Monday, December 31, 2012

Mirror of the Chair and Glass

asic hart my
dramp suits tra
ditore at the cow
boy ,convex radio
in your scissors spoke
my feather’s fact
astonished bunnies
,forking ,smoke ,head
spheres blend the
little happening
:view of sauces ,t
rigger eye ,wh words
origin in the soap t
exts ,moist socks
,thought water in
the “fog” )trans
parent mud( con
jures ,teeth ,sp
oon tent bridge
where the wash
brute opens .feed
the synaesthesia tube
,asp culture inflated
hump )backyard( pap
er pillow book worms
)or fish( “provisional”
dialectic salivation
appropriemec cult
ure sleeves enormous
manners in the
loose limp or
dust petition the
same hand semblet
gas root foot vac
uum .coil emotic
,fluid pigs ,face
beet fracture
.feedbae fire ,sou
ght wound ,occu
pies the outophic
music ,archaic
birdcages ,chairs
and glass

Explaining Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 34, 2012

Mirror of the Word Blank

never burning the signature
earth’s red shift pattern fin
ished the sleep smoke inches ,a
maze detailed the dull frame’s
ennui myth rug and
dark hotel ,mud void
perhaps ,the backyard rain
transformer sand ,muffled
book that spitty poem’s
blank wing white
echo in the corridor
at the bottom of space
snow ,hazy word
blown from the ashen

Murmuring in Ivan Argüelles’

The Highway Mirror

sseeming nnodder ,wwaffle
ttimes... ettch the scsc
reen yr hheadd “pperceives” a
mmottled nnote a sww
illing skskull beneath its
mmeat sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

caves an lagos ,ni
dos de la mano ,bon
y trees en flammes su
r le grand chemin hh h h h h

Mirror of the Splinters

lens£less lunch leg the
denk lawn’s cero te
thuper wailing pour the
mayo r it’s awful ,lo
ud der mitosis swall
owing the face explan
ation fo cussed thru
the bulging glass o
plunder thigh o ept
omiasis stcreaming in
yr throat o throt !

“broke’s all.............

Meataphysical Mirror

la esspumossa là ton b
bras futile mais hacedor
y en lo hecho ,lo an
dado ,si anda da es
mi mano ,crispadita
,croquante .ooooOooOooo p
or las b urbujas lié
me los dedos ,para
que se to casen ,rut
ilantes ,anal fabetos
,pinches hotdogs que me
conocen el “mundo” ,nada
ficado con la mostaza
de mis esscupitazzos coco
sific antes * * * * * * * * *


estique ,sondeo del
masworter splobping
on yr )“socks ‘n cuffs”(
]the thundered cor pse[

gloves ,tissue , O



als bildner )bomb( th
s craw led sky’s f
lagged worter yr
eyesweat thought less

t h r o u g h


es teem ate
roil gnack ehn
“sot vision” vis

Dreamed Gate

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mirror Mouth

should my sn
ivels frock your
text tousled
some see thing
through my hanky
)like a )( neck(
)the drug ladder
sprawled | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
rung across the
week you caved
your spider in

it’s a knot ,and
something biting

п*пп п


eek o

nuk stoo


)that( )that (


dic e
k own

lob stor


....sur.............................. . . .

Sinking Mirror

,seeping ,closing ,clawing
,caving ,runting ,nodding
,negging ,aiming ,roiling
,flaming ,towelling ,gagging
,ising ,gaming ,noming
,torquing ,clouding ,yetting
,iffing ,blaming ,cleaning
,stinking ,claiming ,latheing
,loaning ,dogging ,mocking
,marking all the ladders
all the lathered mouths
all the ticking necks
tumbling in the faucet stream

bound to glory

Friday, December 21, 2012


time to ,uh ,time
to ,uh ,time ,uh
,to ,uh ,oy o yo y
y agg re gate g
ristle sw eating
indopaction (cudn’t
o pen( the t
ick ingk dr
ywall h uh
u ,hu h h h h h h

“the stinking fingers”

we t

lago con
írico con o
ab surdo
y sor do s
o y y o mb
ligo inmamo
jado con m
is ma nos
a pertos da
á g u a


f all /

yiii ,towellled ttower
mapp )ththugg( ery
asnaked bemind ehn
sop trot the highgh
winndow’s sppitt de
letreado por tu
viendto lo )que nu
nnca ccae ∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙∙
( chochoppy aun
chshaped ,lom
ismo ,mute an mu
ttual le mot ma


elp ate

usher ash the
lockingg clodd
alf barks t
op shououlder
whatta burndt
fingngered lagke
eye yr too
oot ssure b
urning ,yes


