Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crawk Crawk

n in n
n dent sweat n
n shorter gall speem n
n mister bunny thought flat n
n hairdo dripping in the ash n
n course of slawdust peeling off stink n
n clue n
n blinks and foams drops and balls n
n tonnage leaf buzzing half cash n
n trouble lapped my neck n
n feces born loud n
n faucet ham n
n nor n

Slag Maul

s you s
s sleep jerk s
s stung laughter fork s
s dang mighty pile steam s
s flossed the triple crack hum s
s feast of whirling dogs past the s
s corn s
s issue fight the nightly storm bog s
s felt the shade’s quiver bite s
s meat and clog clock s
s funny shirt lice s
s song snore s
s fuel s

. stun cager .
. y .
s s
h l
i i
r c
t e
. .

e bleep clock e
e dangle e
e blowing shirt e

u dog funnel u
u spreading glandic u
u shame wheel u

> mumbled storm <
> planet <
> crawl <
> sup the steps <

y raw eye y
y gang and mutters y
y snow boom y

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dock Thought

f blow f
f matter thorn f
f cream of feet f
f several log airs away f
f blanked my tumbled suit f
f bored to sneers my folded ambulance f
f tock f
f lurking in my sheeted startle compaction f
f yessir ripped the bathrobe smoke f
f lord tongue shirted one f
f mailed the couch f
f pearling blood f
f know f

Slopping and Sloping

b palp b
b the shore b
b cause heaver chewed b
b snake shadows my luggage b
b neck sheen ghost of complication b
b seems leakage ear growled sandwich shame b
b pour b
b dog sample crowdage taking thunder’s aim b
b seep and spoon pasturizing coughage b
b time and throat pincers b
b caws like water b
b wave cave b
b but b


dabble babble ,runny comb ,bl
ister coffer ,rated chunky an your
dung foam .knock your flood axe
id clock my sewer flowing through
your leg .the pizzle closet nap
kin golashes so I cradled down saw
fig uration )where I peed( a
furlpool gargling in my navel


The Plans

biting the hand hang ,funneled roof and
key sucked in ,a tooth pistol ,roller
sternly ,grueler phone jacking in my
pocket .the pie squabble the night
sandbox the ,gums or boils ,melty
crustbucket where my fingers in the
shingles ,bitten ,yakkety yakkety
,long sprayed towels

and drippin


place clot
pan of shirts
sore pencil


should my lung
)my shape(


plan to
plan to


shutter the shadow
shatter the shoulder
shiver the

soon soon

butter plunge
a phone

sea meal
see see
sun sun


Monday, September 27, 2010

Snake Fly

t loop t
t cluster bowl t
t nine deads craw t
t my melted phone axe t
t is cornered in the suit t
t case of drizzle time to grunt t
t pall t
t mud nor key blinking in soup t
t facial glare miles of link t
t tore my soapskin off t
t tasted lump sales t
t feathered arm t
t tool t

Gunned the Meat

p pause p
p to shoot p
p ash past floor p
p ink heel splits eye p
p raft of lint your sandwich p
p tracer point looms before the clog p
p neck p
p clogs before the loom point tracer p
p sandwich your lint off raft p
p eye splits heel ink p
p floor past ash p
p shoot to p
p pause p

lint soup ,miles

touseled air

pork o
doom thumb

blackened plate

ash wall
river intestine

duck duck

crass shirt
you jolt
ing fuck



lesser storm
boom mile

plan to think

the stone bit the
bit the stone the
stone the bit the
the bit stone the

ash leak

put the putz
horn hall damp

real luck

Friday, September 24, 2010

e port e
e aleza e
e mu e
e gre e
e ña e
e es pejo e
e a b i e r t o e

; cuca ;
; racha ;
; deviento ;
; deviene ;
; devino ;
; de ;
; fin ;
; o ;

. el enco .
. mer mor .
. tal .
. ante .
. r .
. remoto .

