Friday, August 30, 2013


even when streaked ,the
steps ,sodden and thin
,dim ,when the leg ,with
its scrotal pouch crowned
,descends ,to the record s
tore ,invisible on the
skin’s horizon ,its
trance ,asphalted ,wakes
in the window’s  yell
ow stains or inglés del
polvo bucal ,como cenote
dank ,rushing to drown
on the fence  .the
verbs ,when blackened
,passing ,from your
mouth ,or from distance
aching for’s glass ,its
insects and scissors clus
tered, following ,of am
nesia ,the dripping ,ever
streaked when even ,ink

Mumbling after Ivan Argüelles’ “the far”

Thursday, August 29, 2013

wHAt figured


lo grAffito som
brero de cuAtro lA
dos con punto wAs
tHAt wHen uH gly
pHos destemplA
dos oH I ditHered

mA ,oH  TlatoaniH
wHAt   I  sAid

)en el agua de la cueva(


feaThered por    k
not  ...lisT...
TwenTy  manTas”

The Corn Shadow
h  e  a  v  e  s   the
eaves aflame

TrInKeTs   y

bosTa   ,Calzado

flexible sign

the jawbone drunk ,if
gaped like’s basement
door ,floppy and snored
,the eyeball ,but seeing
,ignored ,the posterior g
ashes when not the waving
flag ,the boxes’ exit ,or
yolky seatback to’s hair
fast stuck ,a ,of the
neck ,sign ,if’s respiration’s
voyage ,saying the offal
binge’s let down in the

With sticky bits from
Reed Altemus’ “tourism”

swung up

shoulders ,the vacuum vis
ion ,where forgot’s the
tropic flare ,in the bucket’s
rusty text more dim ,nor
acidic ,of history’s relaciones
,variable phlegm the asterisk
traces ,is culture’s flab
,the heavy sloshing jug

With stubble lifted from
Reed Altemus’ “galaxy freezer upswing”

bilateral box

boiling sandwich ,or a type
writer cloud faucet boosts yr
mouth thrombosis widened on
the ,not an estuary ,porch f
lighted ham and dime where’s
fecal dustbin comes ,with
tongs ,a vector portal ,lifted
from the steam y ,once hal
ibut’s ,portal ,flecks yr
sock ,and the opposite eats

Including sides from
Reed Altemus’ “air mail 2”

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

prosperpina & the gates

pawed the dim shorts I
did nor spun the dam
pness in my ear the
fount of clouds was
poems of bacon smoke
blue light flashing on
my pen I cccraw
eddd the samwich
thinning in my pocket
,off ,off  .beach of
kleenex in the stream
)))where that dog’s 3
heads bowed and w
aited round the bend

...los estuarios donde desembocas.
- Rubén Bonifaz Nuño



shapeless ,inusitado ,de
túmulos fornido el urbe
de pirámides con su laundry
& luncheonettes ,shapely
and buried ,from the tongues’
saliva literate the field
of statues awaiting the
corn the whirling sky the
cave speaking instructions
which burn in the corner
,with spiders and manuals
the former foundations
revered  .itzpetzli in its
smoke reveals ,the quart
ered river flowing from dawn


low beam

my muddy hand my
lum inessence plowed
and necked the spoon
,of viscous light ,up to
your mouth ,if th
oughtless ,hesitates
,like thought ,or lun
ch impaction sock
.what my digits’ held
,a tube or brush ,b
loody gland my py
resplendence hatless
in ,of dog food aisle ,the
glare  .proud bedecked
the gloom you sucked
,yr tumescent sight


moche doing nothing

to last ,in the spoon
of coal dust built ,tossing
and sweaty ,the spider
decapitator in your cent
er’s plate it’s ,from the
sea’s garúa learning my
leg  .its last broom
knows ,its spattered
sweater of lenses wove
,what sees you ,on the f
lushing throne ,seated
.your circled half hat
gleaming in the dark
bath’s room

escribí el garbage com
pactor the wheezing ju
ice que escribí el fin de
calaveras comb in the
water escribía defor
maba inmicturaba lo
what dribbled en lo es
cribibido no escrito a
hogado escribí un
túnel invisible es
cribí the filling up
with stones the
green one in my mou
th is the what I
rode the en demic
word o escribí lo no
escrito nu nca es en
cripto está en cripta

“escribí lo des crito
desencrito unescrito


guess the egg spoon coal
impact’s sweaty plate de
capitator reflection turns
to public leg garúa mons
ters dissected in the lenses
of yr flushing throne hand
rubric inflects the
bath room rash dots
and spattered mouth thought
less weedeaters swerved
around the rats’ im
paction sock ,viscous g
land respendence cursory
plastic at uttered hats yr
tumescent nostril evacuates
the curvature’s sucked mu
lch dissected digits in
the laundry’s urbe pools an
egg’s redaction of the
luncheonette corn tombs
smoking through the’
itzpetzli loaves f
lows from all those cell
phones and schoolbook
spiders, man uals floppy
in the thinning samwich
where yr bacon clouds
perp etrate consensus

A Hack of Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 51, 2013 & some poems
by John M. Bennett from
Aug. 23, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

hat disease

en trance id ,the t
iny liddle pointy head
...imbal ance ,whiff le
leg ,cow falls the ,thick
tongue’s paint I clobbered
,cobbled, cucoupled in the
green sugared lake’s dead
bugs the hat I fill ,was
the dengue book I
wrote I w rote a head the
laundry burning on the
r    o    o    f

a sleep the curdled race


toot shur t em
pid insectívoro mi
cu ate stord the sh
ape lungo ,lingo lathe
red on the wilting
wa//  scrimmed the
doubt watt’s b
ugging you such g
as me friend  .t
old yr wh istle scri
vner torld the f
iles shimmering in
their h eat

wallets on the beach


the  fe ste red n
âme de pierre verte
alchihuitl schaking
in the boiling sky s
oup - nails  and ¡
r ings - the storm the
sauce the gristle wh
ere yr float sh
ould be


du s

,***bee wall ,mate leak ,t
ame ,shorter ,fan belt
dissolution where yr sha
dow crawls that buzzing
in yr nostril w)ear the
bloo(m ister affles
off the sticky floor
.cheese node the ,pile
where the grunting tomb
pre vails



did I foot meal the
hacking fog did I seep
shoe the stunned link
sausage did I drip and
haul did I felt s
nore did I hash the
scowling loot did I fo
am pill did I chew the
scuttled leg did I
ammo dream did I
sock swallow off the
sooty shore boiled with
plastic bags and condoms