Thursday, April 30, 2009


won my meat while it ,wobbled
an whiled ,torture memo grunting
in the ,dusted drawer the pollo
cacarea inconsolable y mis tun
dentes lentes sink beneath the
scummy skin like frosting on
the lake and kinda sick I
feel tossed that sandwich in the
cenote where I drink an dream
muscle an melt an foam an
fry outside the watered cave

Skull Suit

burning suit the lungish sink the
spraddled book the ton of tongues the
inch luggage the tool tower the
sobbing faucet the bush gasoline the
neck flooder the bet toilet the
slathered table the foaming wall the
next toilet the misty sandwich the
cash lumpectomy the broke pool the
sweating nod the drink blubber the
stunned keyboard the laddered fist the
gush component the slag salad the
hushed ruin the clocked skull the

Queso Ahogado

de manera que qué es eso ¿queso? en
tu bolsillo el mar .fulminesco y mis
latas mis explosiones mis máscaras
sanitarias mis vómitos de oro y la
losa se derrite .cumbre de tus
dedos fondo de lumbre ,derr
úmbame el lado fofo que
fuentes que limítrofe que
lomismo )enganche de mono( la
tropa desaparecida entre los
árboles tu maleta olvidada en
tu ojo la luz última sobre el río

¿Qué Es Eso?

drench the cheese suit where yr
,pill melts ,lap dust ,crash and
wrench .lotta apetito ,y la cuerda
de tu de mi spondílico se raja
mi camisa a la vista mis nalgas
refunfuñantes .cheap jerk .said it
dry an soggy ,the samich in my
armpit kinda lumpy an hairy but’s
that’s the crystal that’s the
rune that’s the glifo stut
tering la nada tan clara el
vaso lleno an empty fulla speech

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P Sot

the stop height the stop swallowed the
stop singulation the stop hump the
stop ladder the stop flunk the
stop after the stop lung the
stop lunch the stop fuel the
stop growls the stop hunk the
stop button the stop cancer the
stop salami the stop wrassle the
stop cordon the stop wallet the
stop plunging the stop coughing the
stop folder the stop stop the
the stop hammer the stop leak the

Slow Up

bluster in the cogitated afterspurt the
wallow where your double brays and
flits its lit stinging cómo sabes na
da o natal que es lo mismo que
tu strumming wire on your leg con
traption is it it is a rinse an
cycle lamination of the clangor
watch what “circles” in the
fanganal or lentil soup the
sopa lenta de tu vista vincular

Two Up

a 2 fisted a 2 numbers a 2
thumbing a 2 rift a 2 sides a
2 plate a 2 gun a 2 smothered a
2 crust a 2 hum a 2 mist a
2roster a 2 boiled a 2 lost a
2 crossing a 2 whole a 2 splinters a
2 creeps a 2 lucks a 2 hash a
2 metal a 2 exploding a 2 white a
2 glottal ammunition a 2 thin a 2
clotting in the soup a 2 gushed a 2 it
a 2 hew and dry a 2 muds a

Puzzle ,Drenched

drench the atom or nor mes de
culebrina case me truncheon lapped
ah hanh the hips regress – plusvalía
- dented thumb my – halve the
skull rental what’s the tune que
miento nientes ,núbil enfoco la
golondrin a temporal .sunch a
calambering sunch a fladt master
where em idtch revolves ,un por
quería o “a” es, tone flattened
.the puzzle ,drifting

Monday, April 27, 2009

Es Pejo Es Pellejo

the stent your pencil melts in
side the clanging cage or break
fast box the smoke that never
left la puerta murmuradora en
el lado listo de tu cabezón in
fantil uh mesa inmaterial uh
cóbrame la lapicera incarnada de
mi brazo embarazo .the code re
treats my head inhales your
tongue revolves inside out and’s
sliming down the mirror

I Saw

was I layered in yr neck was I
doubled in yr page was I
sandwiched in your lunging bag was I
melted in your pour was I
gasoline in your shouting dice was I
faucet in your instant moth was I
plenty on your boiler wrist was I
single in your fog position was I
numen in your mile was I
hunted in your shoelace was I
was I asked outside your ear was I

