Friday, July 30, 2010

rusty dork


short shit shot
try bee

coughing or coughing

why sung why
sung why sung

o dry arm ,o leatherlips

gut relaxion

phone goo


flag call
kak shirt

doom boom
the butter


ow light
frying the gas
my club meat shone
sleepy box cracks and thinks
sunk laundry slow with oil gland
oootumbler dead frog light frog dead tumblerooo
gland oil with slow laundry sunk
thinks and cracks box sleepy
shone meat club my
gas the frying
light ow

comb dust
hair nor shirt
flat dog pile streaming
fingered five stones the cave
reeking in my foghorned skull )re(doubt
.....●where the fungus lung fungus where the●.....
re)doubt( skull foghorned in my reeking
cave the stones five fingered
streaming pile dog flat
shirt nor hair
dust comb

Washed Out Washed Up

wash huff an hoff pole drooler p
lace cancer cowling off the nape
.your lice habit clacks my cougher
cup and to .shapely tongue rugger
what my stumbled hair aped an cawed
cawed an aped hair ,stumbled my what
?rugger tongue shapely to and cup
cougher ,my clacks habit lice your
the nape off cowling cancer lace
p drooler .pale hoff and huff wash

La Nada que Sabía

lo ten tativo que puse ,me ent
ré pues ,pusilán ime por nodáctilo
,no sabía la ple nitud ni ta lud ni
donde po nerme la ma no ctiluca
.el río del oj o o scuro cae di mi
ca bellera caballo que cae de mi o
jo de río os curo el nocti loma la m
ano d onde pon erme ni tal ud
ni pleni tud no sa bía el dác
tilo por no pusil ánime pues ,en
tréme , pu se tenta tívolo

Hustling Heaver

hustle and puke knife and wheedle crac
kedoff plastic in my pocket where
the shell shirt’s wadded and I died
.rustling in the afterbirth .spore re
duction and an ounce of breath a slaw
slaw a breath of ounce an and re
ruction spore .afterbirth in the rustling
died I and wadded shirt’s shell where
the pocket’s in my plastic crackedoff
wheedle ,and knife puke and hustle

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Numb Cheese

,er ,got
,plan ,drool ,stem
,legal ,fog ,hissing ,plancha
,lease ,fumble ,troll ,neck ,lint
,spell ,dog ,mind ,skull ,hair ,boil
,lack ,lock ,tongue ,gate ,foul ,said ,room
,gut ,knock ,pond ,foil ,shade ,trial
,bag ,lung ,porch ,turd ,lake
,felt ,shoe ,sand ,mile
,tree ,phone ,square
,dry ,hamster

Real Bladder

,bladder ,mind ,trace ,flack ,towel ,go ,split
,soon ,dumber ,mob ,gas ,peel ,dogs
,came ,flooder ,bum ,mat ,ha
,crawl ,tool ,tomb ,funnel
,plea ,got ,festering
,muck ,door
,gash ,rent
,towel ,sag ,blather
,spore, crawl ,thumb ,spender
,flog ,flag ,clutter ,signal ,spank
,wreath ,mood ,mother ,gag ,eye ,noose
,bonkers ,boil ,drug ,meant ,tut ,gruel ,really


,bull ,door ,mail ,drop ,pestle
.sign ,shoot ,trace ,come ,lobber
,cough ,done ,mute ,stir ,shudder
,gas ,lake ,pan ,bolting ,mobber
,fuel ,dump ,doofus ,shirt ,clod
,meant ,tomb ,bun ,neck ,rake
,glass ,fart ,stream ,mile ,sung

The Stink

flailed and sought ,the gravy or p rice
sw eaty in my shorts a styro cup squee
ked and c rushed a coin it was .under
under ,clash crash ah torn mu te and
fog reliance g utters spelling c louds .the
sot and sail ,cr owded dam ,waves of
mice g listen with b utter )something
cl otted in my ear a hole( glared like
nos tril

