Sunday, September 30, 2012

olvido de la obra

ni engarglantado ni enso
bado ni mis güevitos sur
cacados con los riañosos a
güitas emplapados supe no
supe la nadacosa floppy
beneats my sleat sp
adtered with a día realita
)apbrí la broca y la pa
labrabla me manchoseaba
la cramisa oronta...(
≈onda lapsus≈ fraught
whis ker b ,eating the
sheet gargabateada ay
me perdí el tomotambo
los bloquelibros caídos
al ≈río≈ turburbujlencia que
va que vaviene ni vaivén
de mis plumas ahogadas
ni pajinal de esta blo
ombing on my desk ni
fin ininfinito

Obras completas...
- Augusto Monterroso

olvido del ojo

the cheese neck ,howling curd
where my stapled laundry turned
below the bed a hose dancing ,lay
ered in the glinting room gleaming
in the smoky corner where a
mask is stacked on toilet paper
:injecta claw ,peeing on the
book: the long fog grease time
)why shirty( heavy boat ha
lf sunk you raise your head
whey ,doubled doubting ro
amed across the clear lint
clot o peeling nose the
feet crowd my gated
wander burned my swal
lowed head )your rat key(
where I saw the skull be
decked with flowers
,dark and crumbling like
my hands )lost in
seeing ,the tabled word
burnt OUT

- Huitzilopochtli

olvido de l’allée

long levered headache storm
lintgrown chair speeding tow
ard the foggy screen the
foggy shade slapping on the
glass your tiny dirt half
lunged shadow towel dri
bbling in the ink your len
til soup contained ah ha
lf uh ,morty shorts ,a
balone glinting in the
toilet where yr belt
se ahogaba a light
pole sweats outside the
window ss sss ssss
chew your leg an iso
lation crisped inside yr
shoe its tumba corn
its looted teeth drowned
in oil and hair your ha t
growing rai n ; ; ; ; N

...respiro la calle orinosa...
- Leopoldo Lugones

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

olvido del cuate viento

sucker neck the gland
ulular de mis abuelos la
loose grinning in the
hay con bosta filled
but’s just palabras son
,poemas )nada( si
lencios where no sil
encio srounds .)my
fog-draped leg my
louder cheek half
storming out the room(
~Ú ~Ú ~Ú

~ ~ ~

olvido of the blind

soli dunitario .meseta .in
tensiva la ,pleni luna del
fork “fatuo” es .raw t
rowel its blood its drip re
hearsal or .donut cage
the a.g
.ainst t.he .gl.ass .ah
buried dog and robe !cor
onta y pechero .oro del
hueso y .huata sin piel
sin .desayuno .lesser
change en .ters m
.y figuración fi.gúr
ate .no .simón .“el
desierto de mi lengua”
)))se )))))seca en el mar

...lo ciego que ví.
- Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga

olvido de la manguera

“the” “chopping flood” flidd
les gummy soup shoulder wawa’s
chest ,rotting birds a nest
glass burst the hammy
water y las soledades
al revés “plenty too
thy” jáhaw a’jaw )the
mask clutched to’s( “y
et archive” .the wind boul
der ,sp lashing air I .was ne
kkid inside my shirt you
.)plunger at the gate(
raised the bowl oh ch
alchihuite !)wet storm
st one ,de la barriga
llena ,grava ,o se
millas del reloj que
masticaba la carret
era de torturmenta de
mi lábpiz flojo “sp
raying ink like a hose ≈ ≈ ≈ ”

...n’écrit rien.
- Samuel Beckett

olvido del menudo

tool the hatted air mon
coin t’estimule ay el dedazo
que a mí el ojo arranca ,el
izquierdo ,the normous head
dimmer than a cloud it was
n’t “me” it was me at the
hammered box el trono de
tuercas ,cantinflando el
poema preciosísimo )de
ciosidades( y cojines em
papados de ruiorinas the
)silvered hair( )]insect tictic
king in the wall[( ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’
‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘’’’’’’’’’’’ ‘ ‘’’’ ‘’’’ ‘’’
))...dropped my tdime in the draining

