Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012


eat the clung ham foco fam
élico’s strings of fallen fat
your neck inhales the sciss
ored “throat” ah temple suck
er wh ere the candy rat chitters
leaks my teemed tube swerves
beneath your chair teeters
on the clods chucked in .aim
your mouth the bathtub swells your
dusty tool belt’s a finger on the
gum shot off the trembling c
lif f______________ el foco fas
tidioso que en mis ojos no se
hunde lumen faca lo des
pierto siempre ensoñado sordo


eat ппп my corn pill blandwidth
scummy dog lather spread huh
)huh heavy ,nostrilactic( badge
of flurry behind my eye your
.crunch fog head where ,below
the book ,ashy ,ached the
glum door ,fire’s spitty in
the rain my Tongue if
,sprayed ,deep bullet and a
s n o r e ~●lobbed c
loud●~ cheek spurting
,masa on my chin my lap
spat white verse urin
cloaked my whining lunch
my bark release relapse
Sole Dadas, Chunk 23
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Sole Dada Second

Entranced the mare pours a royal brief
of cake’s received oil’s conned sediment past
his rock’s naval precipitate,
and munching salt, no solo in pocket’s vase,
masses sub ruin’s baby,
and his fin’s (crystaline marsupial,
not aligned, signal undulation)
in the pharaoh of Thetis solicitous.
Murals dismantled, pus, of arenas,
centuar yea spumante the Ocean,
medium mare, medium reel,
dust phases welled in the campaign all day,
scaled pretenders oh mount in vain,
oft quim’s dulcet vein’s
the tardy yoni torrent
repented and undies receded.
Arial lozenge sees, novice turned,
of bean’s nascent corn
a maul lunged the front,
retrograde ceded in disequal lunch
a duration torn’s, contra own’s vent’s armed:
not, pissed, of ortho’s manner
a violent munching
dull padre of the angles, condoned
the blank ovations of spumoni verdant,
and resists obeying dry terra’s peel.
In the uncertain river’s,
guarnition unequal to tantric spades,
discovered is the Alpo, our nostril’s peregrin
conned toad’s bilious ultramarine,
what to the fiesta’s nuptual, of verdant tazer
told, yea’s capped the traitorous pine.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


the cloud dunk slab the what
wheel skins no clog no
missed the floor crack
text break sodden from
my sullen speech came
back came slept inside
the corn nuts bag
inch dog ●●●●●●●
mute fork●●●●●●●
tongue peel●●●●●●●
foot soak●●●●●●●
crash air●●●●●●●
pore sky●●●●●●●
knot the gnat cloud where
your eye should be why
muted mot flutters in the
medicine cabinet where you
were ,drooling in the sink ,a
timer elbow crashed into the
mirror you turned the left it’s right


With slugguish shot with slab
moraine the: colon : fork ─= a
head redoubt ed what I th
thought a ,what squeaked ,k
not snake glinting tighter
where yr )foggy~ ,if thickened
,lake(≈ sole water’s≈ his
sing up my leg a new el
post bullet remembered where
the double bite ,was nostril
ṳ like ,let escape the tr ▄
unk of broken plates .on the
counter frags ,pull menor
the porc elain dust a s
wirling in my eye left ,a milky
drain ,the right a flood
gushing toward uhn E gun
Sole Dadas, chunk 22
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades, 1614

The juice, of all day toads indecisive,
of the concoursed lignite
and patterned cone, traced the limpid cervix
whose cushions’ curve dissolved its guest.
Solicitous June, and Mort not remiss,
all sound ortho tampons which conduct
nymphs’ bells and satyrs lascivious,
which corned loose
from stray figs, from astral fugitives
who in sonorous humping dissolve.
Let go the toad’s booger and, displayed,
cast Venus, whose lecher’s hat prevented
all those plumes beating massed slaves
in his volatile car’s blank avenues,
the novices’ entered endurance not steaked,
who, seething Amor under diet’s alum,
prevents the puma’s bean hiccough
from battling morn’s damp day’s plunge.

