Wednesday, November 28, 2018


bolbor p
lung e gg
as toline


face corrig

Saturday, November 24, 2018


tank's house the sore lake loo
ser sand is eye droops off c
limbs a drifting wall yr
neck shirt leg of meat shiny un
der glass a faucet rushes tow
ard a door your dog sleeps in
::barbarks at h air your tun
neled arm ,steel bagel a
waits the steps

Monday, November 19, 2018


cheap shirt half off
compactant is sue of
an boilung gut is
pestos writ hen inna
fire past days the
plan et dinosaurian
grunts behind a
screen your shoes
float in's nest a
gun and eggs your
shouted c law a
puzzle was ,im
plessant ,fuller than
your fface a bull
unclouds .meet your
dirt laugh's coughed
reinfectant in that
glue ,your nail just
swimming in the eye
you lost

Monday, November 12, 2018

d anger mmanagement

itnch of colostrum my nurse
deengagement's teléfono que
me murmura en el pantalón
son mis re vueltos son mhis
rhabias ihninútiles ,de mis pelucas
grasa que ,colonóstrumas
,abren la puerta incerrada de lo
que recuerdo del futuro .fists
and flautas ,la tumba que me
grita goteante ,gum flooding my
eyes :the scratching and stroking
,the letters giggling in dark

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

language isn't this

as nervous then fail to notice shrinking
of sand in its tribulation to accumulate time
darkness around the swift of hair the swept
word a signal flashing in hidden decibels

last the inarticulate by you I have become
syntax of statues again becoming other than
ranunculus and butterfly thin streams of wind
will we too then pass through ears of sand

come back should you ever stair-top distance
and falling you detach shadow from frame
nor does anchored to clouds sleep resolve a

only to drown mirror face down in what were
dreamt or perhaps never been but in footnotes
none can read the remotely thumbed pages torn

Recombinant shuffle of lines from
Ivan Argüelles' Sonnets 1 - 8

Sunday, November 4, 2018

sticky snore

damp hinges
open yr mouth

strong gnats
a sopping wind

stiff note
dissolves in spit

law screen
said and slept

or arm
in burning woods

thought grub
said and gone

lo mulo

inecdictive in deimmolective lect
ura detexturista yr facial wind
embolazonado washout dreams a
c latter way inna hole dug
on flyday hoy es martes con
lluvia a intorrentes me puse
flojo sin bot ones walk of
water spurts OUT BINDING
page to p age to pag eee

implascable implosivble imbalastro...

...para el latido
lacio y contra toda corrección.
- César Vallejo