Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doom Name

Fumbled jerk your smoking pants
Leather nose your tubs of nickels
Buy a stone and stand there blinking
Nod and cough like sand illumination
Swimming through the mud oh please remember
Numbered shirt you raised your greasy arms

Go Away

Sort the linty pills your wallet saves
Dry the gutter with your hairdo
Drop a thumbprint in the river
Stroll a statue past the capitol
Subtract the dribbling from your acid reflux
Nod the toothpick flying toward the horizon

Move On

Bubble and chain the locker crawling
Molt and pry the sidewalk off
Drop and dry your piss folder
Change your indirection to a comb
Floppy shorts will name your life
Jump and spurt the blowing in your ear

Call It Off

Nodded change you never swallowed
Boom and dust you numbered isolation
Dock and name you called a stone
Shut and ,clock and ,die and
Stop the shingles flying off your hat
Bombing phones you always followed

Limb Chaw

Lose your sandwich in the fog
Rent out a dime and dictionary
Comb your linguini with a hamster
Lunge for icecubes in the laundry chute
Fold the lobster in your pocket
Chew the elbow you forgot

Juice Shirt

Sock your nostril with a sock
Carve an eyeball on your kneecap
Douse the bedbug in your coffeecup
Drain the earwax from your calendar
Sure was knotty in those sheets
Fund a cancer in your mailbox


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