opposix other approaching que
sacasen al Inca y le
danccing senso cortasen
la cabeza echoes ooes
en una mula sheets
handwrit broken dial
presen una soga al
cuello fork ask cosmos
medium tirano traidor
narru disparate era
auca forgott en or eph
emeral seeds ni imaginada
Pachacámac que sabe sub
jectivitie death-fore
doubt a la entrada de
la plaza variations re
peate guerilla grandes
voces y alaridos previou
grow ascea también en
los religiosos shamean su
alfanje en la mano wri
ting bodies loost the
plaza calles ventanas y
tejados vigil unending de
ployed by time letter le
vantaron murmullo pro
cess again alboroto y vo
cería strate occasio
alzó el brazo derecho man
ifesk lizard socialis sobre
el muslo derecho event-
fork ckarizma grita y
ventana obedi 17th
psychotroi inhumanidad
y crueldad occupy next
violence nuestra historia
poetics cultur lo han
escrito en verso sign
ifiers para-lands in
surgence odiosa nuestra
historia balances amer
icr een coalitic hat
lastimados los religiosos
lloraron praxis siege tran
sforr siege para just
ificar su hecho militant
masks como atrás se
dijo co-historiz po
etics church in other
worrds en todo sea
tragedia fact moons
conquering desk lo last
imero lo más que
hemos escrito

John M. Bennett

Based on Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 18, 2012
and El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega’s
Comentarios reales de los Incas, segunda parte, capítulo XI, 1616

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


the drinking-shoe ,puzzle no
dder in the foggy burger
growing from my neck blaze
down at the table where
your pamphlet shivers light bu
lbs bUR’S’ting in the ste
amy hall ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ the tongue
,splintered ,quaff ,your mil
age bowl shit in stitches
choffed me I ,diary of
stains my “pocket water”
≈thickened with the crumbs
I kept remembered ,worm
y ,comme la lůne ,in
dagada mas me sale ,flu
ide et viscoso ,le sang con
o in o ciente “me veo aveugle”


eat the drizzle sticky in your
hairdo finder’s peluca pustulenta
maybe jeans of ,corn loot
dropped the sidewalk brims my
dim thigh blocked the toppled
foot sworn ,beans of lazy in
molencia in popoca
minder stares your thickened pizz
le meat the mumbled
window donde ,conminado
,papas y tuercas ,shine
and drip ,my shadowed hair
where’s swallowed thigh’s g
ripped and dries the puercos
y lastras ,dominado por the
pillow crumbled at your feet


dry arro




tiny gas shoe
door lobe whistle
desk flooded with a
broken glass and neck why
matter tongue lute
spell the sham knoll time
or weeds the soaked lunch
finger where my tube
wheel note lotion dish
flagged my shirred shirt
comb drunk ladder
mile half lent
pill moldy in my ear
peeled my shape I
window gristled soap
your foot lunge leaked


runt lake scoured
shape lunch lurched
what half hint shudders
calm blast nates
use the stew shore steam
why meat stroke reels
past knot fries your
pill my fragged snore loot
puzzle roam mind gate
sudden pocket water smell
the tongue braid moon
swell short spark
spot runt grins
mortal rot lens clouds
my sure lunch pool
lake sunk taco
guacamole en el paredón
motil la mota
cloaca cremosa


crowded mutt peel the
short hamster
clod lake pillow
drip my fork balloon
what asp knocker
spells of dog and lintels
lentil fog mile
your thung days matter
pry mice loot
snore the street parade
shot heel stinks why
faucet lung breeds
when mind waffle hymn
trust the wind
nine jolts dither
butt clock stored
when the shaper gun
Sole Dadas Chunk 21
Transduced from Luis de Góngora's Soledades

The tercet case of a mild era
of prolix career
which the herculean trunks hatchets briefly,
paired on the planted levels
of trees’ sweated zygotes
in distance’s syncopation’s damn crawling,
which attention confuses judiciously.
Day the painful virgen disdains
and her dulcet fugitive members’ bells
in the cortex not embraced resented
forms mass Apollo, mass stretchers,
which from one and ortho meat’s glorious
dull basil embraced hell
with a triple knot.
Arbiter Alcides in shushed rooms, dud
cake the case decides,
bean cakes his minor hock’s an oil flare,
dull lince’s massed gruel.
In toto, pus, what the pale neuter pendant
and the caratoid day’s loose descendant
all templed in desire’s braces,
gallant novice, of the supphosed belle,
the rays anticipates of the stray,
cerulean whore, yeah purpled guide
is, of the day’s dull terminus.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 20
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

