Sunday, June 30, 2013


fing chew  .is hock horse is
,twenty three of chains
.block the sandal ,which of
you  .the steaming pill fork the
.ashy lip condenser and the
questionnaire WAVE THE
FLOPPY ONE on dog town

qui mangent les cadavres les
swinging mouches de Tlaloc
staring holes in the dark

eat the foam ,turn around
“we have scorched the snake...”

Xolotl: a pink translucent salamander...
- William S. Burroughs

dégénéresence maculaire lâche et si terrible
seeping out from beneath the
fridge yr leg trouble and a
grey french fry par la
rive du fleuve draining toward
the basement stairs where the
leaking bean cans le
pont en ruine a pulsing
glow in the back of yr
eye les yeux fermés
,roulant pêle-mêle ,grapes
falling down yr shirt

stand and natter
jiggle the peas in your shorts!
La nudité de leur corps facilitant
les blessures...
- Gustave Flaubert


dans un coin du miroir de
Vicente un conejo se mu
ere y me muerdo la
mano - saveur aux sar
dines - una cacada donde
mi s pa sos se ale
jan et un morc eau de
taco en boca del ra
tón de mi máquina de
hescribir  .la fonetique
nasona ,placer du plaisir
funéraire  .sin peine
,sueño del guacamole
Je cache un souvenir
- Vicente Huidobro

chud sky

the sprawling nostril the
cheese doodle dangling out uh
groaning lake above yr
pants ah blinking sky ng ng
ng  )cloud oozing dow
n a hill(  the age ape ,ne
stled in yr rag // P
AW PA W \\ the mucous
hog ,gleaming in your
“basement” it’s the hor
izon’s cl utter it’s the            
d ripping g ate ! hack a
big one little john yr
rooter foot’s shriv
elled ,h h h )))thirsts
Ése o aquél ha hecho algo
interesante, puesto que ahora muere.
- César Vallejo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

utter lint

jakes an locks ,numb
er “jiggling” ,wind and
pretzels in the toilet dis
solvve  my wrist’s a
lobster  )or your hand(
holding a key ,OR A
TINY LEG  ]my hissing
shirt my fog tonnage [

)I wanted a rooster ,singing
the dawn ,hissing in the cra
ckling night(
Va a hacer el caca y por eso
se pone los anteojos.
- César Vallejo

fun dot

the louts are crawling the
gas reseals the outer sn
ore pisser a pes ,your
scrool shader ,fork an fog
,ice turds glitter in the
winter sun ,,, wilted cl
ouds the sprawling last w
ords ,,,  )yr pork log sw
eating on the floor(  a
table sprouting hair my
iceolation finger rai
sed eh eh eh  ))yr
cable knotted in “the”
pants((  )))fool’s n
amer ,taut with slop ,,, (((

...the nuts are loosening


mate the corn ,louder ,dan
k lurk shiner on the bas
ement steps  )your show
er waltz(  tripas y f
ocos  )grey soup drying
in the kitch en tus
calzoncillos un hueso de
aguacate y una hor
miga I was spitting
on my suit the poem of
daze ,it was wispy
,wispy like the fried
phonetics sticking to my
mirror(::::: :  :  were f
lies I sneezed ?
...le nul au centre du visage...
- René Char

lomo pozo

comía el lomo del pozo
le trance re pesado tu
tepetate en llamas mi
entras tomaba la cola
la cacacola la cacacama la
cacanasta donde mi li
bro guardaba ,esencia
del culo y forma del
cielo  .el cami són
te puse la piel te
quitaba y de tu agua
un chayote brotaba
,chayote o huevos en
fangados de la boca
terrenal ,cueva ape
estosa del carne po
drida de la cacarne cacahuatera

la golonbrisa la golonchilla
- Vicente Huidobro

Thursday, June 20, 2013

a tack

the “mutter line”
hustle and crême
your crew link crow
ded was
ing was

plongeur ,infarcto


ojo de agua

runny hose “b
mater risen
clattering in the night

frost and pills                  

a bent trowel



chowder and flag
burning anus

your coughing phone
mir as

,ache ,at ,adder ,an
a ,aim ashed ,awe
full tunnel ═════ st
raw “on fire” was hed
yr c ow b ladder
eats the ate time
.oil yr shin y su
it ,ape yr ass
aft er admonition in
the air yr sake
yr sung yr sore s
wimming ,sweat yr
sole sandwich scis
sored in the sun

 ...viento del laberinto...
- Jorge Luis Borges


mist the negck slugg you
cornered└  in yr shor
ts the dog clo ck th
e ostomatic ho se
re traction face the d d
ribbbly g ate a p
late o’ wee nies ∞∞∞
)time an gasping(  ra
ise yr head an de
glutinate ,the clouds
- Miguel de Unamuno


pus ‘n puzz le ,lago
despellejado ,pulcritud
de sarna de caspa de
dying on the stair your
)))foggy lake leg(((
epinephrine jittering
in the pantry was
your egg salad ,shirt
pock et bul ging  .so
oner  .lat er  .lousy
ham que en el ba
ño comiste  . . . . . . . . . . , , ,
...infútil, los peldaños...
- Vicente Leñero

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


cheese if ,kknokers ,plate
crcrackked my doggy lap
wet with ccrushed mosquitos
- Mr. Clapper rules ! - the
wheeling fog passes from
my eyen - I wrote this
pan tostado es ccombroso
testicumento que te
exexplicó la nada ni la
nada - arroz y sapo -

shirtless in the breeze ~ ~ ~  ~   ~


portanto por tentomado
lo que en la mmano mme
ddormía was yr ,ash o
ppulens ,the gritty
siezure of my ff fff
ffffork  )so my ffoggy
tturds scscowl in the
sssoup(  lightning or
lligghtning  )beans
fill yr shorts(  my too
th my huehueodontología
or ,your ffigured arms
rising toward the cicieling light

...use ,and vacancy...


embolate ,the rancid
door ,able to  .the r
riising was or if  ,tan
trick shadow next the
dumpster misty TtVv
in the wweeds ...yr a
ammbbullate ry etta
llubbmaa sack o  ))bb
ottles ‘n tturdds((  it’s
,the swoll thing my k
nee protrudes  .set
to ggigggle in the
laundry pile

...sooner swallowed...
- “Moose” Diployd



the lipless hammer speaks oh
dripping walls oh neck
shapeless like a sack of
grits something pounding
in the bathroom where
the door retreats in mist
your shoeless water yr
sliding skull bright with
g litter whwhere a slslee
pping ddog’s creased with


Sunday, June 16, 2013

lomo lengua

red banal view the
epsom fault corpse
hovered comb paper
intentions lagging aft
the leftist soap butt
ons chains rusted
in a cave o ologies c
lanking road and ham
surprises called the
caulking zone war fun
neled off your cold
shoe extract bailing
out the river  of yr
autonomous zone’s steep
finger and sawdust l
anguage wandering br
eath or D waffle
where the blue sh
ape wiggles off your
wall an ant shovel
bang beside the head’s
clot noun list mor
sel of digestive sh
am coherence brisk
slobber and a hypno
tist’s erect fire form
radish brooming thru
the dirt

pool ,heel ,dry frogs

John M. Bennett
with some clods from
Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence
Book 46, 2013