Saturday, November 9, 2019


root cliff shadow
mud drink
fought moon door

call sweat seem
lunch drift
present wind mirror

black wall dust
walk knot
say goodbye arm

muck doubt

the dream of a toilet rut hole creep
slab eye Seed off cloud drunk rot
Head Cloud spatters stun
full of

banana peels hush off clod hymn
hymen forked in sleep yr ddim shade
Crust or Door slammed fly muscle
is the dream

of your hand sot bread stink matters
sock in deep why Clavo's dust sunk
wood mask was when mouth
reaching for your face



brick ants water
block pants cougher
stick dance wander
thick glance altar

In the center of Jim Leftwich's
Bursting Presents :
:previous algae before
cage spit chairs
able rubber stairwell
daily cosmetology monster
mask ice subjective teeth
topical illusion net divisible
piranhas skeletons shadows
raw hair detachable “Rair
Urth” squalid cigarette
finished letters R
labyrinthine sand eye

Friday, November 1, 2019


asleep in the raw nuts of
time and hopping hopping ha
haw ,yr reflux whistle l
esser ttwit inhhales ,hab
its chain change it's W
hen it's Slaw slopped in yr
Lap light's blender fog
bombs whirly whirly at yyr
feet round the cementary
with a hotdog truck ,meet
in the craw's slime in
flates yr mmouth's stick
wallet watched a watch ,ef
ulgent Huitzilopochtli cuts
it all up off )yr shirt yr
slope yr twinkly sandwich
scrawling in the dirt...(

...1 espasmo de diarrea que te dibuja 1 espejo en la boca
- Mario Santiago Papasquiaro


flea combat ant age of
ice death whirly sky lint
e yes w ere st ones stupor
glued on neck cloud wh
eased in throat flee
yr head its sharp dull
sink b lack wit h olvido
loss th rash and s lap the
mirror de caraonte invisible