If not tongue’s corpulence, massed dust
searing’s low succession,
that equals and’s own exceeds
balled yummy leopards,
all courses traversed, all mufflers sardined
where rocks trap the marina,
and seen decks nor’s hung pecker,
dull pie leaving’s bipolar sign.
Who mass felicity’s caked president,
pissed the holes and cased dull primer’s
dusty vacuum.
Past ortho doles all air, all the sweaty cocks.
And primed gradually,
advocating the sea toads’ gents,
the shirt’s dull land and astral dazed seer,
manacles tangy velocity,
which quantum Ceres’ mass doors in tiers,
and’s ardent mirror dusts shushed guts honed
in Neptune’s single fatigue,
his vague pile of plums
sugar putrefied measles, pissed undulations,
a single inclined spiggot,
a single violent spume.
Dosed vessels hair these, and dirigibles
to dose alms which query, ablaze,
sere pals verdant, sere fronds and meat,
the salt crawls in tortured
arcs, or nervous or sealed,
with sibiline craw, dosed vessels these seats.
Not the pulverized despair
in’s camp, who nods the pissy ale’s hair;
the most torpid is under arial’s sieve,
the most tardy vision deveined,
and, signaling all’s massed lentils,
coughed up the pencils.
me ensomo
carne erreflejaaj

un túnel

sigo y sesgo

y pleno

la misma rosa

usher thin
make duck

lo jespirado

dog box
la pido
la lápida

la la la
seespejooj güeyey



nulo abis el mo tivo
asqueroso mis uñ tadas
as ,sangrantes≈ ,bri
lacustres≈ llan o mortí
mero fero el ~aire~ que
por el urbe des
nube ciende ,hen y
dido ~olor~ de oso po
drido ay selva in
y visible del valle
fur ni tivo som
mis breado como tel
éfono el estan su
quillo dado≈ en la es
quina iluminado ☼ la
mon de eda O aceite
mondada el mundo O que
~ r e s ~p~ i r o ~


fog≈ and leakers,,, the mons
mind ter mitey shaki
ng yr fo lube rk necky
,nor the re lab port my
sausage o o my gain tub
ed ,each of here ,pur
leg e an stic jerk ky
the shore≈ your where w
as it was )a nut( co
rot bbed an leecher
from the sep shut tic f
ull an ~coughing .acro the
ss street the dim doors
steam~ and wan off der
rematic like your wea
thered wind~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


a hill ∩ a nub a logo in
framatic fold yr ma
nta ░ sti with ff ≈flood
a lawn regur bowlƱgitation
.the rug ▒ sing knot le mot
∂ fut odd ile ni fun am
bulesque a sh in it∞ the
drow≈ park ning where I
entered in the stars ¶
)stairs and backhoes( d
ragged it up the locgo
cen bull tric dropped in
to the flushing≈ bowl a
long dull mirror Π and pl
unging of down the slope a
ro turd∞ lling

Monday, March 12, 2012










send my
off s

eggs gate slobped the forgk
flagg tops the cough shade
my hissing segment draggs be
tween my legs the garage c
hock with guns my gut folds
the gaping pages’ ▒ crowd
illuminatioNatter n at
ter my cage fistula fog lip
oma creaking hinges lost in
the swirling breath~ the n
est’s bottom hOle view of
,lake≈ chopping and sloshing in
a fingerless w i n d w i n d of
haiir and neeedles hh h ≡ ≡
≡ ≡ −h − − − /


hanker for a shirk the as
pirin the shaking towel shat
and tossed the window through
what purpoised toward that
dumpster dreaming on the d
riveway’s lipsed an crusty
what’s to eat an ear a fin
gerprint a Pustule langour w
afting past the sash’s drain
if dimming toward your craw
ling steering O wheel a “kn
ifeedged disk” O bis ective sh
adow your ,ambi valent sh
orting from the d angled sun
it’s out you want out’s rig
ht here just wipe and st
i l l

(Avec des vers d’Evariste Parny)

