Monday, February 21, 2011

The Lid

knob or
ham furcation
bubbled door
my ash
hasp relief
corn shadow
wander and
pleat throat
gas sandwich
fiscal runnel
dots leak
spin caña
shitless glare
phone dog
runny tomb

Questions ,Wishes

would my cash intention rattle in the clouds
would my bloat tool focus your attention
would my towel storage blot your defecation
would my mash toilet courage your immersion
would my phone redaction curdle in the loot
would my file grinner nominate your hat
would my gunner sky explode your horses
would my bobbing sponges find your armpit
would my heated windows fissure in the night


lidly casted and the lock’s grunt
puddled ear a ,haw ,shadow or a
cough gravel wallet thinks below
your pocket clicked down tight ,s
law filled hat a sticky jewel I
dug gummy can I shat upon my
slumber barking in the fridge I snuffed
my head light jerking refritos moldy in
a monkey bowl yocky yocky cl
awing at the door

Wetly Now

ended drinking like a cataract my stark
glock suiter foamed was roiling tide in
the throne bowl my plunger from my
face fell out my dragger clam my
uh why spell it clot .tolc .foolery
and mimed the dimming shade its
roller snapped and singing like an ear
timed and rippling at my faucet’s rear
mist meat
)the corns(

plenty fooly

gnatty fork
mile sky

said “peel”
uh ,PEEL



chum floats
my gland my

taste cur
nor flag
mist meat
)the corns(

plenty fooly

gnatty fork
mile sky

said “peel”
uh ,PEEL



chum floats
my gland my

taste cur
nor flag

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amantli Oztotl

the shorter lamplight Ö hand snore
blowing cheese Ö folded in temictli
in ayahuitl cuitlatl Ö eye slave
booming thumb Ö drips with flood
five cave ears Ö plunging fork
amantli blood Ö in suited face
tumbled gun open Ö xipexochitl drawer
ladder fountain Ö stinging mice beer
ringing in switch Ö stepping lung
aztli wallet Ö in bulb sandwich
coton alaxtli Ö shimmering in skin

Plan in the Water

suffer nostril to rebate rebellion gig
gling in the woods behind the shopping
center where a wall of sodden mattress
unfolds into the light a spoon dan
gles from the roof the donut billboard
.snuffling and spelling ,rippling food
fills your boots your “mind hopping”
past the fallen plot the nest your sal
tines make inside your face .gazing
at the rain gate around your feet

Oh Yes

hint half smote half moot dung ha
lf jerky half stun g lancer bred
a slab of sheet )hung bread( the
loaf half spun and sparkly where yr
hair stung out ≈ each filmer each
half laughter gargled dime you can’t
remember half the future rumbling in
the garbage can where my cockroach
ripples toward the dawn the half the sun

Away With It

mile and done and snotty key and
hoot and dope and shiny finger
shaping what your ear spouting
frenchfry comb and blood and itchy
lens and toweled grease sink knots
beneath the mattress where a nickel
grunts remembers all the ,\\\\.////////////
pustules of your throat you said the
loot .the blotched wall opens next
your head a condensation of the month the
mouth that sold the time .smile and
run !

Monday, February 14, 2011

Up Up

duck smoke ≈ where the bit
sinks dog lamp ≈ thought rump
pour smile ≈ it was combinational
wreathed in lint ≈ mouth bridge
squalling watch ≈ the crunching moon
crack it off ≈ outlet mites
sparking air ≈ the watered steps


enter busty clue enter foam face c
lawish bait reeling in the sun hat lint I
streaming in a cave the water leaves
my head and climbs the steps my
musty drool my stones wait ,seeming en
,slaved like coolwhip in the toilet my
“mind up” ploy ,fumblandulesque ,tor
qued where the faucet seethes the
roots dangled before the door like
hair pouring from my nose

T he H ills C rash

c rash c ream c one c rap c runt
r ash r un r ots r am r ender
a nkle a im a cross a cute a ghast
s eat s nore s lob s lot s uper
h am h alt h ump h oe h ills
s log s hirt s heet s hut s hrug
l aundry l ove l int l ube l uck
l ather l ate l ag l oop l umber
i tch i nk i mage i t’s i mitate
h int h ack h orse h it h og

The Last Step

number than a phone wind crawing in the
steep dust gathered in my sock loot the
runny toilet circles drown my pillow its
grinny lid crashes crashes O O O O O O
spots gangling where my clock evolved
to smoke ,lighting up behind the dumpster
where a frozen condom’s smeared into
the asphalt so I hugged the mirror I
breathed into its past where all my
face will go ahead the words sp
lashing into light my slumbered hand my
foaming mind tall and sleeping like a
clocked boot the sun and soil crowned my
spinning did my )rash and rock(

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Hose Hosed

needles hotter shirt O crawled spoon
rugless tub O plaster wall runt
stool never fought O double run
its shimmer O your dawn lunger
apt to glisterine O wet deal
bag lipper O sleep or drain
what flag’s stuck O sleeve hidden
noose door O the nozzle cries


ant collapse & big double
song redaction & mute snore
bile know & runner fog
chert chest & loaner heart
grab pants & looter gun
snot lamp & binding light
dreck glue & foaming sun
my slumber & molt your

be ... ach

sand uh ... lung bit ... double
dust ... my ... lip blood ,user ...
the key the ... belt sunk ,it
ch ... raw slave un ,wrote heel ...
... straw sky ... shot splash ... my
mou ... th ... finally )open( ...
o pen ... your bre ... ath comes
... near ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . .

