015

le writ

le g les s b east de foco d m ove
u mi cara rataquítica boo m
th e mas t o mar la tortilla o
peluca que como gorra llevas ni
inmons tro eres laborcentric thru
the throat yr h and it w as the
digit watch tomorrow or decap
itation .ate the living meat was
spitted inna palm you raise be
fore yr eyes

entablature ,an cursive


run the g
ate a way
yy tomber
re monstrance
shade ah's
go go go
en tabflacture
yr stroke re
gret one
howls one
dumbs one
melts be
hind the
f ridge the
coff in tool

yr knob pond

2 Inexplicaciones of dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos:

the cheese

the dream of your daughter
was the dream of a
restaurant where you sit
at a table again and a
gain the dream of a
lawn closely mowed
with something emerging
from under the dream
of a ham sandwich
covered with a wig
calling your name

the gauge

the dream of the motorcycle
is the dream of a dreamed
flea asleep in your shoe
is the dream of your eyelid
torn from your face was
the dream of watches
stored in a rusty bucket

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

gaging veb

the horharsse years an
other soaker paid the
deep neck collabered
inna motel yr poison mm
otes aloud ,asick face's
cash pionic meat center
- aim yr fork – sord
watrer ,h ear her e
ats chake the spinal collar

the ga te f licks ,birdust

With bits hacked off Billy Bob Beamer's
Dead In Ethyl


go nakrim ishmash sleeper
is the ffailing ddog con duc
tress was uh piscofil fog
inti at the hheart's old signory
.ffinished turff the closing sn
ake go din gitis in the roadbed

froze fire named ,to shake ,uh
slabpper bombb ,uh cachucha
misst ccru sade

With bits hacked off Billy Bob Beamer's
Dead In Ethyl

Monday, July 27, 2015


nor plunger ate n
or G the squealing
hinge ,fog d rains
the door yr leg
fades to hotdog
streaked with spit
.ah hump an gnats!
.pull my fog ins
pection name the
pool ever rabbits
twitching in the
bathroom where
yr boily gaze
,the tub ,the sp
read infr action
just the see ds
shaking in yr shoes

on the window bang bang

eleguá S

bboil nur hhon or
ation is the flatambience
nor a crumby sauce w
as it yr shshoulder
dogged the number
off yr leg was empty
pporkly ssock a w
ooffing shadow dust
behind the door was
gagging words where
eyes once sw eat


Two Inexplicaciones of Dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos:

the issue

the dream of a floor is the
dream of your broken arm
is the dream of a washer cl
anking in your pocket was
the dream of a green stone
glued to your tongue was
the dream of the spinal
speech that would tell the
name of the dream of the
floor was the dream of the wall

the whirlpool

the dream of popcorn is the
dream of toilet paper
swelling in your mouth was
the dream of a dog circling
the ladder is the dream
of laundry or the dream of
laundry is the dream of
sleeping in the kitchen
without clothes

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

la gasa F

pisantez o ,por
quería in rutilada ay
es la mueca desden
tada la gueule de
canard en el fondo
de la piscina ro
deada de cadá
veres y globos
my legs your m
ask my tongue y
our h all the d
og the stinking h



the shut

the dream of a sleeping pill is
the dream of a child reading a
wooden ruler dreams of a wind
ow dreams of a window's
feather laid on your eye's the
dream of a fork with tines on
each end a broken glass
beneath the table

An Inexplication of a Dream of
Bibiana Padilla Maltos

el equipaje

the dream of concrete blocks
was the dream of the is your
kleenex folded on the table
is the soggy hole in your
shorts buried in the garden
was and is a dream of Pluto
clucking in the cargo hold a
plane falls to the horizonte
el horizonte donde el mar se olvida

An Inexplication of a Dream of
Bibiana Padilla Maltos


wit h s aid spoon b
lot bee f pro
vising see p he ll
tching enty lazed
uch omb ucus th
umb d iap iz
ard pin e slucent
esthe embered w
hale h ale im mers
ound otic rain e
ye limpsest ash sors
sci muc aid eep s
coax gnit eening
ammer amer mer
ombre ho eer eet
medded rot all ear lit
muc pic auz nema
ish easp aint ass
poo n ist ed am
mock oist es rip
ant ra is ain een
hoe see eel lam eel
oic ulele go ak it ats
ene sai ound he ai
lot ulti imbp leen
tim e eee azs
provi onta eous
mantic sem tent
ialtent nontent o
tent mediac ery
umerous tomology
oon wiln an fom
arrow bar barr
ye Ha erence ha