Leach the crumb doctor cl
inking in’s teeth a leaner
door screened with dangling
tubes dans cette alcôve ob
scure... a trickling beneath
the chair I licked the window
shade Oubli de l’univers !my
shoe my soak my oily watch
inside your shiRt vos
soupirs se font un passage
toward soap and stinging
hair la branche une fois dé
tachée h ay amputation c
luster vide affreux yr
face skin fills ¡sur le
cristal leurs membres déployés...
Sole Dadas chunk 19
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Premium’s lost honor crawls, and of ortho cuadrants
signs the seives’ glorious ram,
cons cake’s seen pustule’s terminal on the lunch.
The dust parts rays of theater’s
Sole, the wandered arrogant jovial llama’s
all expedited salt
and the barber’s cornea, caked low escutcheon.
Arrest dull animate defiling
of a pardoned grabber foiled in the verdant soil,
to quim sea’s abated ouch or desk’s suburban
mountains, crawled sole of the halted
kale, turban of invidious avenues
to the oils of Ascalapho, vestal
glove’s perished plums. Keen, of grave
pedals the durable mains impeded,
sub agility ponders; quim’s sushed nerve
disaster’s streaming dose and gallstone.
Pester the ray, plus, the pie deknuckled
dulls sweater’s moth, and with airy foil
pisses the vent’s low cave and dull hair:
trees’ vases occupy puddled hung dentists.
Admiration, vested on marble fryers,
opined orchid’s lost sealed puds;
emulation, calcified in one durable heel,
trope’s sea arraigned, bean cake’s impulse noble
hung gloria, junky villain, and solicits
a vacuum of quarreling mountains, gross,
membered, fort’s rubble,
which, agile as a peasant’s low robustness,
through all air arrives, violent aiming of’s
low grave’s tongue, which low precipitation,
Icharus’ mountain, sore miserable pest,
of the minor herb the bland scene
peeled’s durable hatchets of sodden ruin.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


sibaritico me deflagelé me
respiro inmerso el lago atmos
férico me tronaba el pelo en
unciante en el viento Hura
cán )rastro de mi cinturón
des( hebillado un espejo es
férico rajas de piel mis
fajitas retóricas en tu san
guïch de pOesía al pastor
ayhogado soy mas mi pá
gina enmasquerada te habla
,burbujante ,ventosajada ,en
gordada con la arena que
las cuevas llena ,bocas del
agua que sube y escribe
mis ojos


endoplásmico me te troné la
lengua inflada was pichulín ,c
rónico was afónico was me was
porpiojosero en la catatracta que
la sierra come cimbreante
pujilánime lija líquida I
was focused and a smoke a
pull diver lactante como es
trella and the clouds cou
ghed Up the rats came
down la acera de Xipe se
levantaba and my boneless
hands were flopping’s what
I shed to you’s an ear of
corn kernals falling in my
pocket blender mashorca
with the eyes and nails the
coins and balls ll


tor que

¿qué pasa?


peldaño ,piel
foco fune

tus riñ




el mar in
verso ví





mi piel
mi daño
mi arar
mi lupa



tra it lout lunching at the
door yr bent user frames
~hack~ the thing lung snore’s
,travel gland ,flooded sleep
cheese shining in the mud you
stepped .in ~hack~ the
tines I swelled yr thought
stink my shoe ~Hack~ was
fulla pause that l doorknob
in yr pants bring cloud
X nor boil X nor thumb X wha
t dimflam mucus on the ph
one you hashed your chin in


sogaemético ,el mundo mondado mi
pierna derecha twitchyjerky some
tine broke a spring a pulley a
mind in hair jibbering like a
coughing faucet hueso escrito como
con dientes la carne el dolor
nomás ,recordado repetido mis
jugos bistekados )“blister”( k
notted unknotting your cgasolina
reducto reduced y la fonética
de lo desandado lo tunnel d
ripping rope you chewed and
coughed up back .ply my sands
ape my swell ,it was but
now ,it’s shuttered, estertor g g g g
,f oco de “tu fin”

“...shoulder to the ,uh ,mattress...”


k nick
c lumb


cheese glove




n’’ ‘


judder an

the flag
Sole Dadas chunk 18
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

Of dull hymn cult died the ultimate accent
finger mutes all biles, all time’s caked sequins
the novel sale of villains’ scene
to the verdant floras pallid,
so crawled wavy Phoenix on flaming plumes
matured dull Sole rays vested,
of quantum’s circle the air, accompanied,
is monarchy corned,
and battling nubile, the sponges
dull ray’s cornea’s on lost otters’ rivers,
in coiled drills the vent’s hair whores
pecking not vacant
on funereal barbers’ trophies
what in Egypt engulfed the hushed Ptolomies.
Lot gargles what the busted habit fingered,
grumpy coliseum’s yak foredained,
despises the elf,
olympic pals
of’s valiant disdained lap’s radars.
Leggy the deposed pencils, quantum
fierce ardent mustard
hissed those robust lunchers’
dull shushed muscles, means’s defended
dull blank line or dull veil’s obscured.
Braised sea, plots, the dust, and booger,
hummed annealing he whose no sudden fog,
of reciprocal nuts impeded,
crawls during alms of implicate videos,
heel’s the one is ten’s dull other, mere:
mannered, all fine, heaps of tears,
quantum farts not Alcides,
procures dribblings and, dribbled,
crawled pins to see levant’s arrival
in the profound signals of the seer.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sole Dadas Chunk 17
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

