Monday, January 30, 2017


chump phone display
nor clout the halfing
jaw neglected message
“center” your face a
clam shut stuck
.page the drain yr
nodule grows ,miles
of faucets spitting s
and and needles

chancre in yr
throat fat with soup

fulvid comb

where the greaseless saw
was bashed the stem
redoubt and street
inhabits what yr d
outer shell refused
it's in what's is it's
torn and muddy was
a flag and maggots
gleaming in the mud
where you relentless
next the shuddered
burner throne
were drawn and fo
cused on the storm

wake up

or nest
clouds rumble
in or out

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

slumber name

hamster's sot dust
duolc saw clods
sdolc rebelished

coldcut gleams
taem ni wall
yr mirror juts on

the wheel's lot
squeal smurht krof
shirt and sheet cr

own yr face


porcelana la lapiceragria que
yo la lechecera tomaba leche
lucha “offend & onend” por
quería lúdica enlodada de
mi enteritis intestual ,ayer
te diré ayer te abriré el
labilibro que en mi
lomo llevo ,huevo de pa
pelpiedra ,porcentaje de s
entido entrante es ,pulcritud
y eminencia que del ret
rete gotea ,blancura es
cribidida de caca ,O
texto tremendo tuérzame
la boquiquilla pintadita


lenteja no less


coil the foam
yr wet ash
lunch on concrete

Sunday, January 22, 2017

envelopes of hair”

big rain estimuorinoso
dice anumerados y las
gotas swarm ,hair and
gnats incorporation
pissing from a corn
er orfice ants'
dementia collapsant
deathsquads la cor
tina espejeante de la
guerra estimicturante
what leaks took in the
circling cinema what b
ridges flicker in the
ditches full of wasps
what schools turned to stone

After Ivan Argüelles'
Dies Irae 2017”


seem combactant sombra
ilusoria's green leg
to the thorn conjoined
yr ratless thought yr
pile nascent foam
redoored impacted
while yr drought re
drew cosmordination
.I saw you or you
was it ?embestida del
día relapsant corn
lodged across that
face or facial hab
ituation ok it was
half-laked was
coughing like a shadow

...imagen pintada por la luz
en el seno de un espejo.
- José Antonio Ramos Sucre


fueler finger
cheek grease
yr toltec eye
yr sound embatment
change ,and linger

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


me daba puñaladas de
luz auricular the nervio
rushes overhead a leaf
just veins' bare pulse
it was as much was
laundry dropped in's
lake a dream of st
one or ink a sh
adow in the mud your
tongue recrossed re
spit the door be head
a hind

Compaction of Ivan Argüelles'
No Longer Are My Thoughts”
& “Comforted By the Light”

voice projection

the mute the pres
ent fork was crying
self the foghorn dungly
rea soned's long last
hammer ,deftly si lent
:hefty tines release the
sneeze tomorroww
here a sluggish be ast
slobbers did the wall .a
suit de scended book is
drying on the stove your
foot grilled on it's mask or
storm it's plate of sausage
filled with hair

loud and stam mered
,cloud of aspirina


fire at convection ,east
the fleet your corner
lost ,stupid glue or
sawdust drifting on a
lake ,la sombra
negra del volcán al
otro lado where my
eyecloud shifts
,rises from the water
apt to boil ,yr shoe
yr compact sock and
tongueless lost yr
feet just “walk” a
cross the halted edge of sleep

Sueño el que foñamos. Quela
con ñijxicàla pecàla.
- Juan de Cordoua, 1578

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017


inborn the legg
inborn the ghost
inborn a stile
unborn the mine

(or e)


endeptitude whe
n or re adeptive
short of sneer

the club poleax

)eggs it (


unless the snore
de baits sit
down com mens

shot shadow
if leaf drip
s on resurge

ants every step
your lake retracts
embolistic thaw

along the door

mu n do mu do
- Para Juan Ángel Italiano, Luis
Bravo, y Nguyen Dao Claude

tus pinches pismodismos tu
mono mondado y pipiplasmado
,finada fama y foco futilesco
,funerumbal la foto fofa de
modo momo ,piso plano piso
pocilgo ,punzadas piso y piso
el pozo pleno de mimotores
fefrenéticos ,sudados en el
silencio susurrante

y de la sábana subo ,subo sudado
y viento estancado soy

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

loose the knot

the wallet sinking in a bathtub
is a mouth open on the word
if was if if gnats were
gathered on a cloud's open
lip the cloud churns
your laundry blown
across a lawn fire
flickers in a window open
on a word off stuck
inside your throat which
is a lake beneath the earth a
rope burning in reverse

if if if if if if if if if off
- John M. Bennett


lung n

rain page


word e lay

fan the pill


th ud t ext

nod a phon

mu te

meat expansion

where the hot wall dreams
is off the slower flame is
mud squirming in the d
rain your hand reached
for is cloud amino acid
framed against a wall a
truck swaying in the
freeway wind a nostril
clawed behind a mirror
your blood was numbered
useless leaking like a book

...leak and shine...
- F. Orklindt

Saturday, January 7, 2017

BEAST SOMBRA by John M. Bennett

For ZAUM DAY 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


itchy cloud nor
better lake could
found a snore
where scissors s
leep the wind
downstairs will
silence speak


maestro tonto “calavera
viento piedra” ,elevación
en ayunas nomás .casta
mi cumbre ,sin

o vida muestra refutil
util ,inmerso el peine
pene portátil pué
.mofar es uno ,mudo

imbécil planificación
centro loma ,lluvia
ni baja la pinche
escalera .entonces

forman sueño mis
lentes ,tomá la
gota ,como quien
dice .“instancia”

Never Awake
For C. Mehrl Bennett & Mark Bloch

The dream of reading a sentence on a
page is the dream of knowing you're
dreaming and writing the sentence; it
is the dream of erasing your sentence
while waking in your dream which is
the dream of burning an insomniac
tree. The dream of burning an
insomniac tree is no dream at all, but
is the sentence you wrote while falling
awake: the dream of falling awake is
the dream of a dictionary in which
each word is the same word, a word
you have written over and over, but
will never remember nor dream of again


...tant' era pien di sonno...


~~glasssnore PLACID doorgrass~~


...è cosa dura / esta selva...