Monday, September 30, 2019

robes thinking painted

robes thinking painted bees face
B'alam wraps three arms hanging
face untied eagle covering stings image
painted defeated scratchers nature
kill shields Jaq'awitz words made
sleep capture road slept sense eyebrows
metal neck plucking deceivers stakes
pointed effigies entreated gourd hornets
entreated murderers spied yelling break
blood smoke opened stinging swarm
chopped wood wives died tormented
insects entered faces named instructions
sick words sons burial light mirror
lose sign sweep existence stitches
created disappeared glory bundled
wrapping names left died father

De-reading the Popol Vuh – 22

nevertheless consume

nevertheless consume the power knots
naked matter bubble toppling eyes
rock grammar wheel arms hard white
waist cavities honey mind flung arms
language shuts hours air lamp bed
pock-marked refrigerators bed units
preterite dark ate us bees shopping
bosom selves a hill how hair ink
snake dawn chill things crept secret
distance letter mirror it be yet learn
bark flung headache eats remains
the traffic brick outside the
mountain whirl ascent

De-reading Iván Argüelles'
The Shape of Air, Fragment 5”

Friday, September 20, 2019


al asco ríes tanteado es
pan arcilla de tus motes
mortiferontes simón que
lijas pan de piedra es vis
aje agua ntada un g
üentífero o viento seco si
lencio que me sopla un no
nombre insombreado rete
sivisible agujero tanto
tumba que entiende lo nada

fog lunch

and lunch in chains spit moon
)skin ,cigars( mist sw
irls in bowl shade cracks
ants sill dim wall toaster
grave l and a tower shrieks
falling bricks' some time
ends plate turns over
black behind mirror
slab tongue eugnot cho
pper hand ají immersed d d
slaw en neck each throt
tling hand's different

)))in the quiet place scat
tered together brick ants tongue(((

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

snore way
- RIP Steve Dalachinsky

slumped meat on stage l
ight f lares down a
rabbit c lumps slow on
boards )~)wind swallows
thru trees ~ ~ ~(~ ( ~ (
choked leg falls from mou
th is b read on fire on
dock pollen writes s s
water≈ ≈ ≈ it's yr mess
age back t urned liquid
smoke see ps out crac ked
jjar yr jjaw yr wajj yr ajjw
yr empty snore s
tumbled thru what dark

meat ,water ,sleep

Saturday, September 14, 2019

tell them therefore

tell them therefore seven death ball
arrives arm skull protectors arrow leg
wings skull owl words death framed
jaundice backpack died flute write
mother descends steps mouths names
rivers stung drank pus four roads
effigies laughed bench burned
sitting cramp burns house sleeping
cigars round dark shattered torch
entered cold teeth it b'alam
bats clatter house then that buried
also head burns tzima tree
calabash and heart watch steps

this now she was blood heard
said cut lost skull branch spoke
hand spit spit skull merely son
speech ruiner in word enter said
thunder sudden home spit gathered
blood moon name gathered

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 12
smothering moon

smothering moon but air grief
sleep did nothing body ceases
matter's grammar abyss launched
consonants' glass error pages dice
mist driven aphasia room huis clos
horse confusion massive air porous
sound of parking meters flux dia
lect drunk ants float off an asphalt
leaf moonphone clatters on concrete
bridge glittering skin of Lebanon
gold books or mind dryer sinking
fusion finger of Aleppo heaving
in fire engineers and accidents were
air less sky less moth prediction

De-reading Iván Argüelles'
The Shape of Air, Fragment 6”

Monday, September 9, 2019

rat corner entered

rat corner entered house up
mash iik sauce face drained mother
water eat deception did ball behind
jug gasps clawed watch hide path
grand gun mother stomp game
messengers path pursued Xib'alb'a
day heart told them arrival of
weeping itched louse therefore liked
road belly fast toad snake message
swallowed food ahead its rim falcon
hawk cries pellet eye gun grabs surely
eye surface sliced rubber vomit sight
belly drool merely would it then
said deceiver rear squashed backside
pried loose salivates teeth in toad his
mouth defeat speaks message leathers
boys arrived advisors merely throw
he up bones nothing feet his mouth

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 15

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

metal then arrived

metal then arrived gave breast armpits
not smoke stole bat Tulan moved eat
name came passes blood dark prick sun
good then pierced face sleep honor
swell mountain gathers bottom food
passed through drink maize therefore
stones on sand borne faster top dawn
spoils search back Jaq'awitz mountain
crowded hidden dawn vipers bowels
passed through changed trembles
flat moss hearts forest dawns
face incense glitters wept copal
pumas wings soggy person mirror
within its hiding self biting moon
hearts burned burial then appeared
weeping Yaki trouble change speech
house placed heart mountain difference

De-reading the Popol Vuh - 20