Gush Right

gusher hole the paste reveals my
sandwich heavings ,tonnage oh ,mice
ladder squealing in my face a clott
ed cloud .bust it off and spiel
away !the meaty table grasps and sp
lits spl its and grasps the table .meaty
away !spiel and off it ,bust cloud clott
ed face my squealing ladder mice
oh tonnage ,heaving sandwich reveals my
paste the hole the gush the hole husher

Monday, July 26, 2010

Clock Lake

divide the clock lakage
clock lakage divide the
lakage clock the divide
the divide lakage clock
lakage the clock divide
clock divide lakage the

Sock Puzzle

word tube puzzled sock
puzzled tube sock word
sock tube word puzzled
word tube puzzled sock
sock word tube puzzled
puzzled sock tube word
word puzzled tube sock
sock word tube puzzled

The Hair Stream

the stream )itch( nasal hair
stream the )tchi( hair nasal
hair nasal )chit( stream the
nasal hair )hitc( the stream
the nasal )itch( scream hair
scream nasal )hcti( hair the
the hair )ctih( nasal stream
hair the )hitc( stream nasal
hair stream )hcit( nasal the

Go Right On Through

my rusty muscle ,gate of
slaw and feet numbly gated
bitten rust and socks the
slipping wall my bucal gate
,socks and lamp ,feet soaking
in my face o muscle gate
crawling in the sandwich I
inhaled the bloody slaw the
lamp was raining ,muscle round
the gate the muscled gate

Less Foot Than Air

pow paw wistful license pawed and
wistful paw sentence shapely lic
ense cawed the pow lister paw my
face and entrail writ with lunch a
caw paw a sentence leaked inside the
shale caw pow said my paw my ch
ewing paw my sentence and my chewed

Friday, July 23, 2010


,cash ,lobster ,fake ,tongue ,mort ,too ,blame
,heel ,itch ,suit ,flame ,cough ,ton
,mile ,mate ,gut ,shirty ,spread
,get ,tore ,foom ,nut
,reach ,tag ,blood
,ding ,spat
,loot ,rinse
,jail ,hat ,master
,flake ,tornasol ,no ,muter
,gone ,gnat ,flock ,sun ,meld
,brick ,hand ,sobs ,plow ,shoot ,mug
,game ,drungk ,slat ,pour ,oily ,rat ,shoe


,past ,posthole
,sugar ,leg ,bundle
,spread ,milk ,time ,hag
,growl ,sot ,lucky ,doom ,fork
,gristle ,face ,it ,shadows ,too ,lump
,mocker ,stun ,mute ,phone ,laundry ,pill ,sore
,tank ,load ,mud ,mutter ,claw ,sink
,sure ,fault ,pile ,puker ,sung
,goad ,molt ,thought ,pow
,met ,laggard ,ton
,screw ,fake

For Forking

paw fork shadow blood
shadow blood paw fork
paw shadow fork blood
blood fork shadow paw
blood shadow fork paw
fork blood paw shadow
paw fork shadow blood
shadow paw blood fork
blood shadow fork paw


my dogged lake your pound suffer my
ash dragged your poop strainer my
steaming and listing my stump and
foresight your pool .fussy neck why
finger out my faucet mist your lumps
lumps my mist faucet your out finger
why neck fussy pool .my foresight
and stump your listing and steaming
your strainer poop my dragged ash
your suffer pound my lake your dogged

Never Talk and Drive

the dendritic phonebook storm of
ladders and skys the warm den
dritic sample of my crispy facial
skin phonebook heaving like a lad
der vomits in my face its dend
rites lost like clocks and stor
ming hair was sky lathered wit
h a face page a foam book a
river flowing back and up aga
in the wires disappeared

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Worn the Ecstasy

chewed my shirt I shirt spread g
asoline the chewing shirt the lint
behind the gasoline halation in the
shirt my fumbled armpit shirt and
donut sneeze the lint composted
in my ear shirt’s lurid sneeze
shirt of muddy shirt of ears and

Don’t Bet On It

so I bendered ,bandied ,battered pas
t the boats I blendered booms and
billets ,boiled the bathroom and my
entry in the east .easy endgame
,emanation what an edge o egg o
ego eddied in the estuary elbow
tacked or tasted ,towelling down
the toilet twist of tapeworm tes
ted like a twitching tale of talking