a su a
a miguero a
a mi car a
a a moja a
a da a
a )da( a

Lobe Dress

g drink g
g suit log g
g mutter shoe shore g
g skedaddle ape drift brought g
g cloud clock swirling from cave g
g count the stone the stone the g
g stung g
g brick dream noted lap graphemes not g
g licked for cheese grip sock g
g well my drizzle fork g
g cuter shadow today g
g buzzing puddle g
g whack g

Hiss Loop

r fatter r
r dock shot r
r ripe like air r
r bobbing fun shirt fire r
r snore I cashed the stimulation r
r both street puzzles stem the find r
r gore r
r bedded in the sleet louse nickled r
r click and spout fender shape r
r dream a corn regurgitation r
r buzzing in the tub r
r slung rat mask r
r plated milk r
r doom r

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cave Flag

n oy n
n smote the n
n number scumd lake n
n sheet of rotting fish n
n drink the sleep boom boom n
n my mote mot bristled with tiny n
n bones n
n cash map clotted with my dress n
n bullets and luggage fought wet n
n jewels and rain coins n
n the stemmed beast n
n blank pen n
n my n

Globby Gate

h uh h
h nail uh h
h hand uh grease h
h lucky tip smoke hill h
h crashed lamp inside my throne h
h wither pencil and the foggy coin h
h huh h
h fawn slap my sleet fell away h
h gnats and dries super glans h
h the murky dog door h
h ah slammed hat h
h dug corn h
h hu h

p paw fun p
p and p
p parked grunt p
p and p

. n .
. crash loft .
. n .
. pedal .
. n .
. “son” .
. n .

o mighty gasoline o
o wing o


o knew o


- loot focus -
- should -
- you -

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pill bribes
oh ow

snot sleep
yes it is


the levered birds
mud pain

the wings ,the flakes ,the


my clam belt
foaming wall

loom ,rubble ,tooth

short shift

dripping knife

ear faucet

dink ,yes?

Tongue and Luggage

looser tongue my throat luggage
luggage looser tongue throat my
my luggage looser throat tongue
tongue my luggage throat looser
looser tongue my throat luggage


the box of water in my shoe the dripping
head in my shoe the strumming tooth
in my shoe the cash dump in my shoe
the soggy stone in my shoe in my
shoe the clasped ear in my shoe the
mirrored bee in my shoe the space of
wind in my shoe a cave was inside
out in my shoe a lobster and a coin
in my shoe a whistling from the
faucet of my left eye running in my
shoe the red letter from my right

Half Speak

beast of churning ,crumbled foam ,leaf
fatter thickens in my cap o runny
dog shingled with coins ,sleeping in a
red pool with charred eggs rimmed
.my tiny corn wig my pockets cra
mped with words the indirection sc
ummy like a dancing backwords to
ward the steps and puzzled foot
.drag your ear ,its leaking learn ,mum
ble in the phone

Cough and Count

,shoe spore ,mud file ,gas lock ,flake
song ,seep door ,mute leg ,trust clock
,more strode ,blut fog ,mail water ,sung
bone ,mute neck ,climb snort ,pile spent
,clam ghost ,spun air ,dime rabbit ,core
suit ,new snore ,flood smile ,glass dock
,shake wrong ,sleep spore ,cute egg ,crust
sock ,shore mould ,butt dog ,snail falter
,dung stone ,loot wreck ,mind short ,file
rent ,ham boast ,hung hair ,grime habit
,sore flute ,my aching numb ,er shining pocket !

