Monday, December 10, 2018

the green lens seen

chchugging the fog a fforkk a
washer choked in too much air
it's a salamita ,sudden swell
a soon to be it .inchange the
the ,es éso ése ,mamasticar
la chochinilla de tu lelengua
asterisca ,tubo de hábito ende
focused ,sharply ,a mist crawling
on yr window's dogless
chair :it's yr sweaty sandwich sleeps
it in ,mewling and hairy .unseen
el nopal del sueño con
su flor imposible...
te abre el aire pues

...y pende
a modo de asterisco...
- César Vallejo

Monday, December 3, 2018


drink the fog yr
neck inhales a fork a
clog banish loom a
grunt behind a bush
your scissored p age
spells aptor Runny
one ,ape an Go
fog Under it was s
enseless said so much
rebloodied soon yr v
arnished bag of hair

seizure lens ,the
door dog dries