Saturday, August 29, 2015


bull et r oof ro of
off ,inclad ,repeeled
,nor tout debridged ,,,
a cor n a corn acorn
,nu mbmb what nails
arusty on the window
s ill en gaged ,lock
fort ,emblèd ,re
torqued the arm it's
hab it you it's h
abit .in ffinal
shade ashshaadd
e ,the awful ham

...)de plain...(...

the fluttering decays

terremoto and the dia
lect a bull et hole
in the mir ror yr
brain block drain a
text ur e ye it was the
silence blitz a b
lank ph one waits
beneath the bed's a
pool splashing with
meat ay haspirina
congealing in la sopa
entre los ojos la
pelada la gran con
tusa circles on your
page was in la selva
oscura de las cosas ol
vi dadas rocks crac
kck together in the
                                               caves your faces see
the dark letters
of your skin ending
in noetic decay

. . .

yr necks of kin yr
ants salt the rainy
eyes you dropped into
the phone your corner
of the heaving-room
was biblioteca or the
sidewalk crumbling
in thunder a ru
nning dog que te
ladra la lengua in
articulada was the
dusty lawn your
oxygen forgets ay
stark matter gathers
at your suffocating
elbow its blasted
gram mar's sloshing
time rotting in the
crotch of the river

Mumbling in the mortar of
Ivan Argüelles' “the poetry” & “literature”

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


quise inexplicar el mundo
quise amamar el atúnel
quise deventanar el aviento
quise resombrear la sosombra
quise inaspirar el antiaire
quise fofollar el infolio
quise deimaginar la pipiedra
quise exentender la exfrase
quise reestallar la bobomba delatente
quise innombrar los nonombres
y quise ninombrar el anomiombre

enentequisto ffuí...

em pact

de flect de torn de
lactic re blendish wall
et imeology it's your
s ink yo ur sink
.d ark tow el ,the bl
ood refogged ,ent er
leg er rump against
the pit of screaming
clowns your b lank
thigh t urns yr foam
splattered pants yr
clod crown mud
trickles down yr face the
the shaldow of yr words fumes...


the c luster be d ache the
the the entitity it's a
fl ame entere en es
capèd m dust lake y leg
ffog ::what the fisted
stool said said stool
or raggèd foam b lows
a cross the w water
)wh sink ere sp read
her s lings( entire
ser o ser de mente

...bedeed and bedood and bedang and
bedung to him...
- James Joyce

Monday, August 24, 2015

3 Inexplicaciones of Dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos

the bankrupt

the dream of your partner
leaving you is the dream
of a shirt rotting behind
the toilet is the dream
of a ladder with broken
rungs it's the dream of
hair without a face and the
dream of scissors
walking across the floor

the swim

the dream of the leftover
egg salad sandwich was the
dream of a chicken lost in a
forest the dream of a
tongueless shoe coughing
up feathers the feathers a
dream of wet coins sliding
around in your pocket

la muerte

el sueño de hablar por
celular es el sueño
de respirar por una
sábana de hule que
es un sueño de abrir
los ojos y verlos
cerrados es el sueño
de la luna tinta como
vino y el sueño de los
dientes que se cierran en
el tallo de una cempoalxochitl

la tuerca

the chewed boat your
c loset tongue's last
sweat first meal wr
iggling in yr throat
it's the c age of l
aundry it's a lengua
de madera tallada
con un caraglifo found
among the rocks re
focused dice and
sandwich blindness
legs walking out to seaí...

torta perdida

drag a sandwich
sleep the while
comb the shadow
shell or dandruff
swallow a drill
drag a foaming shoe
wheel of light
lunch under plate
yr boiled neck
the barking wall
drag a wallet loss conjonction d'un hasard opportun...
- Georges Perec

Thursday, August 20, 2015


shape shoe shape shoe shape
shoe shape shoe shape shoe
shape shoe shape shoe shape
shoe shape shoe shape shoe
shape shoe LUNG shoe shape
shoe shape shoe shape shoe
shape shoe shape shoe shape
shoe shape shoe shape shoe
shape shoe shape shoe shape


never wetter never drier

deep moon deter
gent nor a
sw allowed s lab
of gran ite
hub of end
.end the offal
dock broke
the shore a
fish thinks in

keep yr hand on the knob

in the draw er a rule
r brok en shoelac
e s not dried crac
ks off a paperc
lip a stick y coi
n a c lot of l int
a rag ged book
mat ches crum pled
foto of a tree yr
rusty p liers k
not ted rub ber b
and a bot tle
ca p shiny with a
s tar * a gr
een st one the
furthest cor ner

Monday, August 17, 2015


plundorphin ,clouter nost
ep mendern eshool ,na
plantive skorns wat sh
aptlive sceen ,comendern
sobp mest ,amb trunt amb tr
unt ongues forlaming inne
houter graeze

ayi em ploter ,meestame !