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shape ,Mister

mice and clouds ,crowds and .dice
pistoled in the soup my foggy one
and the cone compaction like a dog
I was ,parking in the suit my
hush nickel droned and cloned ,it
self a bone slobbered at a wall
.the throat pile missile ,S reaction
foaming in my loot those sacks of
air farting in the hall ,lice and
louder “thought” )of whistled lake
and( .my barking foot

Float Off

block half ,ass root ,bumbled
core shadow toasty like my
dimness crystal ,halfway in the
box .raft boot my ,rumbled
door across the coughing-hall .L
ashed night ah thinnest one !ah sn
ore and hoof !bash the clockwork
dump an whi le an whi ne o spread
the couch fire on your roof my
)roof thinking under water(

Rat Out

the double throng the blister
cage the dampness on my nos
tril ,gate and should .at’s
trouble mister ,pages waved in
rain ,my late wood with ter
mite lit ,whatta wait off !,un
der da dome my meandered
boom ,my wheelish lint ,my
cubic bomb forming in the glass

butter your ear
gag your armpit

spill your

chew bomb
grunt stick
sock the law

tumbling an tumbling



dribble ,lock
the tummy shack

facial corn you throt

bender loom
mouse and hot

cheese ,lather

fist my ice
page fur

the nekkid the trace

Friday, September 17, 2010

John M. Bennett & Serge Segay
Washing Thoughts

uand cloudu
uthe past dripperu
ucuter than a shoeu
ufaster leg your tongue leaseu
ufloating was I stippled eye mistu
ublood a liver gunning over sheetsu
umy loot gripper falls awayu
uending clouds your lunchmeatu
uthe faucet calmu
upressed thumbu

let the shingle shoot
let shucks mind
let soon

to whistle
teeth splinter light
bomb bomb bomb bomb

shunt deck
louder pressure ear
fog ,lumber ,knives ,gate

triste puse el nixtamal
calzado ni pie
agua laca

park your sucking foam

dream waddle

the business gas
bloodied floor

the sleep door

moon knife
had to foot
grime illumination


runny ear the
lapsed truck the

change of turd

my sopping goat
raw cash

the sky wrung


nut booth
blam sting

gazing at the gate

Choose Cans

polled and lowered ,the shut foot
,gas ladder ,foaming pants creeping
down the stairs I chained my light
.dribble gun ,clock snapping at my
face a tortoise peering from my jaw
.the watered world ,the circled dogs the
.peldaño lumination !I caved a
home ,pistoled knockwurst sweating
at the lamp the lamp exploding like
a tunnel gristled in my sleep

Dawn Thud

paused to storm and I plowed
it out ,recent drinking in my
hatband a nickel sugar screened
I coughed ,formulation dimwit
or a rotting ear of corn boiling in
the lightswitch .it’s a gate of
wind ,a growling glass ,a stumble
and a rinse .it’s luggage foamed
,twisted at the neck

Loose Dime

cheese fog and my blinking ,blinker
crusted in the alley with the
boiling tune .black and forth ,the
green cave glistens in my stun
.uh huh uh haw the day was back
word counted like my leaky throat
so I ate some more .toil and
moon the shaved screen turns
jack inside my chest its bars and
dots splashing in a circle

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wear the End

tblock hungt
tbobbing eye focalt
tplane suppers dreaming platet
tmy superation cluster says whatt
tcloudy gasoline pulsing through my veint
tcortex or your lumination corner fogt
tsuck the itch condition shiningt
tcoat electric milk sight
tyour stunned hairt
tboom crowdt

Enter the Tomb

oton knockero
oblown the ossuaryo
ofolded cave I thoughto
omumbled lather through my shirto
othe cutup dimes sliced my thumbso
odog corner ,dripping loot ,hash fumeso
obelted sewer where I stoodo
ocoughed and smile wizardo
otrees of linto
oair crasho

Sweat Neck

fog thunder )what I plumbed( acid
replug nattered what I lopped thought
,issue of the blinking crew ,brayed
their shape a toilet angle saw a
round ,fingered plumbing .the tool
hump clowered in my “sink” )it’s
mool( bash fork ,glandellation ,c
ranked lungage in my damn hole
.at’s a shore ,flake away ,fol
ding in the surf

Sat Off

dribble through my wall ,cook your
straw with hash ,name a sternal pool
,ambulition sputters ,crapping in
the lake .stops gall and flooded meat
,drift incision ,a plunger drawl .bob
ber and shredded tongue ,a thumbing gr
ease missile combs your face flagon
doubled as a lens inside your struggling
ear .the flab book saw the trash flame
,oh ,stools and mutters