...sommes noirs au miroir
de la guerre intestine
- Jacques Dupin

Sunday, September 23, 2012


insta fuzz ,my gape yr )back
er( howl limp ~ tasted form
,from ,ashes the ,if shaved
.in the chair pelting ,so the hair
,a brittle calm ,bullets and
tweezers ,so water pliers
between the toes your ,inst
ance singlet and foggy shoe
.fondly born the muddy sh
adow the footless spoon
buried with a tooth a
)whistle( and a sweaty s
tone ,my shape .yr sack
of towel yr whip gaze shorn
brainless in my “twitching
hand” my fire and glue


frot h the shadow linker )(
the spoon dome rustles my
frog h eadache )an issue
)an hominy )the artifactid
shore the steaming .cloaked
ship ,rats fried ~ lo ñoño o )lo
õõ( como regüeldo visto por
la puerta serruchada un
foco flatulente si lentes
los ojos me mojan saw
the sloshing pOnd .moth the
swallowed sinker the room
shone an muscled ,,,)dri pping
at the floo ded g ate


tubulent search ,the on log
,peldaño fonético ,siezed
the shut sugar crass an
was shorted ,c lumped
.tout twist ,tus negcks
,tanta dried ,s lumped
if morn ,an spitting specks
the lexicon the ape the
comprimido melting ,trans
formado ,en tu lencgua
,here’s what’s ,inlumenfacto
,tronado ,meataencarnaste
,en silencio desenfocado ,cru
jiente y crispado como las
uñas de mis dedos comidas

olvido reversado
- para Luis Bravo

apestoso mais le soleil se
abre the windows chime my
leg withers my mother’s sm
all fox grins at the back of
my desk y abro “un” libro
son los vientos del túnel
)running around( )la rue
atestada de los no( si
me cago behind the d
oor loor de )nulo(
)lo( densativo rein
versado deinversionante
versus that thick shoe
swallowed step up the
anteimustio mis pan
taleones incrustados de
la cita folderol – in the
room filled with leaves

Odio la poesía.
- John M. Bennett

olvido mortel

of saliva born del vacío tu
cabeza singing in the mud
la gran palabra the thread
of time el mar doble su
vida never again before la
enorme mano mouth like
a hospital que renace if
it has a name de sus
cenizas in mud la pal
abra olvidada the small
pane hissing alfabeto
perdido dank sections
of meat sobre las mon
tañas opposite the in
visible one como una
carta sections falling
la escalera de los
roof holes de la mu
erte glass sleep
de sus estatuas darning
socks dusty caminos
sin historia under the
door cuántos laber
intos mundos )ven
idos a menos cast
to sea ,en compañía

from Ivan Argüelles’ “(mud)” 2012 &
Vicente Huidobro’s “La Gran palabra” de
Poemas póstumos (II), en Obra poética, 2003.

olvido of the room

my sstunned leg wiiind my lunched
whiiine ssuiiit )liiibro lucho logo( hiiigh
gass sswiiirliiing iiin my thought fog
bubbled up my cave or foot the
whiiisstliiing knee and yr “towered
focuss” )sshoulder diiim( III
walked iiinssiiide you burbled iiin the
sshiiirtss you wrapped yr armss a
round a bowliiing ball jusst a
sshadow iiin the dusst’ss broken
wiiindow ssiiighiiing iiin the wall
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“never walk agaiiin” the
T-sshiiirt sstaiiined ah
beercanss driiinkiiing iiin
a ╚ corner

...goat paths...
- C. Mehrl Bennett

Friday, September 21, 2012

olvido del colmo

trained loquacious sanding
off my tongue it’s yours
.toweling labia an nor lastre
indomable tus nojones run
dementales so aimless I
or eye lacustre )no
dder shape( )lente
cato( fromage in
editable sweating un
der the flies and
saddled the thorny
bush .)m,y ,d,r,i,b,,,,
,b,l,i,n,g,,, )interbation ,f
restive lunng shirdt I
couldn’t stobstart talg
king ay he dicho
.)red mask deep be
neath my dusty feet(((.


- G. R. Unte

olvido del cogote

the . negck wrought . bisturí y foco .
masa de mi cal.cetín a pen . is com
. bing . the fog the flag my . icy knee
fly . swallowed . ¡ay sticky cake! .
]your mortared teeth[ . rust comb .
ination ,swallowed . rain . the crust
invisible mi . huata de gota llena ; ; ; ; ;
. pluma cerotal “uchha” )escrita( es .
)“reenmudecido” . “soy”( eh o pen ed
. blood where . the wall says ... en
jambre de cuyes ,rin . cón vivo don
de . el recuerdo que perdí .