Blow It

blot the rabbit scribbling in your
lap the circled eyes that see
your gushing from inside my stom
ach’s all grunty from them be
ans liquid mists between my
teeth .that buzzing in my ear
your hawhaw japes ah
crackinoid !the drifting hill and
bombination “fights” the “sky” your
page my clod your bull my sonar

No One

the none lap the none boil the
none seem the none song the
none languor the none came the
none boiling the none hamster the
none drifts the none calf the
none cramps my leaking arm the
none whistle the none golly the
none scampers the none cash the
none danced the none cratered the
none useless the none hunched the
the none coughed the none heard the

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pie de Pollo

meet the slinger foam against yr
puller focus hymn scuds across yr
lids o gunning sleep mute faster
ham than .ditch with pullets
filled the fumes arise and stain
your grainy face .sueño de fau
ces un labio extensivo wiggles
into my ear .where a bird foot
scrabbles in the wax


a dozen instants a dozen ashes a do
zen footfalls a dozen angles a do
zen pencils a dozen boilers a do
zen specials a dozen foghorns a do
zen ammunitions a dozen huhs a do
zen lubrications a dozen fills a do
zen submarinos a dozen clocks a do
zen fumbles a dozen a las anchas a do
zen temblores a dozen names a do
zen clouds a dozen pedos a do
zen collapses a dozen pools a do
zen pillowed faces a dozen forms
a dozen pelts a dozen guns a do

The Forking Wrath

split the plants rage the sleeve or
said an drizzled tonguely stamping for
th a spoonrest where my open mou
th .aims the wallet sand ,dimes or
domes bristling in the sun what foc
us drains its light what knob greases
through the sabered dinner or was that
hunching ?slit the stems an dodge ,a
fungus grinning on the wall a fork
where my pit finger oughta be


composite ,danced ,heaping ,“cha
nged” ,leap across the stinging
knee ,summered ,stunned ,sin ca
misa ,chumping ,ornitología ,alma
,mosca ,túnel ,blooms and thighs ,tum
ba ,mot ,shimmer ,toilet water
,dancetería ,glottis ,fumar ,your hee
l fog ,your nod rinse ,your lumbar
ash ,your ponding in the closet ,you
r itch meter smoking in the sink

Thursday, April 23, 2009


the wetter drink the plume
saddle where I clocked my
lip and phoned the toilet
,sump contamination ,wallets
soaked with motor oil .your
finger cloud grassed and
dangled where your beard
spelt noitalugnis .the puz
zles crunch beneath your

The Mumbling

beet and ,cube infraction in
my sodden sleeve ,issue you
,ants inhaled ,I covered what I
cud through constant chewing
light the glassoline .punch an
ludic dictionary sinking past
the offered frying pans bla
ck with blood .the skull
block rustles the trees are
thick with insects and your
sticky rain all six sides
were named

Turn Over

dusted off the chigger I was
saving for a boiling day an
F’d it always leaning to the
reft so that’s my ferris
wheel crashing off the dock the
turning water I was flo
ating in a chair the clouds
were spinach muscled in
my loot .I called the
bite my “mist” and gru
mbled at the shiny air
heaving in my armpit


chaw an soap an lob an bright an
it’s an doubt an hall an howl an
ice an dit an gull an fungus an
temps an fenêtre an fog an fuel an
slot an sog an dunk an lit an
crash an jiggling in the suit an
fonar an fumar an finger an foot an
chopping an sort an clunk an hock an
caw and craw an cock an quit an
sum an sweat an spill an dust an
flaw an see an send an clot an