“Vivid feelers –dice–
large curse of dead nuncios prolix,
and if prolix, in knot’s amorous
simper vivid poses.
Evince no solo in sure candor’s never,
massed plates in sure splendor’s sea’s carded
quantum stamping vital Clotus’ hose translates
the halted fatal rucus of all that hussy’s briefs.
Sean of Fortune
applause the repose
of vestal grains:
to the ray inopportune,
to the Alzheimer’s molested
fecund hose rind, in unequal days,
the camp’s degraded
oil trilled and nectar explained.
Shush moral cantors, shush coupled
encisors the mountain’s cunt ants
daze what vestal crabs simper errant,
what vestal factoids tear or knuckle ears.
Cord’s hose broke the ribs,
which the herb men
and the pearls exceeded’s rustled
number, and’s dull real
blanker puma’s quantum tizzy’s
veiled less denuded.
Tantrums of brief’s fabric, rude junky,
cyborgs vested in the beast’s morn,
and primers danced bone’s deflowered,
which, in crawled Arabia’s mattered veal, of aromas,
sacked trunks and sudden fragrant gum,
vestal porches poor one, and the other pours
in dulcet sea deciduous liquid oil.
Prosperous, all finned, massed not spumoni’s tanked
vestal fortune sees,
which almonds the Invisible in nostril’s alley,
asparagus’ massed cake in the region’s dull lamp.
Enter opulence and necesities,
mediums drink incompetence
of vestal descendants,
preventing ambulant dams,and’s crawdads;
illustrated obelisks’ lost circuits,
to the rays of Jupiter exposed,
owned massed cake of’s lost day Feeble, sub corona,
wandered to the choice pasture and pardoned
the zeal, fulminating the florist.
Zippers, please, one and the other’s plum, in east’s
tranquility’s bone’s hall labored
the postumous whore,
and coiled laminated cypher, disengaged
cake in letters’ poked lean and munching anuses”.

figure meal
rag ~fart~

))lousy cloud((


mealy mind or
min d me aly
ust’s...... came

far too soon


~~smoke ~
behind the

cream SS drool


)loaned the boom
crowned the(
ten one

¡¡Sweep Sweep!!

)))sweet thunder((( dope thread
towel mud coated bore I shout
my cough down || forked my face
off the Shirtless Wone ))nap(( kin
and finger dust your bull trouble
.ay mortar lock the runny ≈ cave be
neath the mountain where my
lingkered steps retreat return re
coil inside a cougough chock
lull and stri dent ifrice slit
hers down my arm my elbow SS S S
“dripping in the silent room” ,hu
ndido es ,es tronado es tornudo
y mi locus ameno on the
mmudd “beneath the bosta tree”


my denk last was ,a clot l a ,no
ose ö thin folder in the oldest dra
wer the snow ; ; ; drifts in my
,joint compound the ,swallowed
c // / racks named like gristle
out the suit ,flushed≈ again
)your ankles drown ,my
chewed shirt wad beneath the
bed ╤╤ ended( form I was
gnawing ,on her leg ,a gate
rippled stung bag Ʊ a mot
h ,wallet wit my spotty runs
o mutiny proud the scun
tape ah wafter storm !~~ ~
P row in the waves >≈≈ plun
ge un der mal ,of the faucet ⌐≈
,paged and ≈ ≈ wet gowns


creaming an sprawling ,isolation
paw ,flamífero y ,leans
on craw hibernation crow
indáctil shouldered like a
shapely turd my door )s
loppy wood if( wood were
water and my theme st
raw immolation colder ‘n
yr gaping “word” ~ a
hole beside O the storm
.draw there ,a clocked
lisper dies de formed
and socks the footy
world ~ oh walk an
grunt run and file
describe the glance and
dis appea


