Wednesday, January 26, 2011


the listed corns the type sink the
)swallow lard( table thinning in
the afternoon my doggy link drops
behind garage face lift off
my ,grimy bone left behind ,the
stone box the rotted font a fog
drizzles in the corners where my
lettered fingerprints spell the air your
rows of teeth ,wet with what I
chewed forgot the dreamless blood
blinking on the floor strewn with ears

Grease Shirt

thumb @ seethe the day slugger
leap @ blocking foam nor shudders
clop @ jakes and peoples in the glow
meat @ towels my shadow sand
clung @ nest of padlocks in the snow
blot @ misty tone and laundry feet
stings @ tumbler in your sausage socks
dream @ dimmer plunge and offer

Cave of Mouth

the dusty soup congeals the // wha
wallop ,shape “storm” ,supper cute
wasp nesty nigh my labp .ichthyosaur
,shuddered mile ,met spoon with
single pea // lunched my eye )habit(
song cancer gasoline the foamed
thinker the shirty moon the shitty
\\ face danker my whistled eye
writhey as the cloud comes down my
listened teeth reflect what starts


my soap wallet spelled it out “it” sh
irtless ran across the swelling street my
faucet pants swirled around my
waste o fog o dawn napkin floating
toward the curb a single sandwich
crawls a way ,to go ,fortaleza padre
,spend it to the end .I crawled and
smelt some feet around me found a
blinker ,what was asked and shadowed
as the light drained up .that soggy
yawn that bucket fulla mice


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