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


wish for dog and ,guest re
lease you wish for sore
and toilets wish for closets
bright with burning shirts a
cucumber rotting on the
windowsill you wish for
ice and boiling clouds a
plunge into the scummy
lake with hair you
wish for eyes and legs
a doorway filled with eggs


flag the dust and neck the
dust and time the dust and lose
the dust and grunt the dust
and pill the dust and climb the
dust and name the dust and claw
the dust and mumble the dust
and bill the dust and fold the
dust and number the dust and
lick the dust and bolt the dust
and dry the dust and fill the
dust and vote the dust and
bomb the dust and fly the dust


your flist cash your neeed le
aim of ,lunk test ,shaman
kneeling in the muck .the head
birds an a drift of brags a
gainst yr leg your leg itch
enchantment craws outside
the gated cave .your lum
py throat your crystal th
umb your woven hair
.an insolation and an opened hand

Hee Hee

tops the shadow waves the
leg a name condoors a
pusilánimo que gates and
slams your foto nods why
vendedor an soupy fell in
to the bowl .such an legup
such an sodden shirtsleeve
slagged across yr face
.misturation ,combnation
,lagorrhea an nothin tops
it off .have nickel an
float yr giggling tonsil

Leaden Lids

draped the faucet with yr
tongue an what’s to re
member ?isolation in the
craw up there ,tanto monta
sugar .streets and plastic
bags ,fog machines shudder
in the banks an you turn
the grifo for a distant sp
urt .pinch the waffle an
open all the coffins in yr face

What I Said

what I guzzle what I waffle what
I ambulate what I order like
what I single what I multiplate
or a sandwich what I slug
inside my cheeks’ a ball of
ants I what I swing an
slug what I sombra what I
somber what I salad in my
pocket soggy with yr
vinaigrette and caulk’s
it what I sampled in the
waiting room what I stoned
outside the wall what I bal
anced on the thundered tongue


fustigante ,fibrillation ,fono
pestel where yr crispy
neck inhaled )the glassy
sand( a pustule or a
pancake ,waves of lad
ders crashing on a beach
your sloshy “thought” ,pro
ceso de ,cesspool gleaming
in a cave you sleeping at
the mouth where bats and
bees are swirling some
thing static in your throat

Monday, April 20, 2009

One Bloom

the 1 lumber the 1 ash the 1
whistle the 1 folder the 1 pile
the 1 fog the 1 pistol the 1
it the 1 blanket the 1 lake
the 1 pause the 1 stumble the 1
chunk the 1 cough the 1 so the
1 clock the 1 thumb the 1
muscle the 1 gas the 1 start
the 1 contenido the 1 fusil the
1 ladder the 1 lather the 1
weather the 1 suit the 1 death
the 1 sand the 1 need the 1
flower flopping on my wallet
A Knot

pull yr coffin toward the fridge a
stool inside is grinning like a
turd your laughter ziplocked in a
coldcut wallet greasy thumbed a
spinach misted on the walls a
trashcan tumbling toward the steps a
finger raised your sleeve a
hoser slapped against yr face a
thumping slows behind the door a

Smoke Text

blang nudder sumpin stinky in that
book you tossed between yr
knees was that a rotten cat
head an orange with sticky hair
?the faucets sing the bathtub
crawls with smile my belt my belt
is twisting like a thumbnail where
the beetles cluster .wave yr feet
,lung bugs ,push yr nodding off the
smouldered page

Sopa de Arroz

bush cracked casas de lodo
tu fanganal de cesta ,in
cesto cuando en el espellejo
miras un cocodrilo or soupy
finger wagging in yr ashole
.no no ,cómetelo .funny time
all right ,whadda heapa thrash
!mortífero ,muleta ,mondar the
pencil ,kinna limp it was
,where the rice leaked out

Clumb Up

change the ladder coughing sla
b the tenedor against yr blooding
eye so that’s the crispy dung the
askew focus in yr shirt lubri
cation name it for me so that’s
a “fork” .up an runging ,half
plodded like a tank beneath
the thirst oh comb yr ton
que y fumar la revista vis
ta )what thinks below yr chair(

Friday, April 17, 2009

Half Empty

yr water hat dance yr topiary
shoe leakage stood up straight
the upper floor rumbling in the
faucet you were gargled soaking
fist inside yr mouth blubber mask
like a chicken corpse yr face
whistled in the towel knot a
cross yr throat just breathe
and swallow all that hose the
window panes are melting
like your eyes floating in a glass

