Tuesday, May 30, 2017

meat and mist

met a physical shoe a
doubted's fog a
spouted log rests
across your foot your fork
missed meat's grand eye
filled with sand I sighted
loose windows by a
castle leans toward a
river and breathes

John M. Bennett & C. Mehrl Bennett

the shovel

et ici le mot perdu (S.
Beckett) finir le lapsus
b rain deet s hed yr
steep feet WANDER
OFF nor paraître dé
jeuner sm eared under
FOOThah haw – et le
moins ,de merde ,ou poul
et kneeing inna Fface s
uck's ink a rottor q
uafffed's soft snore's
a wiNd lifting in yr
shshorts papers r
usstle ccross b ricks
a dog walks off d
og w alks o ff
bouger...selon ce mot

(S. Beckett) é c r a s é

beastly door

yr hhead pill dash o
mighty seems deadd
sot gut mute s t or m
sleeps flood h ot
gate :Eat sw eat dit
ch Big tub E knot
Phone B led dry yr
ton gue foam spill or
.cacogra phie me di
ces pluie ee Somb
Ra Lenta carraspé ,non
antes meuRe la dist
ante Maison )R. Char(
CharcO visdual

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

wet trip

yr meat ed win g o calamine
off the elbow dripped it's a
shouter see ,a shorter sand
wich in yr pocket crow ded
what's the sea but sleeping air
your hair folded in bread and
shitty poems canchered from
your forehead ...lipid dreams
tongued on the sodden suitcase
,whwhispering in the trunk of

your car

je n'ai rien dit

l'eau sans visage
mes lêvres invisibles
il sont des pieds
permittez-moi nodir per
mettez-moi dedir per
muttez-moi ouvrir
la peau de caoutchouc
peau nuagiste qui m'ex
plique la forme du temps


pluma indemne ay vuelo
dedemarcado por un aire
derespirado ...arena in
material... bolsillos que g
lobos son me abren la cara
de riñonada cara de una
luz de lodazal ...el comepluma
soy con alazas de agujas y
no me puse a esgrimir ,dije
peñas y dije penas dans ma

bouche enpochée

Sunday, May 21, 2017

la fièvre de fenêtre

P or co f l âme en d e
tuned a Way yr Knot
Leg un moine qui masque
(A. de Vigny) de-importe
Wha T ime's it's yet de
cayed dethrooated dd rank
le sang de ses doigts (A. de
Vigny) morceaux des )sooner
than( e ffort emblasted inna hee
Eaving DumPster :O sp Ray me
offF me Carpal tomb gg listens
in soup I d ropped smoke in
Side your shoe a ppebbble an
wwind un f olds yr sh irt Burnt go
at's your Tiger Lung – a SSleep ins
ide your sHade ~~~~~ uhuh dim
dog cRunches thru yr t high moO
d never socked but :wrIsted grabs
a th orn oment iment's nothin's
Left ex :cept the day longs sw
eaty Lunch;;;;; LOOK OUT

swooping statue

great hot slave the
cyanide your f lecks
a walled ah in thigh
hair meat the wounded
skiff your beached sleep
saliva warms the salt
Lips Bit Round ah
Sheets jacked across
your bblood's how LLL
stones' steep fire horse
,falling in the surface

Lit in Ivan Argüelles' “Graffiti”

bomb voyage

maze condition dots your slave
your expedition symbiosis
failing in the water falls beneath
your feet a hole endangered with a
lung an imbrication face and lots o'
waves breaded in a sea your slaw
,headed for yr dung naps and
snacks .it's shivered and snored
what you ate ,what you heaved
back toward the shore

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


pawed away from the cl
iff your short shore n
ested in a smoke churned
the air embroiled the b
ridge past burning roof my
leg lept off, your storm it's
a luggage current's w
atch your step's aaa
nger page far below where

the rocks teethe up from the waves


I crossed the hammer was
your throat's long name clu
ttered in the laundry smoke
across a field of corn :tossed
it was the stammered juice
you d rank re blended with
that dusty screw lost be
neath a bed a bed sunk
inside the snow your leg
forgot your leg uttered
what the shoe forgot ,for
got the sidewalk where your
lucked watch glimmered in the rain

mud and mind


the dream of Cuicuilco is the
dream of a circular pool of
inverted water ,seven chairs
float at the bottom the top
,the chairs the dream of leaves
falling upward from a tree
which might have been the
dream crawling in a sock
across the hard black lava
covered with mice

Sunday, May 14, 2017

edge of

l'etoil des rats ! )R. Char(
star deboiled sat 'n g rilled
,pulmonía dans un can of corn
replied a head re nom brado ¿quién
n'es? :sumiso fulsintúnel sin foco
“l'espace de ses pattes” )R. Char(
face of a the a time .plenty slumbers
open la por te un wakens river ine
sonambule sans nom mi nombre
ing yr itch hy's comb draft the
louder than soap refusalade ,saw
me off end door retachment
seems to me b rang entorche
mutaliza que te abre detención
de defuego ta bulboter )de bridged(
sin corcho buque de carbón de
peces ni ffuerza tengo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bees blizzard burst s log a head a
wave of air the gravel trembles
was yr foot cloud dead with sock
cage of steam de boiled yr fork the
laddered laundry ,brink of steps
floppy down a River's dog neck's
bread fish towel & smoke uh
face returns ah boils sans tooth
blind shirt por menores de la
colina mi hombro de tallarines
casita de mi boca ni árbol del culo
ccliff narigón qque ssoy llumbre
gargantona que me lee la pipiedra
mise en seen lo coacal por
puert A infundible tu Cumbre .I sat
my shiRt on you ate lens Ate c Loud
,bBloom BblOm meat an fork yr
fface eyen endrunk detimed Reburned
slot tooth ,useless rug mind dooR
's Lost Footerr bleedy cheese nor
neck Lint's ccllocKkkkk round
sewage formmortal a pedra orgánica's
gull talks the water ...soon s hot was
shuts or e moom f lace re drained thin
plug ...concrete water foam P y eye
yr pee e a boat

desayuno à Versailles

(yo) me comí el cuaderno invi
sible y las letras en las aguas negras
las leía ,leía los sílabos del aire
aho gado intextinal y las fafrases
entrapadas anuladas como río del
tiempo y pronunciaba las palabras
digestivas del reloj cir cular de mis
dientes de mis dedientes ínfimos
como huhumo hulhulhanteh

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


binge core
opt haha
boil the flame
or sui t



I seem to grime when
listpening foam when
chisels part my skull I
thin to rhyme my
crippled faucet with its
drain of sand your face
your bowl your stone
rolling in the stomach
named your bomb
,it's nor it it's what
jets out was writhen
on the wall but in
inside out


my hand it b
it's what pull your
out's not b lame
not pilled or nod
ded in a sticky w
all my hand re
burns your touch
to name or fflame
or spell the laundry
whirling on the roof

doors or peels map
or time recalled a
cinder b lock st
reaked with pee

por tend pre
mute or ate
temp id de
blate or s s s
and specks

out your breath