Lung View

the loot across my chest sagged the
bomb candy leaked the edge of
twisting sock I jerked inside the
sheet a jumping white inside the
white )dimming( forks my s
hoe I aimed the ladder at the
hole or whole .the boot inside
my speech rests ,a rock listed
on my shirt my feet o my fl
eet they fade away

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

duck lock


too much said

north of wrist

bum mer

held my hand

yas ti

itching and floating
mud eye


o tunnel

load of cams

my force throat

steam the bundle

Saw Wet

the key foam the plunge dog the
mitey leg crotched an misty like
a cave of rain ,where the runny
suit an lunge .pastrami on your
shingles on your barking padlock
,bulb and throat .the water walks
toward hole toward streaky sun
toward cloud falling from my


Snored Flavor

said that short choke laddered ham steak
on the smoking floor my guzzled face
.louder drink hand an glu m ute ex
esencia so I “wasn’t there” I .bundled
storm ,flagger suit ah popping crash
!my fist of wallet black dot an 2
square doors



the bashed basket on the steps the
blink window shatters fingers gutter
down the door my hash an hymn my
flooder name scrambled in the suit
of coldcuts sewn ah poèsie ah dou
bled skirt frosted in the dawn
my yawning armpit gravel cr
unches toward the last dark my
shoes shiver on the topmost riser
,my “task’s a liver” ,floating toward
a sinking pool

Shore View

spreading the cash damper stinging
ship or trussed my sandwich falling
down my pants the drinking lamp the
ample gate wind .think of hash and
bread the crushed lip dangling in my
mirror the gasoline and toweling ,fog
and clanking plate o songy dirt o
alkaloid and dim shuffling past the
bed my bucks and fins my glanced
hole and lost my flickered tower
looming on the brink

The Lung Dance

the underfather the overtent the active
soap the stringing of the boots the
calling in the afterfart the what’s it’s
is the isn’ts scrawling toward the
funny soup the soup of thorns and shells
the trots and lumbers toward the dri
pping steps a burning shack on top the
canvas wall chars and disappears the
foam behind my brain the cups of
blackened oil the ladder falling
down a well the othermother the
motherfather hopping on my lips

Monday, September 13, 2010

jump the wood throat
thrilling thrilling

thousand sores

beets with slug
twistum sink

the lung breakfast

time to hair
knives and sheets

)names and tongues(

gutter ,singed
singed ,stutter

fake jowl

corn or dog
lob me one


sudden tent


board the creek

growl ,off

clack clack
dot bust

doom moon

bleeding form
lob mate

caw caw

Time Gas

trumps door
half lent eye
the sprawled bomb core
neck spike trust rots off
mood number floats beside my leg
grunt knot sample gore tune
beep beep beep beep
can snore mule
spat drug

tore feel
butter lamp crease
gash my neck soda
beamer drool lost the book
mute foco bursting past the brick
cluster name wringing out my soggy fuel
blotter hog crawling in the shuck
glottis crew nests my neck
moisture fling ,gash flute
double flame towel
faster leech

Burn the Blood

beam of night my guzzled grave
shines a kitchen towel smoked with
blood its codex swirling on the
ceiling where the ants retreat a
fish returns my seeming light my
puzzled ,shave it off and dry the
creeping scalp a brain occludes my
,flooded learning ,seething in my
pants a rope timed with thorns a
sentence turning like a chainsaw

Itch Germination

andoscopic ,and my peeker sot trebles
in your thumb lint the copa thumps
across the kitchen floor it’s meaty
time ,looked right through your eye the
other sigh .the gap gasp mask the
seen itcher or ,pummelled ,throats
,jasper dripping from my ears I
smelt the chile lumination ,spit
into your hand a tree grew hair

Los Huevos Carbonizados

bigger lashhole ,beans impacted ,form
middle coughing up ,a yellow coin tum
bles down the drain and that green pe
bble’s drenched beneath your tongue
.so I was maskless ,oddly thumbing
through my ginning hair the “user
bendy” corncob soaking in my pock
et’s a bright red tomb ,circled
with those burning eggs