In Your Pocket Folded

the puzzle nostril coughing at my
dripping shirt oh lung a way
or ,what’s a called an “a”?
your finger aimed the headache
hole is oozes double tongued
what standout mildews that’s
the moisture’s ring a numb
er in yr backside where my
archive thinks forgets
.the question gleaming in your hanky


sung the buzza lake me
trestle sagging long the
wetness down there .pour
and skim ,no slab release
or tousled .ah my hum
doom ,my wrist collapsed
beside the boulder where a
drizzling thumb... what’s
the cost deposit what I
said at’s matted in the
stinking trunk

Sot Wood

bull dour ,map lint ,truss
fungus and a painted wall
.with heads and guns ,a
flower in the skull or
“lantern” hissing from re
lease .the pace of lum
ber sinking in the beach

Thursday, April 16, 2009


age of clamplight chew the
page condensation sort of fogus
in my eye I chaining you
each link a guess .what the
bubble said was that a gum
.lock the ash against my
throat an fumble bees my
head my nod my chummy
vacuum steeping tiny
pots of blood .yeah ,it’s
tool creation ,chipping at the knee

Knot Is

is grunt is foam is rot is
palace is lung is sugar scum
is long ice and dirt is
pun is slave is root is map
is rice is ink is rat is
meander is nuts is fork
is stammer is lock is
smell is headache is aim
is tumor is embolism is
must is make is low
is tube is tune is got is
bleeding is rabbit is wind is knot

Mud Bath

muddy hamster or your leg in
tusion clogged the stop an
gristle loudly hammed and
coughed the fog .utter its
and that boiling clutter in your
shoes could dust retain ?w
hat measle toed the line ?it’s
a ratty bullet “lodged” against
your spine and so you “think”
.dozens and buzzing .use of
foghorns and the street fills
with soppy clay your towels


aim the loops and cluck the
way’s a head a lapping
back to toilets and your
brimming bowl .my soup my
fundus cashed and blinky
.ape your mirror retraction
spin beside the crackers
where your hand’s an it
chy basket ,tubular
,lessor phonemed ,gushed
with ants and icecubes
,stunning like a lightbulb

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Couch Slash

slash rinse and hop the
cash lamp sorda rending to
be spindle the sample the
suckage throat ah what’s
densely brought ,table’s heaving!
grist or grease ,tongue or tank
,threads focused and your wallet
leans against a dog .the bubbled
loop sped or fraught the couch

Lake Lucre

lubber you ,nut lobe ,craca spender
lo que throaty se hunde ,piece a
,fonar ,fumar ,fumo .chose the
“lugck” tube )was a nota( ham
duh chaser clam and lift the lid
.onda’s left ,el aire’s lift ,la clo
aca’s corn and shingles get the
pan .sartén ahogado like my
face nickel ,twenny pesos
in the lake

Torn Door

dentorno de mi ,nudo nulo la claca
apestosa cake oh chore slapped wit
greasy waves ¿qué veo? enster labo
ratorio que te hespero en la
hesperión mútil )osa( dormida
en mi bed the blankets stink I
saw the flag light spittled in the
window crashed mi jaqueca en el
lavabo sunk my sudden shirt
.a loud it was and my crage uh
“cage” a whistle outside the door

Monday, April 13, 2009


esta slug uts este torn
asol la tuna de mi throat
ringles to mine lámpara
age of ache ,ester floated
,piragua ,oreja ,dedo mojado
donde slept I wrassled off
the aire or nigh breathed .he
aded tored the misty wall
.a skull flamed there a sh
orter leg than time or


chem ‘em knot ‘em lord ‘em tale
‘em blow ‘em chew ‘em clock ‘em so ‘em
et ‘em rincón ‘em fan ‘em coin ‘em sore
‘em name ‘em slot ‘em chupar ‘em it’s ‘em
tumble ‘em tongue ‘em tumba ‘em tone
‘em no ‘em loan ‘em twist ‘em haw ‘em
queso ‘em dense ‘em lomismo ‘em can
‘em nod ‘em nulo ‘em nido ‘em nuts ‘em