Planning and Shitting

that sunken cage skreeks across the
wall my fat hair .a towel draining from
your coffing cup the test machine your
funny oil and pissedon cap .straight
clock the sky explodes a nap muscles
through the buried beach .the heavy
thought the empty ,braacck braaaccck
braaaacccck .slam the door and drown

Para Subir al Techo

me lev anté me subí me con tenía
en la esca lera de agua de lum
bres de pie rnas y leng uas des
tripadas mi co mida ri sueña
y cha characa mi la bio hulero
mi hule labio era chachar aca y ris
ueña mi com ida destri pada la
len gua de pier nas de lumb res de
a gua de escal era que la conten
ía y me subía me levan téme

La Barranca Bulímica

cornered cruzado ,plenty gas y
píldoras ,comprimidos comprendidos o
no not swallowed ,my tasty foo
t .rabbits stacked in a circle
of mice ,and my coughing shoe za
patesco a bleeding pañuelo en
mi gorra .maderesco “plienso” y
traipsed across the gorge .or thou
ghtless barranca donde mis libros m
is pal abras mis crossings th rough
the medicated air )¡ay mi comi
da vacía!(


ser pisón ,matal aca ,tunelico en el
smog I see the throat .tall one ,cable
and gashes ,pene trado ,fostered el tro
no de fango such fun and “whistles”
past the reaming of my ear when I the
nada oía .oía la nada when my
ear I reaming the past ,whistles and “fun”
such fango el tron o de fostered pen
etrado ,g ashes and cable one ,tall thro
at .see the smog I tun elico en el
pis ón ,¡ser la mata laca!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


moss=log=plastic bag


table and turd and tongue and torn
and ask and anda and apple and ass
and blut and bum and butte and bong
and lung and loss and lens and loom
and eat and end and elbow and ester
and after and ant and alto and age
and nuts and nubile and needle and no
and dump and door and drink and don’t

Table Turd

shiny turd )night( on table
turd table )ightn( shiny on
table on )ghtni( turd shiny
on shiny )htnig( table turd
table shiny )tnigh( on turd
turd on )night( shiny table

All Was Written Off

fog hall ,mice window ,dri
pping gun and lumber whistle t
he muddy mice stumble past a
lake a sweaty song the light
ed life o whistled lake a
pencil shat by mice and crowded
in the foggy lake

Went Off to Wear

pulled the hock half shorter lung my
tempted sake flelt ,tum bled ,mate
,combi nation s lack o pullet nake ,s
tock of time what time ?mule thumb
,doom dog ,missed the use neck c
loudy what my leg was left ,the ten t
mons ter the g ate lobber and through
was next .my torn my full my
nabbing thunder at the shoe and sink

The Theft of Time Indicia

ah shorter loot gristle sharper
turd swirling the loot trunk a
turd .shirt shut and sharp soot
gristle rains the pocket lake and
half suit half loot half lake
piling in the hall the muddy g
ate oh I pocket swirled and
focused on a blur a loot coff
in stinking

Monday, July 19, 2010


introito steak )dog( platform lice
watch lint )ogd( fanned crystal
toilet light )gdo( peels wall
thought to )dog( misted slump
or boiling )ogd( sleep flounder
slapped bun )gdo( neck buzzing
fist leaker )dog( shadowed leaf
rotted lake )ogd( blister heaven
made your )gdo( clusters ham
hatted waking )dog( thumb loss


eye – leaves – cave
spots – eavesl – pork
funnel – avesle – soot
loss – reslea – plunger
tongue – esleav – cost
flap – sleave – shrunk
flab – leaves – luminescence

It’s Off

the leg sawed off the leg I
saw the leg the flopping sha
dhow leg flopping the leg the flo
pping off the saw the leg the
flopping saw my wrist trailed th
e shadow saw the flopping leg floppi
ng leg flop ping l e g