- M. Ontón

olvido ahogado

ay the dud shade blinks I
swam the cowed blade ff
lippping as it sinks El Deca
pitador my head’s spoon re
plies the wwavess why do
ggy focus swallows the corn
or dunes pouring through the
windows ddryy wwatterr clau
sal sshakkingg rest all day re
treats into the hill’s circled
stone )ddeadd eeyee( my plea
ding breeeezze my dull shape’s
white blinding island

El lago te seca...
- José Asunción Silva

olvido del weather report

nod thunder soap( enDEble )y
el viento fuerte( cúspide de
hormigas ,shadow swallow the
)whirring hands exfocused on
that bolus you received )in
ched the corpse worm your
dragged beef business suf(
fered the grimy shingles of
yr rain injection ,boca a
guada dientes de corales mu
ertos es la infolemia puk
ing the thickened insults s
ticky wax in yr ears la
borrasca muforma ,camisa
como ,flama tortugada and
I’m washing in my sleep ,de
qualified ,yes and yes a
gain the street aslosh with
words with sewer overflow
with hamsters chittering
on the steps 7 >>

...laugh and drink your headache.
-don N. A. Die

Monday, September 17, 2012

olvido teológico-político

bed sink shirt or )wall nacre(
must the ,melter foam r
unning out the cut-off heads
ah .estilation ,dug fog ,muck
filled with .hair your .meal
worm file what “thousand”
smile retained¡ oh nor n
ail !chewed the buttons off
,said uh “thinking dirt” your
face behind the skin 2
rising snakes ,was blood
,was all was fake ,dusty
in the corn ,just still ,p
roudly blotted like your
heart burning in a bowl
)sheared right off ,the
peltless crowd ,shouting
for the end of time my(
useless jaw dangling
from a shel f

- Motecuhzoma

olvido del fusil

plume high crack uh neck
faucet withered soon enough
,suerte de túnel por la
frente como si .negate
the missle yawn the
doubled time redaction
what was spinning was
spinning y .goteo nor
teño la cena servida
omni-intencional the
air retreats the snore
impales el humo “K”
escribe desescribe y
me quedo con la cueva
desdentada ,ay abierta
.el pulmón the motor the
sizzling clouds yautli in huitztli.
- Cuauhtemoc

olvido del warehouse
-for Mary Jo Bole

drainss an crowdss ,tonnagee chancree
,sshouldeereed sslaw falling in thee
ssoup my reesstivee leeg com
paction preessssing on the wall
your plassteer ssweeatss in ,thee
rimleessss pagee you won thee
talcumeed dirt ah drooling
on thee piggissh ssmokee ssw
irling up thee sstreeeet !ss
toolss amplee heeap reejoineed
thee tOileet wareehoussee
sst reeakeed sstackss teeeeteer
into hazee beeneeath thee
roof thee corneer glow yr
ssandwich ssparkleess een
throneed on a plasstic ch
air oh fluoreesseencee !withdraw
your lipss forgeet your teeeeth !

La chair fumée...
- Le Comte de Lautréamont

olvido del right churn

right the churned tool locker
floats across the ,melted towel
,gas lever ,what I wondered
launder maze cow sings na
pped ah .lease an crash
,what learnèd drool forth the
swelling book brick all .ni
ght ,my dreamed socks my
.)))outer wind and a beach
of glass

-Rubén Darío

olvido del universo

toast the gun bajo la en
ramada una canción flopping
mute sprawling in the mud
en dónde estamos el mundo
untouched quivers my floating
head ha cambiado de lugar
my crawling pants toward
your cordajes de guitarra
sobre el mar its swallowed
bullets its sombra ,es algo
que alza el vuelo toward the
coughing sky my ear junta
al arco voltaico says the
throne hole where un aero
plano daba vueltas my
letter lost against the sun y
en el aire un pañuelo de
textualized de focused ninguna
casa tenía puertas drinking
the air un lago oblicuo el
camino sobre thunder hace el
espacio el campo inverso
my fingers burning mañana
será el fin del universo

Entre los versos del “Universo”
de Poemas árticos de Vicente Huidobro

olvido calvo

Numbly dragged my
shirt my offal
cloud my lumber
Thought the sky
ham sweat
utter the under
growl weather
nor the lake
Insistance fold
,long tower
aimed into my
pocket where
the dirt lunch
Piled ,nor
source rabbit
All the Benches
Burnt the
asphalt seems

