Thursday, October 30, 2014

dream of the bus

your fogged fee d
tube branch stuck
ck in mud towel
you chew an arm
burrito from yr
pants buggy sc
once eleven’s
w all the w ires
tw ist d own


take away the tray

wha t aair fries
up the pale bed its
laundered groin its
its a or a the
flies regale aand
masturb ate the
racous finger p
ointed at the ciel
ing’s sheets ,tr
                                         embling in the light


why you wipe

cheap shadow lung
cornection uh was
convex at rincón
mis huevos teamed
divorciados fought
‘the smsmoke  .yr
ack tent ,somme
thing breath a
                                         ,lumpy stool


never said it

meddled glot
tus moronic
wealth accu
mulation so
to speech an
pee l the corn
redapted to
the b end of time
to yellowed sh
eets and hairb
alls in the s

Sunday, October 26, 2014

stumbled at the edge

hung from the tri
ology c ode nap
per make the b
us a langu age
ab surd sunb
urn mea sure por
ous group’s har
sh sh sh lung

shoe horn s cent
un labor’s inner
pour us gestures
at the mesh rose
across the acted
heritage throttled
meat sssssieling’s
anal aperture

socks and beans
the text peppered
with snooze sent
ence cathar it
ic packaging’s m
ass market roo
ster dancing on the
container ships

expent ant expec
torant ,bath er
dangerous exit
looks the bound
legs locked be
side the sw eat
mar kets ,thes
is g ate ,full lung

salt waste tic
tic tic the b
link volunteer
winds can think
o photo based the
sur face st ripped
of bulbs the very
fiction sleeps

late outskirts sh
are rejection rej
re turns execu rates
the gender shoes
wha herbicide
tooths the rest
au rant caged in
side the costumed snow

Shards of Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 88, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

balam de noche

lenticular foaming  .
nor seen the leg drink
howl inside a bowl a
dribbly skull and coff
eeeee ground s natch
lint from the fog yr
jumpy eye exhales  .
exhud es encia que
en la carne duerme o
en la carne despierta

no vi na da me es


forget insurance

the operation lake
or pancreatic st
orm etido en eh
ecatl ducks the
beak yr ststrong
shoe returns ha
ha en filactic see
ps along the base

reside and stall

should fuck sh
ould neighbors s
wallowed in the
sleeve you butt
oned up the m
oon flatter gl
ass ,return the
                                        chew it off


was coughing up

we ave un thr
oat meaties ra
in the thr
rot tling door
yr but t c raw
ls in ,ffoam
y at the bbel
t was ststickky
                                        at the tine

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the lost sky

skin ha bits siempre
tan sucio the k notty fork
¿qué buscas? estás
para ser cosido dog
face whirling tape
déjame shoe mist ver
tiginous nights ,matar
desnudo como cuchillo
air is leaving ¿tiene
miedo? in a speeding
car shirts shot th
rough walls drilled
rebus en tu nieve
elada fuego and for
niture payments pat
ients de ceniza y p
olvo de empty pants
ser carnal del drunk
driving un retrato te
imagino Bolcan de la
chingada madre a
hat full of mud and
someone else’s skin
where the sky and sea
blow from a duck’s
beak all the talking
all the splen did
scripts not waking
not waking el huesso
es para la huessa y leyen
das de fuck you mas pa
sado como un higo

A Stew with Bits from Ivan Argüelles,
“rochester 23”, 2014; & Francisco de
Francia y Acosta, “Romance XI”, 1624.

hush shhhh

the piano lake half
shot bacon maid
gleaming through the
shut sky unconscious
foyer durational vowels
uhconscious pages route
or anthill click click c
lick along the border
fluidities a region of
clothespins dust and
theater history dur
ational water tumbles
through the magnets
slime hill horses
navigate the floodplain
lots of splinters and
a ruined circle ,pink
invertebrates fixed
against the wind a
scattered word neo-
occupant refridgera
tor flame waste’s the
steps blaze yes yes
scattering yes scat
tering the 50 years of
milk fungus neoplatonic
puffball sleepwalking
at the top of the stairs

Made of Scraps from Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 87, 2014; & Ivan Argüelles’ “rochester 24”, 2014.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


ano uña ano uña ano
uña ano uña ano uña
ano uña ano uña ano
uña ano uña ano uña
ano uña CLAVO uña ano
uña ano uña ano uña
ano uña ano uña ano
uña ano uña ano uña
ano uña ano uña ano

ham mer



es peranza es en
domitis es en trante
lo de lo mesmo da
,lo do r mitante mi
tod un mumuerto el
egantísimo ,sismo ma
noseado de tu quijada
speech doblado en
tu cough jaw temp
le buried in the f
f  lags  .es ponen
cia es tornillo en
de dientes tumec

...cap que ta poupe double...
                                        - Stephane Mallarmé


elote de cara

bullt it et dim horloge
ology ah fog ah ffog a a
round my wwrist yr
b linkered tune ,bull
it’s ,breamed the ph
one leaned the c
rowd whine ,empty
neck ,cogote seethed
y regCocijo in the lun
chtime flood  .we
are ing the corn

                                        es mero ,depilado


ssuit and ttie

another shut shoe the
future absence nnods nnn
ods at ththe fffffaucet
ay puella parked glass n
no llonger hhaiiiiir sn
snaggged in wrecked car’s
fragrant tongue smell
of young corn rioting in
the the ttomb of Pakal a
loud recision grblfxts
grblfxts the one di
dimensional grave “si en
la lejanía no se oía” (Lezama

Littered with Aiyeee etc. from
Ivan Argüelles’ Rochester 21, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

John M. Bennett's Squiggles Reddened and Done Up by Baron

John M. Bennett's Squiggles & Baron

unless he says

really faster cl
awed the ssuit
re mention of th
ddripppingg ,w
ere yr s peed
s hoe f ills
the ground


was exactive

my spoken head a
clustered face the sp
lintered frame moth
smeared on glass my
eye gas swswirls pp
penciled in the cage
em bolismo de  .lo b
barroco es ,mi sombra
emética a cuestas

steps outside and

suckt sh ort
icle yr kknot
lleft em my
my turnedt h
ead the 3
fog negcks b
ush were m
ules ,bush an
                                        b                   blood


just dropped a coin

I was never not k
nocked ne ver me el
culo coiled retraction
sore nor kknew ,the
ept ,nor apt pa
laver all across
the zócalo pleni
lunar del sol ,
aft or fat ,
                                        the dark

Monday, October 13, 2014

you swear off

eat your ha s sh
oken in the fork the
fork hot shoe exh
abitation of my piel
regates portento s
wells the glue the
glue recall los hilos re
call la pelusa con su
pelo serpentino is has
was is has the

bebegan the saw mist


the dimmer flame

leap an cheese the
tooth cracks in tor
ment the alpha boot
said q x brrr ha
ha re dampened ffog
an rrice  )the pu
zzle what yr neck’s
siezed what yr ton
gue      en         forcer
                                        ah bey see


mi entuerto epi
lepsioide ,tum
orfacto muerto
por las aletas
donde nada ví
el aire  .shirts
and lunch my
seeing half  .el
otro inmictusible
                                        ,flama del acqua


g round

hOle reached the nneck
ffog you d uh rink
wider sky ff
forks left
swwallows the spoke                                     
the wheel said