Wednesday, November 29, 2017

it'll have to do

exiliado de mi lengua ,flo t
ante ,mimestizo nisoy ,un
fofuego fátuo ,fenêtre de
suma envidia al revés .soy
mano ni mano tengo humo
l ento mología de jejenes
secerebrales ,sesos de un
álgebra sin sumo )y
consumo aire ,¿quién lo
hubiera impensado?(
)your listed thumbs( un
lago de tunes ,tecpatli
secas en el agua que
hahablo in constante
e invierto lo que vierto
en un viento pupulmonar
inverstido inversido involartido

sordo que oye lo ninulo


en galganado
y orfiebre p
úseme en

O enfulanado

stink and shade

all inhaled incrusted aft
er noon was will liquified ,ch
oppy lake a sinking street
chains of coughing where the
sun thrums up unveil
de-rained reformed as vap
or “disguised, even to the
eyes” )P. B. Shelley( yr feet
sluggish in fecal mud where
“Destruction played” )P.B.S.(
and an offal mouth pukes
sticky hair .my darkest
cow ,its back re turned ,farts
a thought your crawling
hand's raised to the sky

Et je ne crains que l'ombre atroce du silence

- Paul Éluard

Sunday, November 26, 2017

rato de ratas

chump you say ah uh paisaje
ameno con los huehuesos de
tanta mano ,vusco arrollrendir
un paplato baldío ,sin lumps
sin day or flavor agrietado
inplausible )sin fonética(
MY SHIRT ,óvolos los
ojitos con que me hodias
is a love anular y faucet g
rime ,lost it ,inadmonition
que mis vaversos no oren la
mamoneda ¡ay the taste
of skin retracted! )sh
ould shlit an wippe...

Cagada fresca / junto al manatial /

- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro


and float
your severed neck

no was
shirt less time

wrong leaf
dust in drawer

head fog
rinsing rinsing rinsing

mano carmesí
río en llamas

arm plug
praise the shit

de amenazas tejidas de esporas magníficas
- César Vallejo

la peluda

the fat rice's windless air a
cabezón reloqued misted locus
ni logos ssaid a drifting wig
indetaminated writ yr ashbrown
hair .occulus ,maddertown
,the rate of acquisition devisted
what... a tube ,your oscul
ation where's bloody chain
regressed the laptop spits
out its mask .rain cloaks
a dumpster where a burnt
head smoulders ni loco era
ni lodo mas went and
pissed behind the trash
compactor la antiplaza de la
Constitución...opiácea )M. S.
Papasquiaro( y casi veo eo eo
lo nadaiante(

...te hablo
por tus seis dialectos enteros.
- César Vallejo

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

copa del tiempo

your slivered sky yr
retina churns and
coughs a mirrored ecel
ectric eye defolds a
baby thin as sticks
still glue
behind yr jaw
drawls across yr re
gazo fláccido ni tu
swivelled thigh will
rise ,offer the
pan masticado y líquido
con tu salivazo momificado
con tu salivavaso momificado

ay cómo tan sólo he nacido
- César Vallejo


dribbled page
drink the beach

corporeal helium

sleeper shots an
oceanic door's...
,ear hiatus ,seq
uence of hair and
floors your phoneme
photographed your
eyes explode clouds
outline the next eni
gma longs for its wind

Passing through Ivan Argüelles'

The Next Time I See You”

Friday, November 17, 2017

la leche del fin

son cosas de viejito que soy
enfaticóide mas ,ay el si
silencio de la oreja siniestra el
babarullo de la derecha in
tensitivo voy por el baño
para lavarme el paspantalón
)de tahntos haños de hinojos(
son cosas de mihijo cosas
deexinfinitas que se me olvidan
recordándolas )¡olvidos treme
bundos!( cuando me
muerdo la mano cuando
me sueño el túnel al
revés cuando no sueño la
nada que me estornuda los
ojos que ya me cerraba el
ojo derecho para habrir el
ojo siniestro donde la
nada no es nada ni lactante

Ese no puede ser, sido.
- César Vallejo

should dog

slieve de
spoiled a

dead dream

ectofeed hah
ladder twists
storm refuels

bare arm

gag it hot thin wind a
window ~ ~ ~ limb em
pathic cornflakes speak
your table's dim spills
lunch's last gleam the
wall stares back at
you tug and clench the
shot grin spins slow pas
t yr mouth the standing
cousin ,outer lint erect a
gate should ash decide
:oh pistol gloved beneath your skin

Thursday, November 16, 2017

John M. Bennett

Monday, November 13, 2017

flex or flaccid

rimless muscle's undot shape
yr raster ,rastro fasfulminante
como when o cómo dices .wowander
flaco como gordura ,thick in an
ear tu gripe ,aflorece si fuera
nopal o nudo ,engated ,formesco
,flâneur de agujas renombradas .I
you ensortijado con la manita
,mortaja concientuda ,asevero que
.write of falls off a roof a
lipless slipper in the gangly
rain your flexid form yr
laughter raised before a
crawling book

somba a sombra
- César Vallejo


en balde

fog ,your rim

eye witness

a future refaces a
screen was your face reversal
will a bblender bbe ,contains
yr head intact is churning hair
if hair your wind was burning
trees yr crazed rehearsal
for the rend of days'
suture opening in yr watch
clouds knew where ,the gone
the knob the fraying cord or
it ,was bed of coal a
boot split on a border
yr clot interred ,umbilical
knowledge of what thundered
tomorrow is “Thursday” or
lightning gurgles in the cumulus

...'til the future replaces the blindfold...

- Malok

Thursday, November 9, 2017

re past

uh the twistered chain's yr
gg ate a loaf forgot ,outer t
orn an ear beside its eye cl
otted wworm teasing from yr
ttongue ,it's said shooter in a
chchurch back lurched below
yr door and pants a should
er collampsent next some
snore ,uh limping dog heads
shear yr lap ,lap indic
tive de la luz ni luz del
día infonético ,yr list yr
listing toward that pot of
shining beans .a rain's yr
name a coughing shoe con
añoranzas de tu calcetín
,del brillo de tu pan ultimista

Quemadura del segundo...

- César Vallejo


s crawl
be side
s mudded
w as th

pan de muerto

═••• kíimil in the salt ed
clouds a frozen lake un
danced water black with
fugues' round-eyed death
bursts thru rainy macaws'
green tongues swirl wormy
cenote's depth an eye drowned
in space 13 miquiztli a
moon ticking in the drugstore's
TWISTING SAND unthink yr
damp language snarled in
thursday which was friday a
mask found for the name of war
face reversal en tu torta de lengua

Found in Ivan Argüelles' “The Date Was

Thirteen Death” and “Día de los Muertos”

Monday, November 6, 2017