Suit Slit

the plunge the hat )lapse( that stuffed lung uh
plowed the shore off .colorectal lamping supped
that hole grasping ]hoff[ ]h off[ cumbre
leaker my face lap or :twaddle rinsing
down my shirty leg my fork split naso
lective testes - ¡read read! – tips the
gore room brightly


the knifedged brim

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Shirt Said

tightly layered with the egg the tig
htly egg my layered tongue and saw
dust egg tightly mouthed the egg the
sawdust tongue started egg starts t
o shape a funnel egg layered in my
pocket shape of air of egg of tight wh
at’s lined and born

What Leaks All Over

the pillow hall the lock liquid the
hall half or quarter sinking in the
tub my pillow soaked hall ha ha
locked outside a quarter dancing
in the microwave o hall heaver dart
s away the heaving lightbulb fogs the
hall the hose the soaked the half the
hissing and hissing ,the hissing

When Time Passes

glistening and running running and
glowing in my throat and running
glistened nail tucked beside my
gum was running throat was nailed
glittered gashed and gum running
grease beside my shoe runny
grief and grinning run a sore and
gasp and run and nail and throat

Hammer Said Hammer

the same luggage hammer said
same luggage hammer said the
luggage hammer said the same
hammer said the same luggage
said the same luggage hammer
the same luggage yammer said
said yammer luggage same the
hammer luggage same the said
luggage same the said hammer
same the said hammer luggage
the said hammer luggage same
said hammer luggage same the

Torpeza Con Torpeza

con torpeza hablo nonada
torpeza hablo nonada con
hablo nonada con torpeza
nonada con torpeza hablo
con torpeza habla nonada
nonada habla torpeza con
hablo torpeza con nonada
torpeza con nonada hablo
con nonada hablo torpeza
nonada hablo torpeza con


= u =
several shadows = slump = song shudder
seethe ,train = lumpc = wavered crust
my mute = umpcl = sack thirst
the shirt = mpclu = washed fork
in shit = pclum = muttered laundry
push fart = clump = bulging shorts
= pmulc =
= gash =
= sym =
= me =
= t =
= r =
= y =
= u =
= h =
= u =

Thursday, July 15, 2010


my spoiler thumb )gas( tube of hair
what pencils lost )asg( numbers and flies
have a boiler )sga( field of clay
coughs or smiles )gas( porcine lid falls
my cloud shirt )asg( heels and sinks
chummy fork lint )sga( craves a show
toiling on screen )gas( the limp moth

Up Pu

my boiler )sink( arm drowns
half thumper )inks( tests corn
mute ,table )nksi( clattered ,sore
slot connection )sink( fogs towel
several names )inks( once bladdered
teeth ,loud )nksi( blender ,combs
across moonlight )ksin( found dust
pool grunting )sink( loss ladder

crap lint
sped throat loombper
case of inhatation terrify
foam the combs and fibrillation
gut tome slab dink dork thumb
fogs the cage limbo threads the glass e

plunge drool sop knocker shed soon
pork spied ladder falling clod
the ice link tenderizer
shoulder spells lock
tongue pedal

.too shoved.
.mute dander coil.
.faced the steam gum.
.sorta dancey like uh mist.
.or gnats catching morning light wet.
..pants dropped into the trash like seeds.ЏЏ....
.your focus neck gamed the lid.
.clattered on the floor.
.now the silence.
.ash air.

Jaw Sinking Jaw

sinking jaw flat window boils
jaw flat window boils sinking
flat window boils sinking jaw
window boils sinking jaw flat
boils sinking jaw flat window
sinking slaw flat window boils
boils window flat slaw sinking
window flat jaw sinking boils
flat jaw sinking boils window
jaw sinking boils window flat
sinking boils window flat jaw
boils window flat jaw sinking

Drip Corn Drip

corn neck and cluster thought drip
neck and cluster thought drip corn
and cluster thought drip corn neck
cluster thought drip corn neck and
thought drip corn neck and cluster
drip corn neck and cluster thought
form neck and cluster thought drip
drip thought cluster and neck form
thought cluster and neck corn drip
cluster and neck corn drip thought
and neck corn drip thought cluster
neck corn drip thought cluster and
corn drip thought cluster and neck
drip thought cluster and neck corn