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


the finger grunter the dog blister the
lab dung er jab and snort ,cloddish
wrinkle in the tambourine’s shot sha
dow sing for the locker in my lap
~ know you’re my flutile floorlamp
sparking in my bookless night a
suit stander lingers ,blunted by the
gristled log and hopping toward the
spat saltines the wheel walker’s sev
ered ears the slab of lung shorted
out the current climbs the walls


tongue shadow quivers on this page I
wait my landlieberwurst and cracker st
icky crumbs spread my grease my
thought lunge swallowed ,was a lake
a slack seepage through the seasoned
leaves .my lurking clot my kidney
stone my sweat clock clumping in my
drizzling bone drying on my desk a
dog jaw a tome of string and meat a
glazey thing long slumbered on the street

The Cyst

what I swallowed in the chapter
sizzled lung and cob impacted in
my sandbox what I followed in the
flapper melted in your toilet tank
I drizzled curds across the sod and
shirt the flapping hands stocked be
beneath the mattress words you coiled
with dirt and banked .the gleaming
abscess in your shorts was furled ,what
was written like a skirt what was
riven ,out and in your shirt


crushed the ham the lack crushed rim
of cooled it off the cupcake stuck in
crack your farting in the pool of
light .the sweat freezing on the
roof the coughing hash brims the
gutters where the ladder streams
my loaf pawed my fan clatters across
the concrete floor like teeth oh
tree crashing up through rooms the
blankets sparkle with splinters with
combs and cups my sandwich sm
eared on the flashing the shingles
flying leaves

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


the punch cortext the flavor of my
creamy holes I gaze the rain
slumber in my neck a foghorn
thinking of the river .shuttered and
open ,clocked and mice ,the rotting
radish on my steps the glassy room
smokes on top .my sock illumination
turns the rage outside my book


your baking dish your hat your
nodding hamster puppet ,chirpy
glassware streaming in the cupboards
count your lung your stone your
franc crumpled ticktock in that ran
cid truitte falling from the ceiling
light was soaking from the window
in was steaming like your loss of days


your sausage vent your grilled tomb’s
gnatty fog oh clacking street you
run forget the leaking window .squ
irted ham and shoulder or the dri
pping light where you wipe your gr
ass knocker ,bubbling rabbits ,chock
dull burning meats on top the fridge
) where my linty light congeals (


so I fried my hand for you the
pan my visage vacant comme
une dent .s‘killed an blinkered
,fotonaque ,luminescence sugared
like my feet regaled your hair
.chair et chair rester assis mes
fils cuits and I was soaked into the
wall - along the fluttered grease


I chewed that rag canned in pee
your thumping hat remind me of the
stairs oh shoe and shoe I left be
hind a drinking mirror spllinteredd
in my ear .a spinning comb your
focus mouth the lid a circled knife
.the churning foreheads open.

my chains in that monthy colander my
gristle soaked the dusty lens
the cheese grunter doubled ,clocks
of hash nomination I swallowed
all the flies .the troubled sink the
grotto faucet burns .my bowl of
tongues falling off the floor

Monday, February 7, 2011

Four Poems from a Series for Nicolas Carras:


the bottle nestled in my hat the
duck lunger off my suit the
haw muter flaking in your
soup dandruff vision rises
from your plate why that
was draining from your sleeve ?
acrid glass you kept your boils in


thundered in the saucepan dropped my
face in size the rain throat splayed
my finger in your nostril cooked my
numbers ow ow ,what your bar
king named the boil .stunned and
leaked your shitty flag I hacked
my tooth in


ate the scrubbrush hair the toggle
wind the course of mewling in the
ham rancid fork recession where
my clamping sank beneath the b
read a clock skull salad dri
fter down the stream ru
shing from my pants


named the cat was hinges nod
ding at the door my numb
er tomb my dusty hair egg
cackling on the screen oh
sink compaction in my
backside should I wa
sh my butt ?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dead Book

the bloodsoaked pages burning on the
steps rotting flowers stapled feathers
floating in charred bowl
my shifting lengua
wall drool
quivering ash
my blackened pants
green stones in pockets
morning fog smiles in street
empty spine crumpled in the gutter

Book Opening

liverwurst smeared on the shiny phone
I talked into the coffeecan
my words reversed you
tumbled in corn
rabbit breath
my shirty neck is pawed away
the cloud escapes my mouth
stiffened loaf in cave
floating suit
a chapter

