Tuesday, November 26, 2019

inderelente ya
- Con Juan Ángel Italiano

el bufano el bufalaño babalamba
balambalaba los gatabalos bufangandan
gafagagarbufándigos sonídados inde
testinales mi balababalaba inconceniciente
olvidádedos reincordados no sé nadarana
no sé lumbraectomía no sé infoneticantes
que surgen de mi agujeronte in divisibulonte
inrogarelente indocente e indactilibalante
bufante del papelodo que por la retetaza nada

ash slumber

O Flute scum Fumes Foil shines
inconsol ¡able joya del tiempo!
smoke etymology persona
de papel burns in root vowels b
bloody strips smoulder in bowl's
air delusion ,ash havoc ,mirage
del hospital corrumpido ambu
lancia del pensar tomb fronds
in maze el ser ondeado másc
ara elástica del respirar

After Iván Argüelles' “anacolouthon χ


hoy no escribí nada hoy
nohescribía nada no
niescribía tescribiré la ola
incesante la hola decesante
del día diáfano y doble ,de
agujeros indivisibles que me
ladran los ojos que me llaman
los hollos hoyos de la risa fértil
de su infertilidad it eats me it
leaves and turns me louder than
a fork wider than a leg turning
through a sandwich thick with
laundry thick with thick and fog
horns hoy una playa hay y una
playa no hay ni una boca de tinta

Monday, November 18, 2019




nada más

en fraught tumbado cave of
hives yr shapeshirt fogcus stain
,,,wisp of hairless slipper sw
eating glue nonamed swam
deexnamed cross a shitframed
flag heaped with dice .no puse
agua pues ,quise la tumba seca
ankles and arms itching innards
wind a wave of termite heads
turn toward dawn and sleep
.taught ice my eyes retained their
tide ,plankton crusted on the
lens my thought was dead

issue inches redund
ant comb yr ears s
luff off ,measure less
than sound face was o
pen hisses where the
paper fades a crowded
cluster on yr neck an
itch invasion of the
a mirror

take step

flooded shirt blood stdreams
outside brain catchment basin
door detached and fff
frogged sleep resweaty
chest heaves and stops
leaves shingles wet be
hind a floor crumbles
toward basement lather
mice and socks stairway
greasy laundry shoelace
stinking in your pants

Saturday, November 9, 2019


root cliff shadow
mud drink
fought moon door

call sweat seem
lunch drift
present wind mirror

black wall dust
walk knot
say goodbye arm

muck doubt

the dream of a toilet rut hole creep
slab eye Seed off cloud drunk rot
Head Cloud spatters stun
full of

banana peels hush off clod hymn
hymen forked in sleep yr ddim shade
Crust or Door slammed fly muscle
is the dream

of your hand sot bread stink matters
sock in deep why Clavo's dust sunk
wood mask was when mouth
reaching for your face



brick ants water
block pants cougher
stick dance wander
thick glance altar

In the center of Jim Leftwich's
Bursting Presents :
:previous algae before
cage spit chairs
able rubber stairwell
daily cosmetology monster
mask ice subjective teeth
topical illusion net divisible
piranhas skeletons shadows
raw hair detachable “Rair
Urth” squalid cigarette
finished letters R
labyrinthine sand eye

Friday, November 1, 2019


asleep in the raw nuts of
time and hopping hopping ha
haw ,yr reflux whistle l
esser ttwit inhhales ,hab
its chain change it's W
hen it's Slaw slopped in yr
Lap light's blender fog
bombs whirly whirly at yyr
feet round the cementary
with a hotdog truck ,meet
in the craw's slime in
flates yr mmouth's stick
wallet watched a watch ,ef
ulgent Huitzilopochtli cuts
it all up off )yr shirt yr
slope yr twinkly sandwich
scrawling in the dirt...(

...1 espasmo de diarrea que te dibuja 1 espejo en la boca
- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro


flea combat ant age of
ice death whirly sky lint
e yes w ere st ones stupor
glued on neck cloud wh
eased in throat flee
yr head its sharp dull
sink b lack wit h olvido
loss th rash and s lap the
mirror de caraonte invisible