Friday, September 10, 2010


fork nap suit why scissors stream
stream fork nap scissors why suit
suit stream why fork nap scissors
scissors suit nap stream why fork
fork scissors why suit nap stream
stream fork nap scissors suit why
why stream fork suit scissors nap
nap why scissors dream suit fork
fork hat suit why stream scissors
scissors fork stream nap why suit
suit scissors why fork nap stream
stream suit nap scissors fork why
why stream suit fork scissors nap
nap why stream scissors fork suit
suit nap why fork scissors stream
stream suit nap scissors fork why

Food Fall

tail of cramping ,fuller on the t
rail my shunned fork turning back
,the caped soot teeters on my shoe
.bung hoe ,nap trust ,faulty scanwich
lousy with my ,encumbrance boot
,whipping faces clustered with the
dust mites ,spiders’ nomination walking
‘round the plate .bent behind my
belt the elote churns ,kernels of
“explosion” or’s just my nails
dragging down the wall

Bug Nap

the thumbing number cancellation oft
en cooing in my crotch a head numb
er countless afterclots a surge of
sehnsucht eats my digits fluttering in
a stream of light what’s gloom and
groom ,pormenorizado ,panted in the
lobby where a laptop burns .usual and
use less ,splayed my hand before the
spray that’s clouded from your
eyes a fog of numeration crisp and
ants chewing in my leg

Valor Muñeca de Culo

al principio, mira el movimiento extraño este, díme
lo que parece snot of mi stone mordida ¿no es?
tiene sed al despertar a clean
o lo que forkestral lo hace
zedo cups is blood
y ichestrella via the tablehat ex duck
los corpses feos longsung
sacar lenguas y sapos que se han escondido detrás
de la vejiga ahogada en the nalga
y se desmorona cortados dos veces la leche de
pierna que va por la tela
hunger stone of liver
como si
algún pendejo me manoseó mis snots

“Bum Worth of Wrist”
A Hack by Blaster Al Ackerman of John M. Bennett
Translated by John M. Bennett

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ham and Fog

buzzing ham and sinking fog
fog buzzing ham sinking and
and fog sinking buzzing ham
ham and buzzing fog sinking
singing ham fog and buzzing
buzzing sinking and ham log
fog buzzing ham sinking and
and fog buzzing sinking ham
ham and fog sinking buzzing
buzzing ham and sinking fog

Wet Sleeve

belt night ,crawed sand mine temple
duster ,steaming lizard in the corn the
double dog embracing at’s the ack a
shirt soup spilled behind the middle
door your stepping in the mask my
meated place .steps and fog a bowl
of water ,smouldered book .felt right
plowed my hand crumpled ,leaning
toward the born the troubled clot
racing toward my back my dirt my
loop filled the dithered floor ,bl
anking in the task

Meat Race

nap and fork ,the leaf form crackled
in my ear a storm ,rats and lamps
.haw call ,hog ripple on my bubbled
shelf how you call ?its itch , a slab
bing forth ,the thief dappled and my
steer toward you ,the flaw flowed the
amble doubled ,the laps and starts
:called my gristle to the door

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Down a Ways

ape shoot ,deck straight ,pile of
.pantsers eddied ah my crispy thumb
!moulted cheese a ,slag whistle up the
pole sock droppy thing ,your gate w
heel ,muttered stone and lung .my
pause gushes in the street the small
smoke drifts .o awful one o ru
nny two...