Sleep Book

spurting door
cow lung settled
fatter than dropping pie
my goggles opening in rain
reading under the thick red drip
return inversed
the sky heaves
breadless throat’s final spelling
quarters buried on opened eyes
the sentence curling up your arms

Errata Book

broken bowl
the risen leaves
chest’s vacant light
turns toward the arch
the red stones creaking streaming
breaking through the lunch meat leak
sweaty sandwich sinking in the pool
your stunned spawn snore shelf
nest of beetles nest
of wet saltines
the extra


Friday, February 4, 2011

Tight Pants

my gristly thumb vein ● buttoned thru the skin
lumpy gland eye ● shovel nails ● saw the floating blood
plastic bottles ● bumping on the oars ● stung fish
my ● hand scratching in the cloudy wake ● rope
● sticky where my shorts crawling through my crotch ●
rope ● wakes cloudy in my scratching hand ● the
fish stung ● oars on the lumpy ● bottles plastic
blood floating the nails ● saw shovel ● eye gland lumpy
skin through the buttoned ● vein thumb my gristle


\\ //
\\ lumpy rat puzzle crashed my door //
seems \\ clotty forked cloud sack // jerks
piles of \\ cheese bubbler // drooled off
the bloody sink \\ // named my cough
summer turds fold // \\ under the bench
my gripless // grin meal \\ pocket lips
burger // blurred with snore fur \\ paper
// sluggish fear dripping on your mirror \\
/// \\\
// \\
/ \


\\ border // lamer \\ use the th //
roat \\ sop half dimmed uh // dock
slosh \\ my runny leg // sodden
heel \\ shutter dog lock // nasal
test drink \\ pissed the gate // f
ire shadow ,meal \\ stunned // my
crust soaked my \\ churl logic // s
\\ agged // oh trousers \\ panting
// dust stim \\ ulatio // n \\ e dge //

Thursday, February 3, 2011

R ice

usher ,under gash ,less doubled than
a pair ,scissors or a comb my eye im
pacted in the window night’s your whee
ze guest whispers soundly was that
nightly thrumming on the ears that
nightly vaseline shining on the floor
.nodding in my tooth dangle .ch ump
sodden factor dragged my jumping so
re sore I slept inside my ch eek
s pit s and b lood s aid

A Maze

the ushered fungus you derailed the
absoluter ,solved the dissolution
caw caw the shutter shot .my lung
is peeling ,peanut butter in your klee
nex us neighbor growling in the
backseat ,scratching I “was it
chin’ it” udder flood ,window
cracked ,absolved the gummy poc
ket where you stuck my hand .t
hose giggling mice running at the walls

Tool Dump

sooner lugnuts later clammed an
:nipped off the come an bread
)slog ahead( nutsy ,a squirrel ga
gged on cheese I slumped behi
nd the door and barked .peeing p
eeing .the phone rustling in the base
ment ,heaps of catturd ,tires and
,smouldered socks .the faucet shri
vels in the bun your arm hanging
,from the pipes

The Grasped Wave

whole sandwich half returned to
falling plate my ocean peel my
.stunned custom like a wallet cloud
...the nest of number I put to flame to
,rolly turd across the table where
my ,fork .isobars your face crot
on wilting nose .I raised the
crawling slices ,observed or ad
,tongue sardine smoking in
your ear I put my mouth to
,the wristless tide a pproached

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


blot sampler flag the ∞ dung boat ∞
feathered sun the ∞ chug gate )( on
da at the bow ∞ bowl ∞ piles of h ash
the laundry ∞ basket nada sabrosa ∞ la
lengüita ∞ taste the dusty star ∞ mil
dew lap ∞ surly one convected to
∞ the pole ) folding in the wind ( (
tooth butter ∞ feet or oars ∞ g
o s plash o f f ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

Off Feed

noose ф project ,weighted gum I
ф swallowed ф gravel moon ф uh
glut o glans shiny ф window pain fu
eled with ф snore muscle ф fru it
luggage leaking where ф it in clos
et ф hung ] doubly [ ratlicked ,sh
orter nan yr too l Џ pocket ф ba
ng a ngng ф o’er thu ф bowl too
T ф where I sw eat my ф sp oon ф ф


my locker my
limit my hash
my watch my
spit my nut
my tomb my
cow my green
my bomb my
tent my foot
my ink my
loot my rush
my stem my
cough my towel
my wipe my
boil my grunt
my splash my
gum my seep
my seed my
loud my got
my ash my
flog my flow
my dirt my
stunned my is
my file my
nap my gash
my pound my
shorts my dime
my spell my
wife my grin
my ladder my
storm my hock
my gland my
roll my glass
my mask my
drip my tool
my lung my
cat my bed
my knot my
itch my leg
my eye my
river my dung
my lapse my
tower my )name(