Vaciar tu cabellera sobre el mundo
- Vicente Huidobro

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

olvido des serpents de la langue

comme des serpents since
prop goat tongue leurs ex
créments fly-value c’est
muet some meat sense
écrit sur la porte dorbb
puzzle les enfants qui
hurlent churm onto woun
ded screef fabrics to
morrow on dit le numéro
)washing dishes( a réparé
l’oubli word-made solvent
devant le parking watering
trash avec des plantes
l’agitation des lettres bag
feral diet that ellipse
de la logique noisy strings
de l’école )la fenêtre souple(
behavioral ganste traj
ectories les insectes voir
les yeux window fiction
airplanes complex transnatio
le papier à letters chats
imprimés world system
presque nuit dream identity
de l’abattre semi-autibio
de la crever fish around
on réclame la mort all that
stuff lost letters les
haines anciennes cycle
streets force less words
décès mains combats
dialogue forgotten publique
prison bats regime basks
dans nos bouches obvious
signatures gros mots cor
ner malade static re
sists chaos c’est rester
dans le noir eye books
tides anarchists mutter
un seul système il est
temps rubber cigaret fact
d’aller poison opens dormir
un peu :guts ,bank ,les
molécules d’eau alpha
bets tombent spelling
le monument à distance
mail ,dit ,trop tard
la rue les rêves obvious

...rester dans la chair.
- John M. Bennett

from Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 28, Roanoke, Virginia, 2012
Frédérique Guétat-Liviani, Prières de.,
Barjols, [France]: Éditions Plaine Page, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

olvido salpicado

flapping an shining the churning
gate just one intensly liploid
como agronómico entered the g
runting stone – its its – rain
dreams me the adobe brick drips
mud ≈ dogs and shadow ~
yr mirror door peels back y
no ,inada ví ,onada unada
anada enada ynada ,señorita
,flama finiquita tus dedos
ajíes ~ ~ )ah ah( - )my arms
are towels my face a shiv
ering fountain play your
leg like ammunition( crawling
across the sea like ants
“shining an flapping” ,churning
~)your breath enters an egg()

...besoin de urine.
Dr. T. O. Islet

olvido de la merienda

esencia rutailante ni nadedal
,combo plate scraped into yr
pants ay fog rising from tus cal
zones acacaoados ¡salud!
and grin into la bruma densa
de tu mano amocada

write into the light and bring
)long sausage folded into
bun and( scalded window
leant against the wall my
sure belt lost oh trouser
index swell for me !)
rabbits lost around the
corner where yr shoe
lunch( bolder than
,twice impacted ,dar
ker than my blinding
lunch :I was you I
“thought” ~ ~

- Francisco Quevedo, traduit par Isidore Ducasse

olvido de la mar

por temorizado na dado a pulcro
son ,mis dedos inpiesados )fulgor
,túnel( los ríos sincólicos no
llegan al mar ni la ,boca me
abren )pirámide de adobe la
playa ensombrece ▲≈ ( ay
cúspides la grava crunch ah
fork twisted like your leg
decapitation )araña con ca
beza con tumi( y levanto
la mano a mi boca sin b
oca a mis dientes indencionales
and I crave that snore c
arving skull 70 años sin
lengua :lo hablado soy mas
no lo dicho ,y espero la
playa de lodo ...stu
mbling pelícano
irtless an loud


olvido de la mancha

loot the thing glow nape fired wha
t yr chew leg yr sign nap aged
inside the corn ear worm my )sud
den show( s e e m s tous
led ,combinationed ,sudorífico y
...plough ,uh plow sieze uh sees
the shadowed lung collapsing in my
rainy suit the chairs burning
on the roof the knotted high
way yr eye the ashy lens
folded on yr moon clotting ,)ch
eese mouldered in a bowl( the
dusty stone ...splashing in t
he ink ® my
bushy recollection’s shaking in’s
breezed blinks below the lake
,wired ,and grew outside your
egg ...zapateo intonso ,sop
orífico y pensante un
logolvido .disuelto ,su
mo y fijo ,“ni coche mor

...endomitis ,plumífero...
- Rubén Bonifaz Nuño

Thursday, September 6, 2012

olvido del cruce

ni inmigración ni inversión ni
perro con su lucro irrascible
,lo que yo infarto ,separo
,in ...risible pues ,ni modo
,fíjate ¢)sin lentes(¢ in
manente y el techo se
cubre de plumas y plomería
)huesos y bolsas ,tremores
y orinas bajo un
mesquite ,una botella
vacía ,ni hormigas ,cala
vera ennegrecida por el
fuego ~ ~ ( un SUV
sin ojos desaparece en el
polvo del río ~)ni viento
ni frontera ni nube aus
ente con su camisa de
zopilotes ))un peso enterr
ado in aguantable((
,sí es ...

