Thursday, March 24, 2011

ah “leg mist”
‘til is


glob ghost
shorts and meat


shove it off
mate my boil

d oo r

my slab mutter
my boil fatter
my r


soil the cob
desk sump
puling screen


toots the toast
bile scent





suit luck
nutter one

) br ea st (


the grunting sugar door the fraught
neck you spun before the tele
phone like snotty nap foam your
inchless desk sinking through your
lap .the “test of” sung with gristle
and a cackled bone cacalotl spinning
shoe a beak a black glinting rock
a nodding glue hole )where I( ab
stinationed ,lock mustard ,tired sh
unting drooler below the floor .)I
oughta( talk you off “I oughta”
name ] you [ bested by a peeling
fork your chinning up the branches

You Shit

the muddy dirt loop before your
brow the gasp shover in your
puzzle muster FOG grease a tum
bler vaselined my specs I saw
you drooling .apes and dollars the
drying pencils dropped into my soup
and all I cashed was clots .framed
the numbers like a turd and smelt my
Tlazolteotl grunts beneath my chair .you
skinned your teeth I mimed my s
wimming coprolite o precious foam !)the
bloody shirt the mooted door the
growling when I asked for gloves...

The Beans Interred

yet twiddler suck yet mile boil
tweeting on my face my course of
shadowed all your written fingers
dandled in the diarrhea of my
sight reversal the heavy spoon
the coronariac contusion back the
wheel my sock throat doubled
.asp er comb ,“fog thumb” ,the twisty
leg gangling from your shorts !lose
the fork hock the lint !obviation
stools the plate of pintos spat
tered in my mirror

Uck Uck

cousin flag ,nodder room ,belty thong
twisted in your battery pak a
dualing shot bonk ,kinda so
apy hat seeping down yr neck ah
kerosene chump ah mundo foco ast
illado y la luz no abre .minimal y
,noddy gun joke wham the puzzle ack
ack grim into the fogoid face huh
“funny” “farm” fisted past the
file impaction in my backside your
flappy flappy mildews there and
what was window’s clothed ] п [

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Atta Boy

luggage an neck an crock an bigger
heel than ,whistle choke ,wrecked
on a rOck a muscle flaps in the
,breeze away and dog mumble your
sack of lights a stone a oooo S much
times ,gristle soaked in fog a st
eady groan a lunch no end a
rind with gravel studded oh throw
that lumpy bag up that gagging
sink !)slump a way and smirk be
neath the booshes

The Whispered Walls

the mate sucker flopped the snow sh
irt )gangly( stutter focus blend in
side \\“haw” pool// flag plate glopped
with )sneeze( utter choking ,the end of
)haw( “mind” matter or your muttered h
airdo twisty in the wind .yr toilet cloud
inhaled yr gnat tongue dance jigging in a th
ong .a mist of ::vaseline::: your eye jelly
dropping down yr ))face(( issuance of
)wah( ““name”” mute and glanceless po
ised and \\))shroud((//

Blown Off

sorta sugarfied na meated cresting
wind the wave higher than a suit )d
own damper( the brush heaven jitt
ery in the dust my ear’s damp
cough my sock stuffed in O floppy
one !I waded through the basement
clouded throat my eye blowing thr
ough the funnel where my voice
shrank down to crystal tooth my
melting on my tongue .the tiny
lights needled in my gums my
words hissings lost in splashing air

jerk shutter ham
nape cruet
my l o n g h o g

dust an llooossee
change dual
mate the dial

the clung rat
slate of goo corn

mutter off
gob mind


sure shut
better sot
id say

laundry an d.u.s.t
an coil an
looop an booot

my shuttered shirt
my c rash m
y “ándame”

who’ll hole
who’ll asp
me o who’ll

pull pull

sock blunt
joy heel


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

itch ash
ding ha lf
la mudra cae

jerkless was
tiempo simular

porque puerco


plaga “de”
ni soy


slagck cak

f o g t h e d o o r

Rusty Lamp

flooded squirrel the street a s
nore a rope of ≈ water and a
neck ,where ≈ ultra tool sunk my
≈ shoddy one shapely one it ≈ k
new beets inside your ≈ chest of
rocks why ≈ boated dogshit ≈ yes a
≈ bent aside ≈ smelled the treetop ≈
the puzzle bun in your pants ≈ crawl
it ≈ out ≈ melt your no≈se a
≈ porkly shadow ≈ current condensed ≈

The Thrumming

bark storm your gut shirt too
thless glinty scum notification
lamply dogless why your thudding
ears your nose submerged in
milk the white caves streaked with
snot OO the glass walls thrab an throb
o o o o o stunned trotting out of
was dumped my fog in the gritty
sheets and yelped or coughed what
ever grew the grunting wind


loss of
make of
shut of
late of
splat of
corn of
peel of
knock of
grunk of
shite of
melt of
tump of
load of
muse of
shirt of
time of
crash of
growl of
teliot of


pock off
dime off
cram off
lent off
gun off
mile off
mind off
spell off
grime off
tomb off
moan off
dung off
smell off
name off
tongue off
sky off
flame off
clot off
mind off

Saturday, March 19, 2011

last long

mum’s the mud


crock o’
l i t
f lag tongue

im nest
said what

shot the shape
the shirt


cool was


shooter tong

flab sink

gosh already
pues no

ni lentivo

cash o’
denker sole

plague foot

Thursday, March 17, 2011

lent my st
orm K
new you
= dog plate =

muscle door
mismo ,lo
Mitey minD

gasp and drop
heave mumble
my blood b lessure

single et

naw splash


tool tomb

hog act




dog glam
or shoot

uh ,shirt

east neck


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


time to wallow time
to gristle in the shower
time to blister time
to funnel all the shirtsleeves
time to gargle time
to listen to your dreamed farting
time to waddle time
to cough your tuna up
time to glisten time
to water in the sandwich
time to combing time
to count the single bunny
time to smoulder time
to fold a radish in your wallet
time to crystallize time
to fasten shoelace to your forehead
time to swallow time
to grunting time to creep
time to eye time
to stuff your nostril with the
time to cough it up time