Bludom del ofa nedan vun.
- Toussaint Des Mornes

flux form

the cave of flowers is
the moon mumbling in
your soup the soup a
hand you hold your
face in face the
faucet's hunched above
the hOle your eye f
alls in returns and
pours yr deexplanation's
devoured stratigraphy
:it's the fossils in yr
teeth the clouds
blooming from your
mouth or epukóms
vips nâtadela where
yr lunch ,flolas uts lulula
,deimpacted on the Throne

Flukatim kanitom in fot...
- Toussaint Des Mornes

the tablet

what I thought was dead
what I brought to fork
the fork relentless of my
plate my path ,crowded
laundry hangs from b
ookshelves I have to
pee I thought the wall
was wet your eyes
were blinking in the
mirror was just the
air was just the
gnats was that your
current head was
that the tongue s poke
spoke dust falling
from the fridge faut immobiliser la langue...
- Toussaint Des Mornes

Friday, August 14, 2015

heard insomnia's dream

we the after ham
uffer in our quest's
poison ants can s
peak on t ray of
thought or thought
the tabled sky de
flected in yr quiv
ering pool was
hafted words and
fro thing in the cave
ah tombs relabyrinthine
mouths the ran
dom moth laurel sp
lashed the mirror
yr gaze beginning clouds
became and turned it
off the maze becalmed
was blank “a kind of”
swarm infusion in
the statue shrouded
vines and batshit
enter the sidewalks
were wind and sand
humping a rotten
head next the weeds
the hypos french
fry bags
empty white bottles

Rustling through Ivan Argüelles'
Epilogue to Translation to Heaven

Una Inexplicación de un Sueño de Bibliana Padilla Maltos

la muerte

el sueño de hablar por
celular es el sueño
de respirar por una
sábana de hule que
es un sueño de abrir
los ojos y verlos
cerrados es el sueño
de la luna tinta como
vino y el sueño de los
dientes que se cierran en
el tallo de una cempoalxochitl

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

i mage

thicker than yr head the
if it was ,mortar mor
tal no es ,sombra w
rithes beneath a
tree the b lack
long bush a crow
ded said ,sez yr
lunch return ah
o pen said the
mouth of snails
,said the skull
filled with bees

Des porches de l'abîme...
- Victor Hugo


what I saw was curt was
able or a curb was matt
er swiftly senseless
toil enhancement et re
plunged was icecubes
in the throat ah so
mething said tumes
cent ,sense of t horn
was itching what I
saw was mod ulation
screaming was , a sal
es rep wailing at the
door your foot just broke

Dans la langue totémique Mattatoucantharide...
- André Breton
4 Inexplicaciones of Dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos

the wish

the dream of sleeping is the
dream of waking the dream
of waking is the dream
of sleeping in a bathtub the
dream of the bathtub is the
dream of waking in a
mask the dream of the
mask is the dream of
being asleep as the
tsunami arrives

el dolor

el sueño de hablar muchísimo
es el sueño del río que cae
en una caverna es el
sueño de la chachalaca que
se calla como túmulo de
tortugas que son el sueño
de la indagación de los
factores fiscales del
intercambio respiratorio
entre las clases económicas

the ask

the second dream of
Allen Bukoff was the dream
of maggots knocking on the
front door which was the
dream of clawing on the
back door which was the
dream of rain pouring
down the chimney and
puddling like mercury in
front of the bookcase

the shadow

the dream of Luc Fierens
was the dream of padlocks
falling from a passenger
plane was the dream of
birds made of cathair
waiting at the door which
was the dream of a
swimming pool splashing
with cardboard fish