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

O Change

puke the fog hump swallow
hump puke the swallow fog
swallow the puke hump fog
hump swallow the fog puke
fog hump swallow puke the
puke fog hump the swallow
the puke fog swallow hump
swallow the hump fog puke
fog swallow the puke hump
puke fog swallow hump the
hump puke fog the swallow
the hump puke swallow fog
swallow the hump fog puke
fog swallow the puke hump
puke fog swallow hump the
hump puke fog the swallow
the hump puke swallow fog
puke the swallow fog hump
fog puke the hump swallow
hump fog puke swallow the
swallow the fog hump puke
hump swallow the puke fog
puke hump swallow fog the
fog puke swallow the hump
the fog puke hump swallow
hump the fog swallow puke
swallow hump the puke fog
puke swallow hump fog the
fog puke swallow the hump
the puke fog hump swallow
hump the puke swallow fog
swallow hump the fog puke
fog swallow hump puke the
puke swallow the hump fog
the puke hump fog swallow
puke the hump swallow fog
fog hump the puke swallow
swallow fog hump the puke
puke swallow fog the hump
the puke swallow hump fog


bare pants an lake dung floater heel
you shat beside yr shoe .walk an smile
wake an .file the last tooth very inched
.wobbled nuh snored that clinking truck
twinky twinkie SHUT offupofonoutdown
tweedle .seriegraf so writ so much so writwrit
the whitening text shaped beneath your



nor nigh tleased the cornuts braying wh
y .w hy nubby stunt that crow th ack
lock )what my( dents the stinging w
all right me ready )goop in shoe( ton
gue sock ,thump shore ,sure “was” knotta
fog knotta humming fuel my blunt steam
ano nuther camp high leaved

coughing horse

Groan Gristle Groan

donate gristle wallet like a groom
gristle wallet like a groom donate
wallet like a groom donate gristle
like a groom donate gristle wallet
a groom donate gristle wallet like
groom donate gristle wallet like a
donate gristle wallet like a groan
groan a like wallet gristle donate
a like wallet gristle donate groom
like wallet gristle donate groom a
wallet gristle donate groom a like
gristle donate groom a like wallet
donate groom a like wallet gristle
groom a like wallet gristle donate

For Forking

paw fork shadow blood
shadow blood paw fork
paw shadow fork blood
blood fork shadow paw
blood shadow fork paw
fork blood paw shadow
paw fork shadow blood
shadow paw blood fork
blood shadow fork paw

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wet Place

twist my fork inside my eye the
linky storm dripping from my armpit
half the cloud a stone .rice compacted
in my shoe a muscle phone faced my
wall my wall my wallet knife peek
ing through .an ornamention ,doubling
of the half I coughed up on my
shoe I shuffled off .off and tig
htly collared blas
in the
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .

Coff Coff

bush seeper / claw ,rat loot ,den
se shapeless one them needles sp
rawl all rolly onna flooor the i
ce crowd gargles an my slibpping
tooth... bisturí .note book and wip
ings ,butter clown my crumb
ly wallet half yr miceolation cur
dles in my coughedup water glass



long dead roll ]historia[ the boil hand
shut the head ]istoriah[ mighty drank one
fold my wheel ]storiahi[ struts grime cage
rust ,gut ,rule ]toriahis[ engine of chain
cue some air ]oriahist[ the water floor
your shape numb ]riahisto[ song crammed wide
slugging mystery was ]iahistor[ my shaved wall
leaf or lint ]ahistori[ crowd of air
nor breath pill ]historia[ inching back word

Hair Name Hair

name the empty field hair
the empty field hair name
empty field hair name the
field hair name the empty
hair name the empty field
name the empty field hair
hair field empty the name
field empty the name hair
empty the name hair field
the name hair field empty
name hair field empty the
hair field empty the name

Friday, July 9, 2010

flock sandwich
bull loot pormenor
fought the sluggish paper
smouldering in my after sock
was shimmered and a doomed comb
frontal glass halfer and my blintz leaver
kaw caw gutted wing your leak sugar spawned


luggage bomb
o pile the shocks
meet an melt sporadics
while my fine shodder nape
pestle gas reviews the thunk explodes
diamond eyelid sinking in the soggy lake
my whining travel bone clocks my muddy brush
lisperation of my tumbrel seat gas shoulder
locked and bullet bidden turd display
feckless sensing of your tubular
what my shaving lost
a runoff spansion
ah spam gag

