Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Library of Teotihuacán

the shopping bag of script
your louder dice than
mind boiling in your
sleep mouth blasted
focus on your
river's plastic folder
was of knives hurled off
the edge I didn't mean the
eyes blinking on a
porch your stone wheel
was an embolism in the
water scribbled on your face

will drown in the cave

Found in Ivan Argüelles'
Joe and I Used to Go to the Library”,
and “Having Climbed Both Pyramids"

no comprendo

a la it is no
more lens a
head yr crawl

andar ahhed's yr
nalga's sticky one
.usher out lacks

breath's stung ph
one yr chew re
gard ,repathic

craw aspew

loot path

eat itch eat it
ch ssarg yrd
thronged yr face

s'gel ekorb pen
cil stabbed yr ch
eek's long wind

beneath the table
r ash c lawed out
ruoy syas steams

Himno de Tlaloc

relación del himno infértil
relación del camino por el agua
relación de la olla sin fondo
relación del ojo quemado
relación del título despistado
relación de la pistola de hierbas
relación del fuego comemierda
relación pueril de la guía telefónica
relación de la lágrima desinfectante
relación de la relación tubular
relación de la tinta helada
relación del pañuelo ciego
relación del pendejo perdido por el río
relación del zorro sin olfato
relación del lavabo eléctrico
relación de mis dedos sin uñas
relación de la tormenta desinflada
relación de la sangre en ayunas
relación del comité descarnado
relación del templo de rayos en la bruma
relación del códice de cupones de descuento
relación del cancro de truenos
relación del canto espejeante de la camisa de carne

Sunday, October 23, 2016


when it sees the sausage on your clothes hanger
when it sees a hand shaking behind a mirror
when it sees a thought burning on the basement floor
when it sees the barking sandwich on the roof next door
when it sees the throat compaction inside a coffin
when it sees the river flooding in a ballpoint pen
when it sees a tooth sunk in a book of prayers
when it sees a headache swims across the street
when it sees a bomb grinning at your door
when it sees the nostril expelling stones
when it sees three forks divergent on a path
when it sees a single fork turning toward your face
when it sees the padlock floating in your coffee
when it sees a linty mask covered with eyes
when it sees you lie in a twitching closet


thaw a clattered for
k yks facedown in
the bowl revir

nostril reads eht
sticky hair spelled
ni spinal name

door ecaf rains
up to clouds ruoy
shaped off hollow



s sw swep t orn f
inger's off yr STOVE
inhale blood's burnt

fumes my sky the
turning leg's plunged
snore engaged re

peeled redetained
.yr short fat door
yr wound up op



listón ,fragua ,lona
permeable el fuego
vapor que me os

curece el premio ,si
primerizo fuera si
mi mano se llenara de

agua si no sin o
s isi el túnel se
desaguara de ojos

Thursday, October 20, 2016



ah sí ,no era


yr ppage ppolenta
spreads its popocket
ggrease a chromo

smokes the wall ou
tside a lung re
forms air

chain's containment
deenactment in the
soap you ffill yr

mouth yr foam


swept the slaw before the law
swept the neck behind the dumpster
swept the hand before the sand
swept the knife behind the toilet
swept the glue before the shoe
swept the forceps behind TV
swept the shout before the snout
swept the ash behind the voting booth
swept the blood before the muddy wall

swept the broom behind the burning room


sal ni sol
emplast no spira



Sunday, October 16, 2016


a floating gun spelled your face in the wake
a knotted gun spit and sank in the soup
a flowered gun closed its eye and slept
a misty gun named a bee and circled
a throated gun chewed the dice and understood
a mirror gun opened the fridge and coughed
a tower gun lay on the floor and swirled
a wooden gun splintered and burned in the attic
a liquid gun shaped your leg and ran
a written gun folded a shirt and belched
a paginated gun shit on a sheet flapping in wind
a boiled gun opened the door to shed its skin
a nasal gun was turning its knob and singing
a suit of gun plundered the closet full of ash
a tree of gun counted a bird in the sky
a frozen gun thought of an exploding glass of beer
a voice of gun crawled over the floor and
                             talked to the shoes under the bed


colunchmeat's soulful
gain the ashex tou
sled dome rat

tled wind the
mask afire your
center watch

was frame for snack
yr teeth clankk
holds a ball of dirt


seen a wrath see
n a pour seen
a table watered

inner flood .by a
s pill compacted ,em
bolism snores yr

face a shoe ,dou
bled in the after
sink ,stubble s

tuck between yr teeth
a row of stones was
once a wall was

feet in mud


doubled lung I th
ink and st ink of
radish rotted in

your sandwich it's a
rope your size
.fragile glue up

side forgotten ,it's
a mirror or b
read you chewed

so tumbado

Thursday, October 13, 2016

- Para Aaron Flores

muy amable ,no faltaba más
,porcentaje de muertos ,muebles
que se abren de noche y

nno hayy en los zapatos a
zúcar en los lentes sal
iva no hhay y llo que ni

veo es nieve de sangre
sandeces sutiles que se
extienden las manos

con palmas de pestañas(((((((


anything ulsively making
will worse true friend
's financial mess is

there for you wh is if
by magic anywh
avoid comp possible

with a thinging heart
a way out of a someone
who is discovered a en

he'd rather be ere else

headless form

in the dark of the form a nopal returns
in the soup of the form an arm returns
in the dandruff of the form a tongue returns
in the slot of the form a wind returns
in the shame of the form a poem returns
in the gore of the form a dust returns
in the owl of the form a breast returns
in the heart of the form an eye returns
in the ash of the form a lung returns
in the ink of the form a rain returns
in the beast of the form a shoe returns
in the skin of the form a cave returns
in the face of the form a son returns
in the egg of the form a stone returns
in the leg of the form a skull returns
in the thorn of the form a fruit returns
in the light of the form a knife returns