Closet Issue

issue ants and lungish what he
spread across the tongue the mirror
or cristal la puerta congelada ets
yr fogus what I masticated thru
el crepúsculo grasiento or huh huh eat
the lovetly torta dripping with yr
nombre ,what I crenellated what
I plastered with your red and glue
)or seized the lobster sprawling
in your closet(

After Cielo

“issue”? after hall .or haul the
ambidextra toward the pared des
calcificada nuttin reft mis ven
tanas en cruz y los libros que
mados .la camisa se hunde la
foto ,tissue for air ,soup mi so
pa seca slabrosa mi prensamiento
.falto de rizos me pierdo en
el “espejo” que no es nada like
that ,es rice es rugs es tem
blor que abre el cielo

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Meal

pestel ,pesto ,pestered pancake pla
cated or my ashole listed up for
lease or loss oh but que es eso
una muestra horológica that’s the
trick .slaws the fork or ing
path yeah ok por eso .so headed
down what’s left a gleafly one
with glizards an a brig stone
head .so my plate’s a formal
crackoff ,I eat with joy

Just a Comb

justa hanka hair a needle sor
ta floppy an I bunst the meater
paid the faucet dlangled out the
wall I aged yr stone cube
hematosis sagging duplex scored
ehn chugger flinger )cloudy oh(
saws an sed no me abro la
boca boligrafiada .ets uh ch
ange changó ,mis tunas pod
ridas an a dlusty comb

Ah Haw

laughter an lifter an looter an
luggage tumbled in yr puddled
suit what ticket clouded in your
cornered eye whap sizzled that’s
my crenellation or a knot in a
tone around the doors like
teeth bullet nacre fluctuation
or un flujo gusanal un torbellino
intonso twisted in me throat I
coffed it inanout


rudder ,rutter ,tumble ,flake or
fake shoes dancing on the wall
your puzzle names the sho
ulder where my neck whistles
.dug a wall or tube a mural
there a crackly story y la
flauta .caulk the nemesisal
antimatter behind your fork your
forking lifter or pared between
the whirleds .“where” the
smoke retrains

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bat Bent

bent to stomach call the sandbox
thrash an wrinkle all the thumbs
you an corner you an bees
you an toweling in your ashpit
whatta gasoline you coined wha
tta glristening you faced the
toltec stammered in the
stream steam clouded was
with gnats an crusts of
walls some writing “like” a
thumb was opened to a
book of “endless blood” a
tomb silvered with bats

White Lungs

betcha never huh ?dab the do
nut an yr clot hamper that’s yr
fog wrassle ,spot a beat ,mimo y
mismo lo ,que trenza cae del
techo y mis wrinkled coins listen
,can’t you ,but what’s the ,not
,just nada mind .the cave with plas
ter teeth the river with plaster
eyes the mouth with plaster lungs...

Was It a Nap?

bullt ,or “it” “et” “at” ‘s a kinda
hot o off the crawlsalot .deng sho
otin’ fog what tongue’s not there
)ho mattock( dozens buzzins ,ept
to ,fonografics ,spidery ,clumpy
trees far off to left an how
ling prim ates the scrawling lunch
.spilt or sat or set or sit...
closed my hands and folded my eyes

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


,otear y ,fumble one ,nada simple
,escampar la ,window grease an
,bullets snore ,moho en tu ,stroking
,shadow of a ,mute y mudo ,um
ber cash ,la caca nal ,gas or
pork ,shoot ‘em ,barazo que ,for
nido ,sugar leg why ,until now
,cost of ,hawking ,piedra vacía
,aletas de tu ,nervous ham ,a
tundra tumba a lago fieltro a
shaking trance against the door


action reactiva where the floater crimes and
river nostril likes ,cumbered thorax what
you blistered ,elotewise ,slumbered where the
mouthy number inactivo throats yr tube
condition what a fork tendentious ,lomismo
da y doy te doy un tenedor .told me
with ,lambiscado ,clicked an cornered in
the thunder slopes or cold like ashed
sardines in your icebox shoe yr sock a
blanket stuffed with scales