Ear Leaking Ear

crush my leaking ear grass
my leaking ear grass crush
leaking ear grass crush my
ear grass crush my leaking
grass crush my leaking ear
crush my leaking ear glass
glass ear leaking my crush
ear leaking my crush grass
leaking my crush grass ear
my crush grass ear leaking
crush grass ear leaking my
grass ear leaking my crush


spelt e outside my lap an e side pud
dled e corn mist spaettered in my
faece no lung e bulled no broad e
crasholine my neck e drawing blood e
mooned the e solation fog e belt
binds your hips e dung e dork
bun dle what I faked an e o
any secret tub below the baese
ment stairs where e

bubble s
out e is

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thinner Time

eat sluggish bomb the ice fat
her the stun gum ,baking baking
laser pool .wallet and raft I
burbled ,bubbled ,blended with the
rubbish or a lisping moon my
mine ham crater o I ate too

much and munching



grasp the hung phone twaddle focused
time the moon gun I sung or groaned I
crawled upside and crawed a brick
.ППП .stink shirt )“I” said( hooray
.yezziree the pork lout cuspidormal pi
llow wallows in a suit .my buttons me
lt... caw caw


Shut Blink Shut

shut the fork and blink
the fork and blink shut
fork and blink shut the
and blink shut the fork
blink shut the fork and
shit the fork and blink
blink and fork the shit
and fork the shut blink
fork the shut blink and
the shut blink and fork
shut blink and fork the
blink and fork the shut

Back Throaty Back

throaty dawn crusts my back
dawn crusts my back throaty
crusts my back throaty dawn
my back throaty dawn crusts
back throaty dawn crusts my
throaty lawn crusts my back
back my crusts lawn throaty
my crusts dawn throaty back
crusts dawn throaty back my
dawn throaty back my crusts
throaty back my crusts dawn
back my crusts dawn throaty

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shotty Tomb

sPotty draw or droP glans Pencil P
awed P Portion sePPukku daw
dles o nor Pee ,nor P ,nor Pen
chant P to Plunge a head in ga
soline .P ball P cloud P bullet P
aged like skin .P an boil ,P why
shaper P like a Pflag a Phone a
Puffer dish nor Pilfered gum


Thundering T

dog renT ,pistol T flag re gurgi
TaTion fuk T blang face T ag
ainsT uh wall T moT plundere
d T )shadow( fazeless T dru
g TwaT mask .me flailing T p
ool o oop T babarking T cr
ashing down eh sTairs my mumbled b
rain sTeers acrossT you flabb
ing aT The door

h e


monster ]mute[ bawl
loot ]utem[ core
jerk ]temu[ clot
bowl ]emut[ blut
duck ]mute[ hammer
charm ]utem[ gold
pillow ]temu[ seep
shot ]emut[ gob
mutter ]mute[ flood


Thursday, July 1, 2010


the ladder )halt( stung deck
fuel nausea )alth( miles stink
the crowd )ltha( burbles back
icy neck )thal( foam throat
bell towel )halt( nor lumber
hump use )alth( fake bread
lines mumble )ltha( blood haw
meant glue )thal( riser clot
sinking turd )halt( wingless gun


strewing the form )lunch( I stained back
crusty leaf temple )unchl( sprayed with soup
a spinning hair )nchlu( bright with fog
tongued the window )chlun( was I pool?
tight and condensation )hlunc( melts the log
my spine whistle )lunch( greased the knot
stood and barked )unchl( my trust coat
dolled the neck )nchlu( puzzle coughed up
matter flatly known )chlun( the pencil thought
gristle and beer )hlunc( your slipper cage
time to plod )lunch( fog the gate

the tongue------
louder crawl suit-----
thumb gate sinking air----
file the scum shirt lint---
my useless folder wipes an ass--
plus snide heavy gauge or toothy hum-
lump colder hole a foetid gun--
sighed lamp slumper walled you---
named cooky I stomped----
said moth loot-----
dropped hand------