Friday, April 19, 2019

flame gland

fg land
c lown l egs
c loud c age fa ce

f'n noise

the flake the fluke the
flick the fuel the fog
the fig the foam the
fist the frost the flag
the fire the film the
flam the flim the face
the floats the fake the
frog the fog the fog
the fog the fog the
fog the fog the ffooogggg

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


wet gravel
use less slave

rain dress

c HOP f LAP in
animation bulinking
slslowly from a P
IT you k now all right
don't see it it's
CORn's tamal o W
ORM ON FIRE your p
late squirms beneath
your chair's HOT HAT
off half sugar sp
arkly in the laundry
room don't see but
SEE what crumbles
in the rainless cycle

merienda circular

Monday, April 8, 2019


pop the gestation
curve uh
ladder toward the


br ick mu te
y our p our


chains and corn the
lake thighs ,leaves a
cloud hocked it up the
form ,your inner shingle
trace compaction refl
racted on the muddy
shore's ants invade my
hat's think tongue plun
ged a door impaction ,if'n
grease relays the score
:stains and snores fl
utter in the pillow

Tous les mots se reflètent
Et les larmes aussi
Dans la force perdue
Dans la force rêvée
- Paul Éluard

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

g rime

d eep sneeze
tore d aft
er fork off
f tine

mass age

rubt negck
of yrs mine
an air

hamburgüesa pasada

float er 's h ot r
ice spi t inner bo wl
re tards at f lush en
ragement's tw ist the b
one you lost or two
.sweats the rain awe full
coffee drib bling down s
lick sides ÁBRETE LA
PIERNA un viaje acci
dental donde te comes la
cadera gnashing toward a
spongy femur RUTA DE
CAÑERÍA stuffed with shre
dded books and dolls