Wetter Yet

surely shirtly you were
surely napping you were
surely surely gated like
the lumber mouth you
grew so surely gated
forked and surely do
omed like catturds in a
glass of milk yes surely
you were surly surely
concatinated like a hand
in gravel surely napping
in your lunging suit of
sliced baloney nodding in
the gleaming grease so
surely you were trying
your finger in the fan
and surely loaded with
your backseat full of
laundry surely you were
seeking something boiling
surely in the toilet or a lake


change the corner change
the shapeless tlatoani
change the throat change
the book turnip lesions
change the tonal change
the lapping of your pocket flaps
change the flood change
the necoc yaotl in my mirror
change the wallet change
the shadow grips the stone
change the skin change
the xoloitzcuintli humping your leg
change the throat change
the xip faucet growing in my hat
change the shot change
the swallowed throat you wore
change the tuna change
the foggy ixtetl in your hand
change the huehuetlatolli change
the forking window where you
shovel change your olin change
your slowing like a rabbit in a
plastic box

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ape shut


shooter fork
five sky

dog rat

“por qué”





lomo said

colina cuajada

o calzado


hang the hats

sore chew

coronar la

)cancro de cuervo(

Saturday, March 12, 2011


dust and shell ,splashed ,my “face” goo
spotted with chalchihuitl ,ojos de agua
,snoring ,a cave and voice ,butter brimming
at the lip sn out cream ,doo r ear my
crust spin ache an thundered loot hum
ping under my foot your claw I s
aw ,rising de tu lengua bífida a corn
dog bright with mustard the
well stashed with corpses the stool’s s
not release I guttered down that
place ,drifting con las hojas escritas
tlahtollin ,mis uñas las unas y o
tras clarísimas sólo al revés


lot doggèd gland number doted plain
a ridge a pit of bones and socks a
meaty flag .“never” swallowed with the
soap a ponding mirrors the parking
yes ,that an asphalt yawn a
gusty wind flopping in your sleeve
gazed across the dust grained fields
the slivered sun behind those blackened
trees // knives and gas // bodies
blazing in a hole

Mots et Feuilles

the neck bubble or my ,listed lake
flotsam ,doubling in the loot leaking
from my ear oh my sticky shirt
!starry suit blooming from my hat I
slept my face in shoes in gravel in
.the flashlight dims my rowboat’s hollow
clunk my dribbling window wobbles in
the back of my eye creeping toward your
blouse I rubbed the back of my ,see
ping in the leaves and leaving night

Exit or Entry

,the jumping throat curb ,sped aground
,fast slacker ,table dripping last night
,the stumps and forks ,coastal thrum
,dog speaker ,luster in fallen skin
,like rained-on gravel ,knobby back
,thrust book ,facial air the sand
,my tongue breeding nose ,drain wallet
,the pee dropped gate ,mile sore
,lotta necks ,plunged into the door

Old Crow

foot and time
and eat and
gore and while
and boil and
knot and “luck”
and die and
dolt and wheel
and large and
muck and mate
and fill and
drop and spent
and crawl and
mute and cough
and jerked and
mend and mile
and dump and
sort and sigh
and loot and
drip and mine
and caw and

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wrote Writ

All right I was righting the toilet I was righting the
lugnut I was righting the swamp I was righting the
listerine I was righting the luggage leak I was
righting the comb I was righting the shadow under
the bed I was righting the crock I was righting the
tuna sandwich I was right the ash hole I was righting
the bleeding lip I was writing the streaming corn

Muddy Hill

balked at shore uh mule thong
phone route uh blotted flap shut
broiling in lap uh neck drift
drunk my uh churn it off
restless ,punched ,grate uh mile throng
bowing off uh throat steam gunk
letter murk crime uh basal stone
hung pile uh gnats and socks
creeped a head uh time sneeze
flank mud uh your ear river
sinks in jaw uh grunt mind

Cloaca Desenterrada

chúpame el zapato tuerco costal de
armas mi fusil de agua gluglu en
terrado tengo el dedo circular el o
jo cuadrado y no sé caminar .lo
que sé está en el cigarro o cig
arra humo chirriante por las tardes
,mojado estoy y soy futilitario
sacado del fango .empújame el
sobaco suelto la cloaca mota o
mote de mi gárgara orinosa del
calcetín deglutante que saboreo
en la mejilla ...súbame el re
traso puerco ...el mosto de mi pensar ...

Chirpy Chirpy

chirping and shirting chopping and ch
outing clock and cloak spread on my
,table coke ,fumble d sh oe plat
behind ,fridge ,foggy bone ,tent o
sprawly one !chirking and ,sound bl
ood my force laply gangled in the
tube )said flak( pustule gate )my
neck( opens ] o [ suit of birds

Comida Lacustre

sung hole ,glag mort ,toldo respir
ante y mis ,nalguitas trémulas ,ai
re luminfecto so I ,aimed the st
ream ,past ,you were forted ,t
old the lake grunt todos los talles
por la puertita pasados los días
curtidos y mi ,clung bole raised be
fore the ceiling light my bags my
snorts my tumbling à travers la fen
être fuming and fustigante ,febril co
mo told the fire ,barquitos e
fímeros the water the fake the st
ung lump growing in the peeling night