Found in Jim Leftwich's
y ates atch to es it fou ant”, July 17, 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

el desayuno G

the suited glottis fork
it was un formed
leak combo plate
of fries and lathe
red tongue a crys
taline destornillado c...
aspa falling on the
ash your p late's a
grey sea is
swirling down the
sink you sink your face in



the belch Y

the noise in yr mind is
the mud a word mu
tters out is a
fly quivers on the
glass a lipless field
tries to speak it
is your sock tied a
round your head the
weeds along a fence
the noise the sky
opens and closed


2 Inexplicaciones of Dreams of Bibliana Padilla Maltos:

las mesas

el sueño de una cámara
es el sueño de una cámara
de arena es el sueño de
una cámara inflada como
globo es el sueño de una
cámara utilizada como
guante y el sueño de una
cámara que es el sueño
de un guante del sueño es
una cámara o anu aramác
escondida en tu gorra arrog
ut ne adidnocse

the degree

the dream of a chair is
maybe a dream of a
beach streaked with
oil the dream of a
handkerchief stuffed in
your mouth the dream
of a poem you wipe your
ass with

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the reach W

what entrance was your
cave remains nor left
the drizzled suit is stains
nor coughdrops in your
hair was sweaters burns
across the street's a
car swallowed in a
fog you growled behind
the barber shop


suiwttTsiT iii i

the rustle R

b urbled ,neck ,is f
old ed h am the ha m
was text profetic sh
ape's the paper burns
inside yr screen huh
numb er's ate the
p asta b owl is fish
and worms is fog a
walking down a
street's the sheet
you crown yr head with


2 inexplicaciones of dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos:

el tocino

el sueño del asiento del coche
es el sueño de un par de huevos
rancheros es el sueño de una
familia que no sea tuya pero
parece ser la tuya en un siglo
venidero es un sueño de
equipaje de una maleta con
un par de huevos divorciados
que se juntan con sus salsas en
tu mano que cae del timón
y se duerme

the stool

the dream of your dream not
making sense was a dream of
mountains in the rear view
mirror was the maerd rorrim
falling into your next dream
is the dream of a pool of milk
where you dream of waking in
the former dream formed of
stones on a road where there
are no cars

Monday, July 6, 2015


espèce espace espèce espèc
e espèce espace espèce espè
ce espèce espace espèce esp
èce espèce espace espèce es
pèce espèce espace espèce e
spèce espèce espace espèce espèc

pour Frédérique Guétat-Liviani

the pole E

from the mouth a f
lag a fauce t rap a
hose it w as the guts
yr sandwich claimed the
dog b arks at chain's
end ed water fills
yr shoe the other's
lunchmeat ham tum
bled in the dryer
was yr book's
dim linty pages



la luna K

the intestinal pen the
rain is sideways is a
sofa burning on the berm
tu olvido ovular un
cafecito ,en el río
lengua o coche me
es la mano ,'mano ,tu
erca es que brilla con las
astillas del foco est
rellado es el ojo bur
sted in the draining fog



the lunch X

the p late div orce yr sh
adow was a wat ch
owder d rips beneath th
e tab le is yr base
ball cap a sweaty
cherry sp lit your
s ticky j aw ,de
tailed the ph one
an doub ted doub led


divorcaTexe e

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the book drop

the dream of a library is the
dream of a shirt filled with
sandwich meat the meat your
dream of waking in a camera
the dream of stairs circling a
coffin and a coffin in your
dream the cup of coffee
you read and drop in a toilet

With Bibiana Padilla Maltos

the towel

the dream of your sister is a
dream of a hole in a tree a
dream of needles rusting in a
box is a dream of napkins
floating on a lake your dream

the mother

the dream of a towel is the
dream your lake forgot the
dream of napkins floating
in a box of rusting pins the
dream of a hollow tree
where your sister sleeps

With Bibiana Padilla Maltos

the exit A

the glass of milk a nostril
is your gravel fills your
shoe contains a hand
your nodding on the
plaza bench a sh
dowed room was is a
where your knee walked
off the curb your vein
was throbbing in the
sunset was the empty


throaBbbbtbbbb s

en el tunal dormido

chewed the f lat her h
orn ate house on dog
- apt to wrinkle – w hat
sp itter did ,i f lake – un
cow un neck un dice
re slathered with yr ngn
gnth estengchre flgnoatds
,poured ,an offal doubter
.end the end ...uh sickened
wave uh bolus chchattered
in a bowl its neck corn

Avec la lampe-tempête
- André Breton