Monday, January 3, 2011


oh my flavored shirtsleeve mountain
oh my caustic sock sliver mountain
oh my sleep water throated mountain
oh your flute lunger bowl mountain
oh my crashed shoe and mask mountain
oh my stinging notebook lint mountain
oh my dribbling out the window mountain


I was whirling in the suited smoke
I was crawling in the raining smoke
I was plunging through the eyeball smoke
You were shouting in the leafy smoke
I was summoned through the bookcase smoke
I was cornered in the senda smoke
I was dancing in the thundered smoke

Foot No Leg Paper

superior y bajante sorbé lo absoluto
hindicación del icxitlli in ahtle zotlli
cumbre de la cueva inferior mi
zapato incalzado en llamas ,mojado
,delicuado ,un vaso de grava y me de
rrito ,chupo ,calvo tu ojo culminesco
.lenticularista ,mis lentes gajes ,solde
dura del aire que respiré que res
piraba por mis pantalones de amatlli


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