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


tornalone ,the in
staf lag wh
easels in the
lapsing wind

above the steps


mou nd
,my etch actif sor
n ,ate ‘s sh arded
dirt the b one gig
gles ig nit es got
entescence got ex
entence ‘s s s s s

the rushing mud


ouch t
urner ay d
“ripping bins”
,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,, , , ,

wallowed in the


t ,i

)hop faucet

(((( ( ( (

sure saw


Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012


dims poon dim
e s inks d
am m e d rain
d reams

boulders in the
bed shift

re et

sodo meter
ombo ,chain
,kon bu
)sweepy d
owna stre
edt ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
lawing in th
lake( yr
“fmolded sh


woo ol

jungk was p
on pile-o wh
izz c )racks
drip p pingg
user shoe m
ade the wa///
)tantra mota(
)bees an(
doughtr clo
uds uds

th pg

the wet bed
the it socked
the wrote tongue
the mimed leg
the barking suit
the eht sevaw

please chew

Thursday, December 13, 2012


yr fossil tree m
y dri,p,,p,i,n,,,g h
and yr

nothing know


emu meal a fig
neck clrocky
shradow in mi
ano )bluddy bu
llett( em see
ds wore “ate” o
snorring fooul yr
hotp rapbbit cur
led streaming in
the purubamba
plate of teeth
plate of stone



b arking locus
t ding mon
ikker nere
mouth n or wheel

“leehw ro htuom”

fint al

fought the shrot
labid wroof I
sed drippling d
own my bagck
tu peine desde
ntudo ,como a
la ,coñejo ,f
labulence ,rin
cón inminimente
donde los fasí
culos no se hablren
si ,si tu coco no
se rapja

woozy ,on h
e d g e

olvido del pozo

yummy ash yes ,andomino
,polenta rica del riñón mis
whistles crowder ,bleating
doggggg haploid dip inside
yr “cone” )of apetito( st
rain upon the flushing b
owl )wheeling ,wheeeeeling(
empirical el fogonazo s
lick off uh tongue your
soap dinner pito what
yr shadow boiled a “non
sense nuisance” ,mirror
into space your itchy
fork spreading tine
and gnats )your lint
faucet cries,, , , , , ,(

La piedra sin forma...
-Federico García lorca

olvido del jamón

loot SO the sooty ham sock the
step burnt wandered off the chain
not livered numb ,nor too .said
the slab mite time re ignorited
)blind log asleep in’s light( so’s
the meat cut ,the mustard )g
as rising to the ceiling lamp(
))dusty table through the win
dow seen a hand without
its fork wall streaked and
dangles a crumpled photo((

)))forget your shoes... lluvia de las caderas.
- Ivan Argüelles

olvido del campanario du clocher

what the ham repealed a
cada son des cloches a
vein opens oiseaux de métal
the air flees ou donc est
tombée la primera canción
of the window a fart tous
les soirs a snore se enciende
a cada paso les yeux curtain
what cada hoja or quelque
chose your palms’ nest a
bee palpita dans ta voix
that sliced thought those
teeth que mueren entre las
tejas your pants empty
sobre la lejanía

un reloj se vacía
- Vicente Huidobro

Saturday, December 8, 2012

er ba

conos ce
wer mur
all a
sin co ne
jos )nata s
abía( mis
truenos in
estables ni
tibles ,y
escri bi
ble es ay mi
chewed leaf


aug h

ultra mon
taje ante
la cou\page
de ma feuille
)inécrit ,sans
si lence my(
asparagus rotting
in the fridge
:clotûre ,ho
jas ,mono
métricas las
,)aspirinas ≈ flot
● ante su

“risa” L

eep ore

sez yr seep snore emen
intly crapt )sogck(
glag it yr “ddarkk en
ergulate” hiss ssssses
thru th cgold suit

)wadded inna basement(

r ío

neg ac
tif oy
dull slee
bping save
the shoe the
wallkers w
ridthe ,ur
ubamba co
fffing an th

)dringkyr lunch(

Sunday, December 2, 2012


flooded haphtic duu
stt’s yr nodte nude
)label streaming( to )ss
ed( cash an )slo
shshed( where the
moumouthless lungch
“lost’s tea cher” )fol
ded yellp(

sot ,dusty


th apeless throught u
h cragk nappy )¡p
ill ‘n napp!( gus her
one ah ahh .the
temp id lob e re
aches fr yr ...pes
tle thoattled in
uh .en corn d
reams )o how
ler one o( too
lt in ,left inna
ear ,ere el
bow gnastles
in )my( suidt