etched and vomits the dull hymn gaze
waddler sham ,doody puzzle th
roated like a crystal phlegm un
hueso de aire .for I paused ,uh
)laminated( gave a lustro to mi
foot .et’s a ,haw ,game an
ánima floating in the loop shoe
)I fetched the bull the grin( CABLE
gagged across the door your thu
nder sinkage’s in .“in” hah ,“p
lace” o meltage ,derretido y
calmo like a throttle


blood soon ,gas .pestered fork I
chose both gaze .sunk pile ,tin
es away ,mothy sack behind the
door my flying hands my floor my
use it up what enters thinning the
wind inside the suit o buttered one
)the maybeed belt splits( and I
sloshing in a cave where clouds
from stone arise


arful ataúd in my sink
tongue and tuna ,lake reaction
your pizzle looms behind my head
tapping minder’s cloud and nickel
louder gas and lung illumination
twisty truss dusty on the chandelier


dusty ,fluttering ,cages full of drinks
the blinding foil the binding head the sore
splashed the cumquat in my eye
squelching vienna sausages on that chair
I slept beneath the roiling arch
nostril glimmering in a cloud of skeeters
luggage soaking in a barrel

Friday, September 3, 2010


bought my crawl my ab sol
om bligo ombligado soy no ,on
yos sinverso .plank an palm yo
o spit a túnel through yr
wrist )compaction( drizzle
louder ,eat yr leg ,pluvioso
,azucarado mojado mi mugre
insensacional – creep the bread
.lógico .swarmer .fought my
“ball” lamp endoideology cr
ocks a crap )you sank yr ear(


apt to neck an drink ,plodded
,fungus hail ,strum and strong
my FUMO )shape crud( taste
y shoreline thrashing thrashing
oil an tonsil .made to crawl
,pormenor ,possum dried and g
lowing in the attic where a can
cer cancheroso ,mi lúmen ,lancha
lectivo craught in me throat
I sink I sink o knis !)the p
lume the swallow the . . . . pum
melling )Lung Lung !

Wetly Now

claw yammer streaming in the epidermis
shadow lice drinking at my toenail
puzzle dropped behind the toilet
wrinkle ,toot ,amble ,shuck ,tore
struggle napkin past your ear
the stunning clockface giggles
blow the clippings off your fork


toppled toilet where your cash’s swirling
butter cloud dripping down the office tower
the beast kite flutters in my window
nap compaction in my doorway grease
piles of corndogs in the corners
dumpster glowing in the jetting sun

Thursday, September 2, 2010

“La Corona Sin Cabeza”
-Manuel Acuña-

ona ano
taba la ausenci
a mis tripas singul
antes y de aguas dormid
aspirantes con palabras y piedras fornid
asquerosas y mi cornada cornuda mis ojo
sobrantes dormidos en mi peluca vací
andanada anonada la lengua chupa
dada a todos vient
oscuridades del cabez
óndulo ondi

John M. Bennett
Para Bibliana Padilla Maltos y César Espinosa

I Uh

I f aded uh ,sh uttered dog lamp s
piny d ice s pinning in the w i n d .
my forceps cor pse my n etted
leg b ringer c oiling in the so ap to
ot best of calendars and t hat
b arking do or .bugless bug less m
y ten ses ch arp an gr easy .saw d
ust s ped a way a limination pes
turd in the rag ged boo kmark wha
t I uh ,named an aimed ,gues sed th
e f loor .gr inning in the sc rim

Flap Lip

my lunch lept my lap sus tentada
crapulous peldaño úti l um
imado couldn’t see p nor lob flac
tory swirling in my leg .uminoso el
ácido de mi tunnelled sh ape so
grunty clack c lack cl ack bug
tortoise where my hat fell off
.the pig’s lack comb ,my bun
cha felt an clap my dent al
lunge my LUNGE


cute an cuke butt bit my ful
some KNEE shadow downword
craved a soak cracked a sock c
rawed a s ack ack .looming
dust my mo te my gut .lab
orioso ,pulido ,pusilánime y
dopeadicto leg long the tails )f
ulla( shale and moco cave of
sky my slathered thunder s
lopes downpill a river cough
ing in my shorts

crawl dead
spend dit


plunging past the gate
the past gate plunging

pest drift

bushy foot
the shave runner
piled the form


chur chur
sand sand

pulse map

die the

grunty grunty

shot itch
pale mire

folder cloud