Lo que Cae

la bosta que cae el libro que cae la
tumba que cae el lúmen que cae la
camisa que cae el dolor que cae la
computadora que cae el nadar que cae the
nether falling the compaction falling the
dollar falling the commission falling the
lumber falling the tumblers falling the
liberation falling the busted falling

Monday, April 6, 2009

Meal Focus

aim to numb er the cornfled
tops yr ano lacustre er yr
año .fullness rains las piedras
rinsed with .ease of cramping
los chayotes en la mesa em
papada el cielo dreams or
blinds like un escarampión yr r
ashy forehead scuttled ,nice
an flimsy corner shingled with
yr suit .where I rivered
por las camisas y los manteles

La Caja

spore more singlex somrático yr
con dactílico y me desayuno .fuzz
lake y la calle brilla respira en
foca tu grito de paletas ,me tumbo
,labro ,labial me canta lo que tomo
en la máquina de hescribir .sunk bo
ok ,lap mud ,knotty shorts an fin
gers of “speech” running off mi plato
where I stare an occulate ,blare
my silence like a cardboard box


neng el baño fidelicio y tus corners
shat tiered offed the steps la
escrawlera numinosa come visage an
lap .idera’s rising dust the air is wh
ite an tinkles .feed me tu frutal tu
hôpital auspicious clamor in the sh
aking trees with birds an wireless
there’s a chanchre in yr voice an oil
lidless night yr toalla desintegrada

Friday, April 3, 2009


,sweaty ,number ,clocked ,misted
,sandwiched ,thumbed ,born ,toweling
,gassed ,locked ,nodded ,opened
,nozzled ,averaged ,cornered ,stepped
,lept ,formered ,savaged ,goggled
,hoped ,clodded ,socked ,glassed
,scowling ,stormed ,stunned ,languaged
,listed ,knocked ,undered ,wetly

Ape Song

case flood spand or er ehn diente
slomático ,tu peine o pene .trar la
cask yr phone nut ,where I placed
the .monos que cantan the face’s blood
hand nor sure den siente nomás .your
pain your pane far masked nor boned
foot there ,why raced the tomos y hablan
.lays the hood ,the ants and stone

Humo Letrado

at at at ah nada o R swima en el
tlalocal de tu ojito ma’am ni
eye slather foambing in the glasoline
.nutter an nutter gand an glander
muddy focus en tu cantar shotta
dungy face mleated espumosa .fono
fangal mitey maked out right? as
h nertz pusted an plazaed donde
los libros se quemaron

Thursday, April 2, 2009


eve r nape muddy widda humo
tocado ni tomo arena .arenisca
que laver o lencua lavado I hope
.een never never wasis .asta tranca
como widely tasty or ¿was you
neh mantel ahogado? shaking in the
neck wooden maderita fogonal y
tografixco un fog surtido de sugar
scum some “dog” lamp dusty in the
toilet paper

Wet Flight

esk me nut trasca temporal que
yo me singles flatter dome tu
asqueros o tu shorn mutts no panta
lones taves the shadow sorn .busta
meat ma tón mustique .leave it off
.dry to tame o mama n ta lêvre s
wallows all my .ept to dlance nlever
mrind ah crancel tall the smokes !nim
chichén hondonada y tu bocón mojado
fulla bats


ondamatic I could nob the
sandle flume awalkly I
,was nates and nattered ,soap
runner scalded in ehn shu
rt .trens mortar ,slimney
huddle slort the ladder spoo
l dober splend the tool uh
mote moat .orb an lobber
,blent an fenster open hall
the light I schlept .so
you an N could ap an
drain plunge an crawl the
cowl )or caulk(

9 Quaffs

9 slathered drinks against my neck
9 hot buttons on my floating pants
9 holes with listened teeth inside
9 balls rocking in a cave
9 steps below the drinking platform
9 hammers falling off a roof
9 swallows before you choke a shirt
9 breaths beside the burning bathtub
9 glasses recall the dust you drank