Monday, August 10, 2015

dots scatter on the membrane

rise from the sandy tu
mult pre air shat
tered h air s pace m
ass of cigarettes the d
runk accretion shim
mer ing in the lang
uage form erlation
shadow aphasia sl
anted behind the dog
door voces femeninas
dung light diarrhea glass
carnicería en el chi
chén sin hinges b
lack water memory b
elt violent left eye the
right vacuum an acr
ostic cloud movie sk
ull classified with the
marginal comments
listed listed listed
break the heat is
sue rain the the
el espacio fláccido
y sueño

Soy troquero y me gusta estar borracho
- Ranchera

Found in Ivan Argüelles'
The Translation to Heaven, parts 7 & 8


wind milk wind milk wind
milk wind milk wind milk
wind milk wind milk wind
milk wind milk wind milk
wind milk MOTE milk wind
milk wind milk wind milk
wind milk wind milk wind
milk wind milk wind milk
wind milk wind milk wind


ate the shivered egg

your silted corn your sh
adow clavo lain across
the hole the hole your
luggage will fall in it's
snake or sand s lipped
to teethe was ch
oked on toothpaste
clucker of yr wallet's
plan not spent to
be ,an omelette
floats across your
flooded street flo
at across your ,fl
fl oods the stree t

nuts and nots

last fog returned
hasn't breathing yet a
gas deformed yr col
on nor a lung swirls
thru dusty room a
knife jiggles backward
floor your leg re
treats tomorrow may
be light will g
asped the wind
ow open where yr
hhand will grasps the

2 Inexplicaciones of dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos:

g utter

the dream of a ring is the
dream where you close your
mouth on a beach the
waves drown your feet w
alked b ackward from the p
arking lot sur rounded by a
fence of tires the air is limp
your hand rises toward a bird


the bassinet

the dream of a baby is
your dream of gasoline and
underwear sprouting
flowers next a sidewalk
with a corpse across it

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


senda cloaca que caminaba mi
yo mi yo por la mañana la calle
ancha humo de tortillería un
perro enorme que era el sol amar
illo pulsaba por el este origen de las
camiones las cami ones que me
llevarían a la casa con los pericos
dormidos el café secándose en el
techo con la botella de tequila
silvestre que ya me cegaría que ya
me abriría el ojo izquierdo el
derecho miope que no la nada
vería y nada con sus brazadas
al vacío

...nuestro tiempo no tiene fin.
- Roberto Bolaño


it ch su it 's ey
a e n trance yr n
ails c law s kin's ey
br anch o fell of f
tree's ey h and
of nod o nad a la
entelequia que m is
qui lites son el traje
de púas que trajé
conmigo al t echo
de a g u a

...apenas un hilo de agua...
- Roberto Bolaño
2 Inexplicaciones of dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos:

la merienda

the dream of your home is the
dream of carrots in the
trunk of a car a tire
leans on a fire hydrant tu
mano abierta en el horno
lleno de cohetes en tu boca
un cerillo

the porch

the dream of Keith Buchholz is a
dream of whispers in the
laundromat a dragonfly
landing on your tongue ton
gue's a curtain undulating
in a a bbreeze swirling
around the TV screen

Sunday, August 2, 2015

le chapeau

el pul món sin cu
erpo es ,“mi” bol
sa de plasti que ay
sue ño “es” no es y
respiré el pólen del
he liotropo que se que
ma mar del jardín
que mi rodilla der
echa es y es la
pist ola con llan tas
que por la calle
pasa su pinch azo
que la pinche des
carnada es yes
y es la gorra que
se me ha olvi dada

Carreteras cubiertas
de ramas, hojas mojadas, huellas.
- Roberto Bolaño


por el p ulgar
hor miga

n descente

por el al eta

y pica

nace el
jején o

¡qué calor tan frío!
2 Inexplicaciones of dreams of Bibiana Padilla Maltos


the spokes

the dream of the parking garage
is the dream of a waiter
sleeping in a shower stall it's
the dream of a tunnel at the
center of time with roads
leading up to the light in all
directions the dream of the
light is the dream of a tire
spinning above your head

el éxtasis

el sueño de la pregunta es
el sueño de escribir esta
inexplicación que es el
sueño de una apertura en
la pared de la cocina donde hay
una cabeza que te pregunta
lo que hay dentro de la pared
que es el sueño de la inex
plicación escrita mas no escrita