Tezcatlipoca, en forma de un fantasma cuyo
pecho se abría y cerraba estrepitosamente,
con un sonido nocturno semejante al que se
produce al cortar árboles - Códice Florentino

end begins

marmol's echoed lungch re
forms the window where
yr smouldered cold cuts

th rough a h ill your
h andless arm de ex plains
t hat b urning h air

left to dry drowned
in a hole out in
the footless sea

- Heading out in Ivan Argüelles'
The End of It All

Sunday, October 9, 2016


invade my blunt
er scalpel soon
delgado soy o

flaco sin mis hu
esos point's all
off un der

te echo de menos
carne poluta
polite I was

lite but dead

sin nudo

inflaco frac aso ,oj
o de agua ,la loma
lo más precipit

ante es ,principio
andanado al re vés
¿no vés? es plomo

des ordeño el aire
y al aire llego ,si
n pluma ,esnudo


slab to say b
lunt fork o s
turm und c

lang a clan g
ut silent
rain in here

drab a tray yr
thit soup s
pills on



easy to say your laundered name when you forget it
easy to cross the street when the sky empties its eyes
easy to climb the steps when the car's on fire
easy to fire the gun when the lake rises to your face
easy to comb your arm when the window breaks
easy to break a leg when lunch walks in your mouth
easy to dry a log in the attic covered with ants
easy to tear your shirt when the trees are boiled for soup
easy to paint a photo and bury the mirrored frame
easy to drip and cough when the shadow returns
easy to grind the faucet when the fridge lights up like a torch
easy to blow your nose and number the rings you've lost
easy to think the mattress where your dream forgets its socks
easy to count the sky where the aspirin sleeps
easy to take it easy when the phone stops ringing in the room next door

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


se murió con su cara en una flor de lluvia
se murió con tres monedas de caliza en la mano siniestra
se murió con un zapato sin lengua en el regazo en llamas
se murió con los dedos entrelazados con otros dedos de aire
se murió con dos máscaras de pelusa y una de hojas
se murió con una sábana invisible escrita con la letra “O”
se murió con la camisa de tocino llevada al revés
se murió con un martillo en un cubo de aceite y hormigas
se murió con el basurero pleno de uñas de oro
se murió con la vista plantada en un túnel por debajo del agua
se murió con la planta de su pie derecho en un ojo
se murió con la planta izquierda en una oreja
se murió con la boca vacía que pronunciaba “viento”
se murió con unas tijeras de caucho en el bolsillo trasero
se murió con cinco llaves y una docena de huevos de aspirina
se murió con un libro empapado en los calzones de raíces
se murió con una pluma en la nariz que explicaba por fin la nada


grip the hovered cat
boilimic breast is
outside in I saw the

brain a sleepened
clouds' redaction
slot andopamine

.sherds and tiny girls
,foam and lights ,drop
your lit cigar into

the skull

- For Aaron Flores

corn's walking through
rain my shirt mast
ication eechoeess

in my tuborejas
was my dribbled
pants thoughtless

or a bridge sinking
in the mud tu ojo
fango escucha la


The Waters
- For Chris Wells

The dream of a lake surrounding a
lake is the dream of a fried egg
resting on your face; the dream of
the fried egg is the dream of a
fork swirling in the bottom of a
well. If you continue to dream,
your dream of a well full of forks
will be the dream of a tree glittering
with birds which is the dream of a
bird surrounding a tree

Saturday, October 1, 2016

plato volado

ventana rica ,bis
biseada ,sin cog
ollo ,cara del aire

que me veo guaje
,oporlomenos vacío
,oícav pleno de

jejenes ,el guiso
enjambre que ha
blo constante

enter fog

aged dog you said
it lint combative
reap the sand

impel consum
ptive she et y
mology or fleas

.flees the stair's
reflective gas you
said the sugar died

nap and cloister ,op
tive mud burbles
thought the night

pull it out

it chy itc hy itch y i
tchi lled eye yr c
lotted cup's hhumped

ddoor try sit bed yr
burnt dog arm w oofs
o words fall out them

black globs passt be
fore yr face the
mattress swallowed


senda que te come el brazo
senda que te come la linde
senda que te come la tumba
senda que te come el voto
senda que te come las nalgas
senda que te come los libros
senda que te come la luna
senda que te come el solitario
senda que te come la ventana
senda que te come los riñones
senda que te come el dólar
senda que te come la pinga
senda que te come los labios
senda que te come la camisa
senda que te come el cagar
senda que te come la economía política
senda que te come los vocablos
senda que te come las ganas pluralísticas
senda que te come la el egancia
senda que te come el la garto
senda que te come la máscara de piedra
senda que te come la cara de paja