...spit...(that eye)...the scratch...
-Edgar Allan Poe

olvido bisbiseado

essttiimmado ,mmejóramme ,mmuussc
lemman ,ffiiniisstterre y ver güüenza
altta chúúpamme ,iindiirectto ,nii luu
mmiinado commo crystal eyess a sshape a
llantta ,cuyess piiando en un riincón con
ca laverass ,fformmaless ,ssonriissonttess
,o mmii mmuy ,plañiidero ssoy ,commo
resspetto ,fflottantte o ,ffrott
antte ,cómmemme loss piiess
andadoss ,ssendero de cucharass
y buuffandass ,un cuuchiillo ol
viidado en la gargantta commo
mmossca .ttress liibross o liibross
,nii liibross borbottanttess en el
ffondo del pattiio ess lo que
pusse en el platto ,offrenda
nii ssarcassmmo ,en el ssar
cóffago de ttu ,vuuessa mmer
ced ,essttiimmada conssiider
aciión ,ttu acciión y essttanque

...if I must -
- Emily Dickinson

olvido of the barking

hot loop saw )fog ,lens ,comb( I
shaped the defecation or my ]long
mud walls[ something yipping a
round the corner of my pocket
fishbones “saw” the thundered
time the years which ne ver
raining and the clump of hair e
merging from adobe where an X
was wrote )circle blade flashing
in the sky( I lay my crown en las
heces del patio tus lentes y
orinas toes squirming in the yell
ow mud saw sleeping on the
benches or were those books I
,remembered to forget ,hojas de
bbrruummaa and I was barking
without a sound ,behind the
hole where a door used to be

“Don’t be a dog’s bowels”
- Darby Conley

olvido de la poesía

under the sweating corn your
plume .meal ,worms ,basinets
.a sog trunk ,wood .the
ball peen .pocket of hay the
.short seen ,toweling .my
massed dinner plates and
focal shifting ,porkid
peldaño do.nde el na
són .bluts angre ,meltid
aegypti in yr foggy len
tes ,lentos los dientes
se caen y me t.oco
el hígado .bruma d
onde .las manos spread
los labios rent las pie
rnas inacordadas como
bandoneón jodido
)wandering the weathered
form( xochitl in cuicatl...
- Bernardino de Sahagún

Monday, September 3, 2012

olvido del viaje

mi tonelada mis cumbres mis
huesones aguados ...entre
las tumbas tumbo ,sabor
de grava y orinas ,una
muralla verde sin ventana
con pinta POE MAP E
y ¿dónde la tormenta?
)my wheels shining in
the soup and laundry(
isofaction and a dense
)peso líquido ,foggy s
cales ,the whistling
road( my liquifaction
...simetría y foco es
trellado I couldn’t
stand I stood I s
at I couldn’t ...sit
uation of yr fósil a
hogado ,entro ,entre
las piedras . . . . .

...gritty tooth...
- Dr. N. Ulo

olvido del cacahoaquáhuitl

ruta o reloj mis cacasitas o
tliltic cacáhuatl foaming in
the back of my eye the other a
pool under stone where ,)so
mething drib bles in my p ants(
yr comb’s teeth rustling in
my pocket “tines to go”
wheeling ,shouldered ,swimmy
,toenails in the ticking dust
,,, ...drew the bloody page
my itch reissue ,protect the
shitting factor ,steep funct
ion zipping around in’s
dark panting at the foot
of the bed the highway sh
rivels and my headless
drink dries on the street

...y a veces échalas en el agua...
- Fray Bernardino de Sahagún

olvido del libro

my plunging soap uh ,pill piles ,p
ages or were they windows ,why the
matter’s name’s crowded halitosis
,wrought ,bent ,striation like a f
lag )tomb barker( ‘less my
chamber floods and your darkest
drink streams through a hole
down hill ≈ ≈ .the rodent
sleeps and I my whisper dog
,chewing ,drizzled ,the stone’s
thought inside ,kinda light
but gritty ,faceted ,bar
ely breathing as I watch th
at dimming wall of books th
ose hats in dust those shoes
strangled on their tongues
.my soap sleeps in mud and
all your towels are drowned
,“blame your fingers”

...aguas negras...
-Manuel Acuña

olvido playero

restless indication matters im
pactly foghorn ,focused ,f
aster blasting at the wall tus
hoyos inmanentes ,de azúcar
atestados ,tianguis en la ,pl
aya sumergida ,roofless
cloud hangars with their
blood-spattered walls rows
of legs nailed to the plas
ter dust caking on the
headlights what my active
hinges saw recounted ,m
uy estimado ,fíe en mí
.I ran across the road I
swallowed all the keys I
stimulation crashed the
faucets gleaming in your
trunk ,was saddled wit
h a suitcase ,standing
in the w,Wind

...mi costa nula, con túnel.
- Vicente Huidobro