Friday, March 2, 2012


not this mbaah mbaah
nfounfa hélicon filled
puzzle d’éponges gangà
flammes uplifting key
at diately mon hazard
not that blessures from
pages encounter tòmbo
script gmbabàba ciseaux
percep ethos witness idiot
gargarisme rrrrrrr not
this reading soap cascade
foot phoetus circulaire
swan shovels emblematic
hozondrac bodies tata
merging zigzag fish
spirales dissappearr
frission between
gouffre de noise ar
chives seigneur par
boil la sphère time’s
scaphandres vin et sel
helium onion arranged
sheets paralitiques la
tripess patalitiques le
witness lait nimbe
séchesse sea nothing
saeh les chaines voltaïques
slowly the flexible sphingerie
veux-tu zoom the mask sub
ject cooking les oiseaux sub
ject dans la cage your
porous chemin trick kidney
tumbler les panthères boueuses
étrangler the circle groceries
frank fragment en silence
acide baxcerbated the
rooms se liquéfient ma
pharmacie nu computer
voice mooozir d’hôtel
vide les poissons de vast
ating Brillo pads discipline
de jet-d’eau urinal gaze
bedsheets sable lourd tête
militaire meubles use-value
beings electricité de la
chair policiers between
global nothii l’imprimerie
l’oeil vieux references
journal fumé culture et
feu blanc beginning
waterfalls sheeting dipper
plywood tu peux le
mordre smoor the
pregnancy ashes and nuages
imbolic seed je cherche the
climate une lampe the
alphabet des officiers
letters lactées clix vaca
spirale la vache noir
daar humide le lepreux
sproutings not that tu
penses une astérie de
collides mosaics bubble
blooge courts poissons
de coaliti géante
sensatic clouées sur
tes fact cicatrices
map not this iron lune
lacustre analine h at
furniture fork blend
les armoires craq vent
the and for has guerre
typhoïde danse mars
lizard lézard casino
oral pieds snuff
l’étoile glove teeth
je suis styrofoam ar
chiteo poste gélatineux
mega pierre bree vac
uum oeufs historio
house mars youyouyou la
chambre vidée beng bong
beng bang gum tomes
morceaux de drrrrr
parmi nos entrailles ex
perimented cloth sounds
orko iiiiiiiiupft se
taisent the shapes the
poet kudzu teh soupape
handwriting cheed aouith
litophanie allows nuages
homeless moth memory
zigzag froid la boutique
sonore meap mocking
in perceptible artix
faim feu sang not
that étoiles craquent
mordre the fooor pro
duce the public circuit
organe cadavre famine
blue occupy fuming bue
lièvres ruins fingers
lignes boats dumpster
flacons blancs le pays
monologue illegible plus
tard the garden pohems
object the stove très
scabreux numerous pho
tographs dichotomy fiévreux
membres dripppping traffic
writing raw légumes semer
the tires’ asemic wheat
transdictional doigts tes
ongles horizontales éclats
de space reductive ox piano
siffla la strophe de la
révolution nocturne
cream seer month not
this that instant de limite
ventre oof sign sanglant
screwdrivers pathe sweat
shops ghost squelette
domestique sleep cake
waves cacapho roi de
glace mer written soc
iety crom zygote tongue
la sphère volcanique
ckroach gesture after
math healing famine
ma touche sécheresse
parallell that this blow-ups
mon frère digère oeil
ring verb also parapluies
pornography l’explosion
rrrrrrrr muctive serial
de l’eau allumée dog
chats en metal spokes
comma editor le chemin
rouge organismes else
tzacatzac veut veut
casse monsieur back
drops the timbre-poste
voir blanc la mort brûlée
le clou decomposé of
course theiiiiiiiiiiiis rubble
morceaux de têtes sna
pshots en marche spat
ial priviledge feet past
road flacon de fire
d’instants coupés regarde
qui passe written rubis
un oiseau que brûle not
this o that cercle la cas
cade de shit discernment
fond sage too close
les nerfs the index cuts
les clowns de la religion
delinquent boundary
rien froid jaguars
the subject education
insinua equivoque la
langue familiar éclat
de sang ammer earth
panting cloche that
sage-femme this was
everyday putride left
l’éternité timide bird
disparait virus upheaval

John M. Bennett, March 2012

Chopped and spun from
Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 17,
Roanoke, 2012
Tristan Tzara, Vingt-Cinq Poèmes,
Zurich: Collection Dada, 1918.