Tuesday, September 30, 2014




Monday, September 29, 2014

huevos di

sombulation ,egg ,regagging
tune an somber giggling pus
tuled on yr leg refocus w
ill beside the pluggedup tube my
mumbling past will jiggle 20
years ago my egg your sc
oured p late will sieze
my throat my rumbling epi
pronostication and the grocery
list the very same sweating
eggs born beside your sleep
awake and g listen divorciados


swit ch

elecutrocution’s ,temp o s
wale the bottom of yr
face’s temp id ature of
the notted years behind
tomorrow was your face
will sink ,temp ornary
comprehensile of the ran
cid lunch reclouded in
the neck you swallowed

bleeder on the comb


fo  cus

see p the sh adow of fon
ética yr leg indactil f
olded where yr see thing
phone yr sw eaty shee
ts w ill roll again ten
y ears a go re I
riddled with the air yr
slu ggish focus roll a
gain the leg tu foco es
trellado en la es calera
siezed the shallows
of yr sea


sock end

ended shirt’s deep lunch the
spotless staining comes it
came the lurch sleep h
unches what you sent
send chain the water st
reaming off that Tree
is roots that grind yr
buried feet the numb
less shirt er combination
opens up yr socks


Thursday, September 25, 2014


ay yr bent face y
ap yr yap cor
tex debarked en
barcked for laun
dry shadow mil
dewed in the dry
er in the dryer’s
eye your dust and


shriek dust

bleed the broom’s b
ragged neck it ches
in the trash compac
tor todwasser m
ail and tacks my p
ocket’s wad my
flowmeister caterw
alling in the kitchen



blond e irection
isthmus’ crazed
with bombs and
luggage rules yr
neck yr laundry
leech yr knot laun
dry ,drink the



Breath less fo g
naw the lawn bi g
lint face a stin g
land moth soaks yr le g
ate or scissors sin g
old ear c hair’s wheezE


suit clot suit clot suit
clot suit clot suit clot
suit clot suit clot suit
clot suit clot suit clot
suit clot  NECK clot suit
clot suit clot suit clot
suit clot suit clot suit
clot suit clot suit clot
suit clot suit clot suit


Sunday, September 21, 2014


book sweat book sweat book
sweat book sweat book sweat
book sweat book sweat book
sweat book sweat book sweat
book sweat TEEMS sweat book
sweat book sweat book sweat
book sweat book sweat book
sweat book sweat book sweat
book sweat book sweat book

er got


itchy c ash the
caw nostril ay
meteoro ay nadap
luma ¡!  )trance
inpolcilgo(  te pa
garé te pul
monaré te pos
tizaré pues sí
si tu eczema si
tu xolotl si tu xotl
si tu xochitl



nestled in the coMMb
white c hair your
ricey face
pulca     cacapoesía
inflagrante     infragrante
in fart o     something
sticky     on the tines


the mill

each hiss each echo
folder slumping in the soup
your sludge across the
yard a speech nor
said the naked feet nor
clumped beneath your
dusty bed a rabbit’s
twitchy face beside
the pool each kiss each
leg dozing at the e



the uttered end

my itch containment
,loud outer flag con
grat or flagration hissess
through the ssuit or
print inhaled was
lint and coughing  .ask
your pool your drag
gging sock ,if soreness
chews and winds ,if
shadows fill the ditch

fill the shoe and sleep

Thursday, September 18, 2014


the planned fauces lentas’ s
peed gleams the long bed
scar anonublada con pelol
usa - ¡ay the rent leakage fflag! -
I slept inside the wind rat’s
breath was laundry and the
drain storm craw led my
dead out fog’s sluggish ch
churn ex inhalation .bre
athed and stopped last week f
is tula perra en la pie rna
[..] )I entered the dusty hall

...no tengo palabra de nadie...
- Ivan Argüelles



use the ladder risen
from yr lap’s drainage
fork reclaimed your sew
age climbed the flood
fat risen up hi w
alls regurgitated in
them pants you wear
and wear was plumage
faced with wind  .loose
the lather ,hidden in
your cheek ,the stalling
fl âme buvée  .the

Mon nez/Est enfoncé dans la
     terre et c’est mon cul
Qui regarde le ciel
- Pierre Albert-Birot


saw the thaw my eye cl
ick e ye c lick cli ck clic
k ck k k k k  k bore the
SOON THUD wallowed
pants your “fog” “poem” sci
ssors rust beneath the c
hair puzzled fork
held before your path
.sendero pluvioso ,rage sm
oulders in yr pockets, w
eeks flattened on the as
phalt ... sand exhales
... empty legs

...comme la dune come le ventre vide...
- Jacqueline Merville

sortir de moi

nor babbblink et the corn
sole sorely fistic what you
said and said said emeticistic
sugar in yr chin nor bl
ubbering off ephedrin qui
vers in yr eyes at least
the wall’s not left right
there  .at least the mud’s
shining on the street

Dehors il est dans mes yeux
- Pierre Albert-Birot

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

skin skin

soon the shore turd cries re
meantless imbrication of the sh
adow water where your feet
was gone ? impaction ,cloud
,funnel vision of the blut
was left its shroud of flies
its stony maggots where the
beak onnce spspurt ,congoja
conjugada con el horizonTe
na nada es y nádame
el pellejo vacío ,aire

...sous l’horrible peau que flotte...
- José María de Heredia


edge of form aldehyde yr
fin al ba cheek a floater
toward the rim yr soup sl
oshed in form will edge
the clownrimmed mouth r
rising for a drink  .yr
floater sloshed yr hand
drips up formatic h edge
iinches from the spinal room

...il plonge au fulgurant abîme.
- José-María de Heredia

uh float

what rift the sentience abîme
collapsant ,in the door tre
acle what foam you eyes
come monday with the 
shut lock decrystallize the
rift desentence down yr
throat’s the eye the eye
repeallant phoneme
,folded will the brinkled sk
in ah door abîme re
countant of the stroke of mi
nd the streak of mind re
glutinated in the nexplanation

...luz brumosa que del
techo cae...
- John M. Bennett